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Misc Adult Mods

Misc adult mods, patches, or plugins for other games not listed.

117 files

  1. [CE] Cuffs and Collars

    This is a mod file for Conan Exiles that adds a variety of Cuffs and Collars and other toys like plugs, nipple rings, nether rings and more. The intent is to add more items over time including clothing. The items are stored under two feats in the game "Slave's Toys" and "Body Jewelry". The mod has been kept low profile so far so the file size is tiny as the textures are more material/surface based. Comments welcome. I hope everyone has fun with it. 



  2. [CE][WIP] Conan Sexiles

    How to install
    Extract the zip and put the SexilesMod pak file into your "<SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods" folder. Then enable it in the game.

    Press the vocalize key at anytime and your character will cat-call. Use this when you want to let someone know you're checking them out, or you want to have sex, or you're just rooting for a couple already having sex. Your vocals also indicate your arousal level during sex. If your arousal is high enough when you vocalize, you'll have an orgasm.
    Press the activate key and you'll be presented with a list of Active and Passive roles that You, as the target, will initiate. Choosing an Active role will put you in position to penetrate someone else. Choosing a Passive role, will put you in position to be penetrated.
    Once you're in position, another player can come along and activate while touching you to become your partner. At this point, either participant can control their own vocals, the speed and stage of the animation and when to stop.
    For thrall interactions, if your character is in the active role, press the activate key WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THRALL and select an ACTIVE role. Thralls in your vicinity will move towards you and engage.
    To make a thrall go into a passive role, press the activate key WHILE TOUCHING THE THRALL and select a PASSIVE role. The thrall should move into the passive position, and you can press the activate key again to activate the interaction.
    The exact opposite applies if you want your character to be in a passive position.
    KEYBINDINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Keep an eye on the image above.
    No animation is final. I'm constantly working on improving them. More are coming soon™
    A note on the versioning system: 0.00.X increments mean updated to the game version or minor bug fixes. 0.0X.00 Updates mean I've added new animations or updated something major. 0.X0.0 means I've updated a major system.
    Animations are made by Mike24 and Leito86, converted and edited by me.
    MIRROR DOWNLOAD of the latest version: HERE



  3. [CE]Sexier Thrall Dance

    Replaces the default Thrall Dance with a new, sexier one.
    At this point, the mod does not discriminate between thralls or genders, so it replaces everything.



  4. [MHW] Female Monsters

    Have you ever felt bothered that the monsters managed to populate the New World without reproductive organs? This mod attaches vaginas to almost all monsters in the New World. I've also provided an optional penis pack for your phallic pleasure.
    The Iceborne Update is now in Public Beta!
    THIS IS A BETA. There will be bugs. If you encounter any issues, please report them in the support thread or via PM!
    If you're experiencing crashes with Gold Rathian or Silver Rathalos, update the mod!
    If a model is so broken you can't play with it, refer to the list below to get the monster's ID. Go into the NativePC folder and delete the emXXX folder belonging to that monster.
    Unzip into the game directory, so that NativePC is at the same level as the game executable. Optionally, you can also use Vortex - the mod is packaged in a way that Vortex understands it.
    If you're not happy about a particular monster being female, you can delete its folder under NativePC. Here's the layout of the folders:
    em001 - Rathian em001_01 - Pink Rathian em001_99 - ??? Rathian em001_02 - Gold Rathian em002 - Rathalos (Male version available) em002_01 - Azure Rathalos em002_02 - Silver Rathalos em007 - Diablos em007_01 - Black Diablos em011 - Kirin (Male version available) em018 - Yian Garuga em018_05 - Scarred Yian Garuga em023 - Rajang em023_?? - Furious Rajang em024 - Kushala Daora em026 - Lunastra em027 - Teostra (Male version available) em032 - Tigrex em032_01 - Brute Tigrex em036 - Lavasioth em037 - Nargacuga em042 - Barioth em043 - Deviljho em043_05 - Savage Deviljho em044 - Barroth em045 - Uragaan em057 - Zinogre em057_01 - Stygian Zinogre em063 - Brachydios em063_?? - Raging Brachydios em080 - Glavenus em080_01 - Acidic Glavenus em100 - Anjanath em100_01 - Fulgur Anjanath em101 - Great Jagras em102 - Pukei-Pukei em102_01 - Coral Pukei-Pukei em103 - Nergigante em103_05 - Ruiner Nergigante em104 - Safi'jiiva em105 - Xeno'jiiva em106 - Zorah Magdaros em107 - Kulu-Ya-Ku em108 - Jyuratodus em109 - Tobi-Kadachi em109_01 - Viper Tobi-Kadachi em110 - Paolumu em110_01 - Nightshade Paolumu em111 - Legiana em111_05 - Shrieking Legiana em112 - Great Girros em113 - Odogaron em113_01 - Ebony Odogaron em114 - Radobaan em115 - Vaal Hazak em115_05 - Blackveil Vaal Hazak em116 - Dodogama em117 - Kulve Taroth em118 - Bazelgeuse (Male version available) em118_05 - Seething Bazelgeuse em120 - Tzitzi-Ya-Ku em121 - Behemoth em122 - Beotodus em123 - Banbaro em124 - Velkhana em125 - Namielle em126 - Shara Ishvalda  
    This mod modifies the model (.mod3) file of the included monsters, so it is incompatible with anything else that modifies the same model. It does not modify any textures. There are a handful of mods out there that attempt to modify textures, AI, movesets, etc - these should all be compatible as long as they do not touch the .mod3 file.
    Monsters Not Included
    Zorah Magdaros - No. Just - no. Behemoth - The weights and animations are all over the place, the texture is almost all black so it's useless for making the vagina visually unique. All Piscine Wyverns - They spend most of their time on their bellies and I can't get the anatomy to look good. They also have armor mechanics. Leshen - There is a crotch in the model, but you never see it.  
    Optional Penis Pack
    This pack is included to round out the full cast, but I don't actively work on it because I'm not really interested in penises. If anyone wants to see a particular monster included, let me know and I'll probably do it.
    You are free to use my original content in this mod without asking, as long as you credit me and don't sell it. Any models contributed by other modders fall under their own licenses.
    A huge thanks to Gary3 for the horse model and permission to use it in this mod!
    Thanks to Howling Okami for providing a lot of screenshots of the mod in action!



