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WIP / Beta

Adult oriented Skyrim mods that are not finished yet, but wish to be made public for testing purposes

38 files

  1. Vigilant of Stendarr

    Vigilants beat the shit out of conjuration users and then do nasty things to them.
    Make a copy of your saves beforehand
    ### WARNING ###
    DO NOT USE ON VALUABLE SAVEGAMES. There are scripts that attach to the player and a whole bunch of npcs, and mess with essential status. Also, your character stats will be fubar'd from all the punishments XD Some people complain about stat damage... as if they're playing Hello Kitty or something.
    UPDATING from older version (the mod will start from scratch): If this isn't done, the scripts will not find new properties.
    uncheck esp
    load game
    wait a few seconds
    run "Save game script cleaner"(from nexus) and load ^that^ savegame and delete all scripts that start with "znsi" (type znsi in the top-left textbox)
    copy/paste new .esp and .bsa
    enable .esp
    uncheck esp
    load game
    wait a few seconds
    run "Save game script cleaner"(from nexus) and load ^that^ savegame and delete all scripts that start with "znsi" (type znsi in the top-left textbox)
    delete .esp and .bsa

    Those who cast conjuration spells (detected by school of magic) become heretics.
    Being a heretic makes vigilants around you really friendly and they suddenly want to gift some items to you.
    The items are added based on the number of arrests
    1.Nasty mask - heretics can't wear helmet and cast spells, makes them look ugly
    2.Vaginal ball on a chain - adds +1 to sore vagina similar to a wooden horse and requires a lot of stamina unless the ball is held in hands
    3.Oversized wrist irons - prevent wearing gloves
    4.Ankle chain ball - just weighs a lot
    5.Heretic's fork - Those 4 little spikes force a heretic to look up, literally.
    6.Breast spreader (7base/UNP) - Heretics can't wear armor. Pain makes them take more damage in combat.
    7.Ankle-thigh chain - forces sneaking, prevents talking and trading with most NPCs. If you don't have a horse nearby you're screwed with Requiem installed. Inquisitor will force greet you.
    Some of the items also have minor debuffs like -speech, -sneak, -lockpicking, etc
    Slots used:
    46: heretic's fork, oathkeeper
    56 : mask, wrist irons, breast spreader, chain&ball, leg chain
    58: vaginal chain
    60: keys and temporary stuff
    There are 3 ways to remove restraints.
    1. Submitting to interrogation by vigilants, which damages stats
    2. Confession that lets heretics avoid punishment, but instead they get an anti-conjuring spiked chain made from unobtanium that's permanently welded around the neck. That's why it's NON-REMOVABLE.
    3. Making keys with 25+ lockpicking at the forge.
    Attribute restoration potions can be made at cooking pots with high alchemy.
    NPC heretics are disabled because of visual glitches.
    Conflicts with:
    - Male PC cuz you know... boobs
    If you cast conjuration spells and you get 0 reaction from vigilants, people say moving the mod down the load order helps.
    One time out of like 200 new games everybody (vigilants, bandits, necros) stopped attacking me. So if the vigilants aren't attacking you your savegame is probably screwed up, especially if bandits aren't attacking you either.
    If you have mods that require complete stripping you'll get stuck.
    SD+: Select limited removal in Sanguine Debauchery+ MCM.
    If the body seemingly randomly looks like shit while breastspreader is on, go to MCM VoS/SI and click on Skyrim is FUCKED UP. Close the menus. Repeat.
    Disappearing restraints? Turn off device hiding in Devious Devices.
    You can disable vigilant arrest in MCM, then if you have Death Alternative, DA will be used for bleedout.
    If you get a BSODA (Black Screen of Death... Alternative) go to MCM VoS/SI and click on Skyrim is FUCKED UP
    Stuck in DA? Don't select ragdoll & bleedout in DA, instead select bleedout only.
    MCM menu is empty: "stopquest znsiconfig" then "startquest znsiconfig"
    OLD description, for 0.05 and older:


    Zaz animation pack 6.0
    >>>>> Zaz animation pack credits:
    GSBModders - As Always, His Meshes/Textures give the Start of My Mods.( I Welcome Him Back For His Short Stay)
    Fore - For Creating A Way Get New Animations Into Skyrim , without His Hard Work and his Excellent Mod FNIS This Wouldn't Be possible at all.
    Figment - hkxcmd ( Without this tool ........ lol )
    ZaZ Animations - Chris ( I Dont want the Tag Master , Honestly it was just a Chat Name )
    XAZ - For His excellent Poses and animations And Now Merging For ZaZ and XaZ
    Jbezorg - He Made Spells , Just For Me On Request to Test 2 Person Animations - Cheers And Kudos
    Labrat - He Translated the Blender Animation Readme For Skyrim ( I never Mentioned His Name Before , Its because of His Translated Readme , I Attempted to Animate Skyrim)
    Mr Dave Texture Resources - Kudos to Him and Love his Work
    Kalarr - For Helping Me Find Out the animation Numbering and Creating an Animation Pictorial Set , I will Add More and Update his Set.
    The Usual Suspects Mayatola My PR ,Equidical - ZaZ Resources , And Many More.
    XAZ Credits - SullenMan, Jammer - Gags, collar and shackles
    Credits: Luis Royo - THE painting
    Dimon99 - UNP
    Sevennity - 7base



  2. SMUT Books

    SMUT Books


    Attention: SMUT Books now requires the SexLab Framework!

    With SMUT Books, I wanted to integrate some sort of smutty and explicit writings.
    It soon turned into a different direction and now I am expanding the range of books towards folk tales and will branch into less explicit material as well.
    Since many of the books were published by "Sven Morkard's Uncensored Texts", I kept the name SMUT Books
    My writing skills aren't on par with many others, English is not my main language and therefore mistakes might be abundant in the texts.
    Feel free to send me corrections, I will polish the books as I add new ones.
    So far there are 13 books in the mod. I added 4 of them to the leveled list for book clutter.
    I have no idea if I did it right, so if you find a book somewhere, please let me know it works
    One of the books can be found near the sign post at the crossroads Helgen/Riverwood. Or so I hope at least...
    I am again not sure if I did everything right, this is the first time I actually did something with the CK.
    Some of the books contain pictures. Those are not really connected to the stories. I intended them to be like "Page Three Girls" or like Centerfolds. But they are neither on page 3 or in the center
    Books so far: (e = explicit, f = folklore, s = sexy/erotic, c = creature/animal)
    Bed Time Stories Issue 1 (e)
    Ladies of Comfort Vol. I (e)
    Ladies of Comfort Vol. II (e)
    Ladies of Comfort Vol. III (e)
    Lorna the Bard Book I (e,c)
    Lorna the Bard Book II (e)
    Lorna the Bard Book III (e)
    Lorna the Bard Book IV (e)
    The cursed Pendant (f)
    Cedric's First Journal (e)
    Travelling the Roads of Skyrim I (s)
    Travelling the Roads of Skyrim II (s)
    Brylla the Wild Book I ©
    Please check the info.txt for more information!
    The "Ladies of Comfort" Series was inspired by "Radiant Prostitution", if anyone wonders about certain aspects sounding familiar
    "Brylla the Wild" was inspired by "Beastess"
    SMUT books V.01b: The new book already was in the works before I did the poll, so it is more of the erotic kind. I tried to cater to the poll so far with the picture
    SMUT books V.01c: Sorry, still no Comics......
    SMUT books V.01d: Still working on the Comics, really!



