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About This File

Cum for Breakfast is your new solution to a "healthy" breakfast meal !!


This mod will enable the semen liquids to regenerate hunger just like a soup of sort.

Just lay in a pool of spunk and you'll be fit as a fiddle.


( 1.1 and up) You can now create portable balloons filled with your favourite kind of soup (urine excluded).


( 1.2  and up) Did your friend catch fire? Just piss on em, like the Postal dude. (This require the use of the alt-fire on lewd guns and/or urine balloons)


( 1.3 and up) Eating soup can be messy, why not show it? You can now craft a "hat" which covers your face in delicious soup. It can be found the barehanded crafting menu.

( 1.3.1 and up) The soup is now available in a brighter version to be more visible, it's also a testament of how much you want it (Used condoms can be found inside trash cans). Requires Alluring Toys Co from now on


( 1.3.2 and up) So I guess I forgot to add the regular semen and ejaculant as valid balloon forms and now it's here !! It's now a recipe known by default and bare handed.


( 1.4 and up) Can't always make a mess when you're craving for soup, so our scientists worked really hard to give you.. The Cummy Gummy !!


( 1.5 and up) Ever wondered what Shoggoth's soup tasted like? Well now you can try it yourself !!

( 1.6 and up) Wearing soup on your face is nice and all but how about wearing it all over your body? That's right starting from now on you can wear soup as an outfit ! Thanks to Paco-Taco




You need to manually enable climax to spawn liquids inside the climax.config files which can be found here:




The setting you're looking for looks like this


    true  - Enables liquids to be spawned on every orgasm.
    false - Disables them (Default).
  "enableSpawnLiquids" : false,


Simply replace false to true and it'll work out, you'll need to do this every time you update Sexbound (for now, I'll make a patch file if anyone asks for it)




Nuttered version isn't meant to be used alongside, it's only a temporary version for those who like the additional features without having the hunger effect affecting everyone in the server.












Credits to red3dred for fixing the weird patching issues, to whoever wrote the organic soup lua from Frackin Universe, it helped out a lot during the creation process and megamantaray for hyping me up from the start and for giving the name of the status effect on HUD and for giving feedback on the face full of spunk.
Credits to SirBumpleton Polygore red3dred for making the Shoggoth race, you guys are awesome !!
Credits to Paco-Taco for doing all the work on the update 1.6 (You can spawn his special soup with /spawnitem pacosbukkakechest /spawnitem pacosbukkakehead /spawnitem pacosbukkakelegs )


What's New in Version 1.6.1


Nuttered update!! aka 1.6.1

- Adds a nuttered version for those who prefer the items over the function


Paco update !! aka 1.6

- Added Paco's very own outfit


Shoggoth support update !! aka 1.5

- Retextured Cummy Gummies

- Didn't make a standalone version
- Added Shoggoth flavoured Cummy Gummies
- Added Shoggoth themed Face full of spunk
- Added Shoggoth Soup balloons
- Made Shoggoth slime into a nutritious and questionable breakfast


1000 Downloads celebration update !! aka 1.4

- Added Cummy Gummies

- Removed older versions from the list


Oops I forgot a thing update the encore !! aka 1.3.3
- Added the Bright Face full of spunk alt to the default recipes because I had forgotten


Oops I forgot a thing update !! aka 1.3.2
- Added Semen and Ejaculant as new balloon types

Also not an event update !! aka 1.3.1
- Added a brighter version of the face full of spunk to be more visible on pale skins
- Screwed up the update list
- Changed the recipe of the face full of spunk to be more lewd (requires an additional mod)
- Added creamshots to compare regular vs bright

500 Downloads celebration update !! aka 1.3

- Added a face full of spunk

- Made it so the urine balloons recipe is learnt by default


Not an event update !! aka 1.2

- Rewrote parts of the status effect from the soup to make it less random and more consistent

- Made it so Urine remove burning effect by making it wet


100 Downloads celebration update !! aka 1.1

- Doubled the soup's effect from 0.05 to 0.1

- Added celebration balloons that can learned from picking up soup, they can be crafted bare-handed

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