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Man Up! 0.2 - A "Everyone Is Female" Sub-Mod 0.2

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About This File

A little mod I made. Contains 2 decisions:


- Turn yourself into a male through the intrigue tab.

- Turn other females into males through a targeted decision, with toggle in the intrigue tab.

- On effect:

   - Removes trait:

      - Futa

      - All female body traits from DW and LF

      - Homosexual 


WARNING: Once turned into a man, you will not be able to turn back to being a female since all characters that are targeted through these decisions get the special_npc flag.



 - "Everyone is Female" and it's requirements: required

 - DWR: required(?)

 - Luxuria Fantasia: most-likely (made with it in mind, untested)

 - Everything else: untested.



V 0.2 - Had time cause of the pandemic and school year ending, so thought I would update this.


V 0.1 - I'm most likely going to abandon this mod since I'm sure you lot or the original creator of Everyone Is Female can make a better version. If you do so, dm me and i'll take this down, or ask the mods to do it.


What's New in Version 0.2


Version 0.2 Change-log

  • Updated to work with current Dark World Reborn 
  • Added decision for targeted decision.
  • Fixed/Updated localization

Known Issue: Characters who've been changed into males do not get the DW penis body traits. 


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