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DDAccessories 1.0 - Glowing Halos and Rings 1.0.0

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About This File


- Description -

Made-from-scratch halos and glowing rings around the wrist/ankles as accessories.

These have no gameplay benefit. They are made for character screenshots/aesthetics.

I plan on adding more accessories to this mod over time, but this is the first major update.

Partially inspired by one of ShinglesCat's mods.

- Known Issues -

May be clipping depending on your character's head, hair, and body.

- Requirements -

None...or, there shouldn't be any.

- How to Get -


- Credits -

ShinglesCat, for inspiration.

The modders on Discord who have personally helped me with my work and about modding in general.

My wonderful Patrons for being generous enough to support me ❤️

- Tools Used -

Marvelous Designer
Outfit Studio

- Permissions -

- Body(slide) conversions can be shared without asking, so long as I'm always given credit and the original mod is linked.
- Otherwise, do not re-upload the meshes/textures elsewhere or use them in your own mod without my express permission.
- Recolors and retextures are permitted provided that the meshes are not included - if they have to be, for some reason, contact me.
- No part of this mod (textures, meshes, etc.) is allowed be paywalled or otherwise sold personally adjusted or otherwise.

- Links -


Please feel free to post screenshots! I'd love to see them.


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