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Fidget the Nordic elf Standalone follower LE SE 1.0.0

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About This File

Born and raised as a forest hunter, Fidget set out on her own to begin a new life. Demoniac CBBE, UNP, UNPB. Hunter, Archer. Can be married. She is trapped in the Embershard mine by bandits. Custom armor, sword and shield, bow and arrows. SE versions will have SE at the end of the name of file. Do not use them for LE.


A new day, a new beginning


One of my favorite creations




Fidget the Nordic elf is an outcast crossbreed that was unwelcome throughout many cities and towns because of her strange appearance. Much like the Khajiits are today.


She is an avid hunter thriving on natures bounties to survive. An honest life for an honest living. Though, she may look a bit like a tom boy, Fidget works very hard for the little things she has and is willing to scalp anyone without hesitation if they ever try to steal from her.


One morning, Fidget chased a rabbit deep into the Embershard Mine and became trapped by bandits.



Single sword and shield archeress.
Light outfit, sword, shield, bow and arrows.

Spells: Healing, fast healing
Perks: Lightfoot, bladesman, overdraw, recovery, steady hand, stealth, custom fit.

Level: 5-140, Height: .97, Weight: 75, Age: Unknown, Voice: Vanilla Dark elf
Race: Nordic Elf


You may need RDO - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (If you don't have it already, you should get it.)




Free to use armor and thanks to:

Kurese for the armor and free permission

R18Pn 09 - Shanoa Armor for UNP CBBEV3 7B by NPR




Permission granted by:

Blade of Intrigue by Ronnie Magnum



Valiant Nord Bow by Corvalho



Dreamcatcher Shield by Denki Groove



(Retextured the wood ring and weave using free to use texture by: WoW Markarth Shield by AxisDeath;
(Jade beads recolored using Gimp v2.8)



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