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This mod is unsupported now.




Needs a new version of SLAX that has newly added keywords to help describe armor parts. Find it in the downloads section. Do not install Bikinifier without this version otherwise you'll break the links to these new keywords. This version of SLAX is a part of an upcoming update so should be fine to use now and update later when fully released. 



This mod is very much a WIP. You may be required to clean save or new game between updates but I try my best to avoid this. 



Can be configured to distributes TAWoBA bikinis to all female Npcs around Skyrim. It's also capable of distributing other custom bikinis (see Nordic Carved Bikini screenshot). Not only that but it can also distribute normal mod outfits. Can be used to create outfit variations - add TAWoBA iron boots and gloves to normal iron armors for example (See screenshots). Or just apply the different vanilla variations of merchant clothes or whatever to an Npc. Or add Remodeled Armors as potential alternatives to vanilla armors etc. You can also set Npcs to change their outfit every so often. Who wears the same thing all day every day? It's already pretty configurable. Sounds good right? What's the catch? The catch is that adding anything except TAWoBA requires you to do the work. I'm hoping maybe to compile a library of Json files for popular armor mods that people upload. 


There's an inherent conflict with the leveled lists method Skyrim uses to give Npcs outfits. Most of us play as a female protagonist and so we download and install female armor mods. The problem is that leveled lists are not gender aware. This in itself is not a problem but combine it with the fact that very few armor modders create armors for both male and female and you'd have female armors spawning on male Npcs. At best they might appear as some vanilla armor on a male like leather armor etc but they'll still appear in their inventory as 'Bikini' etc. Bikinifier only adds the configured armors to female Npcs. 


Feature List

  • Distribute The Amazing World of Bikini Armors and up to 20 bikini style armors from other mods to Npcs on the fly in game. 
  • Distribute regular mod armors to Npcs on the fly in game. 
  • Create 'Outfit groups' and assign them to Npcs, factions or armors. Outfit groups are made up of 1 or more outfits and determine what an Npc will equip. Outfit groups attached to Npcs take first preference. Outfit groups attached to a faction an Npc is a member of take 2nd preference. And armor outfit groups take last preference. Outfit groups can be applied with precision or in broad strokes in this in this way.
  • Outfit Option - Stockings. Adds a chance to equip stockings from a pool of stockings in addition to their selected outfit. 
  • Distribute mod weapons to Npcs on the fly in game. Weapons will be assigned based on the 'WeapMaterial' keyword of the weapon they already have equipped.
  • Npcs will change outfit/weapon every so often (configurable).
  • Chance to add vanilla enchantments to weapons/armors. Supports all slots, not just body, hands, feet etc.
  • Swaps enchantments from existing enchantments on Npcs weapons/armors. 
  • Import enchantments from any enchantment mod via json to add to weapons/armors. Wintermyst supported out of the box. 
  • Outfit studio to view and configure outfits. It's an in-game interface between you and the json files outfit system. 


Ready Made Configs:

Bikini Ascend - https://www.loverslab.com/topic/145011-bikinifier/?do=findComment&comment=3031291



Sexlab Aroused Extended + the modified esm from the Bikinifier downloads section. 

PapyrusUtil (latest version. Sexlab does NOT have the newest version) - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/484-papyrusutil/

UI Extensions or EFF - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57046




A tesedit patch. Don't know how to make one? See the section "TesEdit Merged Patch" in this post: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507



Basic Setup

If all you want is to add TAWoBAs to Npc then you:

1. Install the mod. 

2. Start the mod in game and wait. 

3. Open the Mcm and 'Import armors' and wait for it to finish. 

4. Create at least one 'Outfit Group'. Go to the groups menu and assign at least one TAWoBA outfits to a group. 

5. Groups can be assigned to specific armors or 'Armor groups'.

6. When an Npc is loaded that has an armor you have attached an outfit group to it has a chance (based on your settings) to be swapped out for one of the outfits you assigned to that outfit group. 


Advanced Setup

For custom bikinis:

Have a look at the json files in '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\BikiniArmor\TAWoBA'. 

You can use one of these as a template. Remove all the existing forms from the formlist section and add your own. Change the 'outfitnames' entry to what name it should appear as in game. Do not alter 'partslist' or change the order of items unless you know what you're doing. 

'ArmorType' and 'ArmorTier' are currently unused. 

When you're done, run your json file through a formatting checker like this: https://jsonlint.com/

It is VERY easy to make a mistake in the Json file so be careful and check it before loading it. 

Custom bikini jsons go in the 'Custom' subfolder. 

Go into game and 'Import Armors' again. 


