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  1. LAPF

    Lovers Animated Penis Framework (LAPF)

    You need to install OBSE v20 (or higher): http://obse.silverlock.org/
    You need to have the latest version of oblivion (complete with patch
    Shivering Isles is not required for this plugin, but is for many others.
    New 1.5 body switch menu:
    See download page

    Ok, I'll bite you say, what in the blue bells of St. Mary is this nonsense and why another freaking version?
    This is designed to be the best and hopefully easiest version of LPK to install.
    It includes an animated penis\futa\dildo (meaning it is able to be moved by the animations), as well as 134 reworked or new animations, with more on the way.
    This package includes all core files as well as Lovers MB2 (its animations have been updated to be AP ready as well).
    Technical details of what is included:
    You do not need a Resource Pack and Base Pack anymore - all needed core files are included. This one plugin takes the place of the old Lovers Base Pack and the Lovers Resource pack.
    After you install this please proceed to the LPK download section and grab any plugin that interests you.
    Please make sure that it is AP ready or that it has an alternate AP ready version.
    LPK plugins download section: http://www.loverslab.com/files/category/5-lovers-with-pk/

    In an effort to make installing Lovers Plugins a might easier I have put together several bundle packs for you as well.
    Here is the LAPF Supplemental pack: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/355-lovers-supplemental-plugin-pack/
    Here is the LAPF MBP based Lovers packs: - coming soon
    Please see the requirements listed in the description of each for specific information.

    Install Instructions:
    (Note: This information is available in txt form inside the download archive file as well - see the docs folder.)
    Please use 7zip to extract all archive files!

    Question: Help! Why don't my animations line up?
    A) If you are on uneven ground, too close to another object (walls, stairs, chair and so on) it can screw up the alignment. If none of those are the issue then just hit the 1-4 or 9, 0 keys at the top of your keyboard to adjust the alignment while your PC is having sex. Any changes you make will be saved in your saved game. If you start a new game however, those changes are lost and you will have to adjust them again.
    NOTE: You can only have one adjustment per animation. If you play with races that are taller or shorter than the default imperial race then animations could be off a bit.

    The unknown Japanese and Russian modders who created lovers with PK.
    Donkey and Ashal for all the work they did translating and improving\updating Lovers with PK.
    Donkey for the new ini format and tons of advice and help along the way to make this pack and overhaul the animations
    Vorpal & HanPL - unknown what contribution they made, but Ashal thanked them for version 2 of this pack.
    Nusbie, TDA, Donkey, Northern, Kasimir, ThatOne and Grumpf - tons of animations from these wonderful folks.
    WappyOne for all his help scripting and troubleshooting.
    Grumpf for male animated penis.
    TDA for the female animated futa mesh.
    Grumpf for the reworked female animated futa\dildo meshes.
    WappyOne again for scripting wildness and so much more.
    Ger4 for helping with v1.5
    Fejeena for his dildo meshes
    Supierce for the 1st person skeleton
    All those folks who had a hand in creating BBB! Bless every last one of you!
    Anyone else I missed that may have had a hand in creating, updating or improving lovers with PK.
    Hats off to all of you, for one of the most complex and yet flexible sex systems for any game.
    Hot Fixes:
    Notes for LAPF v1.6:
    - It is now possible to set default lower body types used during sex either in-game (Sexual Exploits -> Settings for Body and (Un)Dressing -> Penis Display Settings -> Set Default Futa/Penis Body Type) or in the .ini.
    - Small bug in Cut camera mode miscalculating the value of minimum angle change fixed and smooth cut vertical movement smoothed out.
    - String setting in .ini that sets individual camera adjustments on position by position basis. Two sets of values included for just LC 2.0 & LC 2.0+MotionNT(default) installations.
    - Rings & Amulets can now be set to strippable in the settings spell and .ini alongside all other equipment slots. For mod authors the new Off/DefNudeFlags are 32768(Rings) & 65536(Amulet).
    - Equipment can now be set to unstrippable. To set items as unstrippable use 'Sexual Exploits -> [ My Sexual Diary ] -> Set My Equipment Untrippable' for player and 'Sense Sexual Exploits (Other) -> Set Their Equipment Unstrippable' for NPCs. You can remove items from the unstrippable list at 'Sexual Exploits -> Options for Body and (Un)Dressing -> Remove Stripping Exceptions'.
    - First Person: Warning given if Enhanced First Person Camera OBSE plugin is not detected in settings menu.
    - First Person: View is correctly returned to 1st person after sex instead of fake 3rd person view.
    - Added preview mode to voice settings menu.
    As usual this is just a drop-in replacement .esp, no clean save required.
    NOTE: alternate body packs have been removed as they are now included in version 1.6
    NOTE: YOU MUST either reinstall Lovers Creatures 2.0 after installing this plugin (if you have already installed LC 2.0) or replace the two files listed below with the ones from LC 2.0:

    Menu Options Guide by the Awesome Mem4ob4:

    A. If you use DR 6 or UV 2 or some other plugin that uses 3rd person animations in 1st person view then give the LAPF Enhanced 1st Person Skeleton a try.
    It was made by Supierce and can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37432-lapf-enhanced-1st-person-skeleton/
    Note: If you are looking for a Russian Translation of the LAPF, just pop over here: http://adultmodslocalized.ru/topic/562-lapf-rus/



  2. (unofficial)HiyokoGenetics_tweakedChildInventory_and_FollowControl

    (i'd prefer to attach this to my post in http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13118-unofficial-slightly-tweaked-well-known-mods/,
    but couldn't do that properly yet. Look there for more info and replies)
    feb17 features:
    PC can use AskGeneInfo spell to exchange inventory with own, follower's and checked by 98<disposition children.
    PC can control child'follow target by "follow notes" misc item. Children couldn't be assigned as follow-target.
    One thing losen: Skingrad' housemaid Eyja excluded from potential babysitters. Possibly, i re-view her candidature later (;
    One thing added: note "calm down" is available if child has (7<aggression), it forces that to =3.



