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Misc Adult Mods

Misc adult mods, patches, or plugins for other games not listed.

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  1. [CE][WIP] Conan Sexiles

    How to install
    Extract the zip and put the SexilesMod pak file into your "<SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods" folder. Then enable it in the game.

    Press the vocalize key at anytime and your character will cat-call. Use this when you want to let someone know you're checking them out, or you want to have sex, or you're just rooting for a couple already having sex. Your vocals also indicate your arousal level during sex. If your arousal is high enough when you vocalize, you'll have an orgasm.
    Press the activate key and you'll be presented with a list of Active and Passive roles that You, as the target, will initiate. Choosing an Active role will put you in position to penetrate someone else. Choosing a Passive role, will put you in position to be penetrated.
    Once you're in position, another player can come along and activate while touching you to become your partner. At this point, either participant can control their own vocals, the speed and stage of the animation and when to stop.
    For thrall interactions, if your character is in the active role, press the activate key WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THRALL and select an ACTIVE role. Thralls in your vicinity will move towards you and engage.
    To make a thrall go into a passive role, press the activate key WHILE TOUCHING THE THRALL and select a PASSIVE role. The thrall should move into the passive position, and you can press the activate key again to activate the interaction.
    The exact opposite applies if you want your character to be in a passive position.
    KEYBINDINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Keep an eye on the image above.
    No animation is final. I'm constantly working on improving them. More are coming soon™
    A note on the versioning system: 0.00.X increments mean updated to the game version or minor bug fixes. 0.0X.00 Updates mean I've added new animations or updated something major. 0.X0.0 means I've updated a major system.
    Animations are made by Mike24 and Leito86, converted and edited by me.
    MIRROR DOWNLOAD of the latest version: HERE



  2. Bannerlord Mod: Captivity Events

    Captivity Events

    Captivity adds custom events to captivity system (captor, captive), prostitution menu, and the loss of armor and weapons for the player, various parameters to loss of renown to relationships as well as quests to retrieve missing equipment. A key feature of this mod is the ability to customize your own events with images and your own event chains and dialogue.
    Help Required
    Need more artists to create some adult/non-adult backgrounds. (New default events help required, message me if you are open to assist) Need more writers for more events to cater to more tastes. Translators.  
    Delete the old mod completely before installing new one. VERY IMPORTANT! If you are installing manually please read the README as well. This mod affects save-data make sure to make backups of your saves.  
    LL Version Additional Content
    Contains some modified event text that doesn't follow nexus guidelines. Contains the Gif Sub Module.  
    Nexus Link:
    "Remember LL will always be updated first."
    Discord Link:
    1020 is out! (Default Rework in Progress)
    Custom Module Loader Supported

    Event Writers, please refer to zCEDefaults inside of fomod, move it to Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules

    Road Map (Coming Soon)
    Randomized/Conditional Images - Randomize background images based on conditions or weight.
    Progress Events - Support for events that require a party to stay in place for a duration.
    New Default Events - New default events and standardized art in the making (Need some artists).
    Randomized Captors - Captors will be selected at random from the party, not just party leader as it is currently.
    Companions - Companion will be included within the events.
    Already Supported
    Custom Events and Loader - Make your own events and load them to work with this mod.
    Moving Images and Custom Images - Insert your own images or make animated images using the animation XML.
    Various Custom Conditionals - Various Custom Conditional (Location Flags, Raiding Flags, Day/Night Etc) included in the XSD file for you to work with your events.
    Custom Quests and Strip Consequence - Lose your gear on loss and go on a quest of chance to reclaim it after escaping.
    Random Events - Random Events that don't require captives.
    Captor Events - Events where you are the captor.
    Brothel - Own your brothel where you can enjoy yourself, work as a prostitute or become an owner and put your captives to work.
    Custom Skills - Custom Skills/Flags Supported.
    Create New Characters - New custom generated companions/captive heroes via events.
    Special Thanks to
    LogRaam - For the special CEEvents Story Compiler and assisting with the Mod. YoungSailorGlitter - For assisting with implementation of Custom Events into the Mod. @YoungSailorGlitter SadSun - For writing some of the default events. @SadSun
    TB - For assisting with writing and image finding. @transfer
    Stronggater- For assisting with writing dialogues. @stronggater
    Helfont - For assisting with images.

    Please message me if you have any trouble installing
    Common Issues
    If you are experiencing crashes on startup please remember to unblock all dlls in \zCaptivityEvents\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\.

    If less than 100 events are loading. Make sure your folder looks like this.

    Please Enjoy!



  3. Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    Forever free and open source!
    A standalone module based on Dickplomacy that expands features! ALL SEXUAL CONTENT IN THIS MOD IS 18+ AND LEGAL.
    Created by ☆ LilyModzStuff ☆
    View Github Nightly! Features
    ☆ Custom Troop Trees
    ☆ Dynamic Troop Trees
    ☆ Rubiks World Map
    ☆ HD World Map
    ☆ Freelancer (Play as a soldier in a lords party)
    ☆ Diplomacy
    ☆ Autoloot
    ☆ Formations mod
    ☆ Change player gender in camp menu
    ☆ Gambling in taverns: (Find the Lady, Dice Game)
    ☆ Bodyguards/Escorts in Town/Village Scenes
    ☆ Village Raids & Sieges--Allow Player Party Actions
    ☆ Alive horses (In Towns)
    ☆ Custom banner creator
    ☆ Single screen character creator 
    ☆ Brothels & Animated sex (Consensual / Non-Consensual. Able to be turned off / on.)
    ☆ Warband UI Retexture by Rohzdear
    ☆ Tournament Play Enhancements
    ☆ Meet guild master from town menu without going to the town first.
    ☆ Image of local lord, and banner in towns / villages and castles. (by the Floris mod team)
    ☆ Build from, and contains Source!
    ☆ Overhauled faces and eyelashes
    ☆ Muskets
    ☆ Ships and naval combat (ability to rob merchants and fight pirates)
    ☆ Several bug fixes for the original Dickplomacy
    ☆ Disabled the luck system from original Dickplomacy