For custom regular armors:

Just use the in-game outfit studio to create outfits. Or if you still want to do it manually: 


Take a look at the example json 'DX Outfits Example Outfit file.json'. This json adds 6 DeserterX outfits to the bikinifier. You can create a list of single, cohesive outfits (all armors from the same outfit) or mashups (mix and match armors that would be suitable to be mixed up). 

Anything contained in the same 'Outfitx' will stay together. If the same 'OutfitX' contains different boots or body etc components then one will be chosen at random to be applied. One json file can contain as many outfits as you like (within reason) but I'd recommend separating them logically by file. The order of 'Outfitx' must match the order of 'outfitnames'. Eg: if the forms for 'Gwelda Vampire Outfit' is 'outfit2' then 'outfitnames' at index 2 must be named as such otherwise they'll be out of order in game and the wrong name will be associated with the wrong parts. 


Special files:

  • '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Stockings.json' contains a list of 'pool' stockings. You can set the chance for an outfit to receive stockings from the pool in the 'Outfit Explorer' menu. I recommend only adding stockings that end at or near the ankle. The reason being that very often the 'foot' section is designed specifically for a certain boot or shoe and will clip badly. This is especially true for stockings with a foot section designed to fit high heels. 
  • '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Heels.json' this is the heels pool.
  • '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Jewelry.json' this is the heels pool.
  • '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Enchantments\' these are the custom mod enchantment lists. Wintermyst is included by default but you can add any enchantment mod by adding a config json to the subfolders and 'Import Enchantments' in game.
  • '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Group Assignments\' Contains the group/outfit/form assignments. Internal use only. Unless you really know what your'e doing. 



To get the best 'fit' for outfits an armor needs to be described sufficiently to Bikinifier. The new version of SLAX contains some keywords to help Bikinifier better understand an armor part and how they fit together. You can tag your armors with these to help: 

1. SLA_ArmorPartTop - When an outfit comes in two halves and this is the top portion.

2. SLA_ArmorPartBottom - When an outfit comes in two halves and this is the bottom portion.

Bikinifier will pair any random top and bottom parts from the same outfit group to form a cohesive body armor on an Npc. 


3. SLA_Stockings - This part is a lingerie stockings type part not to be confused with:

4. SLA_HasLeggings - Anything tagged with this keyword will block the equipping of stockings by Bikinifier. Leggings aren't generally sexy and can be added to any part that would make the addition of stockings look bad. This usually can apply to boots that come all the way up the leg or armors that extend down the legs. 

5. SLA_HasSleeves - Same as HasLeggings but for arms. As yet it is unused. 


Weapon keywording of mod added weapons is very important. In particular the 'WeapMaterialType' keyword. Bikinifier uses this keyword to decide what vanilla weapons to swap for which mod added weapons. Weapons will be swapped like-for-like. If a weapon has daedric level damage and stats but has the WeapMaterialIron keyword then it will still be treated as an equivalent of an iron sword. So you can see keywording is important. Material keywords are arranged into 6 levels or tiers of quality roughly based around their smithing perk:

Tier 0 - Iron, Wood

Tier 1 - Steel, Silver, Imperial, Draugr

Tier 2 - Dwarven, Elven, Falmer, DraugrHoned, Nordic

Tier 3 - Orcish

Tier 4 - Glass, Ebony, FalmerHoned

Tier 5 - Daedric, Dragonbone, Stalhrim


Getting Json Lines

You've got a ton of armor mods and getting the Json lines is going to be a pain? Yes I understand. I've created a spreadsheet to try to help. You use TesEdit + Automation tools to output the relevant data and then dump it into the spreadsheet to create a filterable list of Json lines. The spreadsheet is a little rough right now but it's better than nothing. 

Install TesEdit

Install Automation Tools - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49373/

Load your mods in TesEdit. Select all the armor records you want to export. Right click on them and 'Apply Script'. Select AT - Quick Display. 

Tick 'Export as CSV' and press the '+' symbol once to add an extra line.

Put in the boxes in this order:


BOD2\First Person Flags


BOD2\Armor Type


Note that the lines above ARE case sensitive.

Hit ok and TesEdit will begin spitting out the info. When it's finished open the folder \TesEdit\Edit Scripts\. Open Exported.csv in notepad++. Copy everything except the first row. Now open the spreadsheet and open 'sheet2' at the bottom. Click on the box A2 and paste the information. If the data all ends up in one column you need to select the column and click 'Data' > 'Text to columns' > Select 'Delimited > Next > Select only 'comma'> next > Click each column in the preview and change it's data type to 'text'. And hit ok. Everything should now be in separate columns. One last thing. Click on F2 and add the name of the mod eg: 'ArmorMod.esp' without the quotes and copy and paste it all the way to the bottom. 