  3. [Discontinued] Dynamic Underwear System

    Dynamic Underwear System (also referred as DUS) changes the way that underwear items work in Oblivion. When a shirt or trousers are taken off, your character or any other NPC will have their underwear equipped instead of going commando.
    Screenshots in download page - NSFW!
    DUS keeps track on the player and surrounding NPCs for any changes in their appearance. If a shirt was removed, an underwear item will take it's place if found from the inventory. A dynamic distribution system is also included that will aim to give everyone around you at least something to wear the very first time they are detected.
    An "underwear item" is defined by a simple "(underwear)"-tag in its name. This means that DUS can easily handle basically any clothing item as underwear while that item doesn't need to be dependent of this mod at all. This makes it very compatible with any clothing or armor mod out there and maybe can even used to give some "extra functionality". However, if those items are wanted to automatically appear on NPCs, they must be set up appropriately.
    Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/
    For underwear models
    Universal Skeleton - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596/? (for some underwear models)
    Roberts Male Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40532/?
    One of these:
    HGEC Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24078/? Roberts Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15624/? TGND2 Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30914/?
    ...nude versions obviously.

    Seamless Equipment - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45855/?
    See below.
    Wrye Bash
    The archive is BAIN-formated. Numbers represent categories, SE means seamless equipment version.
    Create mod and add archive. Load omod convertion data and activate.
    Please use your mod organizer if you used one when installing. To uninstall this mod manually, remove the following files or folders:
    Data\Dynamic Underwear System.esm
    Data\Mod Settings\Dynamic Underwear System\
    Functionality with other mods
    DUS includes an expandable exception system to prevent any underwear from popping when you don't want it. First of all, there is an exception token that will prevent any actions being made to a given person if found from the inventory. Secondly, a token of some sort from any other mod can be used for the same effect.
    Some mods are even natively supported (outdated):
    - Lovers with PK
    - Lovers MB2
    - Player Slave Encountes (not tested)
    Known issues or bugs
    None at the moment
    Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
    Thanks to the authors of Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) and their contributors
    Thanks to shadeMe for the Construction Set Extender
    Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
    Thanks to Comrade Fienyx for tweaks and ideas
    HGEC underwear items are work of Exnem, RAIAR, MadCat221, coronerra, Saaya, Dryad & stricken618.
    Robert's underwear items are work of Robert himself.
    TGND underwear items are work of Luchaire, Kalia, Sickleyield, Kristoffer & alt3rn1ty.
    All seammended versions of equipment are work of junkacc.
    Generic ground model used by this mod is made by Nessa.
    I don't care what you do with the main mod. However, most of the assets included here are work of others, for which you must follow their own licenses.
    I tried to make sure that I'm allowed to upload all content here but in the case that I messed up, please inform me so that I can remove violating content.
    Female Underwear Pack



  4. [OBLIVION] More Male Spawn

    [OBLIVION] More Male Spawn by GECK.O
    The Explanation
    This is the opposite version of More Female Mod in Nexus. As title suggested, it will generate more males for "ALL" human-kind spawn, from bandits, marauders, mages, vampires, etc. It's not ALL Males, but MORE Males, it means there's a small change females being spawned, very small. I think that is better than just the "boring" all males.
    The purpose of this mod is to add more realism. I hate Bethesda's gender equality policy, this is Elder Scroll, a medieval fantasy world. Woman role should just for the kitchen and bed . No, I mean I love the lovely soft woman and we should not hurt woman . The dirty work outside, should done by the man. It's realistic in the medieval world.
    Another purpose of this mod...beside of realism, more males mean more change for your female PC and companions to get raped with LoversPK mod! <--- Actually this is my main purpose of making this mod.
    The Progress
    I can say, I finished to include all human-kind spawn. Except the archers, the female still being equally spawned, I don't know why. Anyway, this minor thing is not something bothersome, as somehow we need female role as archers...whatever.
    The Policy
    You can do whatever you want with this mod, anything! Modifying, expanding, fixing, etc. I'm a cathedral follower. But just don't forget to include my name (GECK.O) in the credit, as inspirator or the original creator.



  5. [Outdated] - Lovers Masturbate 2

    Lovers Masturbate 2 - by Ashal

    LoversMB2 is a replacement for LoversMB.
    Changes from MB to MB2:
    There are a few differences:
    - A spell "Masturbate" replaces the Y button
    - No more "Ring of MB"
    - New animations for each stage
    - Expanded ini settings
    - Ability to advance and go to previous stages
    - Ability to change animation within a particular stage
    - Automatic timed stage advancing
    - Make other humanoid NPC's masturbate. They stop and resume their normal activities if you leave the cell.
    Things that are kept the same:
    - Voices
    - People come to watch
    - Toggle clothing

    Lovers with PK

    Throw everything in to your oblivion\data folder.

    Known Issues:
    NPCs are silent when masturbating. It doesn't seem built in to the core to give them voices. I could "hack fix" it in to give them your voice or a random one, but that isn't a long term solution.

    - The anonymous people who made Lovers and the LoverMB mod.
    - Donkey for translating Lovers to English.
    - Jenova23 - for starting this project
    - Sabinel (LoversRapeman)
    - simplefries (LoversPayBandit, Lovers Aphrodisia, LoversPk LoversHypnosis & LoversCheckNude)
    - silverfeetz (LoversTachiCats2, LoversNA, & Lovers Animstions, LoversNA, LoversRapeman & LoveShack)
    - Galgat (LoversJoburg, LoversCheckNude, LoversRaperS, LoversBorn Galgat Skins & LoversLandE)
    - Raijinryu (LoversJoburg & LoversCheckNude)
    - Hadoki (LoversLandE, LoversContraception, LoversDiag, LoversSusMp & LoversDRadar)
    - neskimo (LoversLandE)
    - ztbloch (LoversPk.esp)
    - jojo77 (LoversPk.esp)
    - hyperviper (Problems with lovers pk addon)
    - philipcollin (LoversNA & Trailer)
    - Doombell for later translations.

    You do not need to contact me for anything. Go nuts.



