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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. SkyUI - show armor slots

    This adds a new column in the SkyUI's inventory, armor category, to show the biped slot(s) the armors are using.
    (Take a look at the screenshot)

    SkyUI 5.0 - only this version

    How to install
    Drop contents into data folder.

    How to uninstall

    A: What if SkyUI releases a new version?
    Q: Uninstall this mod. This replaces five files from version 5.0. It wouldn't be safe keep using them with newer SkyUI versions.

    A: When reinstalling SkyUI, it complains about some swf files in data\interface
    Q: This is normal. SkyUI doesn't expect this file in your data folder. Should be OK if you are using SkyUI version 4.1.

    A: This mod conflicts with *insert mod*
    Q: I am not using any other mod that modifies these five files, I have no idea if there are conflicts. I guess they will, so let me know if you find any and I'll see what can I do.

    Credits and thanks
    The SkyUI team

    Change log
    v5 - fixed a bug in some displayed messages
    v4 - updated for SkyUI 5.0
    The versions below only work with SkyUI 4.1
    v3 - fixed the "chance to steal" message in container menu for japanese and maybe other languages
    v2 - fixed empty slot columns in barter, container and gift menus
    v1 - initial release




  2. Beastess Lairs

    This mod adds a series of caves to the world of Skyrim.
    I made this mod for my Beastess, because I couldn't find a home that suited my needs.
    It was designed for simple wildling characters, so don't expect underground strongholds, just empty caves where you can sleep and store some items.
    The poster girl is not included ^^

    You can click on these for additional screens, but some of these galleries contains NSFW pictures.


    The mod is using only vanilla assets. You don't even need DG or DB.

    The mod will conflict with any mod that alters the areas where the cave entrances are.
    Enhanced Landscapes does block the entrance to the Whiterun cave.
    Undeath reportedly blocks the entrance to the cave in Falkreath Hold.

    SSE Port by nomkaz
    PELTAPALOOZA - Hi-res pelt texture replacer.
    Hectrol CAVES DELUXE HighRes Retex
    Vivid Landscapes - Dungeons and Ruins or Vivid Landscapes - All in One

    All this was inspired by the lion cave from The Ghost and the Darkness.



  3. Shared Serana Dialogue - Modder's Resource

    Shared Serana Dialogue

    Author TheDudeGuy (TDG)
    v 1.1
    Shared Serana Dialogue is a modder's resource that allows you to easily use Serana's default voice files in your own mod, for a more natural experience. Includes 93 of her voiced dialogue lines.
    To access her dialogue, add SharedSeranaDialogue.esm as a master of your own mod, create your dialogue topics, click the "Share Response Data From Info" drop-down in the Topic Info window, and select the ID of the line you'd like to use. Of course, make sure to conditionalize your dialogue appropriately so that the lines will only be spoken by Serana (GetIsVoiceType DLC1SeranaVoice == 1.00, etc)
    An attempt was made to preserve all of the original facial Emotion values from the original lines. Lines were included on the basis that they had some universal appeal or utility that was not directly related to the Dawnguard main quest line. Lines specific to the plot were not (and will not be) considered to be added.

