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About This File



This is much or less the translation with UDFs of my Cammy, the first thing I did using NVSE some months ago.

It doesn't do anything on its own, since it's just UDFs that handle some math.

This ESM (ESP marked as ESM) comes as it is and mainly for modders' reference.

There are a bunch of functions I usually call in my ESPs, mainly for cutscenes/machinima, but they're pretty generic and they can be used in different environments. They all are prefixed with aCam.

They all are tested, but due to the difficulty in handling some stuff I can't exclude there are bugs or unexpected results under specific conditions. Or my mistakes, of course.




Just drop the ESP-marked-as-ESM it inside your FONV\Data folder and activate it, then you know what you need to do.


Unuseful notes about movement:



About the movement functions: almost them all share the same concept, it's some sort of interpolation made by Set/GetPos/Angle. It usually requires, as parameter, the quantity of frames it must execute the movement. Then it calculates a "gap" (distance / n. of frames) and then every frame it moves the Reference of that quantity. It's similar concept of other softwares that use a timeline (like for movies or animations).

Since they're called by a quest.script, the smoothness comes from the Quest Delay (0.0x preferred). Due to the nature of how the concept works, the smoothness is pretty linked to the game prestations and overhall speed. ENBs tend to kill it and dilate the time of script execution.

As consequence of this, I wrote the UDF so that they "waste" some frame sometimes (with Return), they are preparing themselves in some sort of GameMode state because I didn't want to put too many operations in the same frame. Still not sure if it was the best choice, but only deep tests in many different conditions and environments could show a real and objective result, which I can't test.


19/01/15 - I started reducing the number of frames necessary, it doesn't deserve loosing them to set variables, it creates slight stutter during interpolations






1.2 PS is compatible with companions mods and pipboys mods (huh, finally).





This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.






Doctasax's tutorials




A bunch of ingame frames taken when I apply some functions and the result I achieve.



What's New in Version 1.3 NTVM


  • 19 / 01 / 15 - Uploaded new version (1.3 NTVM)
  • Corrected slight mistake spamming an error in console (not a huge deal)
  • Introduced a couple more UDFs I'm using.
  • Included a txt to copy paste to buildref for no master dependency (how I'm using it right now)
  • I started reducing necessary frames to avoid stutters during the interpolations

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