  3. Arachnophobia

    This is a mod that is aimed at providing additional functionality and maybe challenge with frostbite spiders in Skyrim. It was originally inspired by Ms Leeches (Now Princessity, I believe) original mod Arachnophobia. The intent of the mod (from what I understand, at least) was simply to demonstrate the application of the animations and web equips in-game. However, the mod would see little to no further support.
    Before I begin, let me make two things very clear:
    1) This mod is not, never was and never will include any sort of sex from spiders. While we are here at LL, this isn't intended to include any sex/beastiality. There are no plans to rape the victims with oversized spider schlongs, impregnate them or anything of that sort. This is only in the "adult" section because it makes use of the ZaZ Animation Pack, which contains adult material for use in other mods. As a result, this mod also does not require or interact with SexLab in any way shape or form.
    2) This is my first attempt at modding! It's also particularly early in development and while I have a handful of scripting knowledge in general, this mod is going to be far from stable and will have issues, hence the beta (thought it should probably be alpha) tag.
    Oh and if you're arachnophobic, this mod might not be for you!
    Opening Note
    If you experience any issues, please post about it including the steps needed to reproduce the problem. No doubt there are still things I've missed some of which are probably major. Consider yourself a tester, should you decide to brave this download.
    VERSION 0.32: (Current as of 19 March, 2018)
    Oversized spiders have been rather unintimidating to fight. The tactics you'd use to tackle the arachnid threat would hardly differ from just about any other threat, be it lesser or greater. This mod aims to change that a wee bit.
    The Spiders
    Targets hit by a spider's spit or bite attacks will become entangled and basically helpless until they struggle their way out.
    Upon getting entangled, a mater will appear below the compass to indicate how much web needs to be struggled out of. The meter will drain as you make progress in struggling out, but fill if more web is applied or you struggle incorrectly.
    More web is applied if the victim receives attacks from any spider. If the meter fills beyond certain thresholds, more layers are applied, increasing the difficulty to escape and make progress. If the meter is emptied below those same thresholds, layers will be removed, making escape a bit easier.
    If the meter fills (and it can fill beyond the maximum displayed), the victim begins to lose consciousness. If the victim somehow struggles enough to bring the filled amount below the maximum (highly unlikely), they'll be able to continue struggling without the threat of losing consciousness.
    If entangled, the forward, left, right and back keys may be pressed in clockwise (A->W->D->S by default) or counter-clockwise (A->S->D->W by default) to struggle against the web. Again the meter displays the progress made toward escaping. If an incorrect input is received progress will be lost. Once the meter has been completely emptied, the victim successfully escapes.
    Dragged Off
    If a victim fails to escape from their webbing and loses consciousness (or they are defeated through Death Alternative), they'll be dragged to a spider's den to be saved as a meal for later. Currently there is only one den.
    In here, the cocoon may seem highly difficult to escape from, especially at early-game levels. However, as you damage the cocoon further, escape will become easier. Once certain progress is made against the cocoon, the webbing will start to fall off, visually indicating that there is less web resisting the victim's struggle. This will make the meter progress faster with each escape attempt. Additionally, there's a chance during the escape that you'll shake yourself loose from hanging upside down. If this occurs, escape will become significantly easier but it comes with its own risks....
    Victims aren't alone in the spider's den. Every so often, the spider will come back to check on their victim. The victim may find themselves wrapped back up if the spider thinks they aren't secure enough. The chances of the spider re-wrapping its victim increases with the more progress you have made towards escape - even more so if you're not hanging upside down anymore. With that said, there are some additional options:
    When the spider decides to investigate its captive, the captive may:
    -Continue struggling: This allows you to continue struggling, but you'll suffer an increase in the chance to be wrapped up again.
    -Hold still: You'll stop struggling, giving the spider a decreased chance in deciding you're not going anywhere as you are.
    -Kick spider: If you're near escaping, chances are the spider's going to wrap you back up, but you can make one last ditch effort to kick it away while you get those last few strands off of you. If the spider recovers before you can escape however, you'll be in for another silky embrace.
    If the victim has a follower, they can then attempt to free them by sneaking next to them and waiting for the webs to come off. Eventually, they too will be helped free. If you leave a follower behind, one of two things will happen: If they are essential, they will reappear at their home location. If they are not, they will simply die.
    Getting Back to it
    Successful escape from the den will place the player back in a safe location near the area they were originally captured at. This could be the entrance to the dungeon they were in, or the edge of the area they were caught in. If Arachnophobia can't find a safe place to put the player, they'll be taken directly back to the exact location they were originally captured at. This is merely a fail-safe - the chances of this happening should be relatively infrequent.
    There are still probably plenty of bugs scurrying about (apart from spiders) so be sure to report on them appropriately with as many details as possible to help identify the source of the problem. If it's within my power to fix, I will do what I can.
    This mod uses vanilla image space modifiers to simulate the fading of the screen to black and back to normal. In certain ENBs (such as RealVision), image space modifiers do not function correctly, therefore, you may experience some odd functionality occurring that is supposed to occur behind a black screen. You have been warned.
    VERSION 0.10.1 is unsupported but still available
    - ZaZ Animation Pack v6.11 or later and its associated requirements (like FNIS)
    - SKSE 1.7.3 or later
    - SkyUI if you want MCM functionality
    - Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life by BralorMarr
    Death Alternative will also take the victim to the spider lair if they are defeated.
    Things to be aware of:
    Let me reiterate that this is my first attempt at a mod and has been a very large learning experience for me. While the features are few, and there will be plenty of bugs, this was more to see if I could simply just MAKE a mod (or edit one in this case). I'm pretty sure there are some things I have forgotten.
    Right now there is support for only one follower when it comes to the cave. Any others might glitch around or just stand there looking at you funny waiting for you to die or escape. If the victim is taken to the cave, their one follower will end up cocooned next to them somewhere and can be freed by attacking them. I intend to expand upon this more, later.
    With all that said, use this at your own risk and please be patient with me. I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions on how to do things better (there usually is a better way) and it's actually highly appreciated.
    Known Issues
    - If using more than one follower, expect things to possibly misbehave.
    - Followers that don't follow the normal follower rules (i.e. Serana, Sofia, Vilja, etc) won't always work properly. The mod will still be playable, but their behavior might produce unexpected "immersion-breaking" results.
    -It is intended for the meter to go beyond the maximum displayed amount during combat entanglement ONLY. It should not go beyond maximum in the lair capture scenario.
    -The follower may sometimes not be equipped with a web mesh when taken to the spider's lair.
    -Combat entanglement and Death Alternative bleedouts could possibly cause some problems (mainly when an attack that entangles also damages a player to below 0HP). I tried testing this out as extensively as circumstances would allow and for the most part, my workarounds appear to be working correctly. However, this will still need further user testing.