    EditorIDs / Lines
    Use or search the list below to find the line you want and then look up the Editor ID for that line in the CK Share Response Data From Info list.
    Lines Already Shared
    These are lines that are shared by Dawnguard *by default* and do not require this mod to access. They are listed below for reference.
    EditorID Line
    DLC1SeranaTurnPlayerDeny3 That makes sense.
    DLC1SeranaTurnPlayerDeny2 Figured.
    DLC1SeranaTurnPlayerDeny1 You're all talk.
    DLC1SeranaTurnPlayerAffirm2 Don't say I didn't warn you.
    DLC1SeranaTurnPlayerAffirm1 All right, then. Hold still.
    DLC1SeranaPlayerTurnTooGood I don't think that's something you want. You're a little... I just don't think you're the type.
    DLC1SeranaPlayerTurnYouSure Are you sure that's something you want? This isn't like picking out a new outfit. You'll be a creature of the night, like me.
    DLC1VQ03SeranaRejoinNM Suit yourself.
    DLC1VQ03SeranaRejoinYes Of course! Let's go.
    DLC1VQ03SeranaRejoinOpening Were you looking for me?
    DLC1VQ03SeranaRejoinRebuff If you want me to come along, it has to just be me and you.
    DLC1VQ03SeranaFollowerSegue I'd... well, I'd come with you, but I don't know if I can trust your friend. | Let me know if you want me along.
    Lines Shared By Shared Serana Dialogue
    These lines are made available by this master resource.
    EditorID Line
    _Serana_ReallySurprised Really?
    _Serana_SorryHadToBeThisWay Sorry it had to be this way!
    _Serana_KnewIHeardSomething I knew I heard something!
    _Serana_WheredYouComeFrom Where'd you come from?!
    _Serana_ThatsIt That's it? All right.
    _Serana_NothingElse Nothing else?
    _Serana_Finished Finished?
    _Serana_CantDoEverything I can't do everything for you.
    _Serana_DontThinkSo I don't think so.
    _Serana_ThisIsThePlace So... this is the place.
    _Serana_LeadOn Lead on.
    _Serana_NotAGoodTime This isn't really a good time.
    _Serana_WhereHaveYouBeen Where have you been?
    _Serana_ALittleNervous I'm a little nervous about all of this.
    _Serana_Yes Yes?
    _Serana_WhatIsIt Oh, what is it?
    _Serana_WasGoingToSayTheSameThing I was going to say the same thing to you.
    _Serana_ReadyWhenYouAre I'm ready when you are.
    _Serana_HereWeGo All right, here we go.
    _Serana_Incredible Incredible. Simply incredible.
    _Serana_DifficultChoice I know this isn't an easy choice. Take your time.
    _Serana_NervousQuestion Nervous?
    _Serana_Nooo Nooo!
    _Serana_WontFallForTricks I won't fall for your tricks!
    _Serana_WontEndWell This won't end well for you!
    _Serana_NotLikeThis Not like this...
    _Serana_NoMore No, no more!
    _Serana_HandsToYourself Hands to yourself.
    _Serana_IfYouSaySo If you say so.
    _Serana_IfYouSaySo2 All right. If you say so.
    _Serana_AlwaysSpeakYourMind You... always say what you think, don't you?
    _Serana_IThinkYouKnow I think you know.
    _Serana_Delusional And I thought my father was the delusional one.
    _Serana_DoesntSurpriseMe I can't say it surprises me. I kind of figured we were heading for this some day. | I just didn't know when.
    _Serana_MeToo Me too.
    _Serana_YouHaveOneMore Well, I guess now you have one more.
    _Serana_WhatIWantedToHear That's what I wanted to hear.
    _Serana_MissMe I knew you'd miss me.
    _Serana_ThoughtYoudNeverAsk Thought you'd never ask.
    _Serana_Disagree I disagree.
    _Serana_ProbablyNot Probably not.
    _Serana_Impressed I have to admit, I'm impressed. I didn't think you had the spirit for it.
    _Serana_NotGoingToHappen Not going to happen.
    _Serana_ThatsTooBad That's too bad.
    _Serana_YeahSarcastic Yeah.
    _Serana_IHopeSo I hope so.
    _Serana_WhatAboutYou But... what about you?
    _Serana_IThinkItIs I think it is, actually.
    _Serana_NotManyUnderstand Not many people understand the appeal. You keep surprising me.
    _Serana_GiveMeALittleTime I will be. Just give me a little time.
    _Serana_LeaveMeAloneABit Don't... | Just leave me alone for a bit.
    _Serana_IllSeeYouSoonSad I'll see you soon.
    _Serana_IllSeeYouSoonSad2 I'll see you again. Soon._Serana_IllSeeYouSoonNeutral I'll see you soon._Serana_NoWhy No... why?
    _Serana_BroughtThisUpBefore You brought that up before... I think I was a little short with you.
    _Serana_NotTalkingAboutThis I'm not talking about this with you any more.
    _Serana_ForgetIt Forget it.
    _Serana_Understand I understand.
    _Serana_YouKnowWhereToFindMe Oh. All right then. You know where to find me.
    _Serana_YouKnowWhereToFindMe2 You know where to find me if you change your mind.
    _Serana_HopefullyIllSeeYouAgain Good luck out there. Hopefully I'll see you again soon.
    _Serana_Goodbye Oh. All right. Goodbye, then.
    _Serana_CantGetRidOfMeThatEasily You can't get rid of me that easily.
    _Serana_ItIs It is.
    _Serana_NotAsMuch Not as much.
    _Serana_OhISee Oh. I... I see.
    _Serana_ThreesACrowd Three's a crowd. Get rid of your other friend, and I'm yours.
    _Serana_ThreesACrowd2 Not until you get rid of whoever your other friend is.
    _Serana_MakeSomeStories Let's make some more stories.
    _Serana_WheneverYoureReady Whenever you're ready.
    _Serana_LetsGo Let's go.
    _Serana_Exactly Exactly!
    _Serana_CeremonyDegrading The ceremony was... degrading.
    _Serana_NobodyEverAsked Nobody's ever asked me that before. I... I don't know.
    _Serana_NothingIfNotPersuasive Well, let's move then. I'm nothing if not persuasive.
    _Serana_NotForUs Look, you're great. Really. But I just don't think that's for us.
    _Serana_NotSure I'm not sure.
    _Serana_LetsNotRevisitThat Let's not revisit that.
    _Serana_PropositionDecline1 You're sweet. And... I'm not stupid. I can see what you're getting at.
    _Serana_PropositionDecline2 But... that's just not something I'm going to be able to do. Ever.
    _Serana_TalkedEnoughAboutThat I think we've talked about that enough. Come on, now.
    _Serana_AmuletOfMara Oh, I get it. Is that why you're wearing an Amulet of Mara?
    _Serana_LetsPretendThatYouDidnt Let's just pretend that you didn't, all right?
    _Serana_ReadyForHelp If you need some help, I'm ready.
    _Serana_VeryTouching Anyway, this is all very touching, but don't we have some more important things to worry about right now?
    _Serana_TradeReject I think I'll hang on to my things, thank you.
    _Serana_TradeReject2 Why don't you keep your things, and I'll keep mine.
    _Serana_Naive Don't tell me you're that naive.
    _Serana_YouWouldntLikeIt You wouldn't like it.
    _Serana_LetsGetThisOverWith Let's just get this over with.
    _Serana_LetsGetThisOverWith2 Just... try to make it quick.
    _Serana_ThinkingAboutThis I've been thinking about this for a long time.
    _Serana_OutOfYourMind Are you out of your mind?
    _Serana_ThanksForUnderstanding Thank you. Somehow I knew you'd understand.
    _Serana_MarriageDialogue1 Don't you already have someone at home waiting for you?
    _Serana_MarriageDialogue2 I thought you said you were happy together.
    _Serana_MarriageDialogue3 I'm not going to be the one to destroy a marriage. I'm sorry.
    _Serana_MarriageDialogue4 If you're not happy with things... that's not my business.
    _Serana_MarriageDialogue5 I'm not going to be blamed for whatever happens.
    _Serana_MarriageDialogue6 You're sweet to say that, but you need to sort things out on your own. It's not something I'm going to get involved with.

