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About This File

This is simply a collection of settings, that make a game a little bit more difficult. I've made it already long time ago.


Use TES5Edit to modify it to your own likings.


A few changings require a new game otherwise they have no effect.

Be aware that static changings can be overwritten by other mods in your load order.


What is changed:

- No starting spells (Healing and Flames ?)

- Gold and lockpicks have a weight.

- Horse cost increased to 1750, Hireling to 750, Room renting costs and carriage costs altered too.

- Crime gold is a lot higher

- friend favour values are reduced (Cannot loot Arcadias cauldron any more :))

- All races have drastically reduced carryweight

- difficulty setting for damge. Novice setting is now a little bit more difficult than adept in Vanilla., while Legendary is only a little bit more harder

- less lockpicks in loot

- Sven and Faendal are no longer an easy to get follower

- thiefs are really hard to kill

- housecarls are nude (what else)

- non respawning empty starter barrel in whiterun (view from Faendals house)

- new charcter is female

- ???


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