Finally, go back to 'sheet1' at the bottom and now you should see the sheet is now populated with data. Click 'Data' > 'Filter' and now you can search and filter the name or editor id for what you're looking for. The json line for the json files should be compiled in column C


Still to be Done

1. Save/Load settings

4. Add shields as a possible swap out item. 

7. Add missing vanilla DLC to armors list. 

8. Maybe add a menu to create a log to flag items that need to be keyworded etc. 


Known Issues

Outfit Explorer does not display bikinis properly. 

Requiem users! Load Bikinifier before Requiem.esp and rebuild your TesEdit patch and your Requiem patch. You'll HAVE to use a TesEdit patch to propagate both the changes from Requiem and Bikinifier and it's just good modding to use one anyway. 

Bikinifier applies changes at the race level so it will conflict with any other mod that changes the same races. Load bikinifier before these other mods and create/rebuild your TesEdit patch. Don't know what a TesEdit patch is or how to make one? Read the section 'TesEdit Merged Patch' here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507



What's New in Version 2.2


2.2 (09-June-2020)

- Fixed a couple of bugs in outfit building. Just rebuild any bugged outfits in OS by removing an item and add it back again. 


2.1 (08-June-2020)

- Upgrade instructions: If you've made outfits in the outfit studio you need to rebuild them by: Select them, remove all the items from the container, exit the container menu and wait for 'outfit rebuilt' message. Then just dump the items back into the outfit. 

- Fixed armors not getting tagged when creating outfits in the outfit studio which leads to naked Npcs. 

- Fixed a bug in Outfit Studio 'Delete Outfit' button.

- Improved removing items from an outfit in the outfit studio. You should be able to remove loads of items very quickly now without it getting out of sync.

- Some other minor bug fixes. 


2.0 (07-June-2020)

- Upgrade instructions: Read note linked on main page. 

- Added 'Outfit Studio' - an in-game interface between you and the backend of Bikinifier that you can use to view, modify and create new outfits.
- Button in the Mcm to teleport there. And return to where you were previously. 
- Prompt to remove all your stuff to a chest when entering the cell. (And be returned automatically when leaving).
- Wheel menu automatically registered and de-registered when entering/leaving the cell. 
- Create new outfit files. Add new outfits to them. Set the chance on the outfit of giving stockings from the stockings pool. 
- Add/remove stockings from the stockings pool by add/removing them from the closet on the right. 
- Select and modify outfits by adding/removing items from the clothes pile to the left.
- Preview outfits on Adrianne. Rolls a random combination of the selected outfit onto her. Activating Adrianne opens her inventory so you can see what's she's wearing. 
- Garbage disposal barrel.
- Add Item Menu Button.
- Set the chance on the outfit of giving heels from the heels pool.

- Added a jewelry pool.

- Added automatic weapon sorting in the outfit studio. 

- Faction list in the Mcm will now display a global list of common factions when there's no actor under your crosshairs. 
- Added import stockings/heels/jewelry.

- Import/Export outfit/group assignments. 


1.2 (27-May-2020)

- Added Weaponization. Distributes mod weapons to Npcs. Dump your weapons into the json at \SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Weapons\Weapons.json and Import them in game. Bikinifier will try to sort them. Recommend NOT adding enchanted variations of the same weapon as it can skew the selection of weapons. Relies on good weapon keyword, in particular the 'WeapMaterialType' keyword. Applies to both male and female. 
- Added import mod enchantments. Add any mod enchantments by adding a json file to \SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Enchantments. I've added files for Wintermyst. 
- Fixed a bug in 'Equalize Chance'.
- Added IsPlayable() check.
- Added toggle 'Allow Unique Npcs' to enable/disable bikinifying of unique Npcs using 'Armor Swapper'.
- Added missing vanilla magic school enchantments. Eg: Fortify Destruction etc.


1.1 (18-May-2020)

- No changes to Json files. 

- Added enchantment swapping of enchantments on the Npcs existing outfit.
- Add bra slot option. When an Npc has an existing enchantment on a body armor and bikinifier swaps her outfit for a bikini then the enchantment will be swapped to the item in the bra slot. The stock slot for bras on TAWoBA bras is 32 (body) so this is for people with the devious devices style slots on bikinis. 
- Added chance for items to have a random enchantment (configurable).
- Added the ability to tag a specific Npc with an outfit group. These tags will take first preference.
- Added the ability to tag factions with an outfit group. These tags will take second preference. Armor tags will take last preference.
- Added a remove all excluded npcs button just in case. 
- Fixed a bug when removing an outfit group from an armor.


1.0 - Initial release

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