    Click here to download this file



  4. Equipable tongues Retexture

    Well,This is just a simple retexture of Equipable tongues.
    Just see these pics.
    Original : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/9898-sharing-my-ports/ by fafcf09
    I am unable to contact the author: fafcf09
    If someone know this great modder, please help me.

    Visit Xuniana Workshop (Tumblr)



  5. My Own Prison - Player Home

    This idea originally went along with a story I was working on. The actual player house is a fully functional home with all the standard amenities. The home is not designed with children in mind.
    You enter the home via a spell. You can learn the spell via a book in Dragonsreach.
    The idea for the mod came while I was working on a story. The basic idea behind the home is that you are a pet and being kept.
    The house includes
    · 2 mannequins
    · alchemy table
    · enchanting table
    · a cold storage room
    · teleport spell to bring you to the house
    · the spell is located in Dragonsreach on one of the bookshelves in front of the dining area.
    · teleport to the hot springs (near Riften)
    · it is fully navmeshed and works with followers
    · the outer section is not navmeshed, followers should wait inside
    · 4 weapon plaques
    · 4 weapon racks
    · chest for all your stuff
    Resources Used:
    stoverjm Open Books Library
    Blary Open Book Resource
    I found the music on youtube.
    I am taking suggestions for music to add. I would like something relaxing but it has to be short, 10 minutes or less. Also, something with no copyright on it.
    For the home’s interior I want something relaxing.
    For the large outer home, something happy but homey.
    If you run into any problems, let me know but I've tested it for awhile and it's ran fine.



  6. Game of Throne Intro (freaking amazing! No really.. it is)

    This is a Game of Thrones style intro for Skyrim which replaces the Bethesda (Boom, Bah Boom) intro screen before the main menu.
    Created by a guy called Brady Walt, 1000s of hours of work and a result that I think you'll agree is just a bit of 'WhhhhaaaaTheeeeeFuuuuuuuuu'

    To install you can't just use a BSA/ESP combo since this changes things before they even load, so a bit a manual tinkering required - I included a renamed intro Bink movie, and the original Bethesda (with -original appended) so you wont lose it. Just unrar and stick in your Skyrim/Data/Video directory. To get the original Bethesda video intro back, just rename the GoT vid to whatever you like, and rename the original Bethesda video to BGS_Logo and you are done.
    Hope this all makes sense.
    To note, since it is the intro movie you cannot escape out, so when you get tired of it just change the filename of the original Beth intro to what it was and you are back to normal - nothing I can do about escaping early sorry.
    Download consists of a multipart RAR file since LL only allows a max of 100mb to upload - boo hiss
    As to why I did this, basically to see if I could - had no idea how to make an MP4 into an intro movie for Skyrim but saw it as a challenge -
    Tale of Woe:
    Night 1: This is impossible, menu uses NIFs and you can't convert a movie to a NIF format. Just give up.
    Night 2: No don't give up! I don't need to make this a menu replacer, this can replace what comes before that - Skyrim uses a BNK format, OMG wtf is a BNK format? How do I get sound to work with it - FFS, Radtools dont work with MP4s, WTF?! OK try converting to WMV and then see what happens - OMG it works with sound! Uploading....
    All copyrights reserved by whomever they are reserved by yadda yadda and massive credit to Brady for making this - an awesome undertaking and so well done!