  4. SlaverMod

    Okay I would like to apologize for updating this so much but a bug was found that affected game play and I did not want y'all to go through the weekend with it. So here is SlaverMod 1.0.3

    I am so sorry I think I deleted stuff on the forums here...never let me write on forums. Anyways here is the latest Mod that fixes stuff.
    Here are the changes for SlaverMod 1.0.3
    By the way i am sorry for another update but the weapon issue seemed like a major one to me so I fixed it and then figured I'd fix the other things people have mentioned. Anyways here we go. Oh and I'll try to find someone that knows what they are doing with forums to post things for me. Duh.
    Fixed a major bug where weapons would not strike where you were aiming after using furniture or freemode. 
    Removed Shift L as a taken control that did nothing but spit out what anim mode you were currently running. (This was left over from testing ...oops) This is why I am not a doctor. "Hey nurse where is my scalpel?" "I dunno last time I saw it we were closing up the patient".
    Fixed penis non flopis ( penis not using physics ) after using either freemode or furniture. Let the penis flop in the breeze as the creators intended! By the way boobs now bounce afterwards also but who cares about boobs?

    Tightened up the boob physics on all items and also added it to freemode. I spent the day basically programming a virtual bra. Don't laugh they were too saggy and if they still are lemme know I have a wrench I'll tighten them up more.
    Thanks to 8BitKeion for bringing the weapon bug to my attention and to Suldra for testing her little fingers off. Thanks Tyra for listening to me rant.
    Tyra - Today at 5:31 PM
    You've done well, Young Skywalker.  The Modding Force is strong with you.



  5. Nudestone

    Nudestone - a Hearthstone nude patch

    August 10 
    79 Saviours of Uldum cards
    To download click on the first link (there is an empty field)
    This is a mod for card game from Blizzard that changes the art of many cards into a nude versions that still have similar content to the original motive or otherwise fit the card name.
    I tried to do without guro content, but it's still NSFW, be careful
    You do not get a ban for using the mod, because its use can not be tracked
    More than 1000 cards of minions, spell and hero powers has changed Added almost 200 animations of golden cards that have been changed Changed portraits of heroes: Jaina, Valeera, Thrall, Andduin,  Alleria, Liadrin, Tyrande, Maiev and Lunara Replaced the login screen, backgrounds in the main menu and on some battlefields  

    Download the Nudestone zipfile ( Do NOT unzip this file) If you haven't used it yet, download the uMod application (This one you can extract) Start uMod, click Main -> Add Game Browse to your game folder and select the Hearthstone.exe Activate "Use Global Hook" under "Main" Start Hearthstone via Battle.net Hearthstone should now show up as running in uMod. There, Click "Open Texture/Package" and select Nudestone.zip Make sure you have your ingame Graphics options set to "medium" or "high". It won't work on "low" Optionally, you can save a template via the Main Menu of uMod and use it as default. This will automatically launch the mod with Hearthstone  
      Since the game has switched to the use of directx11 additional instructions are required for correct operation:
          1. Go to your Blizzard App
          2. Click the logo in the Top Left
          3. Go to "Game Settings"
          4. Enable "Additional command line arguments"
          5. Enter "-force-d3d9" (Without the ")
          6. Click "Done"

    Known issues
    Animation of some cards (not even changed) are displayed in black textures. Some people get an error "could not allocate enough memory". Try increasing the paging file  
    A few words
    The author of the idea of the original mod called Whorestone - Eddyboy.
    English is not my native language, so I can make some mistakes, sorry!



  6. Lewd-Craft 1.14.2 (Minecraft Porn Resourcepack)

    How To Install

    Minecraft Porn Resource Pack
    Texture Pack


    I am very on and off with this pack so updates might take years to months to weeks to days depends on how im feeling.


    Download Required Version of Optifine (Click preview if you cant find the version)
    Install Optifine by running the .jar file
    Download Lewd-Craft
    Extract inner file to AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks (DO NOT JUST DROP THE .ZIP FILE IN IT)
    Go into game and go to options, Resource packs, Lewd-Craft.
    Click done.
    And your ready
    If the model's arent loading go to video settings, quality,  custom entity model's.

    I know 0% about java and mod creation so if you do want to or find help please excuse my incompetence in this field.
    To do/Idea list
    Add lewd bits (dicks butts and tits)
    (only achievable through modding)
    Add lewd animations
    (Modding only, tough to do)
    Redo previous mob's UV maps to allow 250x250 textures
    (this is to allow more parts on models allowing more variety)

    Frick you icarus stop showing people my resource pack
    you stinky loser i will ban you frick you frick you fric

    This resource pack currently change's
    Iron Golem's
    Experience and Enchanting
    Various item's
    Splash Text.
    Minor menu detail's
    2 banner paterns (Fem Creeper and Heart)
    Egg's to Buttplug's
    Blaze rod's to vibrator's


    Also id like to say:

    the creator of this messaged me about my version and i was actually reminded and got that push to remake this for 1.14.2! so thank you phantom and i hope you can make a version unique to you!



