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[Sims 4] GreyNaya Animations for WickedWhims [UPDATE 20.04.21 +15 new animations] 20.04.21

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About This File

GreyNaya Animations for WickedWhims



Hi community!

I'm creating animations for the great Wickedwhims mod by TURBODRIVER. I'm most interested in quality and realism so if you share my thoughts and you like this style of gameplay - you're in the right place. Feel free to contact me in case you have any difficulties via DM, Discord or write in my topic on the forum.



Also I have PATREON page if you want to support me and my work or you can get animations in Early Access 







LL Animation List


TEASING - Romantic kiss
VAGINAL - Cowgirl on lounge chair
TEASING - Time for rest and love
ORALJOB - Time for rest and blowjob
VAGINAL - LC_Vaginal 1_Cowgirl
VAGINAL - LC_Vaginal 2_Reverse Cowgirl
HANDJOB - Handjob / licking penis
VAGINAL - Stand and carry_stage 1
VAGINAL - Stand and carry_stage 2
CLIMAX  - Stand and carry_CLIMAX
ORALJOB - Deepthroat on the floor stage 1
ORALJOB - Deepthroat on the floor stage 2
TEASING - Buttjob_floor
TEASING - Thighjob_floor
TEASING - Magic time baby
TEASING - Kissing while lying on the floor
TEASING - What does it take to get you to shut up
VAGINAL - From carry to missionary
VAGINAL - From doggy to carry
VAGINAL - From doggy to cowgirl
CLIMAX - She enjoys swallowing the cum
TEASING - Lets dance all together
HANDJOB - MMF_Double handjob
ORALJOB - MMF_Licking her front and behind
ORALJOB - MMF_Blowjob for both of you
VAGINAL - MMF_Double penetration_stage 1
VAGINAL - MMF_Standing doggy_Blowjob_stage 2
VAGINAL - MMF_Reverse cowgirl 3
VAGINAL - MMF_Double penetration 2_stage 4
CLIMAX  - MMF_Floor_CLimax

ORALJOB - Hot threesome_oral         MFF       
VAGINAL - Hot threesome_Vaginal 1  MFF      
VAGINAL - Hot threesome_Vaginal 2  MFF      
CLIMAX  - Hot threesome_Climax      MFF       
ORALJOB - FORCED blowjob stage 1
ORALJOB - FORCED blowjob stage 2
ANAL    - FORCED anal
ORALJOB - MALE/MALE fingering_oral
TEASING - [PHONE] blah blah boring
ORALJOB - [PHONE] yeah yeah keep talking don't mind me
VAGINAL - [PHONE] vaginal stage 1 Cowgirl
VAGINAL - [PHONE] vaginal stage 2
VAGINAL - [PHONE] vaginal stage 3 Damn phone!
VAGINAL - [PHONE] vaginal stage 4 And again
TEASING - [SHY GIRL]Now someone will be tickled
TEASING - Rubbing on the couch_stage 1
TEASING - Rubbing on the couch_stage 2
HANDJOB - HJ on the couch_let him cum
VAGINAL - Couch_mating press
VAGINAL - MMFF_Double buttjob_Oraljob_Cowgirl
VAGINAL - MMFF_Standing doggy_Legs up
HANDJOB - Solo M_interrupted phone sex
TEASING - MMF_Cheating right behind your back
ORALJOB - MMF_Cheating right behind your back_Oral
VAGINAL - MMFF_All in this together
TEASING - Somebody was a bad girl
VAGINAL - Somebody was a bad girl_Vaginal stage 1
VAGINAL - Somebody was a bad girl_Vaginal stage 2
VAGINAL - Somebody was a bad girl_Vaginal stage 3
VAGINAL - Somebody was a bad girl_Vaginal stage 4
CLIMAX  - Somebody was a bad girl_Climax