  4. BestialityRape

    Hello, this is a mod of rape by animals.
    It is based on the "animation" Gone.
    Requirements :
    - Pack animation - Gone
    - FNIS 4.0 Beta
    - Creature Pack 4.0
    - SKSE
    - SkyUI
    Installation :
    Copy the file in the directory "data" on your skyrim installation.
    Launched "GenerateFNISforUsers" is clicked on the "FNIS Behavior Characters" and "FNIS Behavior Creatures" button.
    if you do not have is the Button you do not have the correct version of FNIS.
    Bug wolf / Dog
    FNIS Message :
    Animation available
    - Draugr
    - Werewolf - 3
    - Wolf - 2
    - Horse
    - Falmer - 3
    - Bear
    - Sabrecat
    - Giant
    - Troll - Bug with the FNIS Modder it crash with the troll
    - Gargoyle
    - Vampire Lord



  5. Creature Sex - Spell

    This mod adds the spell to be relation with animals
    It is based on the "animation" Gone.
    Requirements :
    - Pack animation - Gone
    - FNIS 4.0 Beta
    - Creature Pack 4.0
    - SKSE
    - SkyUI
    Installation :
    Copy the file in the directory "data" on your skyrim installation.
    Launched "GenerateFNISforUsers" is clicked on the "FNIS Behavior Characters" and "FNIS Behavior Creatures" button.
    if you do not have is the Button you do not have the correct version of FNIS.
    *If you had to install BestialityRap you could overwrite files. he used the same animations.*
    Access to the test room
    There was a spell to teleport into the testing room "Teleport animalsex Testcell"
    Bug wolf / Dog
    FNIS Message :
    Animation available
    - Draugr - 3
    - Werewolf - 3
    - Wolf - 2
    - Horse
    - Falmer - 3
    - Chaurus - 2
    - Spider
    - Giant
    - Troll - 3
    - Bear
    - SaberCat
    - Bonus Draugr GangBang
    - Bonus Spider Team



  6. S³(f) - Skyrim Slavery System (framework)

    +++++ ATTENTION +++++

    This mod might seem like a step back for most of you guys. I only uploaded this version of the framework, so that some of you guys, if you want to, can have a look at the scripts and how I intend this to work! Do not expect a finished mod. Do not expect a mod at all.


    S³(f) - v.0.1 release

    Skyrim Slavery System - framework

    ...will take you captive


    I personally regard human trafficking as one of mankind's most cruel menaces.

    Do keep in mind that this is a game which plays in a fictional universe that has always involved slavery.

    I condemn all forms of slavery in the real world.

    1. Introduction
    So, it's been a while. I have been very busy with studies and thus did not have the time to develop S³ any further. Until now!
    I am proud to present to you the brand-new S³(f) - a framework for all things slavery related.
    Please leave questions, feedback and suggestions in the appropriate thread.
    2. What is S³(f)?
    The framework offers a wide variety of new functions, all of which are somehow related to slavery. It is designed to give modders an easily understandable base to build their creations on.
    It consists of an .esm and a few scripts and is dependant on other mod's meshes and textures for the slavers gear.
    In the current version, 0.1, there are slightly less features included than there were in the original S³ mod. However, adding new features will not be as much of a hassle as it used to be, since I kind of already know how to implement them.
    Up to this point, S³(f)'s specs are as follows:
    enslave up to eight people
    control your slaves: have them follow, wait, check out their inventory or select them for further actions
    gain slaver XP and increase your slavery level (useless, as of now)
    sell & buy scripts are included

    Be advised, this mod on it's own does not do a lot for you. It merely adds the different functions for handling slaves, you will need plug-ins to actually be able to do stuff.
    3. Requirements & Installation
    To use the framework, you will need to have a couple of mods and extensions for your Skyrim.
    SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) by silverlock.org

    Once you have made sure that all these mods are properly installed on your machine, download S³(f) and copy all the files in the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder. There is no automatic installer or something like that, but also there aren't that many files. The folder structure from the archive must be kept the same!
    Last, but not least, make sure that S³(f) is loaded prior to any mod that is dependent on it and activate it via your favourite mod manager or launcher. Once inside the game, you will be promted with a welcome message, offering either debug mode or normal mode.
    4. Mods using S³(f)
    Here you will find all mods that make use of S³(f). Mods in italic writing are personal recommendations or written by me.
    5. Personal words & credits
    I created this framework to finally have a basis for Skyrim slavery modders. You are more than welcome to use this and create more content like slaver bases, caravans or whatever else comes to your mind! I will upload some tutorials on how to create basic stuff, such as slave traders, and how certain functions work soon. Until then, don't hesitate to ask me.
    *This is the red line: Under no circumstances shall I allow anyone to use S³(f) for any mods that include child slavery, sexual activity with children or anything of that sort. There is a condition integrated that does not allow children to be enslaved. It is strictly prohibited to upload any mod that changes that. If you alter this on your machine, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, but do not ever upload that changed file to any site or even talk about it. Also this is not up for discussion.
    I would like to thank the whole community of loverslab for creating a decent place to share such work and for testing my earlier versions of S³! Also I'd like to give special thanks to chris and xaz (ZaZ Animations & Gear) as well as Zadil (Devious Devices) for creating astonishing meshes, textures and animations! And of course, thanks to Ashal for his work on this site as well.