  6. [Outdated] Lovers Minor Mod Pack

    This is a compilation pack of various minor mods. The following is contained:
    Plugins that may have issues with Rev96:
    LoversAdultPlayPlus: Allows for prostitution (female only) and consensual sex through dialog.
    NOTE: This plugin is outdated - Recommend you use the SSP version.
    LoversStopCombatEx: Ensures all combat stops when the player is in the middle of sex.
    NOTE: This is now included directly in LPK's esp file. There is a newer version in the Lovers Beta thread.
    Not recommended to use this version anymore.
    LoversHideMenus: Toggles off your HUD during sex.
    NOTE: Unknown if this works with the current version of LPK (rev96) - requires pluggy.
    LoversBed: When two actors are in the same bed, they will begin to fuck. Makes stalking through peoples houses at night stealing stuff a whole lot more entertaining.
    NOTE: Not the latest version. The latest version of Lovers Bed can be found in the downloads section.
    Plugins that "should" work fine with Rev96:
    LoversBackup2: Saves your position adjustments to a local file.
    LoversContraception: Practice safe sex! Not only good advice in real life, but if you run a pregnancy mod, this will prove useful as it adds condoms and birth-control pills to the game.
    LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer: Allows you to use your BLOCK button to attempt to stop an attempt at rape on your character before it happens.
    LoversHelpRapeVPlayer: If you have any companions with you, they will attempt to help protect you from rapist.
    LoversLight: Adds a light aura around characters having sex, useful for dark places.
    LoversPower: After sex, characters will receive a temporary random buff.
    LoversRapeSlave: After raping a NPC so many times, they will eventually become your slave and no longer resist.
    LoversSoundVolumeDown: Turns your game volume down lower during sex.
    LoversSpermSplashEx: Will change the way sperm is handled by the Lovers base package. You are able to adjust how long it lasts, and if a character covered in sperm receives any negative side effects.
    Translated by: Ashal
    Requires: OBSE v0019+, Lovers Base System



  7. [Outdated] Lovers Resources Pack

    PLEASE NOTE: This version of LPK is now outdated and no longer recommended. The new system which has reworked animations and a new animated tackle. It can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/
    To unpack this archive, you need a program such as 7-Zip
    This pack contains all the most recent Meshes, Textures, & Sounds you need to get started with Lovers with PK.
    On it's own, this pack will do nothing, you must also download the latest version of the esp file, which you can find in the Lovers Base Pack.
    Special Thanks: Ashal, Donkey, Vorpal, HanPL & WappyOne.
    Version 2 for use with Lovers with PK revisions 91 through 94
    Q) Help! Why don't my animations line up?
    A) If you are on uneven ground, too close to another object (walls, stairs, chair and so on) it can screw up the alignment. If none of those are the issue then just hit the 1-4 or 9, 0 keys at the top of your keyboard to adjust the alignment while your PC is having sex. Any changes you make will be saved in your saved game. If you start a new game however, those changes are lost and you will have to adjust them again.
    NOTE: You can only have one adjustment per animation. If you play with races that are taller or shorter than the default imperial race then animations could be off a bit. There is no way to have the animation have multiple alignments for each race.



  8. [Outdated] Lovers with PK

    NOTE: This plugin is now outdated. The latest version which includes many improvements both to animations and to meshes (as well as many script fixes by WappyOne) can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/
    Lovers with PK 1.4
    This is the base mod for all Lovers plugins, they will not work without it.
    The latest version is rev96v2 and it is highly recommended that you update to it.
    Lovers creatures 2.0 will require it.
    Translated by: Ashal
    Updated by: Gregathit and WappyOne
    Requires: OBSE v0020, Lovers Resource Pack
    Rev 91 is also kept here but is considered to be obsolete now and only kept for archive purposes.



  9. [Release] [HS] Sunsine Bikini's for all bodies I'ver ever worked with

    Warning/ Disclaimer: This mod DOES have TS content if you do not like it, please do not bother, but if you just want female then don't select any botoms that have TS in their name. Just a warning as this mod contains both genders.
    This is the sunshine bikini mod. It has a bunch of bikini's that I've made and some of my best shoes to date. Also the mod itself comes in all bodies that I've worked with. So this is the FCPA, HGEC A cup, BTRA, Suicup and Suiguts bodies.
    More of the pertinant inormation is in the read me.
    Speedbuster for all her great works and getting me into modding with her amazing works.
    Malimamea for allowing me to use the butt weights when I first started modding.
    Coronerra for BBB in general
    Permissions: All are absolutely welcome to use all resources of this mod. Actually it’s recommended as I am sure someone can make this mod better and less convoluted. Just give me credit if you use any of my ASSets as I spend countless hours making these meshes and I am not a professional 3D Artist like many others.
    Also, please provide feeback, share screens etc, as it helps me know what ou guys liked or not about the mod. Also, please let me know what you think regarding my next and possibly final release for sometime. I am torn between making one of my mods public, either a sexy short skirt cleric armor or a skimpy ninja girl armor. Let me know in the comments.



  10. [Release]HS Dom girl set for Sui Guts

    HS Dominatrix set
    This mod is just my little take on a dominatrix outfit. It was mentioned sometime ago with my friend Kosukosu1, and he showed me a few outfits that got me wanting to create my own. So here it is. Please note that this set has armor properties thanks to xRevanchrists request. I think it is a good idea and I will stick with it going forward.
    About the mod:
    Basically it adds 1 outfit to in 2 colors into Tamriel. No weapons this time around sorry.
    To Install:

    Drag and drop your data folder and yay!! Enjoy The mod is also located in IC Market District by the statue in a modern looking dresser (Sorry for it being so big).
    What was done:

    I made this mod from always wanting to add more corsets into the game. It's not the best one to date but it looks smoother than my last.

    What will be done:


    I am really going more in a new direction with future mods. I've always had an emphasis on feedback and still do. More requests gives me more to do and make future releases better. Keep practicing and maybe mod for Skyrim .



    In experimenting with different techniques in modding, I've ran into a few bumps along the way. For example, because of my double layered mesh, you might have a slight light patch on some parts. I touched up the boots to fix it.

