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Oblivion Forced Nude basics and patches 1.0.0

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About This File

This file still is struct ION un derCon.


At the moment only a first patch, that I use is included.


Don't annoy me with request or bugs !

Everything here is placed as is and was good enough for me myself.

Do not load and install something if you're not able to help you by yourself or if you are not a modder by yourself.

If you're addicted of using Mods or want to use a ton of mods, than I recommend to use ModOrganizer2 for Bethesda games and nothing else !




I think of adding new patches or features here only if I find them interesting enough for my own game.
The same applies to bugs. Only in case they interfere with my own game I will try to eliminate them.
My regular job is programming control systems and other software for industry,

that's why I do modding and scripting in my free time only when I am really interested in the result.

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