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When You're Married Chastity Belt 1.0.0

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About This File

Worried your Sim's teen daughter is a little too curious about "exploring her sexuality"? Boys with those "raging male hormones" hanging around the house? This state of the art, super high tech device is sure to keep curiosity in check, and her virginity in tact until her wedding night! Maybe longer if you lose the key!!! There is no key, but it sounds appropriate to have one.


Made from the finest Eastern European horse saddle leather available, and has either bronze, or stainless steel anti-intrusion mechanisms (sharp spiked teeth at key possible entry points), all parental fears of their daughter losing her flower to some panty sniffing con artist on prom night can now be set at ease!


Reality is that this chastity belt is non-functional, and for appearances only... sorry... I wish I knew how to make it really work, but that is scripting, and THAT is well above my pay rate.


Sooooo... Anyone know a good scripter? I envision this as possibly a future accessory item, or even as it is (a bottom), so that when the wearer disrobes for Woohoo, and her partner sees this, he or she jumps and screams like the pregnancy water breaking script! She sulks like the scolded child/ teen script... And nothing happens! Maybe some moodlet???


Even deeper into such a scenario would be an object key that can unlock the belt... like World Adventures tomb keys. Mom or dad Sim holds the key, and can give it as a present upon marriage. Or... maybe a high level career criminal could even pick the lock?


Sooooo.... talented script writing person... have at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oniki?????


Only for teen female right now.




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