  7. Follower - Neisas - Ver.1_3(Stop to update)

    Neisas had update to 1.4
    The MOD post had stop to update.
    I will take it with a friend to update.
    Neisas had update to 1.3
    Well, I think she is perfect so I make her become a follower.
    She is a tank. There is a strong defensive ability.
    Then, you can marry her. Do some interesting things with her...... Maybe......
    In fact I did not give her to write some scripts.
    What do you think of her as though to do.
    Okay....I am an Chinese.
    My English is not very good......
    Don't laugh at me.....



  8. Fairies of Skyrim

    UPDATE: A new version of Fairies of Skyrim will soon be available for Skyrim Special Edition!
    PrincessMely is remaking the mod for SE, and it will be available on PC and Xbox One soon
    >( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ Fairies Of Skyrim ヽ(゚ー゚ヽ)<
    This mod adds Fairies to the Wilderness of Skyrim
    They can be killed and looted for fairy-wings and fairy dust They make an excellent Light Source at night An Obelisk is added that lets you turn into a fairy A follower Fairy called Navi can be found in a hive near the Obelisk There are 3 versions
    JUMBO --- 2000+ Fairies
    Medium --- 250+ Fairies
    light --- 100+ Fairies
    There are also Peaceful option for each version, fairies will not fight with wild animals like wolves and mudcrabs in peaceful version. In The default version they will, so pick which one you like.
    >( ^ω^)THANK YOU (^ω^ )<
    Previews Bellow
    Click here to download this file



  9. Xenic's Convenient Saves

    This compressed file contains the following saves:
    Empire Campaign Complete
    Stormcloak Campaign Complete
    Empire Campaign Complete + Alduin Dead
    Stormcloak Campaign Complete + Alduin Dead
    I ran through on god mode (tgm console command). You will be level 1. Use "showracemenu" to set your preferred race/appearance. After you unpack the saves, place them into your Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Saves folder, or wherever your save files are located.
    I originally made these for myself. I've hit that modding wall way to many times and got tired of restarting. I'm glad so many of you are enjoying them as well. I will probably work on more saves such as the DLC campaigns. But here is the question. Would anyone enjoy a save with all of the Hearthfire homes built?
    I also have this on the Nexus http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/43207/?
    I plan on doing more of these as time allows. Which one should I do next? and under which save?



  10. The Cathedral

    since the owner of this mod disappeared out of thin air on steam, im Re-upoading his Tristram Cathedral mod here on LL
    The Cathedral is located on Falkreath, here's the video demonstrating the mod



  11. Relaxation Garden - Whiterun

    This is a simple garden, in Whiterun and made for Elluard. It sits behind Breezeholme and should not conflict with any other Whiterun mods. It's well placed with JK's Whiterun as the stone path will line up with a door in that mod.
    This needs Dawnguard to run.
    If the idea is well recieved then I can start on a larger version of this.



  12. a0ne.zip

    whiterun stables, the first emty horsebox, find the trapdoor and see for yourself..............
    Now you have outside the stables some more barrels to put your items in.
    Lakeview manor 3 barrels outside... 2 urns on the road to "Captured Dream Shop" to put some key's in.
    Inside more nice items to make it cozy... and make you filthy rich.
    Behind the secret doors I have Added a Jail for slaves or animals.
    Added two Followers , One inside and one outside in the stable. Twins.....
    follower friendly....... Well, most of it......



  13. Dark Dungeons for ENB Merged + Removed Interior Fog V2 Compatibility

    Tired of having dungeons where the fog mysteriously gives off brightness? Tired of walking through dungeons where there is no light sources apparent and yet you can see as if you were a cat walking through the pitch-black night.
    Well this is for you!
    Basically, I merged Further Dark Dungeons for ENB and made it compatible (I transferred the fog settings in Removed Interior Fog V2). That way fog doesn't mysteriously light up your path.
    It doesn't technically require removed interior fog, but you should include it in your load order. use boss to sort.
    There are two versions.
    Version 1 - Is just the further dark dungeons for ENB merged together for all DLC.
    Version 2 - comes with edits for removed interior fog v2 compatibility. (It doesn't technically require it since it was just number changes.
    Credits & Links to original files
    Thanks to artem1s for creating such a great mod!
    Further Dark Dungeons for ENB
    Thanks to rgabriel15 for making interiors look much better!
    Remove Interior Fog V2



  14. SKSE Launch Patch


    It's here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11041-skse64-launch-patch/
    It works a bit differently, but achieves almost the same result.

    Because of how mod managers work, my patch is incompatible with them. I'm not going to fix that - if you're using a mod manager, you don't need my patch anyway.

    Just run it. Execute it. Start the EXE file.
    Oh, and of course you need SKSE installed. It's an SKSE patch after all.