    The gloves might clip a bit during death and on some clothing mods.



    Free to use for all. All I ask is that I am credited and you respect the hours I put into it. IE: Never insult the original modder if you improve their work.



    Speedbuster for all her great works and getting me into modding with her amazing works.
    Malimamea for allowing me to use the butt weights when I first started modding.
    Coronerra for BBB in general
    Kosukosu1 for always chatting with me and getting the idea wheels turning in this old brain that and requesting theme of this outfit,
    xRevanchrist for requesting the release first day of the posting. It keeps my work from just being a tease.





    Lovers Lab:



  11. [WIP] [LST] Conquer Towns

    Take cities by reducing the inhabitants to slavery.



  12. [WIP/PAlpha] Sexy High Lace Thong for Sui-Cup

    File Name: [WIP/PAlpha] Sexy High Lace Thong for Sui-Cup
    File Submitter: happysparkles
    File Submitted: 13 Oct 2013
    File Category: WIP / Beta
    Hi there LoversLab,
    I decided to do a Public Alpha for this mod!
    The reason for this is to allow everyone the opportunity to participate in my future private alpha mods. As mentioned previously I have a weird reward system as well as a thanking for support system. Now keep in mind this particular mod since it is an alpha is not going to entail any surprises, just 22 thongs in various colors to match my Frill Hat Collection and a test Stiletto weapon. This mod is VERY much in Alpha, it include incomplete meshes/textures and also has other issues such as potential typo's and stuff. But none the less this is to see reaction and also to see who has interest in seeing my other works.
    Please enjoy and leave feedback.
    Please do not redistribute this mod, it is alpha for a reason so please do not use anything from it, no questions asked. Just don't.
    Speedbuster for the wonderful Sui-Cup body which many overlooked but I loved .
    KameleonKlik from Deviant art for the wonderful lace texture!
    PS: Sorry mod is only in Sui-Cup for today but other public alpha's will most likely come for the other bodies I work with
    Also Cums in TS
    First 5 Shots provided by my great friend Poontank!
    Thank you again











    Links to download:
    Totoko City:



  13. A chest companion 1.5 and 1.9

    A chest companion
    Why a player-house with many chests ? Here you have 5 chests in one, and the chest follows you everywhere. Carries and defends your Belongings.
    My Mimic Chest. 5 chests in one
    The chest is at the weynon priory near the stable.

    The chest can not die.
    Chest can fight.
    only two commands: stay and follow.
    to open the chest go in sneak mode.
    There is a letter/note in the chest. read it ! And you get a chest summon spell.
    Install meshes, textures, sound and esp.
    9 chests in one
    For those who want more chests, better sorting capability. 9 chests in one.
    Download "MyMimicChest.7z" for meshes, sound and textures. Then download "9 chests in one. only esp.7z"

    Always Z (Zhemoc) for the mimics
    all Oblivion modders
    inspired by Terry Pratchett



  14. A CM female daedra based on Divine Avengers mod and Nuska's OCO dremora

    As the title suggests this mod provides a .esp that only changes the face of the Original mod Divine Avenger made. I own nothing of this content but the changes i made. As such all credits go to Divine Avengers mod on the nexus called "A CM partner companion female dremora Aanila" and nuska from OCO2 for making the textures.
    Note: Both of these mods are NOT included in this download. Therefore you have to download BOTH these mods first before you download my changes. I am aware that the perms on the nexus state that i can't make changes to Divine Avengers mod without his permission but since he hasn't responded to that page for two years i hope the coast is clear. If the administrators of this site feel the need to remove this upload so be it.
    Install instructions:
    Just download the two before mentioned files and then let my .esp overwrite DA's.
    Note2: the reason why i didn't put any links is because for some reason the links don't seem to work very well when they are aimed straight at oblivion Nexus fr some reason. You are better off using google to find the required mods. (hence why DA's mod is rephrased word by word to make it easier to find)



  15. A Very Femboy Christmas

    Hello Lovers LAB!!!!!
    This is a quicky release of the Femboy Santa Babe set. This mod is the possible prelude to many others for this Femboy body, I am debating on Opening a suggestions Topic for the Femboy Body so we can have more and more for this outfit. But for now if you have suggestions/ request please include them in here (Until further notice).
    This mod is not my best and is really a quick last minute mash up of stuff I’ve previously made.
    I kind of liked how it came out and did not have enough time to do it for the other bodies, as I was debating on no longer doing public releases.
    Well at the last minute my Christmas spirit kicked and I’ve decided to through this together.
    BBB Ragdoll:
    Optional but useful:
    About the Mod:
    This mod is the Christmas mod, simple yet functional and it's kind of cute. Not 100% the most festive thing you'll ever see and certaininly not as great as some of the other modders works, but not a bad job for an impromptu release.
    To Install:
    Drag and Drop to your Data Folder and Check ESP, play, enjoy Merry Christmas!
    What was done:
    This was a rehashing of the Seductive Frill, but with a little more modifications to the two peices from that set (the corset and skirt). The UV maping on the bra is not great so at last minute changed the back texture, as I wanted to release the mod TODAY.
    What will be done:
    This mod could potentially lead to less sporatic releases and maybe even the start oh me doing bi-weekly releases for this body if people really seem to dig it. Keep in mind this body is intended for players who enjoy a Femboy / Crossdresser but rather have a little more curve.
    Speedbuster for all the great work done and the Sui-Cup (which I always love)
    Koutetsu for the Femboy A-Cup body.
    My Alpha testers for letting me know all is well.
    Mailamea for releasing such great BB work enough to get me into it and even graciously allowed me to use her weights even when I was first started modding, great person she is so I thank her greatly ?.
    The body follows the FCPA bodies release, so please note that.
    With regards to this outfit, it is really not something I expect a lot of support on but I ask, from here on out,
    (I also kind of hope this is goes without saying) please if you want to use / modify parts of my mod, please.
    1) ask my permission first.
    2) remeber before asking me, please at least show interest / support my work.
    3) If approved please give me credit for usage of any features of my works.
    PS: Sorry for the late release, and also note this is ONLY and outfit mod!