  7. Misc Stuff

    I realized that a few of the things I've made are kind of scattered about, so I decided to open a thread where I can collect all these miscellaneous little bits. Some are archived previous versions of my mods, some are requests from other users, and some are just little curiosities.
    There's nothing really special here... honestly, this is mostly because I find it somewhat irritating to search through threads to find mods people have uploaded, especially when I can't quite remember the name of the mod, or worse, in which thread it is located. On the wild chance that someone someday says "Hey I wanted that horseshoe tattoo, where was it again?" here it is.
    This may or may not be updated as I make other crap.
    BF_ScrollMerchant: Adds the "find your children" scrolls from Beeing Female (v2.4) to Phinis Gestor and also to Constance Michel. Sybian Cums: Adds in a couple of items as a response to this thread. Tattoos v3: Adds in some grids and lines to SlaveTats to help making tattoos a bit easier. Also adds some horseshoes. Devious Manual v1.1: The original, for those who don't want the extra content of the new version, but do want the nice pics. dykwia archive: Contains v1 through v17 of dykwia for archive purposes. sexlab animations and tags: Modders resource. Contains an MS Excel file that has a sortable chart of animations included in SexLab 1.59c (highly outdated with SexLab 1.6). Rose tattoos 2: A couple of tattoos I made for SD+ (see this post). Reward Your Followers archive: Contains v1c through v5d_3 of RWRD for archive purposes. CCAS archive: Contains v2 through v10 of CCAS for archive purposes. Does not contain facegen data, meshes, textures, or grine pack. CCAS v11: Thanks to chaimhewast for saving this. In case anyone wants it, here it is. THIS INCLUDES MESH AND TEXTURE FILES. CCAS v13: Backup just in case. This does not contain meshes or textures. msml: A little mod that makes Sofia have a dialogue sex option. (see this thread) Decorative Eye: A (failed) attempt to make the Eye of Magnus a small decorative item. Instead got a large decorative item. (see this thread) Replace MARA with MOLAG BAL: Swaps out the model of the Mara statue in the LAL cell with Molag Bal from Dawnguard. (see this post) SD Addon Races - v1 of the mod that adds Rieklings, Lurkers, Snow Elves, and Gargoyles to the list of master races for SD+. (see this post) Impregnation Plug is a soulgem vaginal plug that triggers a Beeing Female pregnancy when equipped. (see this post) heretical rope test tests grouping many ropes from Heretical Resources into a small area, to see if it causes a performance hit. See this thread for more information. slp_albinospidertest is a quickie little proof-of-concept mod that gives you a chance to get infected with face- or hip-hugger parasites from Sexlab Parasites. See this post. devious devices tag list is a Microsoft Excel document that contains all current (as of April 19 2017) device tags for generically registered devices. See this post. atronach test 2 is a quick-and-dirty test for Riding Styles v3. It adds a spell to summon a frost atronach, and then mounts the player on the atronach. See this post.
    Note on Tattoos v3: I didn't make those horseshoes. I just took them from the game files (stables map icon) and twiddled with them until they looked about right. I also didn't make the rose tattoos - I just found free image silhouettes online and mashed them together. They're pretty poor quality. I might get around to cleaning them up one of these days...

    I'm missing some other smallish tattoos that I've done for other people, and some other little modlets. Ah, well.



  8. [WIP] Paradise Hall (Continued)

    Reworked the main description page (second post)
    Ever read the main description page before posting any problem, thanks. Only support on version in developpement (0.8 and more) will be done here.
    This mod is the continuation of Paradise Halls.
    All the versions of Paradise Halls and it's 2 original add-ons (paradise_halls_farengars_study and paradise_halls_fellglow_slave_camp) are to download on Nexus.
    All files downloadable in this thread will be done for 0.8.x, including the new versions of the 2 original add-ons.

    Version 0.8.3 : be carefull this an alpha test version for experimented users wanting to help or modders, don't base a real play on it.
    Removed soulgemmed slave collar Added/updated some IO functions, getter/setter for submission , respect, base combat and collars lists add (see source). Add-ons can now define their own collars to completly remove chance to escape or reduce the chance to escape by 50% Updated the full starter to use the sample collars


    Previous versions



  9. HexLife - A (hopefully) Large Quest Mod

    Firstly, as of now this is basically a player home. I am still learning how to mod but I am proud of myself for making this, even though its just a house "in the woods"
    For future plans I do plan to have a highly player controlled experience with lots of choice options, not just a bunch of fetch quests.  the story will start out when the PC returns to their grandmothers home to find her grandmother and father dead. The player then has to decide on what to do. this heavily revolves around the player deciding to continue on her families legacy as a witch.

    Choices are a large part of this mod leading the character further and further down the chosen path 
    While some choices have a permanent effect on the game play and relation with the NPCs disposition
    all in all the end goal would be to craft a separate section of Skyrim for the player but that's above my ability now so I will instead try to expand the town and focus on a story that goes with the majority of the mods we know and love here - starting with Live another life. if only I can figure out how to do that.
    Any who I will try to flush out the first "Good Ending" and create a mod around that while trying to keep it lore friendly. 



  10. It Grows! (simulated staged pubic growth / SlaveTats)

    It Grows!
    20160412 Beta - Initial Release
    simulated staged pubic growth using SlaveTats
    I'd welcome help from a skilled texturer who is willing to create more realistic pubes in higher quality than I was able to do.
    What does this do?
    Using SlaveTats, this mod simulates growth of pubic hair in several stages. It allows you to 'shave' the hair via customizable button.
    How to use this?
    Install it using Mod Organizer or directly extract to your game folder. After loading your game MCM menu will appear (you may need to wait a while) and then you can customize the mod parameters.
    Days to full growth = how long does it take to fully grow your pubes (that means to stage 5).
    Full shave key = keystroke assignment to use for full (clean) shave
    Custom shave = keystroke assignment to use for custom shave (default = landingstrip)
    I don't like the pubes / I want to use such to my own taste
    It's possible and easy.
    Navigate to "textures\actors\character\slavetats\ItGrows" Replace .dds files by your own Each file is named according to stage when it is used (stage1-5.dds) File "custom1.dds" is currently a custom pube that you can use in game to shave your bush to specific style. (default is something like landingstrip).

    SlaveTats Events Bridge
    Credits & Thanks
    Pubic Hair Alternatives CBBE by Mambo - I have used some if his/her pubes, modified it and used it as a default look
    SlaveTats by Murfk - obviously
    SlaveTats Events Bridge by weird - for enabling me to overcome my incompetence to use SlaveTats API directly



  11. Cursed Chests

    I was looking for a vore-like mod since i started playing Skyrim and somehow enjoyed the idea of the Mimics in Dark Souls...
    After i found nothing thats similar to it, i tried to make something like this.
    The idea is to have cursed chests around, that pull you into them when you are close.
    At the moment there is only one type of chest near the sawmill of Riverwood, when you go close enough, you get teleportet to a very small area (which should remind a bit to a stomach). Inside is a Furo-Tub and a small door which is the way out (I tought about locking only the inside door, butm im not sure if the auto-teleport works then...)
    And yeah, thats it for the moment
    The technical:
    The Chest is just an auto-load door, that teleports you into the interior i´ve created, nothing more for the moment...
    About the Mod:
    I uploaded it, to share the idea, see if it works and maybe get some support, since i have no idea about scripting, animations etc.
    Of course the mod is "Work in Progress" at the moment, so it would be great if share the experience with the mod, to help me working on it.
    I hope you like the idea and maybe help me creating this mod
    Feel free to share your ideas in the support-thread
    Requirements: ZaZ-Animation Pack
    What is planned: (What i can do/ What i don´t have the experience for)
    - Different type of Chests with different interioirs
    - A vore-animation when entering the Chest
    - A script that strips the player and locks him inside



  12. Lich Evilynn

    Lich Evilynn Includes rape and torture!
    Both of the player, and by the player!
    You have been warned!
    Supplemental Warnings:
    Story Based - Expect long scenes and lots of dialog and reading.
    This is very early beta. Only the intro quest and part of the victim story exist.