    This patch allows you to run Skyrim+SKSE:
    - from your regular Desktop shortcut
    - from Skyrim Launcher
    - from Steam client
    - or even starting TESV.exe directly
    - oh, the shortcut generated by SKSE will work too, but now you don't really need it
    When you run this patch:
    - it extracts it's own version of TESV.exe, which not only starts SKSE, but also hides its ugly command line window
    - right before extracting its own file, it renames official TESV.exe to TESV_original.exe
    - it edits or creates from scratch an INI file (SKSE.ini), which tells SKSE to work on TESV_original.exe instead of TESV.exe

    1. 1. It's neat - doesn't pop up a console window, like regular SKSE does.
    2. Because this patch will work with any version of SKSE, including those yet to come
    3. Because it doesn't conflict with mods, that use their own SKSE.ini file, since it edits the file, not places a new one
    4. In case of new Skyrim or SKSE version you only have to run the patch again
    5. If you overwrite SKSE.ini with some mods, executing the patch again will solve the problem
    6. Although this patch is written in English, it will work with any language version of the game



  15. Minou's Supreme Graphic Overhaul + ENB

    This is my complete version ENB + graphic overhaul

    Comes with improved textures and meshes for Trees,plants,grass,water,rocks and much more

    Improved Shaders

    Improved Sweetfx

    Everything is improved!!!



    Requires a good machine this version is very heavy

    and proper directx



    I doubt it would work with nmm but MAYBE

    but i suggest to simply drag/extract and merge to your skyrim folder


    i will have optional presets soon for better performance

    and of course i will make a glossy version of this enb


    i really don't have time to start taking pictures and didnt have time to make a proper ENB showcase video yet

    So for now Enjoy this dance lolol




    Heres how the glossy fantasy looks like



    Thats how it looks no Gloss with fantasy preset



    explaining the folders




  16. Legend of Zelda secret sound replacer

    This is the very first thing I've ever tried uploading here, so here goes nothin'.
    The premise of this mod is simple. You know those sounds that play when you clear a dungeon or find a secret treasure stash? This replaces them with the "you did a thing" melody that plays in The Legend of Zelda games when you complete a puzzle, clear a room of enemies, spawn a chest, or whatnot. There are four different versions of that sound, so contained within this archive are the renditions of the tune from Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Now when you take a peek behind that suspicious-looking waterfall and find a treasure chest behind it, you're greeted by that oh-so-familiar "doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo" theme instead of "FWOOOOOOSH THWOOM".
    To install, just extract the Music folder within to your Skyrim installation's Data directory.



  17. No Loading Screen Fog

    I got really tired of the loading screen fog, so......
    I went hunting, and the only thing I found just changed it to snow.
    So... after thinking for a bit I came up with this wonderful idea.
    I would replace the loading screen fog with........ *drum roll goes here* Fck ALL.
    That's right, absolutely nothing.
    Now this may seem dull or boring to most people,
    but when you run the game on a laptop or low end machine every little bit of "Fck ALL" helps.
    What exactly is this:
    It's pretty much a place holder file, and really only a .nif with a bsfadenode in it. So skyrim literally loads a small file with almost nothing in it, instead of the foggy particle crap thing that it usually does.
    Extract, then drag/drop into your skyrim directory.
    or this should be nmm friendly.
    Remove this file:
    *your skyrim folder path goes here* / Data / Meshes / Interface / Intmenufogparticles.nif
    ** bold and underlined "meshes", because a lot of people will have a data / interface folder as well, and obviously... it's the wrong one xD **



  18. Bathing in Skyrim

    Uploading this here, since I think there are some bathing-enthusiasts outside of Nexus.
    Originally forked from "Drink, Eat, Sleep, Bathe" - this is basically just the bathing part, enhanced.
    FNIS giving you warnings? Get the optional KuNeruNomu Animation package: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52269/
    Current Version: 1.11
    Originally forked from Drink, Eat, Sleep, Bathe ver. 20
    SKSE 1.7.1+ PapyrusUtil

    SkyUI 4.1+ (to change settings) FNIS 5.2+ (to use additional animations) FISS (to save and load settings) Fuz Ro D-oh (to read silent follower dialog)


    This mod is automatically compatible with all known water mods, DLC and Falskaar without the need for additional plugins.
    This mod is compatible with survival mods such as Frostfall, iNeed, Drink Eat Sleep Bathe and Realistic Needs and Diseases.
    No direct edits are made to any existing game forms or forms lists.
    Compatibility plugins are included in the installer for these mods:
    Interactive Wash Basins Realistic Room Rental (v1.83 - Enhanced)

    This mod has been tested to work with these mods without the need of additional plugins:
    Wyrmstooth Bathing Beauties

    Northern Bath Houses Solitude Public Bathhouse Underground Bathhouse Showers in Inns

    Please ensure that any compatibility plugins are loaded after any of the above mods.
    If you have a suggestion for additional compatibility plugins, please send me a message here on the Nexus.