  16. Acrobat's Secret Hideout - by DavideMitra



    by DavideMitra


    Tired of reading mod descriptions?! During this video, I will show you the house and the main mod features!


    - THE MOD -


    " Skingrad. A mysterious acrobat trespassed on the last floor of Nerastarel's abandoned palace by breaking in through a window. He walled up the door and, in some weeks, he restored the loft. Since then, nobody was able to access the hideout. Until now! "
    This modification adds a revamped version (= I didn't touch the original cell) of Nerastarel's loft.
    The mod itself contains a lof of special and very important features that were lacking in Vanilla Oblivion's houses, even your own ones.



    Off-limits cell: thanks to Papyrus scripting, NPCs won't be able to enter the loft.

    During the mod development, no modders resources were allowed. Only vanilla textures and meshes were used. However, I had to edit some mesh havok-related properties in Nifskope.

    See through windows!

    Realistic lighting cycle: two completely different atmospheres for daytime and nighttime!

    Immersive sounds: hear distant cathedral bells and other sounds that will really link the interior cell to the exterior worldspace!

    Everything is interactable: move chairs, open/close treasury chests, take a weapon from the armory, etc.

    Other important features like objects with no havok, a special set of powerful weapons/armor for you, both vanilla crafting stations included, panoramic furniture, etc. [heading][/heading][heading][/heading]
    - WARNINGS -

    Before starting the mod, please have a look to the readme. It is really important, because it explains some mod-related essential things.

    Should you need informations/should you have questions about my mod, just go inside the house and have a look to the bookshelf on the right. Inside of it you will find some guides that will explain you almost anything you need to know.

    The mod has been already cleaned with TES4Edit: it is 100% safe to use!


    - CREDITS -


    This project wouldn't be possible without their help:
    Thanks to THE NIFSKOPE TEAM for giving me a powerful tool that helped me with texture/havok related problems.
    Thanks to the CELESTIAL AEON PROJECT for giving me the permission to use their song ("Harp") for my video trailer.
    Thanks to the BETHESDA TEAM for developing the Construction Set.
    Thanks to MY MOTHER for some little suggestions.
    Thanks again!
    !!! HAVE FUN !!!



  17. AGS-Type2 SMDR and SPB Outfits Collection

    The outfits can be found in Bravil in three containers. Two containers for SPB and SMDR outfits taken from official website and a third container with majority of outfits from A-TYPE2 Nexus profile.
    Most of the armour supports BBB and some require High Heels. Some mods have options such as texture replacements or different body types. Please look into the "[OPTIONS]" directory for more detail.
    Full SMDR outfits gallery found here
    Full SPB outfits gallery found here
    Partial Nexus outfits gallery found here
    Credit go to AGS-Type2 (A TYPE2 aka Speedbuster) and others. For full list please look into the readme files provide in the "[DOCS]" directory.
    Full list of credits can be found inside the installation zipped up original readme files for each mod. It also includes the original esp files.
    Zero support is given to this file
    "AGS-Type2 SPB Outfits.7z" original mod filenames
    055 SPB Pocha Suits 2.7z
    061Alt_SPB_Oppai_Nurse BBB.7z
    074 SPB Muchi Muchi Bunny RHHS 130103.7z
    083 SPB DM Maid Outfit.7z
    084 SPB DMMC Kuikomi Bikini SE v110821.7z
    085 SPB Knit San 2.7z
    086 SPB Ring Suit.7z
    087 SPB DMMC Bikini Armor.7z
    089 SPB DMMC Ribbon Armor 1_5.7z
    090 SPB DMMC Body Replacer Official v1_1.7z
    096 SPB E X Outfit.7z
    098 SPB Summer Dress B.7z
    099 SPB DMMC Rose Set.7z
    100 SPB Body Suit 2.7z

    "AGS-Type2 SMDR Outfits.7z" original mod filenames
    SMDR 001 DM Dress.7z
    SMDR 002 Dai Guts Fighter.7z
    SMDR 003 E Kunoichi 2.7z
    SMDR 004 Shin Jimuin San.7z
    SMDR 005 Garbage Collection.7z
    SMDR 006 Mog Bloomers.7z
    SMDR 007 Ribbon Armor 3_1.7z
    SMDR 008 Hikari Set.7z
    SMDR 009 Nurse Cos.7z
    SMDR 010 E Android 131125.7z
    SMDR 0101E Android.7z
    SMDR 011 Nisechichi Suits.7z
    SMDR 012 Leather Band.7z
    SMDR 013 Shitagi Set 2.7z
    SMDR 014 DMMC Dress 5.7z
    SMDR 014 DMMC Dress 5_1.7z
    SMDR 015 Garbage collection 2.7z
    SMDR 016 X Suits.7z
    SMDR 017 Body Harness.7z
    SMDR 018 RBMC Leotard.7z
    SMDR 019 Tanktop.7z
    SMDR 020 EX Bikini.7z
    SMDR 021 Koboresou Knit .7z
    SMDR 022 Garbage Collection 3 .7z
    SMDR 023 Garbage Collection 4 .7z
    SMDR 024 Chain Link Alt .7z

    "AGS-Type2 Nexus Outfits.7z" original mod filenames



  18. Alice Madness Returns Clothes

    I have the greatest honor in presenting you
    Alice: Madness Returns - Costumes and Weapons