  7. Darkest Desires

    1. Go to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\mods
    2. Delete folder 999999_darkestdesire (if present)
    3. Extract zip file into folder
    4. Activate mod in ingame menu
    5. ???
    6. Profit



  8. GTA V - Mofme's Texture Pack for Aephrosi's Nude Mods

    This is texture improvement pack for Aephrosi's mods. It's in top 10 most downloaded character mods on the gta5-mods.com
    This mod no longer uses anything from the "Topless Female Online - Nude Shower 1.1" (it's no longer required!), yet it's worth of mentioning as it gave me a basic concept.
    Required is "Nude Bottom - Sexy Undies" mod (Install it otherwise it won't work).
    Don't use it online - other players won't see it anyway, and it will get you banned for sure, as the core game files need to modified and GTA Online will detect inconsistency of their CRC checksum!
    First install the "Nude Bottom - Sexy Undies", and the when the mod is installed just put using OpenIV:
    1) Upper and lower body color maps:
    in the:
    GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday4ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > models > ped_mp_overlay_txds.rpf >
    2) Upper body model with specular and normals maps:
    in the:
    GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday4ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > models > cdimages > patchday4ng.rpf > mp_f_freemode_01 >
    3) Lower body model with specular and normal maps and upper bikini delete:
    in the:
    GTA V > mods > x64v.rpf > models > cdimages > streamedpeds_mp.rpf > mp_f_freemode_01 >
    4) Stockings with panties with the opening and color maps for stockings:
    in the:
    GTA V > mods > x64w.rpf > dlcpacks > mpvalentines > dlc.rpf > x64 > models > cdimages > mpvalentines.rpf > mp_f_freemode_01_female_freemode_valentines
    Improvements over Aephrosi's original mods:
    - Nicer, natural color nipples with perfectly round areolas
    - Nicer belly button
    - Fixed leg texture color, sharpness and detail
    - Panties look a little better now
    - Improved, more realistic genital texture
    - Genitals are placed in realistic places now
    - Lower body textures for all races are now supported
    - Hairy, Trimmed and Shaved lower texture variants
    - Fixed, better normal and specular maps for lower and upper body
    - Leather wrist band is no longer always visible when topless
    To do:
    Additional underwear styles (bustiers etc)
    Turning it into a fully standalone mod.



  9. Witcher 3 nude Ciri

    This is just a texture mod with a light map so ther will be corect shading of the... bits...
    For now it's just Ciri but I'll add more.
    To use it just place the folder from this archive in your (game folder)The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods\
    And to see it ingame you will need a mod that makes Ciri use her nude model. Find some on that other site



  10. [MHW] Female Monsters

    Have you ever felt bothered that the monsters managed to populate the New World without reproductive organs? This mod attaches vaginas to almost all monsters in the New World. I've also provided an optional penis pack for your phallic pleasure.
    The Iceborne Update is now in Public Beta!
    THIS IS A BETA. There will be bugs. If you encounter any issues, please report them in the support thread or via PM!
    If you're experiencing crashes with Gold Rathian or Silver Rathalos, update the mod!
    If a model is so broken you can't play with it, refer to the list below to get the monster's ID. Go into the NativePC folder and delete the emXXX folder belonging to that monster.
    Unzip into the game directory, so that NativePC is at the same level as the game executable. Optionally, you can also use Vortex - the mod is packaged in a way that Vortex understands it.
    If you're not happy about a particular monster being female, you can delete its folder under NativePC. Here's the layout of the folders:
    em001 - Rathian em001_01 - Pink Rathian em001_99 - ??? Rathian em001_02 - Gold Rathian em002 - Rathalos (Male version available) em002_01 - Azure Rathalos em002_02 - Silver Rathalos em007 - Diablos em007_01 - Black Diablos em011 - Kirin (Male version available) em018 - Yian Garuga em018_05 - Scarred Yian Garuga em023 - Rajang em023_?? - Furious Rajang em024 - Kushala Daora em026 - Lunastra em027 - Teostra (Male version available) em032 - Tigrex em032_01 - Brute Tigrex em036 - Lavasioth em037 - Nargacuga em042 - Barioth em043 - Deviljho em043_05 - Savage Deviljho em044 - Barroth em045 - Uragaan em057 - Zinogre em057_01 - Stygian Zinogre em063 - Brachydios em063_?? - Raging Brachydios em080 - Glavenus em080_01 - Acidic Glavenus em100 - Anjanath em100_01 - Fulgur Anjanath em101 - Great Jagras em102 - Pukei-Pukei em102_01 - Coral Pukei-Pukei em103 - Nergigante em103_05 - Ruiner Nergigante em104 - Safi'jiiva em105 - Xeno'jiiva em106 - Zorah Magdaros em107 - Kulu-Ya-Ku em108 - Jyuratodus em109 - Tobi-Kadachi em109_01 - Viper Tobi-Kadachi em110 - Paolumu em110_01 - Nightshade Paolumu em111 - Legiana em111_05 - Shrieking Legiana em112 - Great Girros em113 - Odogaron em113_01 - Ebony Odogaron em114 - Radobaan em115 - Vaal Hazak em115_05 - Blackveil Vaal Hazak em116 - Dodogama em117 - Kulve Taroth em118 - Bazelgeuse (Male version available) em118_05 - Seething Bazelgeuse em120 - Tzitzi-Ya-Ku em121 - Behemoth em122 - Beotodus em123 - Banbaro em124 - Velkhana em125 - Namielle em126 - Shara Ishvalda  
    This mod modifies the model (.mod3) file of the included monsters, so it is incompatible with anything else that modifies the same model. It does not modify any textures. There are a handful of mods out there that attempt to modify textures, AI, movesets, etc - these should all be compatible as long as they do not touch the .mod3 file.
    Monsters Not Included
    Zorah Magdaros - No. Just - no. Behemoth - The weights and animations are all over the place, the texture is almost all black so it's useless for making the vagina visually unique. All Piscine Wyverns - They spend most of their time on their bellies and I can't get the anatomy to look good. They also have armor mechanics. Leshen - There is a crotch in the model, but you never see it.  
    Optional Penis Pack
    This pack is included to round out the full cast, but I don't actively work on it because I'm not really interested in penises. If anyone wants to see a particular monster included, let me know and I'll probably do it.
    You are free to use my original content in this mod without asking, as long as you credit me and don't sell it. Any models contributed by other modders fall under their own licenses.
    A huge thanks to Gary3 for the horse model and permission to use it in this mod!
    Thanks to Howling Okami for providing a lot of screenshots of the mod in action!



