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Skyrim Special Edition files are available in my SSE discussion thread.

SexLab Stories


This mod is a collections of sexy stories and easter eggs that presented themselves as I am troubleshooting issues with other mods. (Yeah.. I know.. I have Skyrim modding ADHD).


It includes...


A Fetish system linked to Standing Stone signs
- Arousal is increased depending on the perk in your sign. Now you have another reason to find the right standing stone for you.
- No fetish - Default
- The Apprentice Stone - Crafting / Hitting / Being a Dom - In progress
- The Atronach Stone - Killing monsters - In progress
- The Lady Stone - Wearing Jewelry - Done
- The Lord Stone - Wearing Armor - Done
- The Lover Stone - Being Nude / Sex - Done
- The Mage Stone - Using magic - In progress
- The Ritual Stone - Specific NPC / spouse - In progress
- The Serpent Stone - Killing animals - In progress
- The Shadow Stone - Killing humans - In progress
- The Steed Stone - Bestiality - In progress
- The Thief Stone - Stealing- In progress
- The Tower Stone - Wearing leather / being hit / Being a sub - In progress
- The Warrior Stone - Using weapons - Done


- A victim to the Old Gods ('King in Yellow' easter egg)
- Cannibalism victims in Eola's feast
- Encounter with a warlock after an unfortunate ritual
- Naked hunters in a hot spring


Stories (see the map in downloads)
- E.L.L.E the SexBot (in Stories) - talk to some vendors in Whiterun - In progress
- The BroodMaiden - in the falmer cave of Chillwind Depths - Done for now
- The Children - in Cradle Stone Tower - Done for now
- The Twins - in Heartwood mill - In progress (barely started)
- The Living Wonder - somewhere in Windhelm (find a flyer for a clue) - Done for now
- The Red Wave - Solitude docks - In progress


- Smaller stories and tweaks to NPCs relationships (Whiterun, Dragonsbridge)


Devious Stories
- Milk Farm - south of Riften - In progress
- The Pet - in Rimerock Burrow cave - Done for now


This mod is about augmenting the world of Skyrim with atmospheric details worthy of SexLab and as such, needs several mods to run properly.


SexLab 1.59 or above (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159-updated-0811/)
SexLab Aroused (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/307-wip-sexlab-aroused-v2014-01-24/)
Zaz Animation Pack 6.0 or above ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/156-zaz-animation-pack-2014-08-29/ )
An advanced skeleton like XP32 Maximum skeleton ( http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26800/? )


Optional but strongly recommended:


- Fuz Ro D-oh ( http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/14884/? )


The mod comes in two parts
:: SexLab Stories - requires SexLab Aroused and Zaz animation Pack only
:: SexLab Devious Stories - requires SexLab Aroused, Zaz animation Pack, and also Devious Devices Integration ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/371-devious-devices-integration-08242014/ )


You have to install SexLab Stories if you want SexLab Devious Stories to run properly.
In other words, 'Stories' is always needed and 'Devious Stories' is optional.




These stories start as small standalone scenes, sometimes with an open ended quest.
They are not finished in any way and will be improved in the future.


Recommended background mods


Check these mods out if you want to complement SexLab Stories with similar atmospheric content.
I will not spend much time re-creating content that is already available in these mods.


- hydragorgon slave girls ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/828-hyd-slavegirls-8107z/ )
- Immersive wenches ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51189/? )
- Prostitutes of Skyrim ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37031/? )


:: E.L.L.E - Sexy Transparent Zipsuit by nakrulz, Dwemer Cyborg BBP by Edhildil, Animated Dwarven head gear by mahty
:: Cow Harness and milk bottle - Milk Economy by Oli3d (and other sources) / Updates by Haarbald
:: Antlers head gear - Character Mod resource Pack by nuska
:: Living Wonder body ( ACBBE - Androgynous_CBBEv3_V3.2 by otmotm )


Change history




Version 0.8.3 (2017-06-04)


- Added: Move Brood Maiden scenario to Parasites (new NPC, same location)
- Added: Relocate Lotte to Chillwind Depths Compatibility
- Added: Small stories - remove edits to NPCs
- Added: ELLE - count Dwemer machine toward ELLE energy

- Fixed: Stories bug: Floating crystals
- Fixed: Red Wave - do not enable pregnancy if sent there by SD event (only as player start)
- Fixed: Bad characters in Adrianna quest topic for ELLE
- Fixed: Corrupted mesh for TG characters in Stories


Version 0.8.2 (2016-10-15)


- Fixed: Milk farm - Fix typos and remove debug messages from milking
- Fixed: Milk farm - milk level not reset properly if spilled milk without harness


