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About This File

?The hunt for the Easter Bunny is on! This enables holiday content within Sexbound to be found in your games.


WARNING - Update to the latest version of Sexbound before you update this mod from v1 to v2. If you fail to do this then the worst case is you will have to collect your holiday items again.




This mod requires the latest version of the Sexbound.




Recommended Mods


You're gonna this need another mod like this to produce some eggs.


What does this do?


1) Re-skins the Sexbound Egg to look like an Easter Egg. 

2) Adds new treasure items to Sexbound treasure pool.

3) Enables players to obtain new wearable Easter Bunny outfit.

4) Enables players to obtain new anal plug (carrot).

5) Enables players to summon the Easter Bunny, and it can fuck.

6) Enables players to obtain an Easter Egg thrown item.


Monsters can lay eggs as part of the latest version of Sexbound already.


Important Note:


Removing this mod will cause 'Golden Easter Carrots' held in a player's inventory to convert into 100 Sexbound Easter Eggs. Players will be able to keep the rest of their collected holiday items, but they will be unable to summon the Easter Bunny until this mod is installed.


Admin Commands


Expand the spoiler to see admin commands to use for spawning NPCs and items.



# Egg (???) - Same egg used by Sexbound

/spawnitem sexbound_egg


# NPC - Easter Bunny

/spawnnpc human sexboundeasterbunny


# [SxB] Easter Egg (Weapon)

/spawnitem sexboundeasteregg


# [SxB] Carrot (Anal Plug)

/spawnitem sexboundeasteranalcarrot


# [SxB] Golden Carrot

/spawnitem sexboundeastergoldencarrot


What's New in Version 2.0.0


2.0.0 - Removed the Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny clothes, Easter Carrot (Anal Plug), Easter Golden Carrot, and Easter Bunny SexTalk dialog.


^ They are now part of Sexbound, so players can keep their holiday items after a server admin removes this mod.


1.1.1 - Changed the Sexbound Easter Egg projectile to pierce armor.


1.1.0 - Added the Easter Bunny
- Added Sexbound Easter Egg projectiles.

- Added Sexbound Easter Anal Carrot item to the Sexbound Treasure Pool.
- Added Sexbound Easter Golden Carrot item to the Sexbound Treasure Pool.
- Added Sexbound Easter Bunny clothing set for males and females.


1.0.0 - Initial release.

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