HANDJOB - Making out while jerking off  MF - FF - MM   

VAGINAL - Side Missionary Sex  MF     

ORALJOB - Play with your toy while you suck his cock MF  toy link                 

TEASING - Seductive dance MFM                                         new
HANDJOB - Passionate MFM threesome_Triple handjob     new
VAGINAL - Passionate MFM threesome_Vaginal st1            new
VAGINAL - Passionate MFM threesome_Vaginal st2            new
CLIMAX  - Passionate MFM threesome_Climax                   new
TEASING - Rubbing
TEASING - Rubbing stage 2
TEASING - How much longer are you gonna take it teasing?
VAGINAL - Standing doggy
VAGINAL - Standing missionary
CLIMAX  - Standing missionary_CLIMAX
TEASING - Counter MFF_Join and let it be threesome
ORALJOB - Counter MFF_blowjob_handjob
VAGINAL - Counter MFF_Vaginal stage 1
VAGINAL - Counter MFF_Vaginal stage 2
VAGINAL - Counter MFF_Vaginal stage 3
CLIMAX  - Counter MFF_Climax
TEASING - Cooking can wait_stage 1 M/F  M/M  F/F
TEASING - Cooking can wait_stage 2 M/F  F/F
HANDJOB - Cooking can wait_Handjob
ORALJOB - Cooking can wait_Blowjob
VAGINAL - Cooking can wait_Standing doggy_stage 1
VAGINAL - Cooking can wait_Cowgirl on the floor _stage 2
CLIMAX  - Cooking can wait_Climax
VAGINAL - MMMF_Double penetration stage 1
VAGINAL - MMMF_Double penetration stage 2
VAGINAL - MMMF_Double penetration stage 3
CLIMAX  - MMMF_ottoman_Climax
TEASING - Difficult conversation
TEASING - Difficult conversation_part2
VAGINAL - Missionary vaginal_stage 1
VAGINAL - Missionary vaginal_stage 2
CLIMAX  - Climax Missionary
ORALJOB - Chair_ass licking
ANAL    - Chair_anal
ORALJOB - Fuck her while I watch_Blowjob    MFM FFM 
VAGINAL - Fuck her while I watch_Vaginal 1  MFM FFM
VAGINAL - Fuck her while I watch_Vaginal 2  MFM FFM
VAGINAL - Fuck her while I watch_Vaginal 3  MFM FFM
CLIMAX  - Fuck her while I watch_Climax
TEASING - How about a foot massage
HANDJOB - How about a mutual masturbation
VAGINAL - How about everything else_vaginal st1
VAGINAL - How about everything else_vaginal st2
VAGINAL - How about everything else_vaginal st3
CLIMAX  - How about everything else_Climax
TEASING - Love embrace
TEASING - Passionate kiss
ORALJOB - Let him licking your pussy
HANDJOB - Sweet tease
VAGINAL - Standing missionary
TEASING -   Because I Want You                                  M/F  F/F  M/M   
HANDJOB - Because I Want You_Fingering                  M/F  F/F            
ORALJOB - Because I Want You_Blowjob                     M/F                   
