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A collection of various fetishes, from forced and rough sex, to sex with pets!


This mod requires Sims 4 Community Library



  • Since this mod contains fetishes that many of you are not into or don't even want to see,Every set of features is modular and disabled by default, so you may enable whichever parts you wish to be enabled by yourself! For example, DD Pets is one set of features and DD Kinky is another set. Both will be disabled by default and must be enabled in the settings individually for each of them to begin working.
  • General
    • Sex and Sex Autonomy
      • Human x Human
    • Unequip various clothing items (All, Hat, Gloves, Top, Bottom, Shoes, Tights)
      • Also works to equip/unequip clothing items of NPCs.
    • Animations and CAS Parts that worked for Wicked Whims will work with Devious Desires!
    • Animation Customizations
      • Customize animations in various ways to improve them and perhaps correct a few mistakes the animation mod authors don't have time to fix. Even add tags!
      • The best part is that you can share it with the community! Everyone can have corrected and working animations!
  • DD Pets
    • Enables Sex and Sex Autonomy for both Pet x Human and Pet x Pet. (Both Player and NPC Sims)
      • Knotting
    • Nudity
    • Pregnancy
      • Pet/Human Hybrid pregnancies
        • Human Sims can birth Pet Sims.
        • Pet Sims can birth Human Sims.
      • Pet/Pet pregnancies
    • Traits (Reward Store)
      • Zoophiliac - Indicates a Sim is willing to have sex with Pets.
      • Pack Bitch - Makes a Sim more likely to have sex with pets and more likely to become pregnant with hybrid pet babies.
    • Leashing (Experimental)
      • Human Sims can Leash other Human Sims and walk around with them as they would a Pet Sim.
    • Relationships
      • Custom Romance Track between Human Sims and Pet Sims
      • Romance interactions between Human Sims and Pet Sims
        • Also autonomous (If a Sim was previously romantic with a pet)
    • Works with AOM Selectable Pets
  • DD Kinky
    • Enables Assault and Rough Sex for Human x Human and if DD Pets is enabled, Pet x Human and Pet x Pet
    • Rough Sex
      • After Giving/Receiving Consent, you may Ask For Rough Sex for both Pet (If DD Pets enabled) and Human Sims
      • Autonomy
        • Sims will autonomously ask for Rough Sex from other Sims, if consent is given or received.
          • NPC Sims can ask other NPC Sims.
          • NPC Sims can ask Player Sims and vice verse.
      • Consent
        • Give or Take Away consent for Rough Sex to/from other Sims including NPCs!
    • Assault
      • Assault other Sims and force sex upon them.
        • Chance of failing the attempt
      • Autonomy
        • Sims will autonomously attempt to assault other Sims.
          • NPC Sims can assault other NPC Sims.
          • NPC Sims can assault Player Sims and vice verse.
      • Traits
        • Rapist - The Sim will be more likely to assault other Sims.
        • Victim - The Sim will be more likely to be assaulted by other Sims.
      • Overlays
        • Tears will apply to victimized Sims.
  • DD Milk Farm (See below for setup)
    • Ask Sims to drink milk from their breasts
      • Breastfeeding fills the hunger bar of the Sim that is drinking.
    • Overlays appear on nipples (of provider) and mouth (of drinker) during and after feeding.



- Download and install Wicked Whims

- Download and install S4CL
- Download this mod
- Unpack the this mods archive and drop the files from it into your Mods folder (...\The Sims 4\Mods\)
- Enjoy



  • Sims 4 version (Eco Lifestyle) or above
  • Either the public or patreon release of Wicked Whims
  • At least version 1.38 of S4CL (Download and install sims4communitylib.*.zip)
    • S4CL is a library that is 100% guaranteed not to conflict with any other mod. It will especially not conflict with Wicked Whims. If you suspect it does, please ensure you have installed it correctly.
    • S4CL is NOT associated with this mod nor is it responsible for Devious Desires in any way. Please do not report Devious Desires issues to the S4CL mod author(s).
    • If you are getting a "Module not found 'sims4communitylib" error, then you have not installed S4CL correctly.
  • Cats & Dogs DLC (If you plan on using DD Pets!)


Known Animations:

  • Animations that previously worked with Wicked Whims will continue to work with Devious Desires!
  • DD Pet Animations (Some of these may work with DD Kinky):
  • DD Kinky Animations:
    • If you are an author and you provide me a link to your animations I will link them here in the description.
  • DD Milk Farm Animations:
    • If you are an author and you provide me a link to your animations I will link them here in the description.