    Bathing in Skyrim adds bathing and cleanliness to Skyrim. Over time, your character will become visually more filthy and you will receive a penalty to your Speechcraft and disease resistance. If you become exceptionally filthy, you will also receive a penalty to Sneak as enemies smell you coming. To avoid these penalties, you will need to bathe yourself regularly. Staying clean also awards small bonuses depending on what type of soap you use.
    To bathe, simply stand in water and use soap or a wash rag from your inventory. Soap can be crafted with the recipes described below in the crafting section. Almost all of the water in Skyrim will work, even if it's only ankle deep.
    The following values are the default values for cleanliness. They are all configurable via MCM:
    You become dirtier every passing game hour based on your location:
    Settlements - 1.0% dirtier per hour Wilderness - 1.5% dirtier per hour Dungeons - 2.5% dirtier per hour

    Locations are detected based on location keywords. This allows Bathing in Skyrim to potentially work with new areas added by other mods without the need for a patch, as long as the mod author followed Bethesda's keyword conventions.

    Cleanliness Tiers
    Clean - between 0% and 20% dirty, affords +5 Speechcraft, +50% resist disease Not Dirty - between 20% and 60% dirty Dirty - between 60% and 98% dirty, affords -10 Speechcraft, -50% resist disease Filthy - between 98% and 100% dirty, affords -25 Speechcraft, -10 sneak, -90% resist disease

    Werewolves and vampires do not receive the disease resistance penalties.

    All soaps can be crafted at any cooking pot, requiring several ingredients depending on which soap you are crafting. Each recipe yields 5 bars of soap.
    Was rags can be crafted at a tanning rack with a bolt of linen. Was rags are infinity reusable, but they can not clean you as well as soap and you will receive no bonus.
    Bonuses added by soap will end when you are no longer Clean.
    Bonuses are based on the vanilla alchemy affects of the ingredients.
    Plain Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 troll fat affords: +5 Sneak

    Red Mountain Flower Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 troll fat, 3 red mountain flowers affords: +10 regenerate magicka

    Blue Mountain Flower Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 troll fat, 3 blue mountain flowers affords: +10 regenerate health

    Purple Mountain Flower Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 troll fat, 3 purple mountain flowers affords: +10 regenerate stamina

    Superior Floral Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 troll fat, 1 blue mountain flower, 1 red mountain flower, 1 purple mountain flower affords: +5 regenerate magicka, health and stamina

    Lavender Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 troll fat, 3 lavender affords: +5 resist magic, +5 Speechcraft

    Dwemer Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 2 dwarven oil affords: +5 Illusion, +15 regenerate magicka, fools automatons

    Dragon's Tongue Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 troll fat, 3 dragon's tongue affords: +10 fire resist, +10 Speechcraft

    Spriggan Soap
    requires: 1 salt pile, 1 tap root affords: +5 Illusion, +15 regenerate magicka, fools wildife

    Installation and Upgrading

    A FOMOD installer is provided for use with NMM or Mod Organizer. This is the recommended way to install.
    Manual Installation instructions are provided within the zip file.
    MCM should handle updates between versions gracefully. When significant changes are made, your dirtiness level may automatically reset to prevent old effects from polluting in your save. Old versions of scripts/spells are kept in the mod solely for this safe removal process. If something seems wrong after upgrading, try disabling and re-enabling the mod through MCM.
    Disable the mod in MCM and save the game, then delete the installed files.
    For Modders
    If you have created a mod that adds bathing and you wish to attach Bathing in Skyrim animations/effects to your mod, add the magic effect named "mzinBatheAttemptSuccess" to a spell that is applied through your bathing method. For example, if you have a bathtub that can be activated and awards a spell named "My Clean Spell" you can add "mzinBatheAttemptSuccess" as another effect of "My Clean Spell" which allows Bathing in Skyrim will properly clean the actor and play animations. Be sure to connect the mzinBathingQuest and a WashProp to the script. The WashProp is the item that will show up in the animations and controls whether a soapy or non-soapy wash will occur. The script will also attempt to remove the WashProp from the Actor's inventory if it is soap.
    If you have added a new location/dungeon/town that you want Bathing in Skyrim to detect, make sure you add keywords to your new location the same way Bethesda has done in the vanilla game. For example: dungeons should have the LocTypeDungeon keyword, houses should have LocTypeDwelling, settlements should have LocTypeTown, etc.
    Original mod by TheRealRyanB
    Soap resources by InsanitySorrow
    Custom animation and soapy effect texture by canderes
    Additional dirt textures by Ekirts Ykcul
    German MCM localization by Tywele



  19. Fox_Home Update

    This is a Update for the FoxHome (f_29)
    This add some smithing equipment,some chest and a bed for the follower.



