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SexLab Framework SE

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These Skyrim Special Edition mods are all related to the SexLab SE adult framework and thus are of an adult only nature.

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  1. Cum Leak 1.0 (Fillherup Baka Edition moan sound replacer)

    Replaces the moan sound of "fill her up" to a more realistic one, the moans are the same but there is now sound for the cum splashing as well.
    This is version one, I'm open to suggestions.
    Install manually or use mod manager, PLEASE remember to backup previous sounds before installing.



  2. Battle Fuck!

    Battle Fuck!
    A combat rape/dialogue rape mod for female player character.
    Trigger Conditions
    During combat, human enemies will take on a pink aura. If you are hit by a melee attack from an enemy clad in pink aura (even if you successfully block it), the enemy will try to restrain you and a QTE will occur.
    In QTE, if you can input the commands consisting of four buttons within the time limit, you can escape from the enemy's restraint.
    If you fail to input a command, you will be restrained and the battle fuck will begin.
    The four buttons on the right side of the game controller, the Dpad on the game controller, the arrow keys on the keyboard, and the configurable keys on the keyboard can be used as QTE inputs.
    You can also configure so that when your health reaches zero, you do not die, but instead start a battle fuck.
    NPCs that meet the requirements of RelationshipRank and Morality will forcegreet you and start a QTE; if the QTE fails, Battle Fuck will begin.
    RelationshipRank, Morality threshold and Forcegreet occurrence chance can be changed in MCM.
    Battle Fuck
    BP and SE
    In Battle Fuck, you and your enemy have parameters called BP and SE, respectively.
    BP is a parameter that affects how likely your actions are to succeed. The higher the BP, the more successful the action will be.
    SE is a value that indicates how close you are to sexual climax; when it reaches 100, you will climax and be unable to act for several turns.
    If the player climaxes or is penetrated, the maximum BP will be reduced. When the maximum BP reaches 0, the player is defeated and the rape scene begins. Try to escape from the enemy's restraints before that happens.
    Barrier Items
    Barrier Items protect you from insertion. Enemies must remove Barrier Items before inserting you. By default, Barrier Items are armor that has the ArmorCuirass or ClothingBody keyword set.
    If you have other armor that you want to use as Barrier Items, you can add them from the MCM.
    In Battle Fuck, you can take 9 actions.
    1. Look for a chance: You can charge BP. If you do not input anything during the command input time, this action will be taken.
    2. Try to Escape: Consume all BP and try to escape. The escape chances are affected by how high your BP is.
    All you need to know are the two commands described above. You can do without the remaining seven commands. These are for atmospheric purposes.
    3. Suppress Sexual Stimulation: Consume a little BP to lower the SE value.
    4. Call for Help: Consume all BP and call for help from the people around you.
    5. Accept Fate: Give up resisting. If it is in an inserted state, it will be defeated instantly.
    6. Prevent Insertion: Consume a little BP and prevents insertion. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    7. Prevent Groping: Consume a little BP and prevent your body from being groped. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    8. Prevent Armor Break: Consume a little BP and prevent your armor from being destroyed and stripped off. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    9. Prevent Pushing Down: Consume a little BP and prevents you from being pushed down. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    You can set the buttons corresponding to commands 2 through 5 in MCM. You can also set a guard button. If you hold down the guard button while pressing the other button, you can enter commands 6 through 9. If nothing is entered, the command will be 1.
    If you input the same command twice in a row, the input acceptance time will end immediately. Inputting only the Guard key twice in a row will charge your BP.
    When an enemy has cum, the next enemy is selected from the Onlookers and begins to Battle Fuck with you. When all the onlookers have cum in you, you will be released. If Battle Fuck was started in combat, the combat will be restarted.
    If your maximum BP reaches zero before all the onlookers climax, you are defeated.
    After Defeated
    After defeated, if there are still unsatisfied onlookers left, you will be raped by them.
    Before the SexLab animation of the rape starts, a QTE will begin that will determine whether or not you will lose consciousness. If you lose consciousness, you will be able to skip the rape scene.
    After the rape of the onlookers is over, one of them will take your belongings, regardless of whether you are still conscious or not.
    If you can beat the robber within the time limit, you can get your belongings back.
    If you fail to do so, the robber will sell your possessions to a general store. You can buy back your belongings from the general store. Therefore, no items other than money will be lost.
    If you lose consciousness, it will randomly determine where you will wake up.
    Left Alone: You will wake up on the spot. Recovered in the Jail: If you have a bounty on your head, you may wake up in a prison cell. Recovered in the Inn: Someone rescued you. You will wake up in an inn. Simple Slavery: How unhappy you are. You've been sold into the slave market! (Required Simple Slavery Plus Plus)  
    If you keep conscious, you are basically left alone in the field. However, if the enemy did not make much money from the robbery, they may try to sell you to the slave market. Even in that case, rescue may come before you are sent to the slave market, and you will wake up in either the prison, inn, or slave market.

    Creatures Compatibility
    If your health reaches zero in a battle with Creatures, Battle Fuck will not occur and you will be taken directly to the rape scene.

    HUD Strings
    I'm not a native English user, so my English may be strange. the text displayed in the HUD is read from a .json file located in data/skse/plugins/BattleFuck/HUDStrings/, so feel free to modify it.

    For Modders
    You can trigger Battle Fuck from your mod by writing the following code in the papyrus fragment of the topic info in CK.
    bool isInCombat = false int handle = ModEvent.Create("_BF_API_StartBattleFuck") if handle ModEvent.PushForm(handle, akSpeaker) ModEvent.PushBool(handle, isInCombat) ModEvent.Send(handle) else
    Hard Requirements
    SKSE 2.0.19 SkyUI 5.2SE PapyrusUtil 3.9 powerofthree's Papyrus Extender 4.4.1 ConsoleUtilSSE 1.2.0 Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE 7.6 SexLab Framework SE 1.63 BETA8 SexLab Animation Loader SSE 1.0.0 SLAL Animation Pack by Leito SE 1.6 BakaFactory SLAL Animation 4.60V SE    
    Soft Requirements
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus It is necessary for you to be sent to the slave market. Breakable Equipment System When armor is destroyed, it turns into a Broken Item, which can be repaired to restore it.  
    Recommended Mods
    Super Fast Get Up Animation Replaces vanilla's fucking slow get up animation with a faster one. Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI Make the MCM screen wider so you can read the text.  
    Compatible Mods with Patch
    SexLab Separate Orgasm SE  
    Incompatible Mods
    A mod that starts SexLab animations when you are attacked by an enemy. A mod that starts the SexLab animation when your health reaches 0.  
    Iron Chain Council: Battle Fuck is inspired by Fallen Empire. Leito, BakaFactory: Thanks to their animation, I can make this mod. Cotyounoyume: gave me permission to use the Exhausted Animation included in EstrusForSkyrim.  



  3. Executaball's xVASynth-based Mod Voice Packs [SE & LE]

    Updates - Wartimes Tweak v5.6 Gen 2
    Generation 2.0 is live(*´▽`*)
    Improvements and updates:
     > Pronunciation changes:
    > Improved Creation Kit .lip generation method so hopefully will need less generic .lip files for most mods.
    > Many quest-based mods with defined NPCs will have much lower file sizes from a new method of retrieving voice lines to reduce redundant voice lines.
    > (Think 7GB to 1GB)
    > Miscellaneous changes to audio sampling workflow from raw to .wav to .xwm to .fuz
    > Doesn't really affect the voice pack itself but much faster model voice generation on my end (~30%)
    Voice packs using Gen 2.0:
    > Wartimes - a daughter's tale (Tweak)
    > Troubles of Heroine v2.2.0
    xVASynth is an AI based tool for creating new voice lines using machine learning neural speech synthesis. The voices were trained on vanilla Skyrim voice lines, and have varying degrees of success and quality. Quality of original voices, training method, iterations, and compatibility of the underlying technology model all influence how the voices come out to be. Some are nearly perfect while others are of lower quality.
    You can find demo .wav voice files under the download button. Download links for voice packs are below in the post.
    Due to the automated process and scale used to process the hundreds of thousands of voice lines, I am unable to give individual attention to make sure each voice line is perfect. I can however make corrections to word pronunciations for each iteration / update. Please use the link below to report pronunciation errors to help perfect future and updated voice packs:
    Unified xVASynth Voice Pronunciation Error Reporting

    > xVASynth is created by DanRuta and is the tool used to generate the voices:
    > @DoubleCheeseburger created the script and instructions for which I use to export voice lines from mods. I would like to thank him for his work and assistance because none of this would be possible without his help. You can find his thread here with more voice packs for various other mods. He also made instructions here for which you can follow to create your own voices for mods using xVASynth. 
    I've listed the mod voice packs that @DoubleCheeseburger created and manages on his thread, I won't be making voice packs of these mods so you can find them on his thread:
    Users of my LE Voice Packs using MO1:
    The file only comes with the BSAs and they won't be loaded automatically by vanilla Skyrim. If you are using MO1, have MO1 manage your archives and make sure the BSAs are ticked after installing (they should automatically be anyways). This does not apply to SE users:


    Users of my LE Voice Packs using MO2 or other mod managers without a managed archive function:
    You need to create empty .esp's to load my BSA files. Please download the Empty ESP.zip file under the Download button of this mod. Unpack, duplicate, and change the .esp's to exactly match the names of all the BSA files in your download.
    Note on omitted voices
    At the moment, I will only be using voices that are available with the Tacotron2 pre-processing & HiFi-GAN vocoder. This is due to the order of magnitude higher time required with work with these voices (around 50-100 times more time than other voices). Given the older architecture they don't sound as good as other voices anyways. At the moment this excludes the following voices (until DanRuta re-releases the voices with the new vocoder):
    You can follow the xVASynth mod page here for any updates to voice models and vocoders.
    For more information on the underlying technology used:
    Tacotron 2: Natural TTS Synthesis by Conditioning WaveNet on Mel Spectrogram Predictions
    HiFi-GAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Efficient and High Fidelity Speech Synthesis
    xVaSynth voice pack downloads:
    All downloads are hosted on Mega.nz
    Let me know on the support thread if this does not work for you and I can try to provide an alternate download. Free user accounts on Mega get 5GB transfer per day.
    Submissive Lola - an Extension BSA Voice Pack V111
    [Updated 06/28/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Submissive Lola - an Extension V111
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 10,868
    Voice lines per voice type - 209
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (278 MB), Archived (253 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (278 MB), Archived (253 MB), Loaded by - Original mod ESP
    Voices included:
    Submissive Lola: The Resubmission BSA Voice Pack V2.0.38
    [Updated 06/27/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Submissive Lola: The Resubmission v2.0.38
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 103,729
    Voice lines per voice type - 2,207
    Notes: Around 200 voice files in total were unable to have CK successfully generate .lip files for. These have been coupled with a 10s generic .lip file. The rest of the 103,000+ voice files do have successful .lip files generated by Creation Kit. 
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    2x BSAs (3.5 GB), Archived (3.2 GB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    2x BSAs (3.5 GB), Archived (3.2 GB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSAs are ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESPs to load them.
    Voices included:
    Public Whore BSA Voice Pack V1.0.3
    [Released 06/28/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Public Whore v1.0.3
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 34,362
    Voice lines per voice type - 747
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (1.06 GB), Archived (991 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (1.06 GB), Archived (991 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    SexLab Body Search BSA Voice Pack V20190814
    [Released 07/01/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on SexLab Body Search v20190814
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 2,112
    Voice lines per voice type - 66
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (70.7 MB), Archived (64.4 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (70.7 MB), Archived (64.4 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    Meat Farm BSA Voice Pack (Patched) V1.2.2
    [Updated 07/02/2021] Generation 1.2
    > Hotfix: fixed voice genders for 2 female guards. If you downloaded the previous version 1.1 and had female guards with male voices download the update!
    Based on Meat Farm v1.2.2
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 2,169
    Voice lines per voice type - 154
    Note: This voice pack comes with an .esp patch which modifies the original mod's voice type records since the original NPCs had no voice type included. This .esp must be loaded for the voice pack to function. You still need the original mod .esp as mine uses it as a master.
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (49.6 MB), Archived (44.8 MB), Loaded by - MeatFarm_VoicePatch.esp (ESL Flagged)
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (49.6 MB), Archived (44.8 MB), Loaded by - MeatFarm_VoicePatch.esp
    Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus BSA Voice Pack V6.3.12
    [Updated 07/14/2021] Generation 1.2
    > v3 voice patch should cover all NPC voices now
    Based on Simple Slavery Plus Plus v6.3.12
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 7,360
    Voice lines per voice type - 230
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (217 MB), Archived (197 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Required voice patch v3 (SE) (ESL flagged ESP), seperate .esp that modifies SS+ NPC records.
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (217 MB), Archived (197 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Required voice patch v3 (LE), seperate .esp that modifies SS+ NPC records.
     Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus BSA Voice Pack (Patched) V2.1.1
    [Released 07/03/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus v2.1.1
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 6,597
    Voice lines per voice type - 209
    Note: This voice pack comes with an .esp patch which modifies the original mod's voice type records. This .esp must be loaded for the voice pack to function. You still need the original mod .esp as mine uses it as a master.
    Additional Instructions: You must delete the ./sound/Voice folder included in the original mod for the voice pack to function.
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (108 MB), Archived (92.3 MB), Loaded by - Slaves of Tamriel_VoicePatch.esp (ESL Flagged)
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (108 MB), Archived (92.3 MB), Loaded by - Slaves of Tamriel_VoicePatch.esp
     Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    Milk Mod Economy SE BSA Voice Pack V20210209
    [Released 07/09/2021] Generation 1.3
    Based on Milk Mod Economy SE v09-02-2021
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 1,857
    Voice lines per voice type - 40
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (37.3 MB), Archived (32.9 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (37.3 MB), Archived (32.9 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    Fill Her Up Baka Edition BSA Voice Pack V1.552
    [Released 07/09/2021] Generation 1.3
    Based on Fill Her Up Baka Edition v1.552
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 9,450
    Voice lines per voice type - 208
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (431 MB), Archived (394 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (431 MB), Archived (394 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    Troubles of Heroine BSA Voice Pack V2.2.0
    [Released 07/21/2021] Generation 2.0, Version 1
    > Note that voice patches are no longer required as the author of ToH has merged my NPC changes into the release file for V2.2.0. If you are using the Gen 1.3 voice patch, please remove it.
    Based on Troubles of Heroine 2.2.0
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.3-Custom
    Lip - 100% Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 62,690
    Gen 2.0 size reduction - 7.08GB → 1.94GB (72% Smaller)
    New Sample .wav's for ToH v2.2.0 are also available under the Download button. I've included an example to see the difference of the Gen 2 pronunciation and quality improvements.
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (1.94 GB), Archived (1.63 GB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (1.94 GB), Archived (1.63 GB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it. (Read page intro for more instructions)
    Voices Included:
    Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition BSA Voice Pack V0.99 alpha 4
    [Released 07/16/2021] Generation 1.3
    Based on Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition v0.99 alpha 4
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 16,094
    Voice lines per voice type - 358
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (454 MB), Archived (391 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (454 MB), Archived (391 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    Wartimes - a daughter's tale Tweak BSA Voice Pack V5.6
    [Released 07/19/2021] Generation 2.0, Version 1
    Based on (LE) Wartimes Tweak v5.6 (21-July-2021) LE tweak by @Monoman1
    Based on (SE) Wartimes Tweak v5.6 (21-July-2021) SE conversion by @Silvain
    > Please note that this is specifically for the tweak version and not the original version.
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.3-Custom
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit (100%)
    Total voice lines - 4,499
    Patch (Included) - 5 NPC VoiceType records were changed for optimal performance
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (128 MB), Archived (112 MB), Loaded by - Included Voice Patch esp-esl
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (128 MB), Archived (112 MB), Loaded by - Included Voice Patch esp
    Voices Included:
     The Ancient Profession BSA Voice Pack V0.7
    [Estimated 07/23/2021] Generation 2.1, Version 1
    Based on The Ancient Profession 20Jul2021 0.7
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.3-Custom
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 40,027
    In Progress 🕒
    Voices Included:
    1. Rubber Facility v0.74 - Confirmed
    2. Thief v1.0 - Pending review
    3. Dovahkiin's Infamy v2.0.0
    4. Bestial Essence v0.3
    5. Relationship Dialogue System 2.3b
    Global Changes:



  4. Fill Her Up - Baka Edition Alternate Sound Files

    A simple sounds replacer for @factoryclose's Fill Her Up - Baka Edition
    I did this for myself, I loved the addition of sound in Baka Edition but hearing "Damee, Muzukashi, Yada" in Skyrim didn't sit right with me and therefore proceeded to mash something up in Adobe Audition to suite my needs.
    The female sounds in this mod are more or less what you'd expect from a Nord female,
    The audio structure in FHU-BE didn't leave much room to freely improvise, it catered to the sound of the PC but not the expelled stuff so I opted to mix several sounds in to fill that gap, It isn't the best solution, but hey, it's something.
    File Details:
    The Fomod includes 4 versions of the sound files:
    Nasty: The complete version, has Moaning, wet / slimey and bowels ( farts, etc...) sounds. Not for the faint of heart! Wet: Moaning and other SFX without the bowels stuff. Tame: Moaning sounds only. Modular: The fomod allows you to mix and match the three categories set up by Baka Edition; CumDenial, CumDeflationMild and CumDeflationHard. and the type of sounds mentioned above if you so desire.  
    Fill Her Up - Baka Edition ver 1.552+
    Use a mod organizer.
    Future Plans:
    Nothing at the moment, this should cover the current setup in FHU-BE; if things developed further in FHU-BE, I'll consider expanding on this mod. Let me know if you have any issues with this mod and I'll fix them accordingly.
    Several assets/sounds used in the mixes from all over the web, all rights belong to their original authors.
    @factoryclose for Fill Her Up - Baka Edition
    @Srende for Fill Her Up - Cum Inflation
    Tools Used:
    Adobe Audition
    FOMOD Creation Tool
    The Mod is not to be redistributed outside of LovesLab.
    However, feel free to use and/or re-purpose the files in it as you please.
    A courtesy PM would be appreciated but not necessary.