Mod Settings:

  • For all interactions that require SHIFT+CLICK, please ensure you run "testingcheats on" before you try to find them!
  • In order to see the settings and also enable/disable features, simply CLICK on a Sim (Not SHIFT+CLICK), then navigate to Devious Desires -> Open Settings
  • If Mod Settings Menu is installed, the Settings Menu will appear under the MSM menu instead of showing up in its normal place.
  • DD Pets
    • Traits
      • Add the Zoophiliac Trait via SHIFT+CLICK  on a Sim -> Devious Desires -> Traits -> Add -> Add Zoophiliac Trait
    • Debug
      • See what animations are available for a given location by SHIFT+CLICK on the location (Floor or object, but not on Sims!) -> Devious Desires -> Show Available Animations.
        • The dialog will display HxH, HxP, and PxP animations!
    • Romance
      • Your Sim must also must be at least Friends with the Pet.
      • Small Dogs and Cats must be picked up before romance interactions appear
      • Large Dogs can be romanced without picking them up.
      • Your Sim and the Pet must meet the following requirements:
        • Friends and Above
        • Target Is Large Dog Adult
        • Target is not having their socials suppressed
        • Source has the Zoophiliac Trait
        • Pet has a Valid Sofa Posture
          • Not Laying down and not sitting.
        • Pet does not have the Cone Of Shame.
  • DD Kinky
    • Traits
      • Add the Rapist and Victim Traits via SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Devious Desires -> Traits -> Add -> Add Rapist/Victim Trait
  • Animation Customization
    • SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Devious Desires -> Customize Animations
    • Update animations however you want.
    • After closing the dialog, the animations will go through a process of updating, this may take some time, during which playing animations will be unavailable!
      • You will get another notification telling you when it has finished updating. This process takes longer the more animations you have!
    • Animation Customizations save at the following location "The Sims 4/saves/deviousdesires/do_not_remove_deviousdesires_colonolnutty_animation_customizations.json"


Planned Features:

Mod Progress (Red = Not Done Yellow = In Progress Green = Done):