  11. TBCaptivityEventsExtension

    Non-consent and slavery-themed extension to the CaptivityEvents mod for Bannerlord. 
    This mod is still in Beta state - bugs and inconsistencies are to be expected. Please:
    a) report them in this thread
    b) help me distinguish between issues that crop up in the base mod (CaptivityEvents) and those which only crop up when you have TBCaptivityEventsExtension installed.

    This mod includes sensitive content of a sexual nature relating to the following subjects:
    Non-consensual sex Slavery / Mind-break Bestiality, including: wolves, horses, insects (chaurus) I assume by being a non-trash human you object to noncon and slavery in real life. 
    If, however, you object to noncon or slavery in your gaming experience as well, and still want more events, you're welcome to use this mod - just remove any images you object to (or all of them) and delete the Events files which you find objectionable - each file should have the above associated tags listed in their names for easy removal.
    Please let me know if you find any that are mislabeled and I will fix the issue in my next update.
    This mod adds events and images to extend the behavior of CaptivityEvents. Please refer to the associated License (Modified MIT) for legal concerns. If any party associated with any of the content provided by this mod wishes for its distribution to cease, please let me know. Features
    More captor scenarios, both for slaves and captives. Enjoy a deeper slavery experience: Balance your health with your servitude and try to escape before you find yourself your master's willing slave. Get sold to the Arena for a day for the crowd's entertainment. Dream of freedom and better days to regain health - but beware nightmares! Keep your men's morale up by showing them your marital skills. If you're looking for captor events, I recommend installing one of the other event mods. If you're looking for captive events, you're in the right place.
    Make sure you have CaptivityEvents installed This mod does nothing without it. Download the TBCaptivityEvents file. Unzip the file into the Modules folder of your Bannerlord installation. Open the Modules folder and check that the TBCaptivityEvents folder is present.  

    If something is broke, let me know in the LL support thread, preferably with your best guess as to the event that caused it. Please check that the issue doesn't occur in base CaptivityEvents first.
    The Bannerlord team, for making a great game and continuing to support it. BadListener, for writing CaptivityEvents and being responsive to questions and suggestions The various modders of LL, specifically those involved in Skyrim Special Edition Various other modders who have improved my Skyrim experience (In case you hadn't guessed, all of the original images included in this pack are generated by screenarching a Skyrim installation) I guess I should technically thank Bethesda for making a game so buggy it inspired an entire community to work for years to make it worth playing.



  12. StardewValley : Male and Female crafting stations [XNB]

    NOTE : Right now this is a XNB mod.  Dont download after 1.3 (Will try to do a content patcher version later)
    (this is a Stardew valley mod/ mostly a reskin mod)
    to Install :
    (Make a back up [optional])
    -Select just 1 of the files: Male OR Female (female screenshots at the end)
    -Drop "Content" on your StardewValley directory
    (It replaces "Craftables" on TileSheets folder)

    Farming has gone too far!
    Your farmer decided he can make profit puting some slaves to work in a very kinky way.
    Content :
    16 crafting stations (+2) +1New
    All the scarecrows
    2 pieces of fornitiure (for the male version just a pair of penis lamps)

    For now i can´t modify the "Loom" crafting station, because it has an odd way of animation in multiple TileSheets.
    Animations CANT be done until an Api its made by modders.
    i´ll try to upload the rest of my Stardew mods, (those are more gay oriented tho..)
    New on version 1.11
    -fixed some offset pixels
    -Added 2 more "crafting" stations, can´t show because spoilers
    New on version 1.0
    Your farmer found new ways to take advantage of slaves
    -4 more crafting stations
    (I had doubts about doing the "bait" one.. in the end i did it)
    -all the remaining Scarecrows (More likely Excitecrows.. hehe. Another reason to collect them all )
    -2 lamps now have a very exotic look
    (O and i forgot to add, one of the 2x2 tables have "stains" of .. happy milk )
    New on version 0.9
    -6 more crafting stations
    -fixed some pixels
    -replaced the keg one with a more fitting male



  13. FratValley (GaySDVMod) [Broken]

    After 1.3 i suggest you dont redownload this mod.. it wont work until the modding tools are updated.
    (Game Update 1.3 lands on 1st August 2018).
    Update decription of strange Un-reachable npc in Bugs (Spoiler, not a bug   )
    To Install :
    You Need SDV pre-1.3   (Not the beta or the 1.3) (this will be until mod tools update and i update this mod to that version)
    Download the modding tools and their RQUIREMENTS.
    (Don´t download any beta from these files)
    https://smapi.io/  Smapi              (Smapi have a miniguide to enable SteamOverlay/achievements also have his own installer and launcher)
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1915 ContentPatcher
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1607 CustomNPC
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1254?tab=description  Custom Furniture       (Sorry i miss this one the first time)
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/991 CustomFarmingRedux
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1068 CustomElementHandler
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1726 PyTK
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1720 JsonAssets
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1348 Spacecore
    Download My file  "FratValley"
    Merge "Mods" with "Mods" folder in your SDV directory replace all.
    I based Clint animations on my red beard variant. You can download my Content Patcher version
    OR the "No shirt red beard" version from an author i gave permision.
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/63  Red Beard+clothes
    https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1188?tab=description Red Beard no-shirt
    Run game = Profit!
    Folders added/modified:
    And a txt file with most of this info.
    ---Content Alert!
    This mod contain sexual animations and tons of gay sex, fantasy erotic themes about humillation, slavery, blackmailing,  and more. (Nothing over the top). Of course i dont endorse these in real life. Male and female farmer can play it normally (No pronouns used). And if you dont like this kind of content, just keep searching what you really like in this amazing site! and be respectful about the ones who like this.
    Behind Sam´s house there is a new apartment rented to a nerby school boys and one of their professors.
    Expect new npcs, events, "crafting equipment",new produce, mail rewards and more!.
    Inside the Apartment :

    -You can gift them as normal, and at X´s Hearts an Event will happen in some place. (apartment, apartment-rooms, beach, mountain, forest etc...)

