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Will never be fully playable
As altered files cannot be uploaded

This is the Ms. Anna save from SCORNED Let's Play Fallout 4 modded from my former / suspended / terminated YouTube channel GoldenBrew3.

This upload page is a work in progress (WIP) and final at the same time.
As files and info is finished on my end I'll be uploading it as a download on this page.
I tagged it as 'save' as well because that is the next step. I have now added the save. (1/27/2020 8:15pm CT)
I decided against doing a massive upload at one time due to my continued recovery from a stress induced suicide attempt attempt.
Double attempt is intended. It was an attempt to make an attempt.  It was fucked up.

Facebook page is GoldenBrew3 as well as GoldenBoy Gaming


- In SCORNED I Role Played a 2077 submissive 1950's styled house wife of a War Veteran.
Never actually married Ms. Anna kept her Maiden name Anna as well as the prefix Miss.
Pre war Career: Lawyer.  Ms. Anna was a Defence Counsel operating at the R. P. D. to ensure fair treatment of all.
Upon her "husband" 's return they moved to Sanctuary to settle down and start a family.
Upon arrival to Sanctuary they discovered that it was a swingers club.

A quick break down of the story for those that missed the show or missed out on the last episodes:
- Aided the Minutemen and BoS with the aid of Dogmeat/Piper.  
- Killed Kellog before he could talk with a mini nuke.
- While living out Kellog's memories in the Memory Den Ms. Anna accepted that Shaun is either in good hands or dead already.
- After Helping BoS Ms. Anna got her first glimpse of the Glowing Sea.
- After New Years Eve Ms. Anna decided to listen to a DC guard and visit the Combat Zone.
- Expecting it to be similar to boxing Ms. Anna wore a dress and was forced to fight Cait.
- After being betrayed by Preston for the second time Ms. Anna was raped in DC inside Home Plate.
- This lead to an unfortunate series of events that left Ms. Anna distrusting of new locations and new people.
- One of these people Ms. Anna distrusts is Gabriel in the Hunting Cabins after he hinted that he doesn't like Ms. Anna.
-  While out on patrol with her newly recruited companion McCready Ms. Anna was tricked by him into leaving her APC.

- Facing off against 2 Bounty Hunter groups Ms. Anna surrendered after getting shot.
- Taken to a secure site where Ms. Anna was injected with a serum to force her to lactate. 
- The purpose of the milking was to retrieve anti bodies that have kept the Mole Rat virus at bay.
- Upon gaining sufficient amounts of Ms. Anna's milk, eggs, blood, and soft tissue they released her.

- Ms. Anna, dressed in a revealing V-string bikini boarded the train to Nuka World.
- Forced to ruin the Gauntlet in barely nothing Ms. Anna gets to the end only to find a man in a tin can, Overboss Colter.
- Using a powerful speech, a watergun and her knowledge of men Ms. Anna offered herself to the crowd so she could live.
- Having the tittle Overboss bestowed upon her Ms. Anna searched for much needed soap and nutrition while pleasing the men of Nuka World.
- Banned from the Nuka World market Ms. Anna relied on Porter Gage to give her gifts.
-  After a rougher then usual sexual encounter with Porter Gage, Ms. Anna plans to leave him and Nuka World behind.
- After a revenge BJ given to a Operator member Ms. Anna receives a mission that requires her to leave Nuka World.
- Upon reaching the Commonwealth Ms. Anna runs from the Gunners until she reaches Abanathy Farm.
- Cait doesn't recognize Ms. Anna.  Ms. Anna sleeps half naked on a sleeping bag in the shower room.
- Ms. Anna was informed by Jun Long that the Raiders want her to turn herself over to them.
- Recruiting only female companions Ms. Anna has some fun.  Ms. Anna tells them some of what happened and discusses whats next.
- Slowly rebuilding her confidence Ms. Anna takes her time and plans more then just the mission at hand.  Sleeping/water/food/bathing/caps/escape.

- Rumors spread over the commonwealth of Ms. Anna being a sex worker.  Not knowing any better Ms. Anna thought it would be a good idea.
- Eventually men stopped taking No for an answer. 

Spoilers below if you did watch the show and missed episode 362 onwards

(episode 362 ->) - After being raped by the Mayor Ms. Anna responds to a settlement under attack.
- Arriving too late Ms. Anna finds half of the settlers have been captured by Super Mutants.

- Searching for the abducted settlers inside Medford Memorial Hospital Ms. Anna is beaten by Super Mutants. 

- After surrendering in hopes of finding the abducted Settlers Ms. Anna finds out that there are Super Mutant men.
- After Hours of Rape by Super Mutants Ms. Anna runs away naked and hides inside Medford Memorial Hospital.

- After finding/making clothes and weapons Ms. Anna fights back.  Picking off 3 of the 4 Super Mutants.
- Unable to kill the one Super Mutant that raped her the most Ms. Anna surrenders to him.
- Transported, while unconscious to a Super Mutant outpost Ms. Anna has no idea where she is nor the time and date.
- After only half a day of rape Ms. Anna is approached by a Super Mutant female.
- This one pity's Ms. Anna and desires the male Super Mutants. 

- Using hypnosis on Ms. Anna.  Installing confidence to ensure that she will leave.
- In the evening after being face loved by a Super Mutant Ms. Anna finds an old pipe pistol.
- In the rain, with the sun setting Ms. Anna decides to run while she can still walk.
- With a sore everything she makes it to the river and swims away.
- With no way to tell direction Ms. Anna gets turned around in the current and ends up right next to the same Super Mutant outpost.
- With some luck on Ms. Anna's side the BoS drop two Knights nearby.
- They have been searching for her, but do not accept that Ms. Anna is Ms. Anna.
- Filthy, smelly, and unable to walk nor talk normally while only wearing restrictive boots and a leather slave harness Ms. Anna is turned away as an impostor.
- Seeing a small building in the distance Ms. Anna approaches with caution. 

- Hearing a radio inside and outside with a conversation by humans inside she enters.

- Rex Goldman.  The Rex Goldman.  He recognizes Ms. Anna.  They bath, feed, and cloth Ms. Anna.
- Upon hearing Ms. Anna's story the two men inside leave in the night to find the BoS members that had turned Ms. Anna away.
- Convincing the BoS members they return with her Pip Pad and a vertibird signal grenade.
- Ms. Anna stays the night and in the morning uses the grenade to call in a vertibird.

- Landing and taking off under heavy ground fire Ms. Anna is relived when they finally dock at the Prydwen as a rad storm hits the area.
 - Upon entering the Prydwen Ms. Anna collapses to the ground and sobs uncontrollably.
- Elder Maxson orders Ms. Anna to go to her room to prepare a full mission log of her time in Super Mutant Captivity.
- Ms. Anna is now a field operative only and is disallowed from physical contact with BoS members.
- She is given a blank holo tape and is ordered to keep a journal from now on.

This is where I left off.  This is where you begin.

More personal back ground information coming soon!!!



What's New in Version 1.0.2


- Added a newer updated version of the save, valentines update

- Added the save.  It's after several unpublished episodes that I have yet to upload somewhere other then YouTube.  Support page now has the massive partial mod list within the spoilers.  The save.7z contains the two files required to play.  Unzip the file.  Locate your Fallout4 saves folder.  Copy the two files that are in the unzipped folder and paste them into the Fallout 4 saves folder.  The number of the save is 636 just in case there is a conflict with a pre-existing save of the same number.

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