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About This File


 - Not much to say :o...

 Just a Face and Body preset I'm using ^_^ LeL... You can try it in Your Game :)...

 Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22

 Sky-Preset: http://skypreset-warehouse.eu/Preset/ADetails/292 ( Here u can find my other ( OLD ) Presets ) ( And also Updates for Yuri )

 !:: Requirements ::!
 << EDITOR >>
 - RaceMenu
 - XP32 + BodyScales    ( Body ( Legs + Hands ) )
 - Janky Sliders+            ( Body overall )

 - BodyMorphs              ( Build with Chapi or 7BOT Sliders Preset - or use any other bud remove BodySlides settings in Game ( in RaceMenu ) )
 << BODY >>
 - UNP HDT                   ( 7BO ( or Chapi UUNP / BHUNP ) ) - Chapi is BodySlide defaulf Preset ( inside BS by Default )
 - Tobias 7BOT body     ( Textures + Normals ) - no Download -> But You can use Demoniac 8k / 4k
 << FACE >>
 - AdorableFace            ( Mod was deleted, ask me on Discord for Download ) - or Try with different Meshes
 - Yyev Makeup 4K 
 - Eyes of Aber
 - SG Eyebrows
 - Dint HDT Hair           ( May not be loaded by RaceMenu - KS Glow )


 << Colors >>
 - Custom Snapdragon
 - GrayLights               ( Custom Lights )
 - Sausan Hotel          ( ImageSpace + DirectLightning ) * Deleted around 2 weeks ago ( 2020-06-?? )

 !:: WARNING ::!
Do =NOT= think That Yuri will look same in Your game as in mine.
 I'm using Custom Mods and some of my own Mods...
For example i can Share AdorableFace( 61178-1-2-1 ) but I'm using custom AdorableFace

Same with Lights and ENB ( i can upload Snapdragon ENB - but only regular version

Here You can see difference between Lights:

Skyrim VS Sausan:




Vanila VS GrayLights



 !:: Permissions ::!
- You can do anything You want, she is a Slave...
 If You want to make Follower Version of her, let me know :) ( i want to try Your follower Mod ^_^ )
          *I can help u if u need :)*




Q:A?... Don't ask me Same questions over and over again...

 This type of Question is rly sad



Q: Where do You put preset?...

A:  ...\skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\chargen... < HERE > ( Drop all files from .Zip )


Q: Can You upload Sausan?

A: No, this Mod is already over 11GB ( and it still grow ) It was deleted And I don't want to spend another 10 hours reuploading it


Q: How to make my ENB look like Your?

A: I don't know what would You want to do this... and You can't anywaa... Its not about ENB, its about GrayLight and Sausan ImageSpace / DirectLightning

 tbh, You can use any ENB u want, I'm using Snapdragon but everything looks very similar on all ENBs ( its about IS / DL and GrayLight )


Q: Can You upload 7BO or/and Body Textures?...

A: Maybe i will... but no now... My textures are still WIP... well my textures are in WIP Stage for last 2 Years xDDD

 I'm trying to make as most realistic Body i can... ( I'm not Graphics Designer - I'm Programmer / LevelDesigner ) so it may take while... ( like 50 years )


On left:     vagina based on real human body photo ( 8k ) - maybe i watch too much Porn :o...

On Right:  regular vagina that everyone download... ( ofc. texture on left use texture on right as base xD lol )


THIS IS NOT A TEXTURE, don't try to be smart... This image is 448 x 406 Pixels big... ( so its Trash... )

 if You really want to try this vagina / edit it etc. ask me on Discord... I Give Up on it atm... ^_^



You think kid that You already saw Good Textures?...

 What You gonna say about this:



Ohh Yeeeee !... 

So much waste ❤️ but game Works fine with that many 4k / 8k Textures :)...



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