    -MOST of the events last FOREVER (For your amusement), so in the lower left corner, you can hit the "Skip" icon anytime to end the event.
    -Expect some rewards by your mailbox after watching some events. (in form of golden bars and other valuable items)
    -New and some Vanilla Npc will joint the fun (with some custom graphics) like Willy and Clint. bachelors like Shane,Sam and Alex. and even one or two scenes with Demetrius!.
    -You can´t marry the new Npcs. And they wont appear in festivals.    :´(
    -In the Professor house, go to his desk counter, and r-click it...  thats "his shop".

    He will sell you :
    +Crafting dudes - they will process an especific crop into something else.
    +Milking dudes - they will produce milk from one day to another. (no materials needed)
    +Forniture - placeable animated forniture for the floor and walls..  (only work inside the house and Sheds)(Dont know if inside the     SlimeHatch and greenhouse would work.. Needs confirmation*)

    B: In the Realationship Window,,, a Blank "????" space "NPC" with no graphics may appear in the list.
    S: First of all.. he have a name.. i Called him "Steldrim"! (You should see his name on the sampi window)..   He is an extra NPC i made to store extra animations. Animations can take large chunks of space in the vanilla character sheets, so, to lessen the burden i created him to even add more characters or special stuff.  The downside is, you will never meet him (MAybe you will in an update, he doesnt need to be just a tool, ;D )
    (Also, the green guy is Trevor, he is the Npc i stripped, but will update in a future)
    B: If you exit to main menu and then return to any saved file.. the outside blue building will dissapear (This is a CustomNPC mod bug)
    S: Just Quit/close the game and relaunch it, and will work as normal.
    B: Like 1 in 10000 times, the music overlaps with another, not a big deal.
    B:Crafting dudes produce items may turn invisible if you update the mod,
    S: Just trash/sell them and produce new ones. (Jason Assets Bug)
    B:Eating animations for the new produce items are an "Eating" and not a "Drinking" animation.
    S:Not a bug, is just a modding tool limitation.
    B:Forniture cant be placed ouside. 
    S:At least for "Custom furniture" it works that way. And  I THINK, vanilla furniture cant be placed outside either (Needs confirmation*)
    S2: I think there is mod called "Furniture Anywhere".... I havent tested it yet.
    Smapi Saying you dont have a Manifest for Custom Forniture FratValley.
    *Solved!  i missed the "Custom furniture" link the first time. That mod has the manifest.
    If some animations dont show or looks glitchy, its because the mod was not installed correctly.
    *Either, a bad folder placement, or a missing mod tool.

    If your SDV version is 1.3 or 1.3beta, the mod will likely crash
    *Either, (if you are on steam) tell SDV to not update automatically  Right click on game> preferences
      Or just copy the whole game folder and froze it in time.
    If you (for accident) updated your SDV to beta, click in options to not acept the beta... unistall and redownload.. (i hope that works)
    Its compatible with "Horny bachelors" at this point. 
    But "Horny bacherlors" will break bad in the 1.3 update, because is .xml based and not a "Content patcher" based.
    Typos and not-so-natural lines may be all over the place, if you want to help me improve the text quality, send me a pm and we will check what to do.
    This is quite a big mod, so there may be bugs there, need 2 or 3 things to solve it.
    +When happened,
    +While doing what,
    +And if you can send me the error log, would be a bit better.
    --- Permission
    NO permission to copy/modify or repost this mod anywhere.
    I Worked HARD for this. So please, be respectful about it.
    After the 1.3 update i will check if i can update this mod, and add new things, like the other Npc i stripped (Trevor) the missing Professor events, and other things.
    1.3 will break this mod, so check your autoupdate settings if you want to enjoy this experience a bit longer.
    ---To You
    Would love to see any screenshots of your newly decorated farm/house/sheds, or even your character on any event. Any comments about the mod will be welcome. 
    I Worked really hard to solve and make a lot of stuff, Animations, concept art, coding and more. Even a single emoticon comment would be amazing!.
    have fun!
    (i uploaded this at 4.30am..  so, i may overlooked something.. i hope not,, i´ll check it often, the important thing is about you enjoying this... Good night!)



  14. [Minecraft] Hermaphrodite Resource Pack

    Through the use of Optifine and several days of blindly struggling/tinkering with .jem/.jpm files I have managed to create this resource-pack.
    Compatible Minecraft Versions: 1.13, 1.14,
    I am a bit busy so if anyone wants to test previous versions of optifine to see if it works be sure to leave a comment with version number.
    1. place the resourcepack in the resourcepack folder.
    2. if the models arent showing correctly then make sure the pack has higher priority than other resourcepacks and make sure "Custom Entity Models" is enabled in the Quality settings menu.
    Current mob(s):
    Wolf - Has been given a vagina, anus, and large penis.
    Wither - Given breasts and a large penis.
    basic Guardian - Has been given four breasts and a penis, on it's underside.
    Witch - Has 4 variants. a mix of old and young, with exposed and dressed variants.
    Ender Dragon - Has been given a large pair of breasts and a massive cock befitting a final boss.
    Drowned - 3 Variants. Rotten, ancient, and priestess. Rotten is in brown rags, Ancient is in torn white robes and less rot, Priestess is in intact robes and no rot.
    Iron Golem - Given a penis and breasts fit for such a large machine.
    Enderman - Given a grape flavored tendril and breasts.
    Horse/Donkey/Mule - Given a large cock.
    Shulker - Made in a tentacle plant thing.
    Snowgolem - Given a pair of breasts, an ass, and a cock.

    Poll will will put up soon.
    Current problems: 
    Dousnt work on 1.15/1.16 due to scaling not working. Just have to wait for optifine to update.

    I will be working on various mobs, whatever things i can justify sexualizing. My plan is to make every single thing i can have both male and female genitalia.