  5. OFatigue

    NPCs will not fight, flee, or fly for some time after sex.
    May be compatible with LE, but is not supported for LE.



  6. Toyful Temptations

    Toyful Temptations
    Toyful Temptations is a looting mod, trapping various containers throughout Skyrim to contain some... "toyful" surprises!
    How it works
    From now on; Chests & Corpses (incl. modded ones) may contain Keys, Toys and trapped (self equipping) Toys. Yay.
    The Chance for this to happen is highly customizable. I've also heard that certain chest & creature types are more likely to contain a Key (Deers for example, they seem to have a fetish for swallowing Keys)
    Toys SE => Click me! LE => Click me!



  7. Naked Defeat SE

    A fast and immersive Defeat alternative. With bondage, whipping and expressions. And alot of moaning.
    Huge Update on 3.0 - now as dedicated SE download
    Important Note
    - this port ONLY changed all the meshes and animations via Cathedral. 
    - the ESP is form 43 not 44. 
    - the mod is reported to work on SE without any known issues to this point
    - Install as any other mod.
    - Let it overwrite Zap Animation Pack (it comes with some Animation Replacements for the hogtie places)
    - Activate Mod in MCM (System)
    - Install EXTRA downloads as you please 
    --> 2k or 4k versions of textures (1k versions included)
    --> Bodyslide files for FuckingBelts (UNP standard included) only required if you do NOT have "The Amazing World of Bikini Armor" installed
    --> DDe Outfits if you want DD support via DDequip mod
    --> Golden Showers Mini SLAL if you like ... golden showers ^^
    Hard Requirements
    Zaz Animation Pack 8+ (older versions might have issues when the furniture is placed that is not supported - will work still, tho. report any issues you might have please - BETA testers wanted)
    Sexlab Aroused (any version will do, including SLAX)
    Dragonborn DLC
    Dawnguard DLC
    Soft Requirements
    Simple Slavery --------- for Simple Slavery outcome of Defeat obviously
    Devious Devices Equip --------- required for "Captivity DDe Chance" to equip Devious Devices
    My DDe Custom Outfits from the Download Section
    The Amazing World of Bikini Armor (must overwrite Naked Defeat) -> for Fuckbelts) -> if you dont want this mod you can use Naked Defeats internal version, bodyslide for UUNP is in downloads)
    For whip marks and slow fading out of the same:
    Slave Tattoos
    Rape Tattoos 
    Fade Tattoos 
    Rape Tattoos Tweak by Monoman 
    My Rape Hands from the Download Section
    My Whipmarks from the Download Section
    Important note for Rapehands (and possibly also WhipMarks😞
    to make them work you need to go into RapeTats MCM, search RapeHands and WhipMarks entries and check if they are (Excluded)
    If they are excluded (and only then), change it to (Unassigned) instead.
    Highly recommended Mods for more naked fun!
    Spank that Ass --------- by the inglorious monoman1 perfect for getting slapped while in the furniture (you can set the "furniture spank chance" in the MCM) -> small problem with followers tho
    ZAP - No Collision Furnitures --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough
    ZAP - Faster in and out of furnitures --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough
    Incompatible mods
    Sexlab Defeat - does the same thing (I m working on a compatibility bridge mod tho)
    Sexlab Submit - does the same thing
    Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life - does the same thing -> might work if you play around with the settings - will add a guide later (a user had some ideas!)
    Peril -  does the same thing
    Dragonborn in Distress - does the same thing
    Problematic mods
    Sexlab Survival -> only problem is with Naked Defeats Guard Punishment (deactivate Guard Punishment in Naked Defeat MCM -> problem solved- working on compatibility)
    Public Whore -> same thing as above
    Cursed Loot -> probably same thing as above
    Cursed Loot -> disable combat defeat feature - most likely it is not compatible with mine. 
    Ultimate Combat -> breaks Whipping for all mods. I suggest using Active Combat or other mods instead - no workaround or solution possible 
    Interactive BDSM -> locks the PC in furniture on its own way. I did not test it but it seems to lead to some... problems. I can only advise for now not to use the mod alongside Naked Defeat. 
    Problematic MCM Settings
    Zap Animation Pack (any version) -> disable "Overwrite Bound Animations" in its MCM (Sexlab or PlayerControl Center) -> might lead to problems with Shout like a Virgin
    Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus -> disable Zaz Animation filter 
    Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus-> if you have strange trouble with furnitures, look here and in doubt tweak or disable SLU+ furniture options (might be 100% compatible tho, please share your experiences)
    Guides worth looking at
    Conglomerate 01 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your stuff
    Conglomerate 02 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your kinky stuff
    Conglomerate 03 - by donttouchmethere -> how to merge your stuff
    Skyrim LE Stability Guide - by mrsrt -> how to not blow your stuff up
    Overview of Mod Content
    - if you reach 0 HP you enter bleedout
    - you will have some seconds (5-7) to move to a flat spot (this is service for you so you have better sex animation experience and do not have to move the scene later via SexLab Hotkeys)
    - 1-3 rape scenes will start
    - after that you are bound to a ZAP furniture, robbed or sold to Simple Slavery
    - if bound to Zap furniture you will be whipped hard
    - then you can press "wiggle" hotkey to try to escape. dont spam it, it is locked for 10+ seconds while your character tries to break free (or be punished for trying). Mod will tell you when you can press again.
    - when you loosen the binds, stay in the furniture until no enemy is close. then press wiggle again to immediatly break free and flee.
    - enemies will attack you again (you can configure an escape alarm timer in the MCM to make escape easier).
    For debugging:
    Special Feature: Funny Rape Party Event
    If you enter bleedout (0 hp) or press surrender key you will attract ALL eligible NPC in the loaded Area (up to 15 are checked)
    In Exterior Cells this can lead to "Funny Rape Party Event (TM)" -> "FRAPE" since soldies will join bandits in the fun and even wolves will get their share of pussy.
    I added checks to prevent combat between them. If it still happens, please report.
    They should behave until you are free again.  
    I m working on a toggle to prevent this, tho. 
    How to use this alongside Sexlab Defeat (currently untested with the latest Naked Defeat version)
    - make creature 3P, 4P and 5P work -DONE-
    - Devious Devices Outcome (instead of furniture you can get a yoke and run :D) - will require Devious Devices Equip  -DONE-
    - debug hotkeys - DONE -
    - Ragdoll effect - DONE -
    - Toggle female aggressors - DONE -
    - sex tag selection in MCM - DONE -
    - integration of Corsecs awesome fixes (for improved harmless function) - NO LONGER REQUIRED
    - different punishment spells (fire/ice etc. instead of just shock) - partially done
    - more little details (orgasm on whipping, more punishments, pee and squirt) -partially done
    - add well placed devices all over skyrim (towns, hideouts, etc.) to get more interesting "bondage" locations
    - follower support
    - general improvement of scene and actor selection
    - Toggle Creatures
    Guard Punishment:
    - remove dialog start for guard punishment
    - add forced bathing events
    - add "Running" and "Dirty" as punishment reasons
    Furniture Game (Captivity Furniture):
    - explore possibility to add my own furnitures
    - add equip event (gag, fucking belt, gag)
    - add supershock event (50% pee chance) - DONE -
    - add pee event - DONE -
    - add whip again event - DONE -
    - add rape again event - DONE -
    Defeat & Surrender:
    - add option to not be defeated on first bleedout (1-3 "chances" before you are defeated 100%).
    - add moneyloss/wounds or something similar as punishment for beeing defeated but not raped
    - change debug key to modify the "chances left" 
    - improve timing on Surrender hotkey
    - make Surrender and Debug Key the same (2 keys not needed)
    Special Thanks to
    - galahad_69 for making Naked Dungeons (without this mod I would ve quit Skyrim by now I think) on which this mod is based on
    - donttouchmethere for naked testing and feedback 
    - orgs1n for helping out with scripting and basically kickstarting all this by making me look into the scripts for the first time
    - Hawk for refining and improving my code (sad to see you go) 
    - tenri for helping with my annoying coding questions
    - Nazzzgul666 for testing and feedback
    Changelog History
    Naked Defeat - 2.6 (critical update for non-DD users)
    Naked Defeat - 2.5
    Naked Defeat - 2.4 
    Naked Defeat - 2.3
    Naked Defeat - 2.2
    Naked Defeat - 2.1
    Naked Defeat - 2.0



  8. Alternate Perspective - Sold Out

    Alternate Perspective - Sold Out
    Start the Game enslaved through Simple Slavery and go from there. Simple!
    Alternate Perspective SE => Click Me! LE => Click Me! Simple Slavery++  



