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VAMPIRELLA!!! Honestly, I really don't know who she is, but her costume cried out for Liquid Latex!!!!


During discussions here at LL, many different things come up. A while ago, Vampirella was mentioned while talking about the fact that I like to play vampires in Sims 3. Blood lust! So, curious, I looked her up... thought about it... and decided that her costume and my liquid latex would be perfect together!


As with just about everything I do, the project was put on thhe shelf for a few weeks as I cleaned some older items from my closet, and I recently returned to it, to finish. After some in game testing and a few adjustments, I decided to make the boots too!!!

Well, everything is done, and ready to share with you!!!


It's a very basic item, not a lot of garment to get in the way. It has 3 color channels, and just the one basic preset similar to the costume. It's for young adult and adult female, and is set in CAS as an outfit for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Career and ValidForMaternity. 


I hope you like it!!!

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