    Personal, feel free to ignore....
    STORY BASED: If you just want sex scenes, you should use another mod. Expect a lot of story scenes and reading. On the victim path you will not be able to control you character at times - including most of the first half hour or so.
    This mod is HEAVILY geared towards lesbian sex and a female character.
    If you are looking for shemale, heterosexual, or homosexual(male) content - this is probably not the mod for you. (try slaverun, PAHA, etc)
    My kink is lesbian bondage, mind control, pain, and domination, and I'm the one spending hours of my time to create this mod. That said...
    Lich Evilynn assumes you are playing a female character, but that is not enforced. Playing as a male or shemale should still work, but it will result is some strange issues for dialog and animations.
    This is very early beta.
    The first quest will offer two paths. One is good and the other is evil.
    If you take the good path by refusing to join Evilynn:
    Evilynn will rape, torture, humiliate, and use mind control on you. Evilynn will force you to upgrade her lair, and then use the upgrades on you. She will force you to capture additional victims for her. She will force all of her victims to rape, torture, and abuse each-other.  
    If you take the evil path and join Evilynn:
    Evilynn will offer quests to capture victims for both of you. Evilynn will offer quests to upgrade her lair. Evilynn will have you kidnap victims that are upgrades for her lair (like a woodworker to build furniture)  
    Go to Saarthal and look on the tables near the entrance (don't go inside). You will find a strange object. Activate it to start the quest.
    In the menu under the debug settings you can jump to Saarthal right next to the table with the first quest item on it.
    You can follow one of two paths, either as Evilynn's victim, or as Evilynn's partner. She will only offer a partnership to someone that interests her.
    The current content is very short, but I'd love some feedback.
    When installing a WIP mod like this, it's best to either:
    Use a throwaway save game. Make a backup save, install the mod, try the content, remove the mod and revert to the backup save. Run FNIS  
    Simply install the current version with your favorite mod manager.
    Don't update. You need a new saved game if you have ever used another version of Lich Evilynn.
    It's to early in beta to do all the changes needed to make a mod update correctly.
    Q: What about my follower? A: Followers are currently ignored. I suggest leaving them at home when you start the quest-line. Q: After the first scene, nothing happened. Why? A: After the opening, Evilynn will leave you for a bit. She will be back. A two hour wait should be enough. Q: I think I found a bug! What do I do? A: That sounds likely. Post it in the support thread. I'll try to help. Q: What can I do if I get stuck? I can't move my character! A: You can free yourself in the MCM options menu, but I recommend reloading from your last save. [HOW TO START THE PARTNER PATH]
    To enable face overlays like tears edit the file "SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini" Scroll down to [Overlays] and make sure that bEnableFaceOverlays=1 and not 0 Scroll down to [Overlays/Face] and make sure that iNumOverlays= a number greater than 0 WARNING: Enabling tears can causes a crash-to-desktop when a decapitation killmoves triggers. If your playstyle does not cause decapitations then you can enable it without risk. If your playstyle does causes decapitations, then you need to disable them first with a mod like VioLens  
    Slave Tats
    @Sarge Misfit - for his all of his help re-rewriting my original sub-par dialog.
    @t.ara - for his work improving ZaZ.
    @-alpha- - for an awesome magic strapon texture.
    @supremebeholder - for cane marks
    @Mitos - for sharing some awesome animations
    @Funnybizness - for sharing awesome animations
    @Ekirts Ykcul - for awesome skin textures
    I don't know if they ever stop by, but we all owe a large round of thanks to:
    @ZaZ and @xaz - for their work on the original ZaZ Animation Pack



  13. Dangerous Game: Hunting Ground

    Dangerous Game: Hunting Ground
    Based on NateNexus'
    'Forbidden Luxury'
    Have you ever eyed a Khajiit trader and wondered just how soft their fur really is?
    This is your chance to find out.
    You've all heard the bandits yell 'You'll make a fine rug, cat!'; well, this is a chance to do just that.  Equipped with a skinning tool and a rather morbid education in biology, the Dovakiin may now embrace their status as 'apex predator' and collect grisly trophies from that most dangerous game of all...
    Just don't let anyone see you doing it.
    'Hunting Ground' is an continuation/expansion of NateNexus' 'Forbidden Luxury'.  That mod is not required for Hunting Ground to function.

    Welcome to Hunting Ground v. 0.9a!  Patch notes are below. 
    Since the mod is much 'cleaner' from a design perspective, I've decided to remove the previous version from the download list.
    This mod requires Campfire!  There are no Frostfall hooks yet.
    Hunting Ground is not currently Realistic Needs and Diseases ready. Look for RND hooks in a future update.
    Thank you for putting up with my terrible delays and restarts; Hunting Ground is my first large-scale Skyrim project, and I'm glad to finally get it (mostly) done.

    Hunting Ground 0.9a Patch Notes:

    Version 0.9a is a reduced 'test' version, because I did a fairly significant script rework and a lot of changes internally.

    Note: For testing, the player has been provided with the 'Fur Trader's Tool' and a copy of 'Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader'.  Open the book to obtain the 'Skinning' perk, then equip the tool and 'activate' an Imperial, Breton or Redguard corpse.
    Testing focus:

    ⦁    Food items and ingredient requirements
    ⦁    Merchant value of food items
    ⦁    General mod functionality.
    Known Issues:

    ⦁    For testing reasons, this release is limited to three races: Redguards, Bretons and Imperials.
    ⦁    Hides may not drop in some circumstances.  This is a design issue and will be corrected in the next update.
    ⦁    Texture colors on the 'harvested' bodies may be mismatched.
    ⦁    Bodies may still wear hats despite being headless.  W/A: count to five before skinning.
    ⦁    Bodies may not switch to 'harvested' outfit on every occasion.
    ⦁    Physics may 'fling' items if they get stuck under the NPC's body.
    ⦁    All harvested food items create the same 'cooked' foods; this is intentional, and will be expanded on in a later update.
    ⦁    While Campfire is a required master file, there is no Frostfall functionality yet.
    ⦁    Food items can be sold to merchants with no issue; the 'keyword' support from previous releases has not yet been reinstated.
    ⦁    'Cannibal' animation will not always play.  As it's an issue internal to Skyrim itself, there's little I can do.
    New Features:

    ⦁    Skinned bodies will now switch to a 'harvested' body upon skinning.
    ⦁    Bodies will now drop items instead of placing them directly in the player's inventory.
    ⦁    Skinning script now takes the NPC's weight into account when determining which parts to drop.
    ⦁    Skinning a body in view of another NPC will cause them to become hostile.
    ⦁    Food items can now be cooked at a 'Campfire'...er, campfire.