    Requirements: optifine, 
    Should in theory work with any version that supports the use of CEM(Custom Entity Model) files to edit models.
    I've been inspired to make Minecraft as lewd as possible, taking inspiration from the fact that very few have sexualized minecraft outside of fan-art.
    The person who's work inspired me to make this adult resource pack has their own pack that they are working on. Be sure to check it out!
    Contributors List
    throwawaydingus - Made the icon for the pack.



  15. Yakuza 0 Erotic Video Swap

    This mod swaps all of the original girls softcore videos out with their much more racy and intense hardcore versions and let me tell you, they're indeed very racy in my personal opinion.
    Super Easy Installation. Yay!
     Download the Yakuza0 Erotic Video Swap.zip (mega or mediafire link. A file may not show up, but just click the "Download this file" button and then the "Download" button and it'll redirect you.)  Backup your "Yakuza 0\media\data\movie_w64\iv" folder.  Drop the iv folder from within the downloaded zip to "Yakuza 0\media\data\movie_w64" (overwrite all.)  Enjoy  

    The majority of these videos are censored. I did search for uncensored versions, but couldn't find many. (18 Censored and 12 Uncensored)
    List of censored & uncensored JAV models.
    Blame Japan for their weird ass censoring laws. Anus is okay, but flash a bit of pussy and you have to censor it. I still think it's pretty hot personally, but if that's not your cup of tea then move on and wait for a different pack. I'll be changing all the models completely soon. (cards & videos) to fully uncensored, different models. (This will probably take a while because i still need to figure out how to change the text when you pick up a card "you got "name" type C card" and i also need to find out how to edit the tiles in the video store.)
    Videos are edited by myself so don't expect anything too flashy. Audio included. - I'd advise you to use headphones because these girls love to scream. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Video length is between 1-5 minutes and some are longer than others. Didn't know what length to put the videos at so i set myself the limit of 5 minutes max. If you get bored, just skip. (I'd be awesome if there was a fastforward button, but alas there isn't.) Tried my best to compress the .usm as best i could without impacting on the video quality so this is the best i got. (There are 30 files that total at 1GB. The original 30 files total at around 750 MB for comparison.)  



  16. Stardew Valley : Hot Barn & Marnie Twin Brother 1.4 [CP] Updated

    Now As a Content Patcher version.  Whole Conversion made by @TwentyUno
    Huge Thanks for the conversion! 
    ++++++++++++NEW in 1.4:
    Aside from the base Marnie Brother mod. @TwentyUno   Did an amazing job tweaking the dialogues and pronouns used, so basically Marnie´s Brother is now a full character now.
    Your farmer got a brillant idea!
    Milk, shave, pet and even breed your own slaves!.
    (And yes, 2 male slaves can breed and reproduce... ¡Take that evolution!)
    Hot Barn!
    Content :
    To my knowledge, i replaced all Barn animals
    both cows
    When you purchase new animals, the original icons will show at Marnie´s in her/his shop menu.
    Baby and mature versions have the same look.
    Marnie Twin Brother!
    Marnie called his brother (called Marnie) to take care of the new farmer demands.
    She moved away to visit her far away family and let her brother to take care of the "Animals".

    Installation :
    Need :
    Content Patcher

    Unzip/Unrar  inside your Mods folder
    Both are NOT required to work. You can choose either one or both.



  17. SadSun's Events For Badlistener's Captivity Events

    This is the repository for all of SadSun's Events.
    Credit goes to BadListener for updating these events.
    Install: Drop the unzipped folder into your modules folder. (I don't use vortex, but you can probably install that way too.)
    If any of the original creators of any of the images used within this mod wish them to be removed, contact me and I will do so promptly.



  18. Yakuza 0 Card Swap

    Decided the cards you pickup in this game are a little tame for my liking, so i decided to fix them. The cards are just naughtier versions of the models already in the game. Some are obviously censored because they're idols/very strict laws and only a few of them went the un-censored route. If i decide to make another pack, i'll probably just use different models that are uncensored, but i won't do that until i figure out how to swap the videos in the erotic video store.
    Requirements - 
    PARC-Archive-Importer zip/winrar  
    Installation is a little annoying and sadly not just a drag and drop situation.
    Download and extract the telecard.zip file to a folder on your Desktop. (or wherever you'd like.) Download "PARC-Archive-Importer" and run it. Click "Open Archive" and navigate to your Steam Yakuza 0 data directory then into "pausepar_e" folder. (In my case, this is it: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Yakuza 0\media\data\pausepar_e) < Yours maybe different so find your own path. Click to open "pause.par" (Make sure to backup the "pause.par" by copying it to your Desktop or renaming it "pause.par.bakk") Once loaded, select "Widen" When that's done select "Open Files" and navigate to your saved telecard folder that you just downloaded, ctrl + a to select them all and click open. This will load all of the images into right window, now just click "Inject" to inject all those images into the .par file. (This can take a long time and will lock up the application so just be patient. It usually takes around a minute.) Once that's finished, click save and save it in the same location as the original "pause.par" file overwriting it when asked. (You're good to overwrite because you have a backup, right?) Done, load up Yakuza 0 and the cards will now be changed in your album as well as new cards you pick up off the floor. Enjoy.  
    Side note: (Tester needed.)



  19. SG's Bannerlord CE Events

    Right now Slaver events is a set of prostitution progression events where you are prostituting out a female hero prisoner, with 3 different lines of progression, being Pillory, Alley, and Nobleman. Each one has roughly 7 levels of events spread out over an increasing prostitution skill, from 1-100, though the final events will be triggered all the way up to 1000. There is also one prostitute slave random event, and the other file has one event where you let your men have some of your prisoners. 

    Inside the Slaverevents is now a slave training menu, which for the time being is activated randomly. There are 3 main categories of slave training to choose from, with each having specific training events to choose. Right now Degradation-Pet, Verbal Abuse, and Denial have content. All others will just cancel out of the event, as I haven't gotten around to writing stuff for them yet. 