  20. NPC Body Scale Randomizer

    NPC Body Scale Randomizer 3.00 and Old BPH 2.0X is not compatible.
    This is a mod to change automatically in the range of random value that is set the Bust, Penis, Butt, Belly and Height, Weight Scale of the NPC who is around.
    You can lower limit on the random value of each, and whether to change and configure each MCM.
    If the value changed is recorded, it will be changed to the scale next time.
    You can re-randomized set or manually individually for NPC in the MCM or Hotkey if the value did not like.
    Penis, bust, butt and belly size randomize will not work if the NPC does not have the Node of each. And penis size change works only for SOS.
    Please be aware there might be changes height and weight are stored in the game, it will not be restored when you uninstall the mod or disable the feature.
    Change in weight will be displayed neck seams after the functions are deactivated. And it is very heavy. Added because there was a demand, but it is highly recommended that it be disabled. Change the data of esp / esm If you want to change the only few NPCs.
    If the height and/or weight of randomization is enabled on the state you are sitting in those NPC moves as the opening event, please note the game so mess up. However to ride a horse is all right.
    Put NPC Body Scale Randomizer.bsa and NPC Body Scale Randomizer.esp in /Skyrim/Data/
    After that, please start a mod from MCM menu.
    h38fh2mf for PapyrusUtil



  21. Better Female Zombie Moan

    So I was using reanimation spell for funsies one day, then I heard the female moan and I wanted to smash my own ears in that they were horrible.
    So I fix it, using some audio samples from Freesound.org, and trim a bit, fixed the ANNOYING echo and converted into a FUZ for Skyrim use.
    Took about 20 minutes since I had no idea what I was doing.
    But now I've learned to much.. I feel so proud of myself.
    Link to the sample - (I've heavily edited it though, so it won't have that echo and loudness to it).
    I've included a sample mp3 file in a folder, and there's also the original audio track above.
    11Linda - for providing a great audio file.
    Freesound.org - for hostinig a great number of audio samples.
    Audacity - for a great, free audio-editing software.
    LaEspada - for converting for use in Skyrim
    This work is licensed under the Attribution License.



  22. Weight Change - Realistic Needs and Diseases

    This is an addon to Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND) by perseid9. Obviously you will need RND installed for this to work. It will change the player's body weight based on their eating habits and activities.
    This mod will start when RND starts and stop when it is stopped.
    The player's weight is restored to it's original value when it's stopped.
    No configuration menu is added by this mod.

    Weight Change RND monitors the hunger magic effects placed on the player by RND. It will also monitor how often the player is in combat, sprinting, and if the player is over encumbered. ( Player's inventory weight greater than max carry weight and the player is forced to walk ).
    Gluttony will shift the player's weight up
    Satiated & Peckish shift the player's weight towards their original weight.
    Hungry will not shift the player's weight ( by itself. other activities will most likely shift weight down ).
    Very Hungry & Starving will shift the player's weight down

    combat, sprinting, and being over encumbered all contribute to shifting the player's weight down.
    Weight adjustments are calculated and applied at the end of the day and is the sum of all the player's actions. e.g. If the player spends half a day with the RND Gluttony effect applied and then spends the other half with RND Starving Effect applied, the net result would be no weight change.
    The weight change s limited to the in game limit of 0 to 100 of SetWeight().
    The visual body changes are currently limited to the player's chosen body mesh.

    Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND) by perseid9



  23. Yoshi's ENB

    Following some requests and numerous inquiries about my ENB I decided to upload my ENB and Skyrim settings. I'm not creative when it comes to making names, so ill simply call this Yoshi's ENB.
    Here are some Landscape/Environment screenshots
    Sexy shots down below
    7/17/14 - Updated to Version 2.0, fixed issues with night lighting and added a less reflective/specular version.
    7/20/14 - Added ENB preset for Enhanced Lights and FX and Climates of Tamriel, please use both! don't forget to endorse.
    Install either of my ENB 2.0 normal or less version, then overwrite with ELFX + COT files.
    7/21/14 - Added files for Enhanced Lights and FX only, install main files first from normal or less versions, then overwrite.
    Please note that this ENB was tuned on a large screen with a very intense black tone and dynamic contrast, so brightness might be different depending on your screen settings. Also it is performance hungry so please don't use it if you do not have a high end machine, I currently use a R9 290X and fps is locked at 60 with occasional dips to 50-55 here and there, I have a HD7850 in another machine and fps are around 20-25, so if you know how, you could turn off certain features like DOF and reflection, and change the quality of all the settings from very high to medium or high until you get desired fps.
    I am not a modder or expert in these types of things, but if there are any issues feel free contact me and ill try to resolve it as best I can. I have noticed some strangeness with lighting at dawn between 6am and 7 am, unfortunately changing anything breaks the rest of the day between 8 and noon, so its best to skip 7am times. Vanilla weathers do lessen the effect and look less impressive, I don't know how to fix this, just keep clear skies handy! or I recommend a custom weather mod.
    This ENB was not set with lighting mods such as RLO, ULO etc, if you do use another lightning mod, they will give you much different results than in my screenshots and will be much too dark or missing lights from sources like fire or torches, so use at your own discretion, would not recommend it, ambient and excess lighting is already taken care of by my ENB preset so there is no need for other mods which do the same.
    1.First choose which version you would like to install. The Normal version has high reflection and specular settings like in my screenshots, I recommend you use the SG female texture pack for this one, others will look too bright or dark. And the Less version has reduced settings for reflection, specular and shine, tested with most popular texture mods with no issues. Copy all the files of the version you chose to your skyrim folder where tesv.exe is located.
    Added files for users with Enhanced lights and FX and climates of tamriel, overwrite files after you have installed one of the above versions of my ENB.
    2.Second please visit http://enbdev.com/download_mod_tesskyrim.htm and download the most recent version. Extract the files and copy ONLY the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the wrapper version to your skyrim folder where TESV.exe is located.
    If you are running graphics software or other programs in the background and crash or have issues, copy the 2 files from the injector version in addition to the ENBInjector.exe and enbinjector.ini files
    3. In the Skyrim launcher, under options set antialiasing and anisotropic filtering both to OFF, also make sure FXAA is unchecked, all 3 must be off.
    4. For the enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini please check the values under memory to reflect what your system video ram is, it should auto-detect your memory, but double check it just to be sure, currently it is set at 4096 which is 4gb, 1024 = 1gb, 2048 = 2gb, 3072 = 3gb. I also have maxanisotropy in both files set to 4, I personally cannot tell a difference after 4 due to the parallax mod I use coupled with Real roads, but you can also change this to your liking if its not acceptable. Forced borderless fullscreen windowed mode is also enabled in enblocal.ini, if you don't play windowed then change both values from true to false under [window].
    5. The skyrimprefs.ini files are optional, and I only uploaded them since multiple people requested them, but I do not recommend you copy them to your skyrim settings in your document folder since they are tweaked to accommodate certain mods which you may not have, I recommend you manually check and compare each value and change what you like in your own ini files instead of replacing them with mine. But if you do decide to use them please change sD3DDevice="AMD Radeon R9 200 Series" to whatever your system has. If the shadows outdoors appear too blocky or pixelated, change fShadowDistance=8000.0000 to 4000.0000, strangely lowering this sharpens up the shadows, not the shadow map resolution. Also gamepad settings are at 0, so change this to 1 if you play with a controller. HUD opacity is also set to 0, can be changed in settings under display.
    6. The optional DOF files are what I use between gameplay or screenshots, DOF off will give you the sharpness of DOF effect with out the blurring, and DOF on is just the normal DOF effect, which you can still turn off entirely in the enb settings.
    I have been constantly tweaking and improving my enb over the months, if you would like to see more screenshots other than whats here, you can head over to my Gallery and check out my most recent pictures, the first older ones use the same enb only with less features as I used a weaker video card back then.
    These are additional mods that I use in the screenshots, if you would like to use them to get the same look as in my pictures. None are required and completely optional, with the possible exception of the saturation mod, it really helps with the colors.
    Immersive Saturation Boost - Highly recommend! must have for better colors.
    Sevenbase bombshell body
    SG Female Textures
    Project Parallax Remastered
    Real Roads
    SFO or SFO Summer Edition
    Grass on Steroids for SFO with Grassification Project for more grass
    Face Light
    Realistic Water two
    And the Skyrim Realistic Texture overhaul series, install this one first if you are going to use Project parallax.



  24. Glass UI

    This mod acts as a reskin for SkyUI, The deafult white is designed to theme the interface like Sword Art Online. also new sounds are added to make the interface sound a bit like SAO
    There are 5 diferent colors to choose frome, the file is a Mod manager installer
    Apple Red
    Mystic Purple
    Ken watanabe Green
    Wobbuffet Blue
    Brum Yellow
    Yuri Pink



  25. Animal Replacer.esp

    This is a very simple mod that replaces various predatory animals throughout skyrim with humans in various states of dress. The animals that are replaced include wolves, ice wolves, bears, cave bears, snow bears, sabrecats, snowy sabrecats, trolls, and frost trolls. The humans that replaced them should belong to exactly the same factions as the creature they replace, minus the creature faction, and should therefore should not cause issues. They should also still drop the items the creatures carried, as well as their gear. They are hopefully about the same level of challenge as well.
    I made it primarily because I got sick of fighting wolves over and over again. Now I get to fight escaped slavegirls instead. While this mod was intended to be used with mods like CBBE, sexlab, sexlab defeat, ect, it does not require any of those things.
    Ideas for similar mods:
    Male Version: done
    Both Genders Version: done
    Replace predators with horses, cows, and other non-hostile animals: not done
    Change some of the enemies to mutes, or have them make animal noises: not done
    Known issues:
    This mod should not cause any issues by itself. It may increase demand on the system if humans are more difficult to load than the creatures they replace, however, and my game did crash once on encountering a 20+ sized wolf pack. I was using other mods to increase the number of enemies at the time, and the "wolves" had weapons and armor then, and no longer do, so I'm not sure if that same scenario would be a problem anymore. Most of you probably have better computers than me as well, so you shouldn't have any problems.
    Since this mod replaces various creatures, it will conflict with other mods that also do that.
    If another mod changes the spawn points to it's own custom made spawn points, this mod may not work.
    This mod has no requirements other than skyrim.
    Animal Replacer: Replaces animals with humans of both genders.
    Animal Replacer F: Replaces animals with female humans.
    Animal Replacer M: Replaces animals with male humans.



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