  9. Classic Toy Box SE

    [Last updated: Jul 12]  See Change Log  Toys Discord  LE Page 
    Classic Toy Box is a Toys Framework, content mod. 
    What's New Buffs / More Toys
    Classic Toy Box v1.2 for SE
    Skyrim is the home of exotic mysteries spoken of in hushed tones throughout the empire. Mysteries involving strange acts in bedrooms and brothels using the most intriguing contraptions that are never spoken of in polite company. These Toys, as the locals call them, have seen a resurgence in popularity during the recent turbulent times and just may be the real answer to how the Nords really stay warm in the frozen northlands...
    Now, it seems that even the older classical style toys have a new life, and tricks enchanted into them.
     Toys Box
    What's a Toy Box? It's like an Animation Pack, but for toys instead of Animations! A Toy Box adds its toys into the Toys Framework registry, sharing the toys with other mods. 
    For each type of toy in this Toy Box, there is at least one basic, and one Exotic variant. The basic have no special effects and can be removed with a key. The Exotic variants all use one or more of the effects available in Toys Framework. Examples:
    A powerful orgasm may blow out one of the anal or vaginal plugs Leg restraints my force you to crawl, but maybe you can't also walk on water! Wrist Cuffs cause magical wrist binding... a soft core version of arm binding If you jam the lock, restrictive gloves may change from magical wrist binding, to being permanently locked, until you find the key A chastity belt insists on being seen, and won't let you wear armor for long Toys may fall off in battle, including a blindfold and an armbinder The plug on gags falls off in battle... the only way to access and unlock these things Nipple piercings may lock jam causing further predicament... lets just say... pain is pleasure A collar that melts (transforms visually) on high arousal. In its melted state, it cannot be unlocked, causes striping, and an exhaustion scene Several toys are too tight and cause exhaustion and/or stamina lost Many of these toys contribute to increasing arousal. A Clitoris Piercing, due to some sort of crazy energy, is extremely arousing! Several of these toys have buffs either improving or worsening, your attributes or resistances  
     Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    See the details...
     Toys Box Links
    Toys SE
    Toy Boxes (includes how to create a Toy Box)
    Toys FAQs and Troubleshooting
    Change Log
     Credits & Permissions
    Full credit goes to Zadil for all of the toy art assets
    The Toys Team - Audhol, Mercplatypus, & VirginMarie
    Change Log



  10. XEdit Scripts - Automate Utilities (SLA, SLS, + other stuff)

    Check for NPC Tint Masks.pas

    Checks a mod's NPCs for face tint files in the directory you specify. Edit "sTintMaskPath" to point to your mod's FaceGenData\FaceTint directory. Make sure it ends in a backslash. The texture file name gets appended to it.

    e.g. "C:\... ...\mods\[My MO2 mod dir]\Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\[My Mod's ESP/ESM file name]\" 

    IMAD removal.pas
    This file will create a image space modifier removal bat file "removeimods" in your SSE game directory.

    If you change your load order you will have to rerun this.
    To use it.
    Load the target ESM/ESP files in SSE Edit. This can be your entire load order. CRTL+Click the target ESM/ESP files. Or CTRL+A for your entire load order. Right click on any of the target ESM/ESP files and select "Apply Script...". Select "<new script>" from the list of available scripts dropdown You'll see the New Script Template. Copy all. Delete it. Paste the IMAD removal PAS script. Save it and name it. Run it  
    Each "rimod" command is followed by the source mod in a comment. e.g.
    rimod 0401EB05; DLC2DBBookLevelIod [IMAD:0401EB05] - [04] Dragonborn.esm rimod 04023F86; DLC2HMDaedraExpImod [IMAD:04023F86] - [04] Dragonborn.esm rimod 04024FBC; DLC2HMDaedraExpImod02 [IMAD:04024FBC] - [04] Dragonborn.esm rimod 040317D8; DLC2MiraakTeleportIMODStatic [IMAD:040317D8] - [04] Dragonborn.esm rimod 04031D26; DLC2StandingStoneReleaseImod [IMAD:04031D26] - [04] Dragonborn.esm  
    While in game you can use "bat removeimods" to remove all image space modifiers. If the something that is applying the modifier is still active it will come back. You can then ALT+TAB out of the game and edit the bat file and remove "rimod" commands to find the troublesome mod. 

    Generates a BikiniArmors.json file for SexLab Survival.

    Before you start.
    Right click on any file under "SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SL Survival\" in MO2's Data Tab and select "Reveal in Explorer". Copy the full path to SL Survival's Storage Util's directory. You'll need this later  
    Making a "BikiniArmors.json" file with SSE Edit.
    Load the TAWOBA mod in SSEEdit Right of the TAWOBA ESP file name and select "Apply Script..." Select "<new script>" from the list of available scripts dropdown You'll see the New Script Template. Copy all. Delete it. Paste the TAWOBA SLS JSON PAS script. Change "sJsonPath  := 'E:\';" to SL Survival's Storage Util's directory. Make sure it ends with a backslash. "BikiniArmors.json" gets appended to it later.  Save it and name it. Run it  
    The script uses the ArmorMaterialXXXXXX keywords to sort and categorize the armor.

    TAWOBA SL Aroused and Survival.pas
    Automates a large portion of adding SLA and SLS keywords to armor.

    Instructions for using the xedit script:

    The Xedit script searches the armor's name for keywords to determine what SLA keywords are applied.
    The SLS keyword  "_SLS_BikiniArmor" is applied to every piece of armor. The SLA keyword "EroticArmor" is applied to any match when the armor's name contains one of the following words
         harness "SLA_BootsHeels" gets added to any piece if armor with the words "boots" in its name. "SLA_ThongLowleg" added with "thong" in its name. "SLA_MicroHotpants" added with "pants" in its name. "SLA_MiniSkirt" added with "skirt" in its name. "SLA_ArmorHarness" added with "harness" in its name. "SLA_Brabikini" added with "bikini" and "top" in its name. "SLA_ArmorHalfNakedBikini" added with "bikini" and "top" but not with "dwarven" in its name.
    Feel free to modify and share!



  11. Radiant Prostitution-Gigolo SE

    Radiant Prostitution and Gigolo Ver 7 (SLSO) for SE
    Now Requires Sexlab Aroused (V29) as of Ver 7.0 and SLSO if you want the minigame
    This is an update to the conversion by @nomkaz of the continuation by @-Caden- of the continuation by @WraithSlayer of the original mod by @mainfct and @korialstraszbob.
    The 3.2.2 version of the mod that I first started using works well but comes off as being kind of bland after a while and it didn't really work well for male PCs. Caden then picked it up. He added quite a bit of color and recognition for different types of PCs. However, he never quite got his vision completed and has moved on to other things. Since he has announced that he is abandoning support for it, I decided I'd pick the ball up and run with it for bit. How hard can this modding thing be, right? (famous last words).
    SOooo... What is Radiant Prostitution?
    It's a time of war in Skyrim. It's people are broken, stressed and dispossessed. Jobs are scarce. One could join the armies or go adventuring, but that life is dangerous and training and equipment are expensive. What's a lad or lass fresh off the cart supposed to do? Well, the local innkeeper is always looking for help. While you can make some money waiting tables, there's always one more option that's available.... If you are willing... because there are people ready to buy....

    Radiant Prostitution and Gigolo offers a different career path for the Dragon Born. One where waiting tables is just the door into a whole other side of Skyrim. One where you can find out what the people do on lonely nights when they don't know what the morrow will bring. One where you find out what people will pay for behind closed doors. One where you find that problems can be solved with more than sword and spells....
    A tiered set of radiant quests that are accessible from any inn in Skyrim Fully configurable MCM that allows you to adjust the difficulty and payout to suit your personal play style  
    Working at the Inn
    You can start off just waiting tables. The money isn't great but at least you have your dignity, right? But the temptation is always there and some customers can't keep their hands to themselves. If you decide to take that plunge, you have to decide just what is you are willing to do, because the clients have ideas and some of them won't take no for answer...  
    Once you get a reputation, the Innkeepers will find other opportunities for you...
     Now with SLSO Integration!!
    So how does the SLSO integration work? Basically to succeed in your job, you need to make sure that your client has an Orgasm. Fail to do that and your client will become less and less happy with you. How this happens will depend on the quest. There is now Client satisfaction system that evaluates your performance of your interaction with them. If a scene includes an orgasm, you get a point. If there is no orgasm, that counts against. Client Satisfaction will depend on the particulars of the quest, but the points gained will result in a Client satisfaction level: 3 is fully satisfied - 0 is completely unsatisfied. NOTE: Multiple Orgasms for a single client in a scene still only count as one for this system.
    Your performance is also evaluated on time. If you have SLSO set advance after a male orgasm, you have to edge them long enough to get full pay but still ensure they still cum. Currently, not all quests have this feature enabled for various reasons. . See the spoiler below for the particulars.

