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Pooled Shouts



Shouts are pooled together. Unlike vanilla where you need to wait for the cooldown to expire and unlike individual shout cooldown mods where each shout cools down separately, with pooled shouts you can use the same shout more than once. So for eg you can do a wuld, another wuld and then do a fus ro dah in quick succession as long as you have enough 'voice pool' remaining. It's more like casting spells from a mana pool. This might allow for interesting combos. Because of the implementation of using an unused actor value as the 'shout pool' it might also allow for the creation of potions and enchantments that increase the size of the voice pool or increase the regen rate of the pool or instantly restore a portion of the pool. Or vice versa, debuffs to those aspects. You can gain shout experience by starting off with a small pool and gain pool size every time you unlock a shout. This means you can't immediately go to high gate ruin and learn storm call because you won't be able to cast it anyway. 


You can customize the position, transparency & fill direction of the shout meter in the Mcm.


The colors can be changed by modifying the json MeterColors.json. Use a site like: https://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.html to pick a color and convert it to decimal and change the corresponding value in the json. 

0 = Exhausted - The shout pool is exhausted and you don't have enough pool to use any words. Default Red.

1 = Level 1 - You have enough pool to use the first word. Default yellow.

2 = Level 2 - You have enough pool to use the second word. Default green.

3 = Level 3 - The meter is full.



As you unlock more shouts you'll gain more 'voice pool' to use. This makes useless shouts just a little bit more desirable for the extra pool they provide. You can set your 'starting pool' and 'pool per word' in the Mcm. You'll need to sleep after unlocking a word to gain the extra pool. 


Why Bother?

For the lolz I guess. I think it might be a little more interesting this way.

Vanilla cooldown is a bit boring. And it's got the 'elixir of life' effect. Meaning you build this mentality of only using shouts when you need them because otherwise they'll be in cooldown and you'll be fucked. And so you kind of end up never using them. 

Individual shout cooldowns I find pretty OP. Enter combat, cast absolutely every shout you have and obliterate the enemy with a massive alpha strike. All shouts cooldown separately so you might as well. The sooner you shout the sooner you'll be able to use that shout again. 


I think pooled shouts might strike a more balanced strategic effect where you can still be badass when you want to. 



The mod will 'allow' you to shout up to the max word you've learned even if you don't have enough pool to cover the cost of that word but the actual spell effect fired will only be what the pool can cover. Eg: You know all 3 words of Fus Ro Dah but only have enough pool to cast Fus. You can hold down the button and she will say 'Fus Ro Dah' but only Fus effect will be fired. I can not find a way to limit the number of words your character speaks when she shouts but at least the effect fired is correct. SetNthWord does not appear to work. I'm not sure I'd use it even if it did as it'd probably change the description in the magic menu and confuse people. 



  • Obviously other shout mods like individual shout cooldowns. 
  • Mods that have broken shouts also aren't supported. Shouts must have 3 words otherwise it's sort of broken. Try to unlock a broken shout and see for yourself. Broken shouts shouldn't mess things up but they won't behave like normal pooled shouts. 
  • Anything that modifies the unused actor variable LastFlattered. I'm currently not aware of any other mod that uses it. 






What's New in Version 1.1



- Fade out meter on game load if it's full.


- v1.0

Initial release.

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