VAGINAL - Because I Want You_St1 Missionary           M/F  F/F            
VAGINAL - Because I Want You_St2 On the side          M/F  F/F            
VAGINAL - Because I Want You_St3 Reverse cowgirl   M/F  F/F            
VAGINAL - Because I Want You_St4 Cowgirl                M/F  F/F            
CLIMAX  - Because I Want You_Climax                         M/F                  
TEASING - SHY GIRL [REMADE] Seduction   FM - FF - MM  
HANDJOB - SHY GIRL [REMADE] Ok but don't peek    M/F   
HANDJOB - [SHY GIRL]Just relax and enjoy
ORALJOB - [SHY GIRL]Just relax and enjoy 2_Cunnilingus
VAGINAL - Mating press_stage 1
VAGINAL - Mating press_stage 2
CLIMAX  - Mating press_CLIMAX
TEASING - Hot kissing befor sex
VAGINAL - DB_Cowgirl_stage 1
VAGINAL - DB_Cowgirl_stage 2
VAGINAL - DB_Cowgirl_stage 3
TEASING - [Her first sex] Let's trying just the tip
TEASING - [Her first sex] Just the tip
VAGINAL - [Her first sex] Defloration
CLIMAX  - [Her first sex] Climax
TEASING - Your ass needs to be punished
ANAL    - DB_anal stage 1
ANAL    - DB_anal stage 2
ANAL    - DB_anal stage 3
CLIMAX  - DB_fuck face_CLIMAX
TEASING - [SHY GIRL]MFF_Feel free to join us
TEASING - Pleasant awakening
TEASING - Pleasant awakening_part 2
VAGINAL - [SHY GIRL]MFF Say cheese baby_vaginal 1
VAGINAL - [SHY GIRL]MFF Say cheese baby_vaginal 2
TEASING - MFF_Kissing him together
HANDJOB - MFF_Double handjob
TEASING - While you're sleeping_kisses and cuddles M/F M/M F/F/F
TEASING - While you're sleeping_Rubbing M/F M/M
VAGINAL - While you sleeping_Vaginal 1
VAGINAL - While you sleeping_Vaginal 2
CLIMAX  - While you sleeping_Climax
TEASING - Hard not to laugh at funny memes M/F M/M F/F/F
TEASING - Let me kissing you on the back  M/F M/M F/F/F
HANDJOB - DB_passionate pussy fingering M/F F/F
ORALJOB - DB_passionate cunnilingus M/F F/F
VAGINAL - MMFF Foursome_Vaginal stage 1
VAGINAL - MMFF Foursome_Vaginal stage 2
ORALJOB - DB_blowjob in 69 position
VAGINAL - DB_Passionate missionary stage 1
VAGINAL - DB_Passionate prone bone stage 2
VAGINAL - DB_Passionate reverse cowgirl stage 3
VAGINAL - DB_Passionate sex from the side stage 4
CLIMAX  - DB_Passionate Climax
TEASING - What a nice surprise
HANDJOB - What a nice surprise_Pussy Slide
TEASING - The games people play
VAGINAL - The games people play_Prone bone
VAGINAL - The games people play_Standing doggy
CLIMAX  - The games people play_Climax
TEASING - The games people play_together