  • General
    • Add the ability to specify an actor in an animation as being Masculine or Feminine
    • Add a way to distinguish between a Masculine Sim and a Feminine Sim.
    • Add condoms
      • Filled condoms
      • Sell filled condoms
      • Eat filled condoms
    • Add underwear
      • Underwear objects that you can place or wear
      • Have underwear show under skirts
      • Wash underwear
      • Take off/Put on underwear while wearing skirts, dresses, etc. (Requires underwear objects above)
    • Add arousal
      • Sims can become aroused after certain events or a certain amount of time
        • Seeing naked Sims
        • Being naked
        • Romantic interactions
        • Kissing
      • DD Milk Farm integration
        • Milk will spew from breasts while a Sim is aroused
        • Precum will spew from the penis while a Sim is aroused.
      • Arousal Idle animations
        • Rubbing crotch, breasts, or body in general.
      • Arousal Walk Style overrides.
    • Add a way to whip out your penis (If you have one) without removing bottom clothing
    • Reequip individual outfit parts of Sims
    • Performance
      • Reduce the amount of time it takes to update the outfit of Sims during sex
    • Pregnany
      • Miscarriages
        • Percentage chance when in labor or maybe in between pregnancy buffs of having a miscarriage (opt in, 0% chance by default)
      • Abortions
        • End pregnancies via the phone, visiting the hospital, and possibly other things.
    • Animations
      • Ability to specify a max number of Sims allowed animate in a single animation interaction at once.
      • Ability to specify the max duration an animation interaction can animate for.
      • Ability to change animation tags, (Aggressive/Breastfeeding) from within the game and persist those changes through different saves.
    • Animation Customization
      • Animation Locations
      • Animation Custom Locations
      • Animation Category
      • Actors
        • Actor Animation Category
        • Actions
          • Cum Inside/Penetration States
        • Choose Unequip Clothing Items
  • Pets
    • Romance
      • Human Sims marry Pet Sims
      • Romance Relationship Bar between Human and Pet Sims
      • Romantic Combinations
      • Romance interactions
        • Kissing
        • Hugging
      • Add romantic Kiss/Hug interactions for Small Pets and Cats to pick them up automatically without having to pick them up before being able to do said interactions.
      • Figure out how to make the romance bar Purple/Pink (Like the Human x Human romance bar is in vanilla) instead of Green.
    • DD Milk Farm Integration
      • Pet Breasts/Nipple CAS Parts
        • These would basically be the UPPER_BODY Body Type for them and should have this BodyType set on the CAS Part.
      • Breastfeed from Pets (Need animations for this to even be possible in the first place!)
      • Human Sims breastfeed hybrid Pets
        • It'd basically be Human Sim and Puppy/Kitten, but shouldn't be seen as sex! The plan is that it'd be a casual breastfeeding. Treated exactly the same as how in vanilla Sims can breast feed babies.
    • Hybrids (Human/Pet parents)
      • Add accessories
        • Ears
        • Tail
        • Whiskers
      • Custom Penis for Human hybrids
        • Knotted Canine Penis
        • Feline Penis
      • Traits
        • Has Knot - If a Sim has this trait, it will be possible for them to knot other Sims during the climax of sex.
      • Pregnancies
        • If a hybrid is impregnated by either a Human Sim, they can produce Pet Sims without a Pet being involved, thus producing another Hybrid.
    • Traits
      • Animal Lover
      • Pack Alpha (Not sure if pets even have reward traits, considering you cannot select them and they do not have whims to gain reward points from)
        • A pet will more likely have sex with a female sim
        • Female pet Sims are more likely to have sex with Human Sims with this trait.
        • Female pet Sims are more likely to become pregnant with hybrid human offspring when having sex with Pack Alpha Human Sims.
        • Female pet Sims are more likely to birth multiple babies after becoming pregnant from Human Sims with this trait.
    • Knotting
      • Rework knotting
      • After Knotting make Human Sims pass out and produce a puddle.
      • Have Pet Sims be able to "pull" Human Sims around while knotted. (I'm not sure how feasible this is)
      • Add overlays to Sims while they are being knotted.
        • Tears
        • Blush
        • Heart Eyes
    • Buffs
      • Woohooed With Pet
    • Birth
      • Give birth at the Hospital
      • Give birth on the operating table.
    • Interactions
      • Encourage Pets to have sex with each other (Similar to the Encourage to Woohoo interaction in vanilla)
  • Kinky
    • Add settings/interactions to set certain Sims or a group of Sims as being allowed/disallowed to assault other Sims or be assaulted by other SIms.
    • Add club assault actions.
    • Add club rough sex actions.
    • Add negative buffs and relationship drops for Sims that are assaulted.
    • Add a chance of failing an Assault Attempt (Right now Human x Human, Human x Pet, and Pet x Pet are guaranteed to succeed)
    • Add Settings to Allow/Disallow Genders, Ages, and Species from assaulting/being assaulted.
    • Add traits to Allow/Disallow specific Sims from assaulting/being assaulted.
    • Traits
      • Rapist - More likely to assault.
      • Victim - More likely to be assaulted.
      • Dominant - More likely to dominate in Rough Sex.
      • Submissive - More likely to be submissive in Rough Sex.
    • Skills
      • Domination - Higher Skill = Stronger Buffs added to their partner during Rough Sex.
      • Submission - Higher Skill = Stronger Buffs added to their partner during Rough Sex.
    • Memory
      • Have Sims Remember who they were assaulted by or if they don't know who, remember that they were assaulted.
      • The ability for Sims to register that they have seen a Sim being assaulted.
    • Reporting
      • Instead of instant reporting of an Assault, have a way for Sims to report the assault to someone.
    • Consequences (Requires Memory above)
      • Financial
        • Forced to pay money to hide an assault.
      • Criminal
        • Police
          • Have actual NPCs come to the house.
    • Add all other things from KW
  • Milk Farm
    • Breast Milk
      • Ask for Milk (I need a consensual looking breastfeeding animation to use instead of the current one)
      • Breast Growth
        • Use Sliders from CSF mod to grow the breasts.
      • Dripping overlay when breasts contain milk
      • Sell online for cash monies
      • Milk pumping machines
      • Breast Pads
    • Traits
      • Reward trait for producing milk. Pregnant Sims get the trait for free.
    • Animations
      • Nipple Biting
      • Breast Squeezing
      • Nipple Squeezing
      • Add more breastfeeding animations
    • Overlays
      • Overflowing milk from sucker's mouth (Cum texture can possibly be reused for this purpose?)
      • Nipple Blush
    • Other
      • Whims
    • Squeezing milk from breast and nipple (alternating)
    • Forced breastfeeding (Essentially Assault + Breastfeeding)
    • Whims
    • Penis Milk
      • Penis Milking Machines
      • Overlays
        • Precum overlay
        • Dripping precum
      • Effects
        • Dripping
    • Flavours
      • Different flavours of Breast Milk and Cum
        • Chocolate
        • Strawberry


Known Issues:

  • Current Mod Issues:
    • Leashing:
      • The Sim that is leashed will walk like they normally would
      • The Leash stays in the same place you began the Leash interaction, no matter how far away from that spot you go.
      • If your Sim leashes a Sim and that Sim leashes your Sim, an error will occur. (Infinite Loop as far as the game knows)
    • Animations
      • Instead of displaying an animation name, it shows Animation for the interaction.