- New: Set up foundations for each player start quest (1 stage)
- New: Add storageUtil pointers of key characters from Stories
- New: Divine Cheese - Collect milk only when harness is equipped
- New: Divine Cheese - Milking level should increase automatically when cow is not milked for the day
- New: Divine Cheese - Lactation should increase breast size if NiOverride is detected
- New: Divine Cheese - Prevent milking harness to be equipped on male NPCs (or player)
- New: Spriggan start - Cast calm effect for spriggans before enslavement kicks in
- New: SexBot - Move hostile falmers further up in ruin
- New: Nord queen - reapply effects regularly in corpse stage in case of cure by altar
- New: Nord queen - force refresh of skin shader spell on location changes
- New: Nord queen - add custom skin effects to 'zombie' stages
- New: Nord queen - Make player friendly with draugr only when a corpse stage
- New: Nord Queen - Make player hostile to Vigilants in corpse stage
- New: Nord queen - improve visual effects
- New: Nord queen - improve detection of transition between zombie stages


- Fixed: Sexbot - Check level 0 body assets in bsa file
- Fixed: Nord queen - issues with Nord race detection


Version 0.8 (2016-05-10)


- Added: Nord queen - correct back story
- Added: Red Wave - Remove forced pregnancy when asking for a job
- Added: Red Wave - Add confirmation topic when asking for a job


- Fixed: Fix gray face bug for Olfina graymane
- Fixed: Player Start - Nord queen - Remove sex notifications if quest not started
- Fixed: Player start - RedWave - Remove slave escape notices if quest not started


Version 0.6 (2015-10-10)


- Added: Check for compatibility with SexLab 1.60+ Compatibility
- Added: Make Brood Mother essential
- Added: Small improvements to lactation support
- Added: Add support for new Compression tags from devious devices for milking harness
- Added: Customize vanilla 'frightened woman' with zaz devices
- Added: Divine Cheese - Add insisting Hello to unmilked cows
- Added: Red Wave - Reduce prices based on relationship
- Added: ELLE - Make sure dwemer oil is added to falmer loot.
- Added: ELLE - Add Hello dialogues
- Added: Revisit black moon ritual victim


- Fixed: Fix ASCII characters in Rumors
- Fixed: Living Wonder is missing schlong
- Fixed: Replace Carlotta, Ulfberth relationship by Nazeem's wife
- Fixed: ELLE - The dialog for bodyparts only becomes available at stage 2 (2 imbued flesh)
- Fixed: ELLE - Fix body slots for hands and feet
- Fixed: Check breast growth during milking
- Fixed: Red Wave - Check conditions on skooma topic
- Fixed: Check integration with Estrus Chaurus


Version 0.6 (2015-06-13)


- Added: Tweaked relationships between some NPCs for use with SexLab Comfort and SexLife. Made some relationships more explicit than hinted at:
:: Promiscuity of Lylieve family (added sister, sleep in shared bed)
:: Adrienne Avenicci and her father
:: Ulfbreth and Carlotta
:: Olfina Gray-Mane and Job Battleborn
- Added: Preliminary support for Estrus Chaurus mod events for E.L.L.E (Dwemer machine animation) and The Brood Mother (Tentacle animation).
- Added: Basic support for SexLab Dialogues relationship types for Pet and E.L.L.E (will react as slaves to player by default)
:: Updated both NPCs to support mod event for Puppet Master (see latest Puppet Master patch in Obscure Patches).
- Added: Basic parameter to throttle the frequency of arousal increase caused by fetish (not configurable outside script yet.. I am still experimenting with that aspect of the mod).


- Fixed: potential crash in some areas due to fetish selection of NPCs
- Fixed: Changed location of Yellow King ritual


Red Wave
- Added: Brothel services on the boat
:: Hire prostitutes
:: Sell a follower as prostitute (you do not get a cut of the proceedings but you do get paid for the girl)
:: Buy and sell skooma


- Added: Improved look and feel
- Fixed: recharge conditions bug
- Fixed: issue with number of flesh required to completion
- Fixed: Replaced common soul gem by dwemer centurion dynamo in recipe
- Fixed: bad initialization of SexBot quest alias


Divine Cheese
- Added: Milking Economy compatibility
- Added: Support for alternate milking animation tags, if not available, use regular animations
:: Enable animations in NSAP first
- Added: New automatic milker as a devious device
:: Old device is still there, and manually operated
:: Manual device only plays milking animation (if available with NSAP) and gives a small chance of milk each time
:: Automatic device can play sex animations in addition to milk, and will always get you a milk increase
- Added: support for milking a follower wearing the harness
- Added: Hello comments to cows
- Fixed: Rewrote scripts for milk harness
- Fixed: Display milk harness messages when harness is worn / not just in inventory
- Fixed: Added missing zap flags to cow harness
- Fixed: Player gets breast milk while follower wears harness
- Fixed: Bad gender checks with male player character in Milk Farm topics
- Fixed: Apply milking effect to player only (for now)
- Fixed: Bad message when harness is removed


Version 0.52 (2014-09-03)


0.52.1 - added missing scripts to Stories Devious


SexLab Stories
- Fixed typos in rumors
- Updated ending of the Brood Maiden with a new challenge


SexLab Stories Devious
- Purple 'cows': download the file at the end of this post for a fix.
- Added optional BodySlide files for the milk harness (provided by Saeros. Thanks!)