    I am working on making a somewhat in depth slave training system, with multiple states (Hated-Depressed-Neutral-Reluctant-Trained-Horny) determined by slavery level, and random chance for decisions to be unsuccessful, neutral, and successful, each leading you down different paths and options, but generally ending at the same point.  It currently has the first preview into the training menu, which at the moment will be a random event that will allow you to train your female hero captives. Right now, Walk like a pet, Verbal Abuse, and Denial have their first set of events. For reference, just the one state for this one decision has 37 events tied to it, so please be patient with me for updates, as this is going to be a long project. I will be trying to work on one state, starting on one extreme and then going to the other, at a time, so as to allow each decision to have some content before moving to the next state. I will also be leaving the highest tier state, hated right now, to be played indefinitely as opposed to the player being locked out of them once the slavery level gets to high, where it would lead into the next state. Just as the prostitution events require one point, so to does the training options, these should be easier to come by via other events, but the next part is important if you want to go ahead and guarantee you get a point in either:
    The prisoner must have at least 1 point in the prostitution skill before the events will fire, or 1 point in the slavery skill for the slave training menu. These can be added via the "let's have some fun-enslave her" option, which should now be added with no additional steps required. 

    1. Download the zip, then use your preferred zip program (have had problems with winrar, would recommend 7zip) to unzip here into your module folder where zcaptivityevents is

    Contents: Mindbreak, Non-con, prostitution, Slave Training, Handjob, Denial, Deepthroat, Blowjob, 




  20. [SDV] Manly Prostitution 1_4 Updated

    Manly Prostitution        Updated 1.4     (Compatible with SDV1.4) Text in yellow are changes
    (famer character on male action)
    After 8pm you can go to your favorite Male npc house and offer your body in exchange for a reward.
    At least 4 options will be avalible per npc :
    Give Oral
    Have Anal
    Have Oral
    Give Anal
    Changed the question format.  now you can see all the 4 answers right away!
    You can do this once each night, forever.
    Some Npcs will have dialogues when you talk to them after the event has ended. 
    NPC for service :   (9)
    UndareDeviousCore (and requirements)     --   You need to download the new version. And DELETE [Advanced Location Loader if you had it]
    Milk for Milk
    If you want Lewis, get this hot version of Lewis  ----  Updated for 1.4
    Optional /Recommended
    Muscle Body      Updated with new format   (for females too)
    CockDick        Updated
     (By default i am using custom versions, because vanila ones doesnt look appealing) 
    If you Want Willy to be avalible for service use Willy
    And/Or Clint 
    (with my modified version of Clint)        Updated it for 1.4
    (Or this shirtless variant of Clint)     Dont know if the author updated
    Activate the Mod ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    After you install The requirements and This mod :
    -Launch the game once  (This will generate a Config file in your [CP]UndaresProstitution folder)
    -Close the game
    -Go to your [CP]UndaresProstitution folder,  and open the Confing file  (You need a text editor,  i use Notepad+)
    Now the values are "true" or "false"     NEW!!!!!!
    Example :
      "UndareYoungAlex": "true",
      "UndareYoungSam": "false",
      "UndareYoungShane": "true",
      "UndareYoungSebastian": "true",
    In this example,,, all these npcs will be avalible but Sam.
    The default value for all npcs is "false" ,this means the mod will do nothing until you modify at least one value.
    Note: The Introduction Event is by Default True.
    Trigger Events ++++++++++++++++
    Undare Devious Core mod allows you to enter Male Npc houses after 8pm to 2am
    When you do that, the even will start
    Rewards ++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Each npc can give you 2 things.  
    1-a cum sample 
    2-A valuable material.  Example : (alex=ruby, Sam=Topaz, Sebastian=Amethyst etc..)
    Now having sex with an Npc will increase his ❤️ level by 50 points (250 = full heart)
    The estimate value in reward items (if you serve 8 npcs in one night) is about 2000 gold pieces a day. 
    Remember to have at least 2 empty spaces in your inventory for the rewards (Stacking rewards items are added as normal)
    Otherwise the extra items will be discarded.
    Note :
    I put a lot of work on this,, naturally i may be missing something...
    So maybe bugs, typos.. 
    Also, did some compatibility with StardewValleyExpanded.   There should be less or no errors at all.
    I tested this 1.4 build for 2 whole seasons. It worked perfectly.
    Did a test with sounds added for every suck/fuck motion, and they didnt work well.  The sounds in SDV are not the best for this project (tested around 50+) And somehow  the sound Desync.  So no sounds for now.



