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* FROM SOFTWARE - models, textures
* full_inu - meshes porting, texture edit
* Betsujin - artwork





"Welcome to the Hunter's Dream!.."



This is my port of Bloodborne hub location. A very polygon-heavy mod and in general not very suitable for Skyrim engine, it comes with fomod installer, which let you choose perfomance patches to replace various objects with empty files to decrease polygon count; if you tick all patches at once, overall number will decrease from 7.4 millions to 3.5 millions. Removing grass will free more polys, while removing foliage will make location look empty. There are two big areas: cemetery and main hub, different patches for different areas.


First revision was developed in December 2018-January 2019 and was never made public except early testing version, but only now I have redone whole location from scratch and made appropriate changes in textures, shaders, weather (kinda) and lighting with sound environment. It doubles number of polygons and even still perfoms much better, than 1st version.

To enter location, use teleport marker located around Bleak Falls Barrow between some peak stones. To exit Hunter's Dream, use one of chalice tombstones.




Or type in console:
coc hunter



Music can play night track at daytime.
Mod does not contain navmeshes and I dunno if they can be generated for this huge location at all (my CK was "thinking" too long), please use teleport marker to enter location (if you use map marker to fast travel to location, your companions might follow you and get stuck in any place in location).


It looks like on Skyrim LE you can experience CTD when opening quest and inventory menu due to high number of polygons.
To fix CTD on Skyrim Legendary Edition, you need to install Crash Fixes and activate memory allocator patch in confg:




This will prevent CTD on weak hardware. Perfomance patches coming with the mod also able to resolve CTD issue, but I recommend to try Crash Fixes first. On Skyrim SE everything works just fine, because of 64-bit engne.

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