    SexLab Framework  JContainers  Fuz Ro D-oh Sexlab Aroused V29 (as of Version 7)  
    Install with mod manager, or unzip and drop files into your Skyrim/data folder
    Updates can be done midgame safely provided no radiant quests are currently running
    Radiant Prostitution should work nicely with pretty much anything, even other SexLab prostitution mods, but there are some things that may break it, namely mods that automatically start SexLab animations based on proximity to the player. Known incompatible mods:
    SexLab Dangerously Nude - Will cause simple prostitution jobs to break if walking around naked. SexLab Aroused Creatures - Prevents Random Job quests involving bestiality from working properly. May be temporarily disabled in its MCM settings while performing these quests.  
    LE Compatibility
    It's been reported that this works with LE but I haven't tested it personally. May need to resave the esp in the LE Creation Kit for full functionality
    Here's the full description from Caden's page
    Future Plans
    I've gotten most of my near term goals completed. My next goal is to integrate Aroused into the mod and that will enable compatibility with Sexlab Separate Orgasms. That will allow me to make client orgasms part of the success criteria. That's proving to be more difficult that I thought
    Beyond that I am open to suggestions with two caveats. First is that it can't be too complex. This is an old mod that has been worked on by a lot of people. It shows in the code. Trying to do too much can cause things to break. Then there is the structure of the mod. Each of radiant quests is essentially a dead end. You go out, you do the job and you get paid. The only change to game world is the money in your pocket. So contained scenarios is all that can really be done here.
    Second, I'm not much for the more... uh... extreme stuff that appears on the site. I'm not knocking folks who are, I'm just pointing out that I may not be the guy to write that sort of thing. I'm going to focus mostly on consensual non-creature stuff. I might consider rape as a consequence for something but I'll never write a scenario where it is unavoidable.
    For those who ARE interested in the more extreme stuff, I'd point you here:
    NOTE: This method will only work for 6.1.7. This method is no longer applicable to 7.0 and beyond due to the changes needed for the SLSO minigame.
    That's a guide for coming up with your own quests for this mod and it's what I used to get started on my own. I'll gladly help with any technical questions you have and if you come up with a working add-on. I'll even link to it so that folks can find it. I'll just leave the writing and testing to you. Fair enough?
    I just want to thank all the guys I mentioned at the beginning for all the work they did. Fixing and tweaking are one, but building something from the ground up would be way beyond me. Hopefully I can do y'all credit and keep this thing alive a little longer.



  12. SKStim

    About:  A mod and a sound player application that lets you feel the actions you take in Skyrim via electrical stimulation.
    Sound based Estim device is required, preferrably stereo. Files were made with Tri-phase setup in mind, simultaneous events can create unique interferences.
    Warning: Use this at your own risk!
    Be aware of proper use of your device, turn it off before you touch the electrodes with your hand, never stim above waist etc. Play safe!
        - A folder structure to place your own signals in.
        - Menu to select a separate output for the signals. 
        - Stimulation when you get hit in combat.
        - Stimulation when you cast spells (only vanilla so far).
        - Stimulation for sex scenes.
        - Stimulation for Devious Devices events and plugs.
        - Stimulation for movement while wearing plugs
        - more stimulation to come...
    This is a work in progress, the features are there but they need more testing, compatibility and content. Expect bugs.
            SKSE64: http://skse.silverlock.org/
            SexLab Framework: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91861-sexlab-framework-se-163-beta-8-november-22nd-2019/
            and its requirements.
            SexLab Aroused: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5482-sexlab-aroused-redux-sse-version-29/
            Devious Devices SE: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5878-devious-devices-se/ 
            follow the link for installation instructions and for all its requirements.
       Soft requirements are any mod that lets you access the content of above mods, such as Cursed Loot or SexLab Eager NPCs.
    VR compatible.
    LE compatible. since 0.4
    Installation & Usage: Use a mod installer or unpack and drop it in your game folder. Connect your device to the PC. Fire up SKStim.exe from ...Skyrim/Data/SKSstim/ and choose the appropriate output for your device. Wire up and play the calibration signal to find the right strenght for you. Then activate the app by clicking "Listening to game:" ON.
    Signals: Each stim file is placed in a subfolder in Skstim/Signals/..., you can replace these files in the subfolders or add multiple to the same folder for variety (in this case a signal will be randomly chosen from the specified folder once an event with that name triggers). If you leave a folder empty a signal from the associated _Default folder will play. Filenames dont matter, extension needs to be .mp3 .wav or .ogg . 44100Hz 32bit .

    Looking for testers!  If you like this stuff please help with your feedback. You can check out volumeReport.txt in the apps folder to get an idea whats going on when something is not playing as expected & send it to me. Share your own signals! I'd be happy to get signals that are more enjoyable or sync up to the events better, we could be making different signal packs or just diversify them if there is interest. Sex scenes are not meant to sync for now instead the signals are continous, but DD events could be synced better. Spells are also poorly categorized, I dont have the capacity to check which animation matches which category better, but it would be easy for me to put them elsewhere or create a new category or two based on feedback.
    Known Issues: 
        - Not all shocking events are implemented, sometimes it doesnt play a signal.
        - Horse riding signal plays when the horse stands still.
        - Healing signal might play for healing potions.
        -a few AV on virustotal reports a false positive for my exe. If anyone knows pyinstaller I might need help with building a custom bootloader for it. I think all reputable and almost all others let it pass though, defender is fine too.

    Credits: Huge thanks to Mr.Private creator of the controller-vibe mod for letting me use his script as a basis and solving many of my issues.
        Visio Diaboli & SkyLover37 for helping with papyrus and Steinfunk for feedback.
        Some signals are from lolol2-s amazing Estim Tower tease on Milovana.



  13. Shout Like a Virgin Evolved SE

    Shout Like a Virgin Evolved v8.05 SE Beta   Updated Jul 12    Change Log  LE Version
    SLaVE is a Toys Framework, content mod  & includes the Virgin Toy Box 
    What's New Male Support & Fixes

    Video: Mod Highlights - Music Credit: "The Dragonborn Comes" by Malukah.
    Dibella, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, and Nocturnal, the Daedric Mistress of the Night, both have a little too much time on their hands. What they also have in common is their love for beautiful virgins. Dibella, keen to promote the erotic arts, promotes the deflowering of virgins. Nocturnal prefers that virgins stay pure since she needs to sacrifice lovely pure maidens to replenish her powers.
    Thus when they both heard that after centuries, there's a Dragonborn in Skyrim, they could not resist making a wager, Nocturnal vowing to keep the Dragonborn pure, and Dibella pledging to influence lost virginity.
    Nocturnal lurks in the shadows and waits to detect and seduce the Dragonborn when she shouts. It's said that a virgin shout, is the most powerful shout. Meanwhile, Dibella takes a more passive approach to influencing the Dragonborn.

    Mote detail can be seen on pages here... Quests / Features
    Will you choose to keep your virginity or lose it? Your choice matters and both states have advantages. Affects how Thu'ums of Love and Strip work, the Anal Skeleton Key Enchantment, your resistances, and more. It can also lead to punishment. Fortunately, with the rebirth, the choice is not permanent For Virgin Training, Nocturnal locks you in unusual Virgin Toys Earn the unique Thu'um of Love shout. It focuses the energies of your orgasm to love enemies to death, even dragons. Earn Thu'um of Strip and make your enemies vulnerable by removing their armor. Shouting also leads to random encounters Nocturnal helps you gain trust with Daedrics to aid in your virgin rebirth. Dibella compels you to gain favour with Gods and Goddesses. Both have you in pursuit of the elusive third word for Thu'um of Love Encounters: Word Wall Love / Thu'um of Love loving / Thu'um of Strip stripping / Erotic Arts / Deflowering Lily / Love Collar Post, Table, & Pillory Love / Erotic Asphyxiation / Maiden in Need / Pain is Pleasure / Fondle Thyself / Pleasure Thyself / Nocturnal Teases / Lively Lungs & Delayed Orgasm / Orgasm Exhilaration Dance / Impassioned Waterfalls / Bedeviled Spit Roasts / Call Forth the Ravens / Orgasm Activated Dwemer Device / Standing Stone Love / Dragon Mound Love / Crawling / Spider Webbing / Magic Mushrooms / Pony Girl Cart Duty / Magical Body Piercings Be rebirthed on a spit roast. Be punished by a living Nocturnal Statue, or forced into a arm bindings for losing virginity. Have your skin seared and tattooed by a machine for failing to report in. Have your feet amputated and replaced with deer hooves. Be impassioned by a waterfall and walk on water. Love shrines to earn the Shrine Love Blessing. Dance for Dibella to be Asphyxiated and earn Asphyxiation Blessing. Love enough word walls to earn the Damage Armor Ability. Spank enough thieves to earn the Potion Ability Instead of death, with the help of Nocturnal, you can love yourself back to life   
    Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    How to Begin
    Hint: Nocturnal lurks in the shadows and waits to detect and seduce the Dragonborn when she shouts. Total spoiler...
    SLaVE Pages
    Quests Features Virgin Toys Credits & Permissions Notices & News FAQs & Troubleshooting Change Log  
    Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team: Audhol, Mercplatypus, & VirginMarie. The Toys Team are also the primary contributors to SLaVE
    Significant Beta Test Contributors: Gregaaz, Yanjunsun (we will list them all once beta completes)
    Full List of Credits Here
    Permissions Here
    Change Log