  14. Sexlab Survival

    Sexlab Survival
    READ! v0.623 Upgrade instructions! Follow to the letter or ELSE:

    Upgrade instructions: 
    People already the latest beta: Should be a straight update.
    People not running Beta 0.600:
    Save your game in a quiet cell away from any town BEFORE updating. Run your save through a save cleaner AFTER updating. By this I do NOT mean a clean save. I mean just load your save in Falrim tools. Select 'Show undefined elements'. Take a quick look through the filtered results and make sure they all begin with 'sls_'. Then 'Remove undefined elements' and save.
    Rebuild your bikini lists. Get SLSO 1.6.7 if you use SLSO. Do NOT use Tenri's toll fix with this version. Toll per level should work fine now.
    This mod is a WIP with one feature in particular that's quite dangerous to your characters wealth. Please read & understand very carefully the points about stashes below!
    Like getting pushed around, slapped on the ass, whistled at, beaten and generally treated like a piece of meat? Then this is probably the mod for you. This mod aims to create a harder playthrough by creating a misogynistic Skyrim where men take every chance to put women in their place. It's mostly a personal project but if someone else gets use from it, great! The mod is designed around a female protagonist (sorry). 
    Licence System:
    Needs Mods Integrations:
    Navigation Changes:
    Simply Knock Integration:
    Sleep Deprivation:
    Miscellaneous Features:
    Simply Knock. 
    Latest PapyrusUtil
    A TesEdit patch is practically required at this point.
    If you plan on using Slaverun then it has to be the latest version (3.x)
    If you plan on using Amputator (Combat Dismemberment) you need to use the tweaked version of the Amputator Framework I made. Combat dismemberment won't work with the old version (You should turn dismemberment OFF if using the old version): https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6942-monomans-mod-tweaks/ (But the new version needs a new game/clean save on saves with Amputator Framework v0.7 installed)
    Install as you normally would. 
    I strongly recommend creating or rebuilding your TesEdit merged patch after installing. If you don't know what a TesEdit patch is or how to make one I've made a little guide to help. Scroll down to the "TesEdit Merged Patch" section: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507
    Modified versions of the TAWoBA bikini mod that support SLSs bikini keyword and half-naked cover and use more Devious Devices orientated slots:
    UNP by legraf: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2898754
    CBBE by Sucker343: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2897810 
    Recommended Mods:
    For tolls and punishments:
    Skooma Whore or/and Milk addict for semi-forced drugging.
    Rape Tats + Fade Tats + a tattoo database file + SlaveTats for Toll Tattoos
    TDF Aggressive Prostitution for Toll dances. 
    Mods that allow you 'secret' access to cities that bypass the main gates so you can attempt to avoid the toll. Some decent ones I'm aware of:
    Skyrim Underground: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75004 
    Skyrim Sewers: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14351
    Mods that work well with Survival and compliment each other (but of course are NOT necessary):
    Spank That Ass for proximity spanks: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8587-spank-that-ass/
    Slaverun (Needs to be version 3.x for compatibility): https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2338-slaverun-reloaded-03-june-2018/
    Devious Followers Continued: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10482-devious-followers-continued/I
    Extra guards for more sources of intimidation (I recommend the lite version): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54212/
    Unpaused menus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83379
    Special Edition
    Latest Survival conversion: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11053-sexlab-survival-special-edition/
    Don't forget the requirements:
    1. PapyrusUtil SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13048
    2. Simply Knock: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14098
    3. Simply Knock DLL fix: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/24297
    Open Cities
    API For Modders
    Survival has an API you can use to issue licences and block licence purchase from the quartermasters and other things. Have a look at the script _SLS_Api for details. 
    If you need some other kind of interface let me know and I'll see if I can help with it. 
    You may not upload this file in full or in part outside of LL. You may use this mod for your own purposes provided anything you produce from it is provided for free back to the community with the following exceptions: I can't give permission for things I didn't create. This includes most meshes, textures and sounds.   



  15. Maya

    Poor Maya was a little princess,
    when her father decided to sell her kitten to the kittenslayer.
    She became very sad and ran away from her court and her beloved mother.
    When she realized that it was dark, she sought protection in a mine. She found something to eat and a bedstead and saw a small flute in the corner. She took the flute and played a familiar note on it . Suddenly, she was surrounded by all sorts of little comical beings, those with whom her kitten always wanted to play. The little rackers came to cuddle with her and she willingly allowed herself to the lovely game. After a while, Maya realized that the rackers wanted more, they tore and tugged at their clothes. Piece for piece they blown their breasts and dearly touched their nipple with their tongues.
    Maya did not know what to do.
    She was accustomed to this game by her kitten, on the other hand, these were not kittens, they were more like .....
    Now it is your time, can you help Maya.
    And what about this flute?

    You find Maya at Karthwasten .
    Sexlab Aroused
    Creature Framework
    Cumshots Scoclb
    Sexlab Cumshots



  16. Remake main menu logo from Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    I did this mod for myself, but decided to share it with everyone. Suddenly someone will come in handy. This is the logo change in the main menu.
    Updates most likely will not come out, because I did it for myself and this version suits me.
    Yiffy Age of Skyrim
    1. unzip archive in game folder.
    1. Download file "original YAoS logo".
    2. unzip this archive in game folder