Milk Farm Setup:

In order for Milk Farm features to appear in-game (and for a few of it's other features to work), there are a couple of things you need to download first:


First, you should download and install the Animation Customization data. (Hit the green download button in the top right to do so)


Animations (Devious Desires comes with animation customizations, but it does not include the animation data itself):


sstormy (Milk overlay is contained within All of my stuff part 7, it is the file "S_milk [tattoo].package")



Note for Modders:

Custom genders are used for pets, they are below. If you want an animation to be made available for pets, use the sex genders below (How actor slots are determined is liable to change in the future, be prepared for that! There may not even be genders!):

    # Small Dog


    # Large Dog


    # Cat



- Check out these generic but helpful troubleshootings steps for getting the mod to work properly.



I DO NOT support, nor do I condone sexual violence, sexual harassment, nor sexual misconduct in real life to real animals. This is a work of fiction that takes place in a virtual (Non-real/fictional) world and involves virtual (Non-real/fictional) animals, it should not be seen as anything but that. If you have difficulty or the inability to distinguish between real life and fantasy life, I recommend you seek immediate and professional psychiatric help, you may be diagnosed with a serious mental illness that could pose a threat to your health! If a connection is thought to be made between a real life event and this mod, I can assure you they are unrelated. There is no correlation with violence, sexual or otherwise, of any kind in videos games being a contributing factor to violence, sexual or otherwise, in real life.


I DO NOT support, nor do I condone sexual violence, sexual harassment, nor sexual misconduct in real life to real people. This is a work of fiction that takes place in a virtual (Non-real/fictional) world and involves virtual (Non-real/fictional) people, it should not be seen as anything but that. If you have difficulty or the inability to distinguish between real life and fantasy life, I recommend you seek immediate and professional psychiatric help, you may be diagnosed with a serious mental illness that could pose a threat to your health! If a connection is thought to be made between a real life event and this mod, I can assure you they are unrelated. There is no correlation with violence, sexual or otherwise, of any kind in videos games being a contributing factor to violence, sexual or otherwise, in real life.


I DO NOT and WILL NOT support content that goes against LL rules, if you ask me something that breaks LL rules, I will warn you, then report you if you choose to continue.


I am a person just like you. I make mistakes every once in awhile. I feel a ban is disrespectful when given without giving a chance to fix the mistake before hand.

If you spot something that goes against LL rules or their terms of service in my mod, please let me know and I will promptly fix it. I would NEVER intentionally break Lovers Lab rules, please keep that in mind.


This mod is NOT supported by my Patreon. This is supported solely of my own funds. If you hear or think otherwise, it is false information.




If you or another mod author spots something that you consider to be "plagiarism" or "stolen" please ask me about it, it is highly likely that it is merely a coincidence. I will be more than happy to discuss it with you and we can together come to a compromise, whether that be deleting the offending file or remaking it entirely.


DO NOT just report this mod for plagiarism or as stolen content, it is both rude and immature. Use your words, Lovers Lab is NOT a place for immature children (or children at all for that matter) to be running around, there is an age requirement to create accounts after all. False accusations will be reported.


If you decide to report any part of the code as plagiarized or stolen, expect to be asked for proof and a list of files/code spots where you believe code has been plagiarized or stolen. If no proof is provided, or if the response "all of it" is provided. Your claim will be invalid and subject to report abuse.


A note to moderators: If you are planning on taking this mod down, please warn me, or send me a message, or do ANYTHING to get my attention before hand. I'm sick of my mods being taken down without so much as a word, it is extremely disrespectful! I would love to have a chance to rectify my mistakes before deletion.

If it is deleted in the future without a warning or any indication of why, I will promptly re-upload it within 24 hours of the incident, under the assumption that it was mistakenly deleted, I hope you can understand. Thank you in advance!

What's New in Version 1.56


Changelog is included in the download.

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