    Everything is tested and working
    Chest is located behind the strange statue that appears in Niben Bay
    I DID NOT made this mod, and yes, its a rip, so keep it quiet, keep it silent and keep it to yourself
    After a lot of pain, this finally comes through, though i dont claim responsibility for the original files, i had a lot of work putting everything together, there was the extraction part, the modeling with blender, the rigging, and re-rigging so animations would look nice, the textures conversion, the esp creation and all of this processes were easily made more than once until everything looked perfect
    I hope you are nice to it cause it costed a lot of work
    And i also hope that you know to appreciate the intention and be careful with it because rips are nor very welcome in the internet and people make a lot of scandal about things like this. So im hoping you'll be careful enough NOT TO POST OR UPLOAD THIS ANYWHERE ELSE, not even a reference to it. the idea is to keep this as obscure and secret as you can in order to keep it free for folks to enjoy
    Load Madness.omod into Oblivion Mod Mmanager
    Install the mod in Oblivlion/Data folder
    Activate the esp
    -Alice (Classic)
    -Caterpillar and Hat (DLC)
    -Cheshire and Ears (DLC)
    -Chckmate (DLC)
    -Doll Dress
    -Fleshmaiden (DLC)
    -Hattress and Hat (DLC)
    -London Outfit
    -Silk Maiden
    -Royal Dress
    -Rabbit Outfit and Hat (DLC)
    -Steam Dress
    -Siren Dress
    All clothing is HGEC C-cup M lowerbody
    Im very sorry i could not give the full blood soaked aspect to Hysteria and Fleshmaiden outfits, but thats because that would require new skin textures for HGEC and I suck at making new textures from nothing, perhaps someday a modder more familiarized with this science could help and make the textures
    -Pepper Grinders from I to IV, hysteria version and DLC version - recomendation: shoot fast
    -Tepot Cannons from I to IV, hysteria version and DLC version - the're slow but do a lot of damage
    -Hobby Horses from I to IV, hysteria version and DLC version - blunt, twohanded
    -Vorpal Blades in long version, knife versions (normal and hysteria) and DLC version - very fast onehanded blades
    -Executioner's Scythe - perfect for cutting off the heads of your enemies
    -Umbrella - a special shield
    -Oblivion and Shivering Isles Expansion
    -Universal Skeleton
    PASSWORD: malkavian

    Thank you all for your interest, i hope you like it and dont forget to leave your comment
    To the creators of Alice: Madness Returns
    To the creators of Oblivion
    To all the modders and all the people out there in the internet who have shared their knowledge on modding things
    Well... to me of course for taking all the hard work of searching the entire web in order to learn the things necessary for making this XD



  19. Alien vs Predator Races

    Alien vs Predator Races


    I'm remaking this mod as playable races now.
    Playable Xenomorph and Yautja races Both genders available for both races Functional working heads with facial morphs (expressions) (instead of helmets and suits, like it worked in previous mods) Custom bodies, using Blockhead's body swap functionality, gender choice greatly affects looks of the races A complete set of Predator armors and gear located in the testing hall.

    Predator gear is still in the old box at the testinghall. Type: "coc testingall" in the console, with no quotes, and the chest should be around somewhere.

    BBB Compatible Skeleton (I recommend the one from LAPF) Blockhead Custom Race Fix, also present in Unofficial Oblivion Patches Robert's male Body and an HGEC based female one.

    Issues (HEEEEELP):
    This mod is still in an experimental phase, which means a lot of functions aint working as I would like, such as:
    I haven't assimilated the gear swap functionality, or scripts that make possible the illusion of predator cannon working with Midas magic spell, or cloaking device, or thermal vision, or shurikens and other fancy gear stuff the other Predator race mod has Same goes for Xenomorph race, Blockhead's body swap function only works with naked bodies, and I dont yet know a way to prevent a race from equipping items (WHICH IS WHY ONE SHOULD PLAY AS A NAKED ALIEN - Unless you wanna wear clothes, and look like a complete abomination). The other Alien Race mod works by adding suits and helmets and preventing them to be unequipped, but that's not the way of this mod. I still haven paid much attention to stats and playability. I've only been focused on looks and consequence for now, so playability might not be as immersive as one would wish.

    Future plans
    Making Xenomorph-specific animations... with any luck, running on 4 legs, swimming like a snake etc... Merging functionality of this into Divine Avenger and Pred team's Predator Race, and The_Philantropy and AlienSlof''s Xenomorph Race. Though that is a mayor endeavore because of scripts and complex functionas both mods have; specially regarding suit-equipping scripts and stuff that in this version is no longer necessary. Adding variations to the races

    Custom Body Details
    Robert's Male Heavy Muscular for Yautja males ZKEC, normal lowerbody, wide upperbody D cup (custom made) for Yautja females Special Feet for Yautjas Alien Warrior and Jungle Alien for Xenomorphs

    -Rebellion Developments and Sega for Alien vs Predator 2010
    -ShadeMe for Blockhead
    -BlackDragon66 for the head model
    -JDayT for the original feet models
    -Kapaer for the Blender tri import/export script
    -The_Philantropy for original Xenomorph Race mod and sound files
    -Software used: CS Construction Set, Blender, Nifskope, Noesis, Photoshop, Conformulator
    -My internet friends for making a community where we've all grown as modders. In this mod, to Room207 for helping me figure out an issue when making functional Oblivion heads, and thanks to that, we now actually know how.
    -I as Myst42 AKA El Alquimista, can only take credit for porting most of the models and textures, making them playable and putting all of this together as a mod. I also made all heads' facial morphs and remade the textures for Yautja Race

    I'm deeply sorry if I'm forgetting anyone, but this is not a "regular mod". It's a "mashup". Which means it's made with several stuff I've gathered along my modding life.
    And I'm a messy modder, so I tend to forget where I actually got the stuff.
    If anyone has the right, and thinks that's a problem this can be solved in 2 ways:
    Either I formally ask you permission, and you allow me to keep this mod public with a big thank you and you flashy name in credits
    Or you can be an asshole and I would have to take this mod down. However, you're not harming me, I'll keep working on this privately anyway.
    If, somehow I manage to put this together with the old mods, I might have to credit a whole lot more of people involved in the development of those. Specifically, Divine Avenger and Pred Team, with all the people who is also credited on his credit list.
    This is ustable ground, but it was already unstable since this was a port to begin with. I only hope this can continue to be public as I try to be as respectful as possible.
    Most of the old modders have gone missing by now.
    Keep always in mind that this mod is by no means a way of profit. This mod is provided FREELY for the intent of personal fun and enjoyment in TES 4 Oblivion only.