TEASING - We love to have fun                              MF FF MM
HANDJOB - We love to have fun_Pleasure for her MF FF       
ORALJOB - We love to have fun_Pleasure for him MF MM     
VAGINAL - We love to have fun_Desire of lust 1   MF FF        
VAGINAL - We love to have fun_Desire of lust 2   MF FF        
VAGINAL - We love to have fun_Desire of lust 3   MF FF        
CLIMAX  - We love to have fun_Desire of lust_Climax  MF FF 

ORALJOB - Make Me Cum_Cunnilingus            M/F  F/F               new
HANDJOB - Make Me Cum_Buttjob                  M/F  M/M            new
TEASING - window_Passionate kiss
HANDJOB - Window_handjob1
HANDJOB - Window_Female Orgasm_handjob2
ORALJOB - Window_handjob/blowjob/deepthroat
VAGINAL - Window_standing sex_stage1
VAGINAL - Window_standing sex_stage2
CLIMAX  - Window_standing sex_CLIMAX
TEASING - [SHY GIRL]Seduction_stage 1
TEASING - [SHY GIRL]Seduction_stage 2
HANDJOB - [SHY GIRL]Handjob_orgasm
HANDJOB - [SHY GIRL]FF Handjob_stage 2
VAGINAL - [SHY GIRL]Standing missionary
VAGINAL - [SHY GIRL]Standing doggy
CLIMAX  - [SHY GIRL]Standing Climax
TEASING - MFF_It's too hot here today isn't it?
ORALJOB - sauna_MFF_oraljob
VAGINAL - sauna_MFF_vaginal
VAGINAL - sauna_MFF_vaginal 2
CLIMAX  - sauna_MFF_CLIMAX_pleasure for everyone
TEASING - Sensuous sex_kissing
VAGINAL - Sensuous sex_vaginal stage 1
VAGINAL - Sensuous sex_vaginal stage 2
VAGINAL - Sensuous sex_vaginal stage 3
CLIMAX  - Sensuous sex_CLIMAX
TEASING - Lie down into this cozy coffin
ORALJOB - Coffin sex_levitation blowjob
VAGINAL - Coffin sex_vaginal stand
TEASING - Are you waiting for someone?
TEASING - Getting too hot in this closet
HANDJOB - Closet_double handjob
ORALJOB - Closet_standing cunnilingus
VAGINAL - Closet_standing vaginal stage 1
VAGINAL - Closet_standing vaginal stage 2
VAGINAL - Closet_standing vaginal stage 3
TEASING - Time for romance_embrace
TEASING - Time for romance_kiss 
TEASING - Loving cuddling_sofa loveseat 
TEASING - Great day in the fresh air
HANDJOB - A great day gets even better_handjob
ORALJOB - Oraljob_playing with his dick
ORALJOB - Oraljob_pussy licking
VAGINAL - Standing Doggy vaginal_stage 1
VAGINAL - Standing sex vaginal_stage 2
VAGINAL - Picnic table vaginal_stage 3
CLIMAX  - Picnic table_CLIMAX
TEASING - Too hot workout
HANDJOB - Too hot workout_handjob
VAGINAL - Too hot workout_vaginal sex
VAGINAL - MFF Cautious peeping_stage 1
VAGINAL - MFF Cautious peeping_stage 2
CLIMAX  - MFF Cautious peeping_Climax
TEASING - Relaxing in the hottub
TEASING - Wine and kisses
VAGINAL - Hottub_standing vaginal stage 1
VAGINAL - Hottub_missionary_stage 2
CLIMAX  - Hottub_Climax reverse cowgirl
TEASING - [ROUGH]DOOR_You're not going anywhere M/F M/M
ANAL    - [ROUGH]DOOR_Hard anal_stage 1 M/F M/M
ANAL    - [ROUGH]DOOR_Hard anal_stage 2 M/F M/M
ANAL    - [ROUGH]DOOR_Hard anal_stage 3 M/F M/M
TEASING - Let's take a shower together_teasing 1
TEASING - Let's take a shower together_mutual mastrubation
ORALJOB - Let's take a shower together_Gentle cunnilingus
VAGINAL - Let's take a shower together_Standing missionary
VAGINAL - Let's take a shower together_Standing doggy 
CLIMAX  - Let's take a shower together_Climax
HANDJOB - Some pleasure for yourself
CLIMAX  - Some pleasure for yourself_Climax
TEASING - You're going to get wet baby
TEASING - Fun for two in the bath
HANDJOB - Fingering wet pussy M/F F/F
ORALJOB - Sweet blowjob M/F  M/M
VAGINAL - Bathtub sex_stage 1_Cowgirl
VAGINAL - Bathtub sex_stage 2_Doggy
CLIMAX  - Bathtub sex_Climax
TEASING - Failed drive
TEASING - Failed drive_Look on the bright side
TEASING - Failed drive_Best failed trip we've ever had
ORALJOB - Failed drive_Blowjob
VAGINAL - Failed drive_Missionary
VAGINAL - Failed drive_Doggy
VAGINAL - Failed drive_Cowgirl
CLIMAX  - Failed drive_Climax
TEASING - Romantic date
TEASING - Once at the campfire
TEASING - Once at the campfire_st 2
TEASING - Once at the campfire_st 3
TEASING - Enjoying the moment B
Christmas tree
TEASING - Gift of the Sims
TEASING - Gift of the Sims_st 2