  17. GGFriendlyWhore

    Author:: Galgat
    Needs SKSE
    Needs SkyUI 5.0+
    Needs Sexlab
    Needs Zaz animation pack
    Needs Dragonborn DLC
    Needs DawnGuard DLC
    Goubo :: with out his scripting Help Most of this little thing would have never got done.
    Will Make the Majority Of everything you Meet in Skyrim Like you, and some simple Prostitution >> Also on page 2 is now and Option to turn Off/On Random Dragons
    I did this for a lot of personal usage reason's.
    The option's in the MCM that are working are Page 1/ second Option, and Page two the prostitution option, click them till it the text box pops up and says Enabled " Might have to cycle through them one time to get them cleared, and right ". ( Important:: Need to repeat this if you reload, or restart the game, toggle through the disabled, enabled again stopping on enabled if you want to be friendly. )
    Addition;; added and Option on page 2 to turn Off/On Random Dragons ( This should have no impact on Quest Dragons, only Random dragons, which I find to be a real aggravation much of the time )
    pretty simple Friendly >>>Enabled you are Friendly with most everyone, and they like you, >>>disabled, some people really hate you.
    Simple Prostitution >>>Enable the prostituion Page 2 of MCM, and you can have some very simple sell your body fun, Clicking on the animals that i have added will set up a Creature rape, from the Creatures that I have added, I have many morte to add, so all creatures are not functional
    1. I have plans to expand this to a full prostitution mod, with hopefully quest's, maybe.
    I guess it could be used as a resource, for disabling the mobs, but it need to be enabled before you enter a bandit camp. once they become aggressive the toggle will probably not help.
    2. I needed a way to use JazPositioner in bandit area's with out having to kill them all. I used it to set up things in the game with zaira Maria, and this also kept me alive at times when the bandits AI went bonkers in maria.
    I also wanted to be able to prostitute to the many different crime elements of skyrim.
    3. It allowed me to enter, and test many Sexlab mods out on the bandits, and this gave me a lot larger Clientele, ( it gave me more Sex objects (NPC) to use, and was cheaper FPS wise than populated cities.) with out having to add a lot of More people or expansion Mods, just so a working girl could have a larger Clientele.
    I actually have a lot of expansion mods, but still this gave me a lot more people to enter act with while running some of the Sexlab prostitution mod's that require a partner, or a paying customer.
    3.1. This is also a major cheat, as it allows you to run around almost anywhere with out fear of being attacked. It is useful for me as a tool to also look around inside many area's, in the game, with out having to kill everything. or turn on, and off the AI in console.
    4. I just wanted to do something in skyrim, and Gourbo was so helpful, I managed to do this. I thought maybe others might have a use for it, mainly just a little toggle that I thought some people might like.
    5. Two ESP, one is Dragonborn DLC dependency Only (GGFriendlyWhore_DB.esp), I wanted some of the creatures from there to be friendly, and I really like that DLC more than the others.
    The other has both Dragonborn DLC, and DawnGuard DLC dependency (GGFriendlyWhore_DB_DG.esp), I needed the dawnguard DLC to stop those darn vampire's thrall from attacking me all the time.
    Only activate one of them, do not activate both you will have problems.
    6. It needs SL and Zaz.
    7. I is pretty basic right now the only option's working in the MCM are Page 1/ second Option, and page 2 Prostitution option, which turns on the prostitution dialogue, If you want the prostitution dialogue off, just Disable it in the MCM, right now it is just kind of a little extra, you might want some times.
    bare with me, I hate Skyrim CK,>>> the separation of the Scripts from the ESP make it suck balls for me, I hate it<< ( Scriptwriters love it, but I do not, I like building large area's to explore, and huge amounts of dialogue, and the Properties assignments just get to be to much of burden for me ) that is why I do mostly only personal, My use only mods for skyrim.
    If you restart, or reload your game you will need to toggle through disabled/ enabled again.
    I know how to fix this, But right now it is such a WIP I really hate to add a bunch of things that might need changing every time I upgrade it a little.
    8. This is a very simple thing, It does just two things right now, and I don't know if anyone would even want it, but I used it a lot for a lot of thing's, and found the non hostile NPC to be handy sometimes, and it is a pretty non bothersome mod to have, and I keep in most every profile now, so I thought maybe others might have a use for it. [ I mean if the MCM options are disabled, it is basically gone, and should effect nothing. ]
    9. I don't think it will conflict with anyone Else's mod [ Heck if some how it did, then just disable it in the MCM, and all will be fine ]. So having it installed, and using it when you want, and turning it off from the MCM when you don't want it should not be a big thing. It does not cast a cloak, or do any constant spell casting, so I don't think you will ever notice it is even there, other than when you use it.
    10. If you don't like it, or want it, I am sorry, just uninstall it, and move on.
    11. Some of the Creatures that i have added don't always do right, as in the Troll's tend to maybe rape you one or two times, then the second or third time you click on them, the dialogue will not follow through, you can change cells, and come back, and they will work again.. I am looking at it.. It is a strange one.
    I have to think about how I want to do the Horse's, as when you highlight them, you get option to steal, or ride, if you own it. So for now my simple dialogue will not work for them, I am looking at that too, and so Horse's are not at this time available in the prostitution dialogue.
    12. There are surly Mob's or Evil things out there that I have missed in my Friendly Whore part of the mod, so you may still get attacked by some creatures.
    I would use Mod organizer or NMM, so I could get rid of it if I did not want it.
    But I suppose you could drop the data folder from zip folder GG_FW into you skyrim folder, let it write it self in, and check it active.
    Clean your save with Save tool, or go to a clean save
    Then Install is now Only One ESP, and it requires Dragonborn DLC & DawnGuard DLC, Only way i could turn off the aggressive stat of some creatures in those DLC.
    Of course Ashal
    Beth for giving us a chance to create our Own fantasy's
    Goubo , he was such a help, just anything I asked, and he was just too good.
    Veladarius Such a nice person, even with the many personal problems he has, he stays focused
    Min Had some very helpful hint's, but most of the time he was way over my head..
    Lots of others I will think of in time.



  18. SlaveLight

    I love using a good lighting mod so that exploring a dungeon or traveling at night is nice and spooky. However, I dislike how dark this makes my home.
    That sounds like a job for a slave!
    This mod adds a dialog option to PHE and PH-HSH slaves to have them provide light for you.
    Paradise Halls Enhanced
    Paradise Halls - Home Sweet Home
    New with 0.1.3
    1) You can now order slaves to follow you with a torch.
    New with 0.1.2
    1) You can also command PH-HSH slaves to provide light.
    2) You can tell the slave how you want them to hold the light.
    3) They *should* stand still, but it's not 100%
    Known Bugs:
    1) For some reason slaves strip when equipping the light.
    2) If you rest near a slave holding a light they will move closer to you.
    This is more alpha than beta.



  19. I'm sorry for what happened... v3a

    Are you a sentimentalist? A tough, dragon-killing hombre on the outside, with a soft, sympathetic center?
    Do you feel sorry for the poor unfortunates of the land?
    Do you wish you could comfort those lost souls, pining spouses, and newly homeless farmers of the world?
    Well, maybe you can. A few of the right words can bring a smile to those NPCs who have been hard done by.

    This mod alters several NPCs (More to come! Stay tuned!) who have been beaten down by living in Skyrim.
    Sometimes all it takes is the right word in the right place, and folks might be happier with their lot in life.
    I made this after jordisslave (who has been the inspiration for most of my work so far!) mentioned that she wanted to be able to give some closure to Haming for having lost his parents, after killing Alduin.
    Thermius then suggested something similar with Torygg and Elisef.
    And this mod was born.

    Skyrim. Link in case you forgot, or don't know what Skyrim is.
    Fuz-Ro-D'oh for the silent dialogue lines.
    Sexlab (for v2 onwards) - compiled against v1.59c.

    This mod is a work in progress. It currently affects the following NPCs:

    I am taking suggestions and requests for other unfortunate or underpriveleged NPCs. Leave a comment in the support thread!

    Anything that alters the dialogue trees for the quests or NPCs mentioned above might conflict.
    Things that alter the NPCs directly (such as appearance mods) should be fine.
    A conflict may occur if you install Reward Your Followers, then uninstall it, then clean the scripts... I'm Sorry For What Happened contains a script (three scripts?) with the RWRD prefix, because I'm an idiot, so if you get rid of it there might be a CTD in store for you. Sorry about that... I'll fix it one of these days.
    Remove "is4wh.esp" from your data directory, and all scripts starting with "is4w_" from your scripts folder.
    Be careful when running a clean save, due to the aforementioned possible CTD.

    Most of the time, when you see "Frequently Asked Questions," it's because the author did not actually get questions asked frequently but instead decided to post some answers to questions that he or she feels may be asked, or points that should be made, or something like that. I hate to buck the trend, so here goes.
    Q: I'm having a problem with this mod.
    A: That's not only possible, it's likely. I'm a newb to modding. Leave a comment in the support thread and I'll get back to you. I can't guarantee I can fix a problem, but I'll do my best.
    Q: I have a question about this or any other mod. Should I PM you?
    A: No, please. Use the support thread. That's what it's there for.
    Q: Your mod conflicts with <other mod>.
    A: That's also highly likely. There's a good chance one of the NPC dialogue nodes I've edited is being referenced by any other dialogue-style mod. In general, for stuff like this, put whichever one you want more lower on the list.
    Q: Can I suggest <feature> or <NPC>?
    A: Yes please! I can't guarantee the request will get into the mod, because as I've said I'm not very good at modding, but I'll certainly consider it!
    Q: Can I translate your mod?
    A: Certainly! I didn't write it with any sort of translation in mind, though, and I do tend to use American English idioms and phrasing, so... good luck! Go ahead and post your translation in the support thread and I will link to it in the OP.
    Q: Can I or you upload this to another site?
    A: Nope. I don't personally have anything against other sites, but all of the stuff I do is Sexlab-based so it's all staying right here on Loverslab.
    --jordisslave for inspiring this mod's existence
    --Thermius for pushing it further
    --Anyone and everyone who makes suggestions!


    v1 - Lynly, Torygg & Elisef, Haming, wandering displaced farmers
    v2 - Torbjorn, Gisli, Neetrenaza, Nilsine
    v2a - Went back and fixed some potential bugs, added global checks
    v2b - Fixed Neetrenaza's dialogue appearing for everyone, and partially, sort-of fixed Torygg. Not really. Kinda.
    v2c - Fixed a bug that could prevent sex from triggering.
    v3 - Added Temba, her arms wide
    v3a - Fixed (hopefully) getting "quest completed" notifications/sounds when doing Temba and Torygg's quests.