Version 0.5 (2014-09-01)
- An advanced skeleton like XP32 Max Skeleton is required if you are getting crashes near Falkreath and Morthal stories locations


- Repackaged scripts and assets in BSA for easier maintenance


SexLab Stories


- New: Rumors related to Skyrim lore and SexLab events (ask NPCs for stories they heard recently),
- New location: Times are tough for pirates. The Red Wave, ship docked in Solitude, has been repurposed as a floating brothel.
:: Look for flyers or ask about stories in Solitude.


- Reduced power of certain fetish
- Fetish can be disabled by selecting the same stone again


- The Children: Restored original Hagraven as random encounter (for compatibility with Radiant Companions quests).
- The Living Wonder: Reduced chance of receiving a Skill Point down to 20% per session
- E.L.L.E: Tweaked dialogues, Fixed hair, Use body part sample with ELLE to learn the body part recipe.


SexLab Stories Devious


- New Devious story: The Pet (explore caves north west of Skyrim)


- Milk Farm: Fixed female only accepting to milk you / updated model for portable milking device and cows


Version 0.41 (2014-06-23)
SexLab Stories


- Added Chaurus Spit effect for Estrus Chaurus compatibility with Brood Maiden story
- Added dialogues for more repeat visits to Living Wonder
- Fixed SexLabNoStrip flag for skin outfits (pregnant, wonder)


- Added way to disable Relationships dialogue by console
:: set _SLS_RelationshipsON to 0


- Two new stories around breeding
:: The BroodMaiden, in a stone ring north of Morthal
:: The Children, in Cradle Stone Tower


- Black Moon Ritual
:: Encounter with a warlock after an unfortunate ritual
:: Note and book about the ritual
:: A mysterious flyer and a remarkable living wonder


- E.L.L.E SexBot
:: Replaced ZipSuit by Glass Bikini because of requirement for HDT (files for ZipSuit are in BSA if you still want it).
:: Fixed exits from dialogue menu


SexLab Stories Devious


- Milk Farm
:: Added option to ask anyone for a milking
:: Renamed scripts and fixed exits from dialogue menu


Version 0.3 (2014-06-13)
SexLab Stories


- New story: E.L.L.E the Dwemer SexBot
:: Small quest to find her in a Dwemer cave (ask some vendors in Whiterun)
:: Needs to be recharged regularly (find out how by talking to her)
:: Can be upgraded by acquiring material to replace her body parts
:: Acknowledgements - Sexy Transparent Zipsuit by nakrulz, Dwemer Cyborg BBP by Edhildil, Animated Dwarven head gear by mahty


- New story: Added cannibalism victims in Aela's dinner scene


- Fixed: Added a cap on received exposure from past activities (Fetish stones)


SexLab Stories Devious


- Milk Farm
:: Improved chance of milk bottle production
:: Fix 'milk produced' initialization to properly start milk production after sex when wearing a harness
:: Added - hair back to the cows
:: Added - cheese and milk to the table of Sheogorath
:: Updated dialogues - removed some ambiguities
:: Fixed - Removed playable tag from 'Cow' race


Version 0.21 (2014-05-25)
- 0.21: Small fix to enable the 'Hello' relationship dialogue
- Split the mod in two pieces
:: SexLab Stories - requires SexLab Aroused only
:: SexLab Devious Stories - requires SexLab Aroused, Devious Devices Assets and Devious Devices Integration


- Added small breast milk farm near Riften
:: Two cows to milk and a small quest centered around producing a unique cheese for a special client
:: Devious Device compatible, lockable, milking harness
:: Dialogues to collect breast milk from a few sources
:: Perks after producing enough
:: Comments from other NPCs while PC is wearing harness
:: Support for sexlab events / Chance to grow breasts after orgasm / generate a bottle of milk after enough lactation orgasms
:: SexLab aroused support after enough lactation orgasms (with Steed's fetish)
:: Support for Hormones (breasts inflate and deflate as they are milked)


- 'King in Yellow' easter egg near Rorikstead (ritualistic offering to the Old Gods)


- Started collecting stats on missing Fetish (magic, craft, crime, creature kill, animal kill, people kill, bestiality)
:: Many Standing Stone fetish still untested (most signs should work except the Ritual Stone)


Version 0.1 (2014-05-18)


- First release to get feedback going
- Working features include
:: Relationship changes based on sex count with NPC
:: Drunk sex
:: Fetish system with some standing stones
:: Runaway slave encounters


What's New in Version 2019-09-07

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