    Note: files PredatorRaceReplacer.rar and Hunters.rar are part of the old mod. New version is the other file
    Old Mod




  20. Allnarta's Draenei race

    Simple race mod, that adds male Draenei as playable race to the game. Race uses Blockhead as base for unique assets, uses ported from WoW by me assets, has MeshSwap-ready replacements for few vanilla armours and Lovers Lowerbody mesh.
    There are 40 exclusive eye colours and bunch of new haistyles provided in V. 2.0.
    -Lowerbody is based on geechan's hooves mod, with fixed UV issues (not perfect, but cannot be done better with existing mesh and I refuse to recreate hooves from scratch, issues are not so exposed on existing one). Also I added correct butthole anatomy from Anatomic Anobolies and fixed it to look subtile and natural.
    -Body mesh is BBB and Buttock-BB enabled.
    -Race uses BlockHead for unique assets (i.e. hooves).
    -Horns, ears, tentacles and hooves are straight port from WoW.
    -Improved tail mesh. Now gold accessories are volumetric, not just painted on texture.
    -New character animations with full butt and chest bounce.
    -Many new hairstyles and 40 eye colours.
    -Vanilla armor refits, usable via MeshSwap mod (either raceMess or Unique Player Equipment). There are three vanilla refits avaible in V. 2.0, more to come in future updates. Mod already contains ready-to-use .ini for both UPE and RaceMess.
    -BreakArmor support for all refits.
    -LAPF Unique Lowerbody usable via MeshSwap mod, overhauled to have more realistic size of penis and with improved weights.

    -Seven skin colour options to choose from.
    -Six horn style options to choose from.
    -Race uses Head06 as base headmesh (so leave your complains about "demo" character for yourself, you can create any type of character because race facegen is set to zero by default).
    -Race is male only. Don't ask for female version, go and get already avaible ones.
    Known issues:
    -Any armor or clothing will make legs human. MeshSwap-ready meshes are provided for few armors in V. 2.0. 
    -Not all character animations are covered yet.
    -[HARD] OBSE. Race need Blockhead to work, and BlockHead need OBSE to work respectively.
    -[HARD] BlockHead - race uses Blockhead-based unique meshes for body, so will not work wothout it.
    -[HARD] LAPF or Maximum Compatibility skeleton. Without it body parts will stretch to infinity.
    -[SOFT] Robert Male Body - race uses it's own body and textures, but they are based on Robert's.
    -[SOFT] Mesh Extended Swap System for armor and LAPF unique replacers - either Unique Player Equipment or RaceMess option. I reccomend UPE because RaceMess refuse to update race-unique equipment after loading savegame.
    -[SOFT] BreakArmor MESS version for proper BreakArmor support.
    -Mod is OMOD-ready. Just run it with OBMM and choose your options.



  21. alternative esp for "AliceMadnessReturns" dress pack

    Original (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14042-alicemadness-returns/) Data Pack is ESSENTIAL too!
    alternative esp for "AliceMadnessReturns" dress pack - altered container inject (no vanilla cell hurt), some suits are accessible by parts - skirts, gloves etc. Some silly icons added. Enchanted weapons got charge.



  22. Alternative injector for Darigaz' DMZ armors

    Quick-made mod for better demonstration of DMZ Armors
    0) armors are added to merchant (Morwain, Anvil; repeatedly, if already bought) chest via script, not by direct edit (less conflict chance);
    1) placeholder male vanila models added:
    a) DarkBrotherhood Male armor for Shrouded;
    b order armor for Brusef Amelion, Mithril, Iron, and Ebony;
    c) arena light blue male armor for Glass and Chainmail;
    2) some armorsuit weights are edited to my preferences: for example, 160 seems too much even for Ebony set;
    3) six(iirc) girls (some vanila races i like), who could wear some variants of DMZ armor are added by script to vanila "Orc Adventurer" actor list; so they can arrive instead of vanila orc at corresponding locations;
    all gals have additional ai-packs for sleep, and search for weapons when disarmed (for any weapon when in combat, or their specific - if not);
    their armor "preferences" are also groupped by their classes: DMZ-heavy, DMZ-light and "lightest"(thief-style);
    JFYI: vanila Orc-adventurer random-chance locations are: Dzonot cave, Talwinque, HrotandaVale, FortNomore, Niryastare02, ArrowshaftCavern03, GrayrockCave02, KingscrestCavern03, KindredCavern02, FortUrasek02, Rielle, DoomedMine, FortBlackBoot, FortDoubleCross, Nornal03, FortChalman.
    This mod should be used instead of original Darigaz's .esp, all other resources from original mod are neccessary.
    All questions about this mod [mal]function should be addressed to me, emo877 (please do not bother the author of original mod).
    Big thanks to Darigaz17 for beautiful armors.
    UPD: look into "support thread", there could be (+1 now) newer versions.



  23. Alternative Pregnant Clothes and Armor (expanded)

    File Name: Alternative Pregnant Clothes and Armor (non-EVE, skimpy)
    File Submitter: minaemm
    File Submitted: 22 Jul 2016 (update 10 Oct 2016)
    File Category: Armor & Clothing