  20. Loansharks of Skyrim

    Loansharks of Skyrim
    20160407 Beta
    Please test it, if no further bugs will be confirmed, I will release it from beta and upload final version. Report bugs only if you have started from a clean save (otherwise some globals might not be upadated and dialogue/values could be wrong/empty).
    Why this?
    I've always wondered why there's no way to borrow money in vanilla Skyrim. There are nice mods around the internets that do much more than this, but.. Let's say they lack the proper consequences!
    What does this do?
    This small mod enables all inkeepers (no DLC inkeepers, though) to lend you 500 or 1000 gold for a week any amount of gold for any period for any price (interest) you set up in the MCM menu. They will charge you twice the appropriate interest and if you don't pay back the debt in due time, you will be sold as a slave.
    SexLab - for (partially) paying the debt with sex services to the creditor
    Simple Slavery - actually if you don't have it installed, the mod will work, except nothing will happen if you miss the time to pay the debt
    jfraser for Simple Slavery and his very easy way to connect with other mods!
    Ashal for the awesome SexLab!
    Future development
    I don't have much ambitions to develop this mod further. I intend to fix major bugs and move on. postponed as long as this mod's development is bringing me fun
    Change Log




  21. Bullets For Skyrim

    This is a very early test version of my bulles for Skyrim o get some feedback, at the moment they fire from CROSSBOWS so you will need Dawnguard DLC to be able to use them, to get them in console type help bullets to get there code, as i said this is a very early version just for feedback i know the texures are not complete and the animations are off but this was just converted to crossbow to get them ou there for testing



  22. Devious Chastity Piercing

    First of all I would like to thank for the help from Darkpig and Targultoon, without them this mod would never have been created.
    About the device
    it's a lockable ("permanent") chastity piercing blocking vaginal sex.  The animation is automatically switched to oral or anal sex.  Your character will remain a "virgin" forever 😁.
    It is available in two versions, four and eight rings.
    The piercing is also available for two different slots 49 and 50.
    NOTE: I placed the piercing according to the body I use, it is possible that the rings will not be in the correct position.
    SexLab Framework
    Devious Device - Asset
    Devious Devices - Integration
    I hope I didn't forget anything 😀
    Plans for the future:
    I'll add a few color variations (texture replacer), better gold look and also silver version
    I'd like to add support for BodySlide (I can't do it yet)
    All DD modders
    If I forget something, give me a message and I'll fix it.



  23. Summoners Tribulation

    Extract from the Lexicon Ridiculum
    Conjuration. A wonderful form of magic which gives the wielder the power to smite enemies via proxy, suck the souls of the living and control the dead. So why do certain factions in Skyrim look down on this, the most elegant of the all the magic arts?
    Well it can have side effects which can be looked down upon. Take for example Summoners Tribulation. The sheer power and exhilaration of conjuring something from another plane causes the summoned subject(s) to be extremely aroused. There is also a chance the power involved backlashes on the more novice conjurer themselves. Once in existence the summoned subject(s) will draw on any further conjuration magic, cast by the summoner, to maintain their arousal. For some reason this aspect of conjuration only applies to those who are Dragonborn, (and don't wear a silly hat or live on a crappy dust covered island). It's probably something in their water.
    Hard Requirements
    Sexlab Aroused Redux, (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1421-sexlab-aroused-redux-1-december-2015/ ), and it's requirements.
    Soft Requirements
    Any mod which takes, erm, advantage of high arousal's.
    1) It's a work in progress
    2) There is an MCM. It doesn't have many options, but does save it's config to a JSON file.



  24. Corintio's Progressive Slavetats

    This mod aims to add immersion to the way the SlaveTats appears. The objective is to automaticaly add triggers to Defeat and Sanguine Debauchery for when the player is enslaved or defeated, the bandits will paint them progressively, first adding small messages or just marks to track the amount of time that the situation happened, but then they start to write jokes and mock you.
    I didn't made the triggers yet, and problalby will not be able to do it by myself, so I'm counting with the good will of the modders of the community to help me on this like GavaGava did to integrate this with Devious Capture xD
    As it is now, the Mod can already be used ingame, but you need to manualy go to the slavetats menu and add it.
    What tattos you will find now:
    -The "Slave Tats" have 10 stages for now, as you can see in the pictures.
    -I've made an alternative version while I was testing where the character is full os tattos, it's the one called "Aly. Subimissive Slave" (I misspelled All, I fix it on the next verison)
    -One "Vein" texture that I did just because MY character is a really pale vampire and I was missing this on her.
    -13 stages for Scars(Still working on them)*.
    -4 stages of Whore Tats
    6 new funny tats(because sometimes you just whant the lols) xD
    If you only use the slave tats defaut color(black) the alpha from the Scars will be awfully destroyed by a dark texture, that's why I recomend you to use some shade of grey on the color option. But I recomend you to have the mod "Racemenu" with the "Overlays" plugin, so you can enter "showracemenu" and change the color and opacity until it fits to your character skintone, i aways use it this way and it aways worked.
    Racemenu: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/

    I think it will only work well in CBBE, because I used Substance painter to do the tats and I don't know if the UV map from UNP have the same boundaries.
    GavaGava made a plugin to use this mod with Devious Captures!
    Check it on the download section.



  25. Bianca

    Adds a dialog for prostitutes of TDFs Aggressive Prostitution to start a bukkake show,
    they will answer with We love bukkake
    and start to do some ZazAnimations ,kneeling sitting.
    In the meantime male people in a small distance will take the call, and will run to the performer.
    One after one is getting naked and starts to masturbate on the performer.
    Before your prostitutes can do the show, you need to find bianca, she is in Riften, scorched hammer.
    She can give you the needed item, once she trusts you.
    She will also make a nice prostitute, because she does not know anything else .
    Future plans:
    -- adding gangbang into the scene done
    -- adding creatures joining in
    -- let Pahe Slaves do the show
    TDF Aggressive Prostitution
    Sexlab Aroused
    Cumshots Scoclb
    Sexlab Cumshots
    Paradise Halls
    please add your comments and questions here:




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