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Peril is a death-alternative mod that allows you to try to recover from defeat in combat, or suffer punishments other than death. Requires only the vanilla game, but supports SexLab and Devious Devices to allow for more nefarious punishments.




The vanilla death and reloading system has been replaced by a new Defeat system. Once your health reaches zero, you won't die, but will enter bleedout. If you are on your own, then you will be defeated and the mod will move onto parlay, where you can attempt to bargain with your enemies for your safety. If you are not alone, and have allies with you, then they have the chance to save you by holding off your enemies long enough for you to to recover. If you have no health potions or healing scrolls, you will have to wait out 30 seconds to recover. If your allies also fall, then, again, you move onto parlay.


Additionally, you can skip all of this if defeat is guaranteed by using the surrender hotkey, set in the MCM.




After surrendering or being defeated, one of your enemies will approach you and start dialogue. If you have the Bribery speech perk, or if you enabled bribes in the MCM, you can attempt to use your gold or provisions to buy your safety. If you can't bribe your way out, you can exit the dialogue and either fight or flee, or submit to whatever punishment they have in store for you.

If you have already surrendered or have been defeated recently then you will not have the option to parlay, and your enemies will punish you however they see fit.

Running, sprinting, drawing your weapon, opening containers, taking items, and commanding or talking to followers will cancel parlay and restart combat.




When your enemies decide to punish you, they will have a number of potential punishments to choose from. With only this mod installed, they will only be able to steal items from you. Either your gold, your provisions, like potions, food, and scrolls, your weapons, or your entire inventory. The latter two punishments will only happen if you are at a dungeon that has a marked non-respawning container, which will often be right next to the dungeon's main chest, so no unique or quest items can be lost.


If you have SexLab installed, then your enemies may decide to rape you or one of your allies in some way.


If you have Devious Devices installed, you can wear appropriate chastity devices to prevent rape punishments. But, your enemies may also decide to punish you by locking some combination of restraints on you and your allies.


Punishments are chosen based off of a weight system, and the relative weight for each punishment can be changed or set to 0 in the MCM.




After parlay or punishments, you will be given 30 seconds to flee the area before combat starts again. Again, if you draw your weapons, open containers, take items, or command or talk to followers before escaping, combat will start again.




This mod shouldn't be used with other defeat mods under most circumstances. However, other modders can temporarily shut down this mod if they need to for certain scenarios. To do this, they should call the following papyrus command before combat starts in their scenario:


if(Game.GetModByName("Peril.esp") != 255)
	(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x008AC2, "Peril.esp") as GlobalVariable).SetValue(0)


This will prevent Peril from starting a defeat scenario when combat starts. After the external scenario is completed, the above command should be used to reset the global variables value back to 1, which will re-enable Peril's defeat system.


Future Updates


This mod is going to be developed at a slow pace. One of the reasons I decided to make my own defeat mod, first with Dragonborn in Distress, and now with Peril, was because every other defeat mod consistently failed during defeat scenarios. So, I'm developing this mod with the hope that every defeat scenario will work every single time. For that to happen I have to plan these mods out carefully, which takes a lot of time.


3.0.0 (5-8-22)

-Completely rebuilt all punishments to be more easily expandable.
-Punishments now work on a weighted system again.
-Sex Punishments rebuilt so all gender/creature combinations are included and considered in one punishment.
-Added 'Blowjob' sex punishment.
-Rewrote all dialogue, and added dialogue/messages for Moral, Amoral, Vampire, Dremora, Dragon, Undead, Giant, Automaton, Animal, and Creature enemy types.
-Added 'bleedout messages' for all punishments to describe what's happening to your character.
-Ensured defeat ended reliably when player has ended combat.
-Covered scenario where player surrenders multiple times in a row.
-Removed dialogue blocking from followers, instead, attempting to talk to or command followers will cancel parlay/punishments
-Added option to enable bribe options without the Bribery speech perk.
-Added option to MCM showing current state of Defeat.
-Added 'Bleedout Recovery', which prevents you from entering parlay with enemies after entering bleedout or surrendering, to make the defeat system less exploitable. Can be disabled in MCM.
-Disabled the surrender hotkey while using console.



2.1.1 (4-9-21)

-Added an option for the defeat notifications. Disabled by default.

-Quadrupled the distance required to flee to escape defeat.

-Successfully fleeing from enemies stops combat with them.

-Made defeat start more reliably, especially if transitioning from one combat encounter to another.


2.1.0 (3-29-21)

-Rebuilt the rape punishment scenarios.

-Up to four enemies can rape the player or one of their allies at once.

-Reverted back to a weighted system for punishments.

-Added a dozen sliders that determine what kinds of sex scenes can happen between different genders and with creatures.

-Updated Devious Devices support to version 5.

-Added objectives to the defeat quest, so now you will know what the defeat system is currently doing.

-Temporarily removed allies raping the player. This will be re-implemented when I have the time for it.


2.0.4 (3-3-21)

-The player will drop the "Essential" tag if they enter bleedout while the Defeat quest is not active. Hopefully, this will stop the stuck in bleedout bug.


2.0.3 (2-7-21)

-Reverted change from previous version that caused defeat to end prematurely.

-Halved the distance needed between the player and enemies to stop defeat.

-Fixed some papyrus spam caused by theft punishments.

-Added another faction used during defeat that hopefully stops combat more reliably.

-Fixed a UI bug with the defeat search perk.


2.0.2 (2-2-21)

-Defeat will now end if nearby enemies aren't in combat with the player.

-Can now talk to followers during defeat if they aren't downed.


2.0.1 (1-23-21)

-Player and allies won't be raped if they're wearing chastity belts.


2.0 (1-22-21)

-Back-end rewrite of post-defeat scenarios.

-Changed post-defeat scenarios from a weighted system to a chance system.

-Added a Minimum Bribe threshold.

-Added a Combat timer. If combat continues for a certain duration of time after the player and their allies have been downed, then they are given the opportunity to recover.

-Being defeated by non-humanoids no longer gives a message giving the option to distract them.

-Bribing enemies with gold or gear now requires you to have the Bribery perk from the Speech tree.


1.0.2 (1-19-21)

-Inherited location and cell changes from USLEEP

-The player and allies will be dismounted if they are defeated while on a horse.

-Added a Safe Word option in the MCM to stop Peril's Defeat if it gets stuck.

-Escaping defeat will now only heal the player and allies if they are bleeding out, and will only heal them to 50 health.


1.0.1 (7-29-20)

-Doubled the number of enemies that can be tracked at once

-Enemies reserved by other quests will now be tracked

-Will now be arrested by guards and citizens through other avenues besides dialogue

-Bleedout potion and scroll now works reliably, and is somewhat OP

-Non-playable items, and items with the SexLabNoStrip keyword, won't be stolen


Edited by Code Serpent
Update for 3.0.0

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