    This whole project resulted out of a discussion with movomo, i have been working on this for the past few weeks, and most i inspected looked good in NifSkope. Some have some minor tearing, which i just think happens because the fabrics can't take the bigger bellies
    I recently installed a new game and decided to use the HFBE body as a base, so i converted all HGEC mods to that version, and then did the pregnancy conversions. I feel this may be more in line aesthetically.
    I will still do standard HGEC to HFBP conversions if demands are made All uploads not marked HFB are still based on the "normal" HGEC body.
    I will upload my conversions here so people can TEST! it. Still very much BETA, so be forewarned. Sadly i could get no answer from Yuravica, so i am just going to go ahead and post it. If anybody has objections, please tell me, i will immediately pull it down then.
    So i restructured the uploads, made available conversions of the bases to the HFB body, and changed all to the HFBPregnant stages. All are converted to E-Cup HFB (but you can still use the HGEC base, so no need for these conversions), then BBB'd if needed, then HFB preg1-3. Those may be a bit small for some of you, but all others seemed excessive to my eyes. I may do other conversions if demanded.
    This should be much more intuitive now. If you have installed any of the basics, just overwrite the meshes with mine (the Pregnant ones don't need to overwrite, unless you have others installed beforehand). I suggest Wrye Bash to check any conflicts and overwrite as needed/wanted.
    I recently installed a new game and decided to use the HFBE body as a base, so i converted all HGEC mods to that version, and then did the pregnancy conversions. I feel this may be more in line aesthetically.
    I will still do standard HGEC to HFBP conversions if demands are made All uploads not marked HFB are still based on the "normal" HGEC body. And of course you need the base mod, before the pregnant version makes sense.
    BAIN ready. Use WryeBash, or unzip the meshes folder manually. It will only add or overwrite files that are named "_prg#", so do not worry about screwing anything up. If you want to use the HFB basic conversions, then just let it overwrite. You still need all the originals first though.
    Note on the Mass Outfit Redesign alternate (unreasonable) versions. I kept the original file paths, as they came from Myst42's version, so you will need to still rename/overwrite them as you please yourself. Please follow Myst42's instructions in their readme on how to do that. (I suggest extraction of Myst's files someplace safe, then just extract mine over that, then rename and install into Oblvion.)
    7zip archive. Should open with pretty much any modern unrar/unzip program though.

    UPDATE log:
    Update 06-08:
    -Added conversions for MassOutfitRedesign by Myst42 to HFBE (original available here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/download/1147-mass-outfit-redesign/ or here), as well as kingkongs overhaul from here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1738-replaceroverhaul-clothesarmor-hgec-e-ll/
    -In addition to that, pregnant variants of the above, as well as AveBrave's collection, originals here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/212-aves-mod-selection/
    You WILL need the originals, for the textures at least (and replacer .esp's). Give them credit, i just converted as i could.
    Update 05:
    -Added Derida collection (which includes Sword Dancer, Gloria & Trish, and Kirin)
    -Added R18PN collection (which includes Complete Lingerie collection, Iruma, Mina, and Romaje)
    Update 04b.: Seperated into individual mods. If i missed anything, please just PM me, and i will make the changes. More armors/clorthes to come soon. I also take requests. You do NOT need to download the files called "MyPreg".
    TamagoSetBody (to actually see the pregnant bodies automatically)
    *SetBody Blockhead edition (recommended, not strictly needed)
    *HFB Replacers for the textures and esp, if you use the pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
    *Mass Outfit Redesign for the textures and esp, if you use the HFB replacer and/or pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
    *LoversLabHGECLL for the textures and esp, if you use the HFB replacer and/or pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
    (won't make sense without the above four, even though strictly they are not needed.)
    Any maximum compatibility skeleton, like the one from LAPF, or Growlf's Universal Skeleton. (the only one you really need, so you won't get tearing and stretching)
    (personal note)
    This is my first ever upload, so bear with me. Constructive criticism welcome Also, if anybody can do in-game screen-shots of the various armors, i would be thankful. I barely change mine and collecting them all seems insane for just a photo op So please share!
    (plans going forward)
    I am looking into making seamless versions of it all. After i convert all of the mods i have/want, i will update everything to seamless versions, fitting the heads from here http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44360/?. I realise that will take some texture modifications too, but i am reading up on that, so bear with me And no, it will NOT need OCO v2 or anything, it will be standalone.
    Description Update:
    So included in this pack is already, apart from the replacer variants:
    Ozmo's Ivy armor.
    Black Legion's Dark Illusion
    Cenobite's Full Metal Bikini II or III
    Growlf's Chainspike
    Hiromacu's Taki armor
    Jimsonzugl's Moon Love
    Tona's Airy Lily
    Wulf's Glass Armor (non-replacer)
    Fallen20's Lingerie set (converted to E-cup, LL-bottom and BBB)
    ANB's Drape Top
    Zotman12's Armor of Para
    Hentai's Collection
    Kogane's Mage Leather
    Sinblood's Lethal Majesty, Ravenous Elegance, and VelvetRose
    ... and probably some others i can't remember right now. In the future i will seperate these mods into their own branches, so you only have to install what you actually want.
    also an unknown armor by "mengmo?"
    Many Thanks to the mesh/texture creators: Avebrave, KingKong, Zotman12/Hentai, R18PN, ANB, Kogane, Sinblood, Wulf, Tona, Ozmo, Cenobite, Hiromacu, Jimsonzugl, Growlf, Black Legion, Myst42, Yuravica, and everybody i forgot right now.
    Thanks to Bethesda for the great game, the modding community, and most important of all the great folks at LoversLabs.
    Special thanks to Movomo who inspired me take on this little project, as well as Iamnoone.

    Click here to download this file



  24. Ambassador of Darkness DMRA

    This is a DMRA conversion of the Ambaddador of Darkness armor by Eyren.
    Version 1.1
    You will need the original file here:
    Install Instructions:
    1: Download original file and install as per it's instructions.
    2: Drag and drop the contents of the rar file into your oblivion directory. Overwite when asked.
    Special Thanks:
    Eyren for the original armor.
    myuhinny, mem4ob4, movomo, Vaelorian, and varenne for helping me understand the use of the Clothing Convert program.
    Ver 1.1: BBB enabled



  25. Anal gape

    My first attempt at uploading something here. Let's hope it works as intended. Anyway:
    It has always irritated me that no mesh gives a good view of the butthole, so I decided to remedy that.
    Had anal sex with 20 pirates, 15 horses and a horde of goblins? Switch to this mesh for the female lower body for better.....er, immersion.
    I will probably add more texture options with varying degree of gaping and anal creampies.
    Does any mod contain any good pegging action that would justify a male version by the way?
    Feel free to use, abuse and tweak this resource at will in your mods.
    Requirements: Uses some textures from the juicy Cursed Armor mod:
    ....and the authors of any resource they used
    The original mesh is a futa mesh from the Lovers Resources v3.



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