SWING SET (the Seasons  expansion pack only)


TEASING - What you do 1            M/F F/F M/M   
TEASING - What you do 2            M/F F/F M/M    
VAGINAL - What you do_Cowgirl M/F F/F             
VAGINAL - What you do_Doggy  M/F F/F             
CLIMAX  - What you do_Climax   M/F F/F             




TEASING - Special massage just for you              M/F F/F      
TEASING - Special massage just for you 2           M/F F/F      
ORALJOB - Special massage just for you_Oral     M/F F/F    
VAGINAL - Special massage just for you_Vaginal 1 M/F F/F  
VAGINAL - Special massage just for you_Vaginal 2 M/F F/F  
VAGINAL - Special massage just for you_Vaginal 3 M/F F/F  
CLIMAX  - Special massage just for you_Climax   M/F F/F     




TEASING - Get ready to sweat                                 M/F  F/F  M/M   
HANDJOB - Get ready to sweat_Handjob                M/F  F/F            
VAGINAL - Get ready to sweat_Stand and carry      M/F  F/F             
VAGINAL - Get ready to sweat_Doggy                    M/F  F/F             
VAGINAL - Get ready to sweat on the ground too M/F  F/F              
CLIMAX  - Get ready to sweat_Climax                     M/F                    




ORALJOB - Selfie blowjob across the mirror         M/F  F/F M/M   new
VAGINAL - Selfie video across the mirror              M/F F/F             new
CLIMAX  - Selfie video across the mirror_Climax  M/F F/F             new




TEASING - Hot and wet                               M/F F/F              new
ORALJOB - Hot and wet_Cunnilingus         M/F F/F              new
VAGINAL - Hot and wet_ Vaginal St 1         M/F F/F              new
VAGINAL - Hot and wet_ Vaginal St 2         M/F F/F              new
CLIMAX  - Hot and wet_Climax                   M/F                    new





CumMesh v2


Required СС:

for teasing animations of the "cooking can wait" sequence

Apple by Severinka - link

Funny kitchen by SIMcredible! - link

for the"Failed drive" sequence

car by LorySims - link

for the"Romantic date" animation

wine glasses made by Quiddity  link
bouquet by RightHearted    link

for the "Once at the campfire"sequence
Industry Blanket by BuffSumm  link 

Flashlight by soloriya  LINK 

Guitar by Severinka  LINK

for the "The games people play" & "Gift of the Sims" sequences
Nintendo switch by redheadsims LINK

 wine glasses made by Quiddity  link

for the "We love to have fun_Desire of lust 2"

Sex toys resized for animations by Wild Guy (0.6 Scaled Noir Sex Toy - 04) LINK 

for the "Play with your toy while you suck his cock"

Sex toys resized for animations by Wild Guy ([0.6 Scaled] Noir Sex Toy - 01) LINK

Edited by GreyNaya

What's New in Version 20.04.21   See changelog


Added 15 new animations



ORALJOB - Selfie blowjob across the mirror            M/F  F/F M/M 
VAGINAL - Selfie video across the mirror                 M/F F/F
CLIMAX  - Selfie video across the mirror_Climax      M/F F/F



TEASING -   Hot and wet                                         M/F F/F 
ORALJOB - Hot and wet_Cunnilingus                      M/F F/F
VAGINAL -  Hot and wet_ Vaginal St 1                     M/F F/F
VAGINAL -  Hot and wet_ Vaginal St 2                     M/F F/F
CLIMAX  -   Hot and wet_Climax                              M/F 



ORALJOB -  Make Me Cum_Cunnilingus              M/F  F/F
HANDJOB - Make Me Cum_Buttjob                     M/F  M/M 



TEASING - Seductive dance MFM
HANDJOB - Passionate MFM threesome_Triple handjob
VAGINAL - Passionate MFM threesome_Vaginal st1
VAGINAL - Passionate MFM threesome_Vaginal st2
CLIMAX  - Passionate MFM threesome_Climax

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   19 of 21 members found this review helpful 19 / 21 members

Amazing animations. One of my favorites. Very nice for romantic animations and storytelling.

