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SexLab Beastess 8.02 Re-Uploaded

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About This File

If you have downloaded original copy of V8.02 and are getting the FNIS error then download the " Missing Behaviour " file in the downloads section and extract and drop into your Skyrim\Data folder then re-run FNIS

V8.02 has been re-uploaded with this now added sorry all.


Beastess V8.02 Have added a end stage to quest should now complete quest after wolf encounter at hideout,

Changed mod name in MCM menu it will now shoe as Beastess not Sexlabs Beastess,

Added the BeastessInWaiting idle to the mating call shout ( when the 3rd word of the shout is used on a creature the PC will drop to there knees in waiting, This means you will have to run FNIS after upgrading to V8.02 and you should see Beastess V0.1 in you FNIS window.


Sexlab Beastess V8.01 have added fixes to the scripts, fixed to wrong var setting and added the missing wall and door to the hideout

Have left it as an ESP file not an ESM this id due to the fact that when i convert it to an ESM it causes alot of the no dialogue problems



Sexlab Beastess is a combination of new powers and alterations to old sexlab plugins to create

the most immersive beast lover experience possible. Skyrim is full of exotic powers and

predilections of every sort, but few predilections are as taboo as bestiality and the power to

harness raw sexual energy.


Beastesses can be of any race, and gain their power by pleasing Hircine and Dibella, who once

joined forces to create a new strain of mortal on Tamriel, who was both beautiful and of the

hunt. Beastesses are women who mate with animals for the deities' amusement, and if they are

sincere, they're blessed with magical powers to protect their bodies.


Use the Beastess Mating Call to seduce creatures and turn them into temporary

allies. You'll get a significant buff that'll show up in the magic effects menu, such as "recently knotted,"

after you've seduced a wolf or dog. The buffs you receive as a Beastess are very powerful...


When using the Mating Call Shout please ensure you use the full shout as the animations are only started by final word of shout


*Installation Requirements*


Sexlab Framewok: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework/

FNIS: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/?

SexLab Aroused: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/307-wip-sexlab-aroused-v2014-01-24/

Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice http://www.nexusmods...m/mods/14884/?



*Suggested Mods*


Defeat: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/286-defeat-v5b33fixed-805/

More Nasty Critters: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1140-more-nasty-critters/

Slave Tats: http://www.loverslab...5398-slavetats/



*Install Instructions*


Comes with a FOMOD fully working with NMM & MO


I advise you use LOOT to sort your load order after install & FNIS if you have installed the optional Movement type animation.


There is also an option to make all forsworn women wild beastesses, (and naked,) as they worship the old gods.


Conflicts With:


Lock Overhaul - causes weird messages about locks and stops Mating Call Shout workng

SexLab Enchatress - As of version 2.7.5 it will conflict with Enchantress as they both replace some of the same default game spell tomes

Untamed - Creature dialogue conflictes

Dragon Combat Overhaul - Changed the Beastess Dragon and causes the no Dialogue bug and causes dragon to wonder around abit

Faster Vanilla Horses ( found on Steam workshop ) it prevents the dialogue with the horse

More to be found


Credits & Thanks:


aqqh - For answering my multiple noob scripting questions

BeamerMiasma - For making the Beastess animation count read directly from the SexLab creature counter

Prometeus5879 - For Sorting the Beastess Tats so they are stand alone for this mod only and dont overwrite anything to do with slavetats

A2b - For providing and allowing me to butcher his excellent STD system to blend into this mod


Original found here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1352-sexlab-beastess/








fixes to scripts and more



update some of the stage settings,

removed the vampire bitch spell as it was noting but a problem

other misc fixes.



Rebuilt most of the mod as system crash killed my modding,

This is first release of rebuild for testing.



Fixes applied to new quest,

Follower dialogue fixed,

Gold Dibella statues in hideout are now static,

Added Stages to ensure stability,

Vampire-Bitch Spell reset,

Quest Animations starting ( Hopefully ) sorted




Version 6.0.0 has some big changes, There is now a quest to get your creatures, as well as them all using the dialogue system for commands

have upgraded to the newest version of Estrus Chaurus that no longer requires Actor Events. Beastess Creatures old system and MCM has all but been removed as its no longer needed

A custom STD system system has been added that can be activated or disabled at anytime through the Beastess MCM menu,

Have added a very basic version of the dungeon i wish to build just for the test version, to ensure quest and dialogue is running correctly.


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