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W.T.F. - Weapons Tortured Female
WARNING EXTREME BRUTAL MODEL dont install if you are sensitive or moralistic!

WTF! Weapons Tortured Female, added a tortured weapons on Brutal Skyrim World! This mod was originally created for my mod F.E.M.A.L.E. but I created a standalone version. Enjoy!

This Mod add variety of Weapons, Two-Handed, One-Handed and Staff, all wapons are crafrable on Smithing Forge, you can also tempered sword and greatsword.

Weapons List:
Tortured Female Corspe (1h, 2h and Staff)
Tortured Female Headless (1h, 2h and Staff)
Tortured Female Girl (1h, 2h and Staff)
Tortured Female Nailed (2h and Staff)
Tortured Female Soldier (2h and Staff)

Staff have Resurrection enchantment (its a work for my other mod and i need only this enchantment... in next version i add more enchantments option)

Crafting Material:
For Sword and GreatSword:
1 embalming pick, 2 iron ingot, 2 steel ingot, 3 leathers strips, 1 human heart, 2 human flesh

For Staff:
1 embalming pick, 2 Firewood, 3 leathers strips, 1 human heart, 2 human flesh

Tempered Material:
1 embalming pick, 1 iron ingot

Know issues and bug:
Textures is not optimal...
Tortured Female Corspe and Tortured Female Headless sometime have Green Body Textures.
The weapons in Back and in Scabbard has glitch...
For now i dont know how to fix this two issues, its limit of my knowledge with NifSkoope and Editing Textures... sorry!
Any help for the issues its appreciate!

Change Log:
vrs 1.0
initial release
create and edit models with NifSkope
create mod structure

Tools used:
CK Creation Kit



Feel Free To Use just give credits to all listed modder resource i've used and me ;)

Thanks to lautasantenni for Katana Crafting
Thanks to nooblet123 for zdd (on loverlab) for some models and textures
Thanks to unknown oriental modder for other some models and textures
Thanks to Dummy for Ageha Tortured Soul one of my favourite Oblivion Weapons, from which this mod and idea is based


I have not pemission from some authors, if any author does not agree with

the use of resources, send me a message and I remove them immediately!

Thanks you for downloading my mod :D

My Other Mod for SSE:

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