  14. The Ancient Profession Light for Enderal 28Apr2021

    This is a very simple prostitution mod for Enderal that lets you work as a prostitute in the game's inns. It works similarly to inn prostitution in my full-size Skyrim quest mod, The Ancient Profession, which is where it gets its name.
    Unlike the full-size mod, this mod does not have any quests, and there are no licenses that you need to get. It exists only to provide extremely simple inn prostitution. Because there are no quests and not a lot of writing required, I didn't put any player character gender checks in the dialogue. You can use this to play as a male or female prostitute.
    The developers of Enderal made innkeepers work slightly differently than they do in Skyrim for no obvious reason, so it's necessary to have a mod specially made for Enderal to have inn prostitution that works the same way as in my Skyrim mod.
    How does it work?
    Just go up to any innkeeper and ask "May I sell my company in your inn?" to begin You will have to rent a room and pay a cut to the innkeeper You will not have to rent a room in Duneville, but you will still have to pay a cut to the innkeeper Solicit anyone in the inn or the surrounding area (with some limitations) by asking "May I show you a good time?" You will receive 20 EXP for every client you entertain - about the same you get for killing a rat If you leave the area without paying the innkeeper's cut, you will have 24 hours to correct your mistake, or you will receive a bounty  
    Limitations and known issues
    As technically impressive as Enderal is, the developers obviously didn't care about supporting mods that relied on Skyrim factions or on locations and their keywords in any real way. In that area, the game is half-implemented at best. I tried to smooth over some of it, but I only went so far with it.
    In most areas, you should be able to leave the inn and solicit clients in the area of the inn, but there may be one or two where this doesn't work, or it doesn't work as well as it should It's possible you may enter a house or other interior cell and be told you left the city or town you were in. This is again because the Enderal developers didn't fully implement locations. Everyone you solicit will accept the solicitation, with two exceptions. I may change this later, or I may just leave it as it is. The two exceptions are NPCs that you have already recently entertained and NPCs who are involved in scenes like watching a bard. You can't solicit NPCs who are sitting at gambling tables. Their dialogue telling you to sit down overrides all other dialogue. I'm not sure if I will even try to do anything about it. I haven't finished the game yet, so I have no idea if this is lore-friendly, if you care about that.  
    I strongly recommend using a mod manager, because this mod overwrites at least one vanilla Enderal script to patch up some problems I found with the way room rentals work, where the room might lock too early, or the innkeeper might think you had already rented the room when the last rental had long ago expired.
    Make sure you are pointing the mod manager at the correct directory for your Enderal installation. If you installed it as a mod, this should be your Skyrim directory. If you installed it from Steam, it will be its own Enderal Special Edition directory.
    Upgrading to 1.3
    It is safe to upgrade from any 1.x version to 1.3 in a game in progress, as long as you don't have an inn whoring session active. You may experience some problems if you have a session active during the upgrade, but they should work fine the next time you start a session. For best results, end your current whoring session before the upgrade.
    Is this compatible with Enderal for Skyrim LE?
    Yes, as of version 1.2. Make sure that you download the correct version for your installation of Enderal. Use SE for Enderal Special Edition and LE if you are not playing Special Edition.
    Be aware that I have not tested the LE version anywhere near as much as the SE version, because I actually play Enderal Special Edition, and I don't play the LE version.
    Future plans
    Probably none, other than bug fixes if I see something isn't working right while I'm playing the game. I might make a few improvements, but I made it to bring prostitution similar to my Skyrim mod over to Enderal for my playthrough now that Enderal SE is out. I am still working on that Skyrim mod and still playing this game, so I doubt I will spend much time on this one past what I have already done.
    Anyone who wants to use it as the basis for something more complex and interesting may feel free to do so, with credit to the original.



  15. Rustic Chastity Belt

    This mod adds a rustic chastity belt into Skyrim. It is based off of the Devious Devices framework, and as such requires it to be installed. This mod is currently in version 0.1 so I would be happy to accept advice or assistance in any form. In particular if someone were able to test this mod I and give me feedback I would be extremely appreciative.

    Currently this mod only adds a single item to the game, a Rustic Chastity Belt. Its design is based off of one that is sold at Fancy Steel. As this mod is still a work in progress, there is no way to obtain the item without the use of console commands. However, it does retain identical functionality as the stock DD belt.
    Future Plans
    Register device as generic device in DD Tweak minor clipping issue in groin region Add matching pieces to set (plug, collar, bra, etc...)  
    Version History
    V 0.1 - 4/11/2021
    Initial WIP version  
    Fancy Steel for the design of the belt
    Kimy and the whole DD team for both inspiring me to make this mod and providing the framework to create it. Thank you so much!



  16. WhoreCraft SSE

    WhoreCraft is an attempt at balancing and to allow for new and fun ways to progress when playing LL mods. To this end it provides an overarching way to tie SexLab into the RPG mechanics of Skyrim. This mod is as lightweight and modular as i can make it and tries to give agency to the user whereever possible. It should be compatible with any other mods.
    Good day LL!
    To achieve the above WhoreCraft provides modular options so you can choose whichever feature you want.
    1. Integrating SexLab with level progression
    2. Allowing progression in the craft by providing a perk tree.
    3. Providing starting optionals to make for a more realistic whore.
    4. Adding achievements as animated on screen pop-ups
    General Gameplay
    As a whole this will make the games combat much harder because you will level through SexLab events and level quicker than you can increase your skills. In particular if you use stuff like defeat, SL survival or just avoid combat by whoring yourself out/being enslaved. It will thusly (sort of) eliminate the need for combat mods as to reduce script stress in combat situations.
    It will provide a sense of progression that is not tied to an MCM menu and allow low level characters some reprieve from harsh stamina punishments. The perk tree is designed to facilitate or support a number of playstyles that incorporate SexLab, while the achievements are meant to encourage exploration or just a fun surprise.
    It does well with mods that impose restrictions on your character such as SL survival, Slaverun or Devious Devices/Devious Lore and allows to balance around consensual and non-consensual events in order to continue leveling fast but also prevent a runaway level effect.
    1. Integrating SexLab into level progression
    With Experience Mod:
    In essence the Experience mod decouples skill gain from level progression. When your skills level up, your character won't. Experience records other events such as discovering locations, slain enemies or completing quests to advance the players level.
    WhoreCraft will allow you to gain experience for every SexLab event the player is involved in. This will enable level progression for non-combat playthroughs and also when the player uses sex to defeat enemies. It also allows to either gain no experience or lose experience if the player is the victim in a SexLab event and also weigh experience gain by a couple of other factors.
    Hard dependency for integration with Experience: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17751/
    Without Experience Mod:
    Player can also choose to gain a skill increase for every SexLab event he takes part in instead of Experience integration. Skill increases will be granted in either Speech, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Alchemy or Restoration and can not exceed skill level 100.
    2. Providing a perk tree
    Allows for purchase of perks via standard perk points. Open via MCM hotkey or lesser power. As is the theme with WhoreCraft the tree is also of a modular nature.
    It consists of three branches and a base. Each branch is meant to provide an interactive element to a particular playstyle (or, of course, support however you want to play).
    Branch 1 - Serial Whore
    This centers around Go With The Flow (GWTF) which gives a 5-minute buff everytime the player has sex. GWTF can be improved by the surrounding Prowess perks.
    Oral/Anal/Vaginal Prowess are each triggered by having sex with the corresponding animation tag. Each have their own effect they add to GWTF for a duration of 3 minutes. Gaining the effect of one the Prowess perks refreshes the duration of all other active Prowess buffs. GWTF also provides gold for every consensual encounter and the amount of pay is based on the number of active Prowess buffs and the used animation tag. The gold amount can be changed via MCM to allow the user to fit it into every type of custom economy.
    Branch 2 - Freedom Fighter
    Meant to enable a weak adventurer type playstyle. If the player is the victim in an encounter and within 10 seconds enters combat gain the Meltdown buff for 30 seconds. Meltdown is designed to allow for unlimited aggression in combat and get revenge on whatever got the best of you. It will buff damage values and provide a big increase to the players health pool so you can straight up charge at the enemy. Here you will also find some Lockpicking or Sneak buffs in order to get around (and stay free).
    Branch 3 - The Saiyan
    Is for players who weaponize SexLab events and centers around Berserk. Firstly it buffs the player at the start of an aggressive encounter and provides increased Speed and Damage after the fact. Berserk like Meltdown is a multi-tiered perk.
    In Total
    The tree contains 19 fully working perks which require 25 perk points to unlock. I have taken the liberty to already include a few additional locked perks, which will be implemented at a later date. Though in my opinion the core functioniality is in a good spot.
    Hard dependency for the visualized perk tree: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/41780
    Looking for someone who can provide a .nif file that replaces the perk tree background with one the framework can use (credit where credit is due). I suck with visual stuff.
    3. Modifiying starting skills/stats and balancing
    Being a whore but starting with a decent ability to wield two handed weapons? Yeah, no. WhoreCraft will allow you to whorify your skills.
    All skills except Speech (20), Pickpocket (15), Lockpicking (15), Restoration (5) and Alchemy (5) will be set to 1.
    This does not account for any racial bonus and those will be overwritten.
    You can also modify your starting stats (whimsify me in MCM) by -20 Health and -40 Magicka/Stamina (though if you have survival use that one)
    I've tried to include the important variables in MCM and to allow for user manipulation. You can get an overview of the smaller tweaks available from the provided screenshots at the top.
    If you have an idea of a feature that could benefit from MCM integration, tell me and i will try to make it happen.
    4. Adding achievements
    WhoreCraft adds at total of 84 achievements. 42 are unique and have no tiers. The remaining 7 achievements have 6 tiers.
    The achievements are animated on screen pop-ups. There is a .gif in the screenshot section. They also come with sound effects.
    The tiered perks can be viewed in MCM, There you will see information on how to get them and your progress to the next tier.
    I wanted the hidden achievements to happen organically when playing. While not hard to earn they are scattered around the world. Once a hidden achievement has been earned it will be added to the pertaining MCM page.
    (if you absolutely must know there is a .txt in the archive)
    Special thanks go to the LL admins for granting me permission to use the logo and to DaemonPrime for making the framework to add UI elements without flash. The framework is plug and play install wise and has only SkyUI as requirement.
    For the on screen achievements get the framework here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/36457
    Installation & Updating:
    Just install with your mod manager. Make sure to check dependencies.
    If the perk tree is not showing then the framework is not setup right (hint binkw64, pre loading).
    In new games it would be safest to configure via MCM after SexLab is installed.
    Due to its nature i suggest starting a new game but it should work fine on any character.
    When updating make a note of your current skill level then enter the following into the console:
    stopquest WhoreCraftInit
    startquest WhoreCraftInit
    This will re-initialize the mod, though sadly by updating already counted stats will be reset (except for SexCount) and Skill Level will also be reset.
    set WhoreCraftFemale_SkillLevel to amount
    This will restore your previous level, where amount is the level you had previously.
    Then go into MCM and reconfigure your settings
    Lastly make a hardsave and reload
    set WhoreCraftFemale_Tree to 1 will show the skill tree
    set WhoreCraftFemale_SkillLevel to 1-100 will adjust the skill level
    Nothing yet.
    If any feature is not working for you and you suspect a conflict, disable it and let me know.
    I don't know. Disabling everything in MCM will render it basically inert.
    If you absolutely must you can try fallrim tools until i get an uninstall routine in. But you know the drill, it's very much use at your own risk.
    Yeah probably. I've done a decent amount of testing but am just one person. Report a bug and i will do my best to get rid of it.
    1.3.1 was reported working with a simple resave of the plugin in CK. If anyone wants to convert and upload it, go ahead.
    Future plans?
    High priority:
    include an update routine to save stats and achievements (promise it's the next thing i do)
    Med priority:
    Finish the last couple of perks, but the tree is in a good spot right now (i think).
    Low priority:
    Create a plugin that contains and empty perk tree that can be used to add your own custom trees.
    Add the perk tree branches to MCM so people without the framework can use them
    Use iWant Widgets to create custom on-screen achievement popups related to SexLab and WhoreCraft stats
    Create a small amount of STD's
    So enough BS. Go be a good... or bad slave and take the LL Experience to the next level (yeah, sorry couldn't help myself).
    To people who know papyrus:
    Always looking for a way to get rid of the ConsoleUtil dependency (player.advlevel amount).
    If at any point i do not respond within a reasonable amount of time: Consider this up for adoption. This mod is a thank you to the LL community. As such it should stay here.