  21. Boukenshas Binder - Stories of Captivity

    Boukensha's Binder - Stories of Captivity
    I have been writing events for the mod Captivity Events by BadListener              
    Aside from some troubleshooting i haven't released any of them.  Now i feel i have added sufficient events at a quality i am happy with to let others enjoy them as well.
    My events don't overwrite anything.  They are perfectly compatible with any other events (aside from overlapping event names let me know if you get them). 
    So you don't have to worry about other event writers overlapping mine. 
    This mod does nothing without BL's  Captivity Events!
    What to expect?
    I intend to make this mod as varied as possible, including all kinds of kinks, some you may be into, others not.  The mod uses MCM you can go to the Mod Options and turn off certain tags.  This should make it so these events don't show up.  My events tend to show up casually and branch out (usually) in dozens of directions, allowing you to enjoy the same event many times over.  If events trigger too often (not specific events just events in general) you can use the MCM sliders to change the wait between event triggers.
    However some events have specific requirements.  As an example i have some events that only happen when your female character is over the age of 50.  So if an event you know of doesn't trigger you might not be in the right situation.  The big trigger is having prisoners in your party and being captured yourself (as the title Captivity Events suggests) but other things such as raiding a village or waiting in town etc... all play an influence in when an event triggers.
    Plenty of events result in consequences that may be detrimental or beneficial for you, none however are game breaking but it may be a good idea to lengthen the time from the standard wait, especially early in the game for random and captor events.
    As of right now my events include:  Sex, Violence, Bestiality, Snuff, Necrophilia , Rape, Domination, Prostitution, Slavery, Scat, Urination, Humiliation, Gore, Guro, Castration.   --  I may have forgotten one or two but i think i have the important ones down.  (there is no tag for Necrophilia yet, i warn you in the event, several others don't either, often your choices clearly anticipate the result but not always).  Plenty of tags still don't exist so if you really, desperately don't want to see some of these kinks i would advise you not to download my mod, it can get a bit intense.
    It goes without saying that i don't condone (at least several of) these things as acts in real life.  But let's try to live free in our own imagination.
    My mod also adds plenty more "generic" sex events.  The whole point of my mod is to round out Captivity Events, not just focus on one thing but eventually have at least a few events for every situation.  Most of the events i add are Mega-Events, as previously mentioned they branch out a lot and have many random elements.  Every time i try making a small-scale event it just ends up growing and growing.  Often long after being finished and uploaded i still add things to it.  Hopefully all this will keep the mod interesting for a long time.
    To install:
    It's very simple, export the file at: "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zCaptivityEvents\ModuleLoader"  inside the folder there should now be one called Boukenshas_binder next to CaptivityDefault and CaptivityRequired.
    That's it you're done, Enjoy!
    If anything doesn't work or if you have a cool idea for an event?  Tell me in the support section.  Maybe it will find it's way into the next update.
    Special thanks
    BadListener for one of the only sexy mods currently available in bannerlord and his images.
    HellFont for the great images i'm using here.
    I'm adopting the same "version numbering" BL does so if your current version matches my number it should work, if i'm ahead or behind anything could happen.  Example
    1.4            Is the bannerlord version.
    .0              (or .1 or .2 etc...) is stable or beta versions before they swap places, i always make my mod for the stable version but it usually works for the beta branch (TW hardly ever touches the events).
    .62            Is BL's version of his mod, try to use the same number between his and my mod here, my mod doesn't do anything to crash but mismatches in code might prevent my events from loading.
    .X              My mod version, this is really for administrative purposes as i don't change functional code so this number hardly matters for compatibility purposes.



  22. YGOPRO/DevPro Adult Orica Pack

    A set of card images for YGOPRO/DevPro that are made using Hentai images of yugioh monsters.

    Currently made cards:




  23. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen - Revealing Armors

    Modified some standard armors:
    Robe of Enlightenment (in the DL1 folder, not in the normal eq folder) Adventurer Cloack Gryphic Armor (updated!) Leather Chestguard Magician's Surcoat Laced Leggings Leather Cape Ancient Cape Paladin's Mantle Harpy Cloak Linen Shirt Noblewoman's Corset Berserkin Set of Lady's Trek Wear Chimeric Half Plate Cardinal Surcoat Animistic Robe Wavering Cloth (in the DL1 folder, not in the normal eq folder) Evening Tights Silk Lingerie Hero's Cuisses Flame Skirt

    to have more body exposed.
    It is only for female characters or pawns. I did not modify the male version.



  24. [SDV] Undare Devious Core 1_4 Updated

    Undare Devious Core       Update to 1_4 Be sure to read the Yellow text for changes.!!!!
    (Male on male oriented content)
    This is a collection of Scripts, sprites, animations,Graphic editor files,new Npcs and game tweaks  i need for running OTHER mods.
    Modders note   :   My mods will use the ids  From 5,900,000 to 7,000,000    (other mods with those ids will conflict with mine)
    Notable changes you will encounter when installing this mod :
    -Most Male habited NPC houses will stay open up to 2am  (their doors had a limit of 8:00 pm)
    -The NeoFrat Valley Npcs are added to the game (4 of them) (without content,  i´ll add more for them later)
    -FratValley Blue department is added behind Sam House. With 3 new rooms. moved their house a few tiles north
    -Very south to Marnie ranch and close to the sewers there is the entrance for the "Prismatic Hub", (you dont need to go there,, i store my "NPC Helpers" there)
    -2 new Npcs as "NpcHelpers" (for my modding needs)
    -The portraits, animations and characters dont overwrite any vanilla content in game.
    Installation +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Hard Requirements and their own requirements in their pages:
    For version 1.4+     Update them all.  but [ALL]


    PyTK           -        Its giving an error for everyone..   Harmless for now.
    Warning :
    AdvancedLocationLoader   NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  "Delete" it if you already have it.
    UI Info Suite
    The contents "INSIDE" "UndareDeviousCore1_4" Rar/zip go inside  "Mods" folder in your SDV directory
    overwriting as needed.
    MODS ++++++++++++++++
    Manly Prostitution    -Whore your way to success!  Updated for 1.4 - New!
    Special Note ++++++++
    Working great with 1.4  tested it for 2 whole seasons.
    Warning! ++++++++++++++++++
    Advanced Location Loader is no longer Supported.   Delete it if you already had it.
    I Did adjustments so it doesnt conflict with StardewValleyExpanded.  Moved new locations a bit, moved an Npc, etc.
    I Worked really hard to plan, sprite, animate and code this series of mods. So
    Please dont repost or reuse them.   (you can use personal edits for your own use)
    And be kind to give a like or a comment..  (no need tho)
    Hope you all enjoy as i did...



  25. Witcher 3 Gwent XXX edition

    This mod replaces textures of Witcher 3 Gwent cards  with NSFW version.

    1)Unzip files
    2)Copy "modGwentXXXtreme" to "...\The Witcher 3\Mods" folder

    Recommended mods:
    Gwent - Restoring missing textures 2.1 - restores the missing textures of some gwent cards 
    Personalized Gwent Bet - get more money(and EXP) out of Gwent
    Ballad Heroes - DLC Gwent Card Set - ON

    If you'll find bugs/errors or have any request for other modifications you can ask.

    All used artworks and images have been sourced off Google Images searches  and they belong to their respective owners.  




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