Response from the author:

Thank you so much!

Link to review

   11 of 14 members found this review helpful 11 / 14 members

I love your creations!!

They are really made perfectly realistic. And as a woman, I especially love the intensity of feeling that is conveyed through your pictures.

I'm really looking forward to your next work.

Thx ❤️

Response from the author:

Wow tnank you so much for such nice and inspiring review! It's really mean a lot for me as well as motivates in the best way.

Link to review

   4 of 7 members found this review helpful 4 / 7 members

Hi Greynaya, thank you for your animations!My game version is 1.81, but Code: 19 will be displayed when running the animation. What caused this? .What can I do ? Thanks a lot!

Response from the author:


Response from the author:

Thanks so much! About your issue - make sure you have a new version of WW, remove "localthumbcache.package" from your Mods folder. Also try to enter a console command "ww.fix" in the game. Ctrl + Shift + C - testingcheats true - ww.fix

I hope this helps.

Link to review

   5 of 6 members found this review helpful 5 / 6 members

I love your animations as they are so passionate and loving. Its great for my sim couples?

Response from the author:

Thanks so much, ladymystikal! Really happy to know you enjoyed of my animations

Link to review

   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

Your work is amazing! The movements, the sound, face expressions... Perfect! I deleted everything else. That's just your work now. Congratulations! 

Response from the author:

Really happy to know you enjoy my work, danielpratt! Thanks so much!

Link to review

   10 of 11 members found this review helpful 10 / 11 members

GreyNaya, you are the ***BEST*** WW animator out there!! The passion and the romance are top tier, I LOVE IT!!! My jaw dropped when I saw the different positions play out. From the teasing to the climaxing, EVERY movement was so realistic, thank you so much. <3<3

Response from the author:

Thanks so much, zlovez! Making animations realistic is my main priority and thanks to words like yours, I see that doing it right. Thanks again!

Link to review

   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Hi Greynaya, your animations are wonderful. Need help , several times I tried but never succeed to download your last update.What can I do ?

Response from the author:

Hey Mortimer! Huge thanks for your nice words! About your issue - I downloading my file right now and it works for me. You may need to check your browser or antivirus/firewall settings. But for now I can send you a file with my animations via DM so you could try to download it that way.

Link to review

   6 of 7 members found this review helpful 6 / 7 members

Grey you are the King of climaxes for me. Thanks for your hard work man!

Response from the author:

Hey Johndow! Wow thanks so much for such high praise, I appreciate it.

Link to review
Harshith C

   6 of 8 members found this review helpful 6 / 8 members

GreyNaya it's freaking beautiful.. it's total passionate thanks

Response from the author:

Hey Harshith! Thanks a lot for your nice words.

Link to review
L Nicole

   11 of 12 members found this review helpful 11 / 12 members

One of the best animations for WW ever. Animations are high quality, detailed, realistic, smooth and incredibly passionate! GreyNaya you rock!??


Response from the author:

Thanks so much for your kind words! It's really nice to know that you rate my animations so highly, thank you again.

Link to review

   22 of 25 members found this review helpful 22 / 25 members

your animations are amazing, absolutely my favorites! i love how you incorporate romantic interactions in the animations which always tugs my heartstrings watching the unfold. thanks a lot for this. ?

10-23-21_12-26-18 AM.png



Response from the author:

Wow, thanks so much for such a nice words about my work. And thanks for sharing the pics of your Sims - they look amazing!

Link to review

   16 of 18 members found this review helpful 16 / 18 members

Always enjoy using your animations!

Response from the author:

Huge thanks! To know that you enjoy using my animations is the highest praise, so I really appreciate it.

Link to review
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