  17. Toys SE

    [Last updated: Jul 18] 
     Toys Exits Beta!  What's New 
    v1.0... Our Exit from Beta / v1.01... Minor maintenance 
    Leia Bra / More Toys / Buffs / Self Bondage / Much for Mod Authors... and more... Change Log
    Toys Discord / LE Page / LE & SE Support Thread
    New "Toys Exits Beta!" video

    Toys v1.01 for SE   A Bondage Framework 
    Skyrim. Land of the Nords, birthplace of Tiber Septim. It is a harsh land, shrouded in bitter cold and ancient mystery. A land of adventure where mead halls are consumed with the songs and stories of heroes and legends. A land where many come to find their fortune, themselves or their destiny.
    Skyrim is also the home of more exotic mysteries spoken of in hushed tones throughout the empire. Mysteries involving strange acts in bedrooms and brothels using the most intriguing contraptions that are never spoken of in polite company. These Toys, as the locals call them, have seen a resurgence in popularity during the recent turbulent times and just may be the real answer to how the Nords really stay warm in the frozen northlands...
    Toys provides mod authors, with Toy Boxes, effects triggered by worn toys, and an API to handle the toys, including built-in features making it very easy to "play nice" with other mods. A mod author can easily clone toys, customizing their features, or create their own new toys.
    As an end-user, Toys on its own provides much to experience.  If you install a content mod that uses Toys then it escalates! Without a content mod, use Toys MCM to equip toys.
    Toys have various degrees of debauchery and depravity. Basic toys might be key-less, but most will require at least a basic key. The "Exotic" variant of toys tends to have effects and other means of escape. Some toys may break in combat, or melt from the heat of your orgasm, transforming visually. In a transformed state, maybe the toy falls off when hit in combat, or can be removed without a key, or the lock becomes viable. But a transformed toy might mean things got even worse! 
    Toys or their transformed variants may have enchantments that strip armor and clothing, force you to crawl, cause harm, or cause magical wrist binding, including the chance of Hard Core binding. Many toys will increase your arousal, and you could find yourself fondling yourself involuntarily or experience spontaneous orgasms.
    For a complete outline of Features see HERE. 
     Toy Story
    Toy Story is also available from this download page. Toy Story is a quest mod that demonstrates Toys' features, both to end-users and mod authors. Story Toy details HERE.
     Toy Boxes
    What's a Toy Box? See HERE. 3 Toy Boxes are included in this Framework. Other available Toy Boxes are listed HERE.
    Everything Optional for content mods. Nothing Ever Forced this does not mean a mod can't make hard core toys "Make it realistic to play with Toys, while also playing the rest of the game" If that's what the mod author chooses to do No tedious, repetitive methods of escaping from Toys See the full list of Covenants...
     Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    See the details...
     Toys Pages
    These links intentionally take you to the Toys LE Support thread. Info for LE and SE is combined.
    Toy Story 
    Toys Boxes 
    each above includes info for mod authors
    Toys Family of Mods
    Notices & News
    FAQs and Troubleshooting
    Tips & Tricks
    Change Log
     Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team
    Audhol - Primary role is Toy Creation and new Animations
    Mercplatypus - Primary role is the story and writing for Toy Story
    VirginMarie - Primary role is Scripting and making stuff happen
    Significant Beta Test Contributors: Gregaaz, Yanjunsun (we will list them all once beta completes)
    Full List of Credits...
    Change Log



  18. Temple of Molag Bal kidnaping quests

    This is a addon to "Immersive Daedra Worship: Temple of Molag Bal" by a "The Man in Black". This addon adds eight kidnapping quests. The quests are triggered by mysterious notes you will find in the eastern wing of the temple (dining area). In each quest you will be sent after a priestess in the service of one of the divines. Usually traveling with a few other people you will have to dispose of. The quests are short and simple. And end once you've successfully brought the priestess in question back to the temple, and had a short conversation with her. The main mods features take over from there.
    Note: Please save a reload once so the mods dialogue can show up.
    Hard Requirements:
    Immersive Daedra Worship: Temple of Molag
    KS Hardos
    Soft requirements: 
    Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice
    Q and A: 
    Why no kidnapping quest for a priestess of Stendaar?
    Immersive Daedra Worship will already add a kidnapping quest for the leader of the Vigilants of Stendaar in Skyrim in its next update. So adding a kidnapping quest for a pristess of Stendaar seemed redundant.
    Does this mod add new NPCs for you to kidnap or send you after vanilla NPCs?
    It adds new NPCs (See screenshots to see what a few of them they look like).
    I can't find the notes.
    You will find them in dining area in the eastern wing of the temple. They're suppose to be on the table, but may have fallen on the floor. 
    How do I kidnap the priestesses? 
    Sexlab defeat lets you kidnap npcs.
    Future plans: 
    Add a more interesting way to get the quests then just finding mysterious notes lying around. 
    Give the priestesses and their traveling companions AI packages that have them traveling from shrine to shrine. Instead of just hanging out at the shine I placed them at. 
    Add a kidnapping quest for a powerful champion of Meridia. 



  19. VO Succubus Rape Spell

    VO Succubus Rape Spell
    Version 1.0.A -March  2022
    by Virtual Oxytocin

    Description :

    This simple mod add a Two new Spell: "Sexual Rape Spell" and "Sexual Rape Power"

    Sexual Rape Spell can be equiped in either hand
    The spell is precise and long range.

    Sexual Rape Power can be equiped in the power/voice slot
    The spell release a shout-like cone and is short range.
    The spell effect is based on the "Night  embrace spell" from Succubus heart but simply remove the sleeping check condition, making it a 100% success change to trigger an aggressive interaction.

