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A "Little Black Dress"!!!


Every girl NEEDS her "Little Black Dress"! And your female Sims need one too!!!


Not all EA dresses are THAT ugly... some are actually kind of nice, and the "Short Tight" dress from EP3 is one of those... BUT... was EA's version really THAT "short"? I didn't think it was. So, here's my open bottomed, VERY mini version of the classic, sexy little dress.


Of course, this dress is converted to basegame compatible. ☺️


It comes in 4 basic presets (the first being basic black... of course), with just the one color channel, and is set in CAS as Everyday, Formalwear, Career, ValidForMaternity, ValidForRandom and IsRevealing.


As usual, solid colors work best, but also as usual, some patterns look pretty good.


Not a lot more to say, other than, it's cute. 😇 And short...........


I hope you like it!!!

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