    Getting started :
    Open the console command and type :
    help "Sexual Rape"
    Read the books ids that show up and add them in your inventory like:
    player.additem ITEM_ID 1

    Requirements :
    -Skyrim SE or VR
    -Succubus Heart
    - anything that Succubus Heart SE requires

    Installation :
    -Simply drop the content of this mod into your Data folder / use a mod manager

    Known Issues :
    No issues detected for the moment
    Done using Skyrim SE/Creation Kit
    Tested using Skyrim VR

    Credits :
    - Spirit shard https://www.loverslab.com/profile/594569-spirit_shard/ for the succubus Heart mod



  20. Patch for Mihail's Succubus and Radiant Prostitution

    LE Version
    This is a patch that makes the succubi from Mihail's Succubus into prostitutes for Radiant Prostitution (both are required). Install like any other mod, and make sure this mod loads after both of them (LOOT should take care of it). It is marked as ESL so it wont take up a slot in your load order.
    If normal NPCs aren't asking the succubi for sex, go into the MCM of Radiant Prostitution, under NPC Events, and click Reset NPC Scene. 
    - -Caden- for the original Radiant Prostitution
    - Nomkaz for converting it to SE
    - Mihail for Succubus
    Knows issues:
    Technical details of what this mod does more specifically (for a normal user this is probably pointless information, but feel free to look at it anyway if you want)



  21. SLACS Plus - SexLab Advanced Cum Stages

    Немного улучшенная версия мода SLACS - SexLab Advanced Cum Stages от Kyeckr, имеет больше этапов и новые текстуры ( SexLab Cum Textures Remake  от Vacaliga). 
    Основная идея улучшения - увеличение количества этапов, а не новых текстур. И поскольку я не очень хорошо работаю с текстурами, я быстро добавил простой пример. В свободное время постараюсь сделать более точную версию. На данный момент доступно 7 этапов, планирую поднять их до 9, но это не точно.
    1. Устанавливаем мод (у него нет текстуры) - в загрузках Main SLACS Plus
    2. Скачайте один из пакетов текстур -
    SLACS Plus Textures Pack Medium (мало спермы на теле) - G.drive | MEGA 10gb без упаковки SLACS Plus Textures Pack Extrime (много спермы на теле) - сейчас в разработке 3. (необязательно) В меню мода нажмите «Восстановить настройки SLACS по умолчанию» и установите максимальное количество этапов.
    -------------------------------------------------- -----------
    Я плохо знаю английский, поэтому не могу отвечать на вопросы, если они есть. Посетите раздел оригинального мода, возможно, там вы найдете ответы на некоторые вопросы.
    Мне не удалось связаться с Кекром для получения разрешения, он пропал без вести довольно долгое время. Тем не менее, этот мод и все разработки принадлежат ему. Vacaliga, позволяет использовать текстуры.



  22. Step-by step guide to setting up a scripting enviornment in MO2 for Sexlab and SLA

    So, after googling for hours and reading over old posts, I figured I should put together a guide on how to get the creation kit to work with MO2 with a focus on SL scripting.
    (Download is just a word document version of this post)
    Install creation kit from bethesda.net, and point MO2 to the creation kit executable through this box:
    2) Install SSE creation kit fixes and multiple masters fix:
    3) If you haven’t already, install SKSE and be sure to keep the .psc source files handy for the next part.
    4)Now, create a new mod in MO2 by simply opening your MO2 profile dir and making a new folder. Inside, you will need to create 2 folders: scripts and scripts\source.
    5)Move the SKSE .psc files into the \scripts\source folder
    6)Now, go to your skyrim data folder (<skyrim installation path>\data\scripts) and grab a zip file called Scripts.zip. You will need to extract it into your new MO2 mod, and be sure to keep all the .psc files in the \scripts\source folder.
    7) After that, you’re going to need a few more dependencies before you can start developing:
    SkyUI Developmet sdk: https://github.com/schlangster/skyui/wiki RaceMenu developer: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624?tab=files (download modder’s package) FNIS (FNIS ships with its sources, but you need to change the file structure. FNIS has its sources in sources\scripts, and you need to move them to scripts\sources) PapyrusUtil 8 Now you need to unpack RaceMenu’s BSA, which you can do with Cathedral Asset Optimizer. Just open it up, and point it to RaceMenu’s mod dir:

    You will need the RaceMenu source scripts when you are compiling.
    9) Now you need to change the CK ini file to reflect your script directory:
    [Papyrus] bPerforceEnabled = 0 iMinMemoryPageSize = 128 iMaxMemoryPageSize = 512 sScriptSourceFolder = ".\Data\Scripts\Source"  
    After that, you just have to boot up the CK and load Sexlab and SLA as your master files, along with any other .esps you will need. Then you’re good to go for scripting!
    I'm pretty sure I got everything covered, but its entirely possible I may have missed a step after getting everything working - so please let me know if I missed something.
    Some mods with good example scripts that you can look at:



  23. Yamete!

    => LE Version (V3.1)
    !V3.2 is a Patch and requires V3.1 to be installed first!
    Yamete! (Lets not talk about the Name)
    Yamete is a general purpose combat defeat mod, introducing new alternatives to Death for Player, Follower & NPC in any and every combination
    Knockdown Condition
    For an Actor to be considered "defeated" they need to fulfill one of the below Conditions. Each of them can be customized to design the Game in multiple different Directions 
    You will be knocked down when your Health falls below a threshold Unblocked only: Only unblocked hits can knock you down Melee only: ..but only if the attack you got hit by wasn't ranged Stripped
    You will be knocked down when you're wearing less than this many Armor pieces
    *Supports all Slots  
    Knockdown Mechanics
    Knockdown Mechanics are additional effects that can affect an Actor in multiple ways. They're mainly intended to be in a supportive Position, synergizing with a Condition
    Upon getting hit, you may lose one of your currently worn Items
    *Supports all Slots Drop or Unequip: If the item you lose should be dropped or unequipped Destruction Chance: Chance for an Item to be destroyed upon being stripped instead of unequipped/stripped
    *Items can be protected from this Option  
    Scenarios are used to properly define what exactly happens when you are defeated. Every Actortype can use their own Scenario
    Basic Available for: Everyone Details: The Basic Scenario forces the Victim in a SL Scene with their last Aggressor, after this Scene, the Scenario ends and fighting continues! Yay. Basic, isnt it? FleeInstant Available for: Follower, NPCs/Creatures Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will flee from Combat for a in the MCM Set Duration  BleedoutInstant Available for: Everyone Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will be forced into Bleedout until either the Timer runs out or Combat ends (depending on your MCM Settings)  
    Reapers Mercy
    Reapers Mercy is a Player Ability that allows you to assault any for you valid Target. It uses an individual Set of Knockdown Conditions and will override any other Settings in this Mod
    Actors that you attack while using Reapers Mercy will be essential for 3 seconds and upon Knockdown, will be thrown into Bleedout until you either free them or knockdown too many Actors (Currently, Reapers Mercy can hold 2 Actors at once)
    Victims knocked down by Reapers Mercy cant attack, are protected & shouldnt be attacked by anyone else. When the Player tries to interact with their Victim, they can...
    Assault: Rape the Victim Kill: Kill the Victim Free: Set the Victim Free  
    Known Issues
    Leaving Cells while an Actor is in Bleedout may glitch that Actor out, causing them to be stuck in Bleedout until forced to play a different Animation (e.g. Stagger). This Bug is caused by Havok being unable to reset an Actors Animations  while their 3D isn't properly loaded in. I consider this Bug to be impossible to fix in any reasonable fashion
    If you happen to know a simple & reliable Solution to this, feel free to contact me Requirements
    PapyrusUtil (included in SLF) Optional
    SL Framework  
    Billyy: For custom Bleedout Animations Previous Changelogs



  24. Boars and Daggerbacks - Always Erect

    This mod adds about 200 Boars and Daggerbacks to Skyrim.
    This mod is based on Boars and Daggerbacks- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT) from Nexus - so all credit goes to MihailMods for creating them.
    I originally made this simplified/adjusted version just for myself, but I thought I might aswell share it in case someone also likes it.
    The mod is a stand-alone version, the original mod is not required, it would in fact conflict.
     I simply wanted to make the boars usable by SexLab and I wanted more of them. So I made some changes:
    In order to make it work I changed their race from custom to the DLC2 boar race to make sure they are recognized by CF and Aroused Creatues (adding custom races is always so cumbersome, I wanted it quick and dirty). Then I added the MNC boar dick. They are always erect, no arousal logic, again just to facilitate it for me (I use always erect anyway). I made them all the same size so that you don't have to go crazy with animation adjustments. Finally, I added quite a few more than in the original mod. Now you will find 200 of them, they are in the forests of The Rift, Falkreath and in the mountains of The Reach.  
    And that's it. If you don't like "always erect", I can't help you. That's just how it is 😉
    Make sure you have boar animation installed, there aren't that many, check out Billyy's SLAL Animations
    There are two versions to download: tame or aggressive. Personally I prefer the tame ones (I have all creatures tame in the game) simply to have more exciting interactions. The aggressive ones are actually non-hostile, but will attack if you come too close. This is not very helpful for SexLab action obviously, but maybe you want them for hunting?
    ESL-flagged to not take up any ESP-slot. This does not require MNC or CF or Aroused Creatures anything. Without these they will just be there and no sex will happen. In that case you may prefer the aggressive version so you have additional game in the game. Game in the game, ha!  



  25. Sexlab BJ Sound FX replacerv0.1

    Sexlab BJ Sound FX replacer
    initial release

    Never liked the fake Blowjob sounds so tried to make a testing version of mine
    And this file was born...
    Not the definitive version but in my opinion much more realistic 
    than what I have seen around..
    Install it normal with MO or mod manager you use and Let it overwrite any SEXlab related files 
    Uninstall the same way using your mod manager..
    Doesn't have Esp file just sound files.

    This is a female BJ oriented sound files
    Maybe later  in time I will do Male BJ oriented sounds
    but for now this was made for my game play and for Female BJ sounds..  
    Have fun..
    hope you like it



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