  5. [Minecraft] Hermaphrodite Resource Pack

    Through the use of Optifine and several days of blindly struggling/tinkering with .jem/.jpm files I have managed to create this resource-pack.
    Compatible Minecraft Versions: 1.13, 1.14,
    I am a bit busy so if anyone wants to test previous versions of optifine to see if it works be sure to leave a comment with version number.
    1. place the resourcepack in the resourcepack folder.
    2. if the models arent showing correctly then make sure the pack has higher priority than other resourcepacks and make sure "Custom Entity Models" is enabled in the Quality settings menu.
    Current mob(s):
    Wolf - Has been given a vagina, anus, and large penis.
    Wither - Given breasts and a large penis.
    basic Guardian - Has been given four breasts and a penis, on it's underside.
    Witch - Has 4 variants. a mix of old and young, with exposed and dressed variants.
    Ender Dragon - Has been given a large pair of breasts and a massive cock befitting a final boss.
    Drowned - 3 Variants. Rotten, ancient, and priestess. Rotten is in brown rags, Ancient is in torn white robes and less rot, Priestess is in intact robes and no rot.
    Iron Golem - Given a penis and breasts fit for such a large machine.
    Enderman - Given a grape flavored tendril and breasts.
    Horse/Donkey/Mule - Given a large cock.
    Shulker - Made in a tentacle plant thing.
    Snowgolem - Given a pair of breasts, an ass, and a cock.

    Poll will will put up soon.
    Current problems: 
    Dousnt work on 1.15/1.16 due to scaling not working. Just have to wait for optifine to update.

    I will be working on various mobs, whatever things i can justify sexualizing. My plan is to make every single thing i can have both male and female genitalia.

    Requirements: optifine, 
    Should in theory work with any version that supports the use of CEM(Custom Entity Model) files to edit models.
    I've been inspired to make Minecraft as lewd as possible, taking inspiration from the fact that very few have sexualized minecraft outside of fan-art.
    The person who's work inspired me to make this adult resource pack has their own pack that they are working on. Be sure to check it out!
    Contributors List
    throwawaydingus - Made the icon for the pack.



  6. [Minecraft] Unknownphantom77's playermodels

    This pack adds parts that you can enable on your playermodel, independant of armor worn. You can choose who it shows up on, and can mix and match. At the moment these are just some basic models I copied from my other project, and this won't be my primary concern until after the next patch on Hermcraft.
    The readme included in the zip folder will walk you through how to install.
    Tutorial I used.



  7. [Pathfinder: Kingmaker] Lewd Portrait Pack

    Contains 127 portraits. The party bar icons are faces with an occasional nip slip, the other two (conversation, character sheets) feature nudity and sex.
    I also highly recommend you go and get this mod from Nexus, along with the prerequisite mod manager for it. It will allow you to set portraits of your choice (and many other options) for anyone in your party. There's also this mod that is supposed to allow you to change other NPC portraits, as well. I have not used it much, though it would be neat to have all the major NPCs lewded. It would be a matter of populating the folders, I think, not too difficult.
    To just install the portraits, unzip the file into your game's portrait directory. For me, that looks like so: C:\Users\PutYourOwnUserNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits
    All the current portraits are for female characters. I might grab some out of the bunch later and do a handful of male versions with sexy action in the zoomed out bits. Done.



  8. [SDV] Cowboy Paintings

    These are new nude cowboy paintings, so they don't replace other objects in game.
    They cost 150 gold and are sold by Robin or the Furniture Catalogue.
    All of them must be placed on a wall, except for the 9º and 10º which must be placed on floor.
    Custom Furniture



  9. [SDV] Devious Valley

    First of all.  This is a gay mod with adult themes. (Customizable so nothing is forced on the player.)
    This is a Modpack (collection of mods) to make the Valley a paradise for men and their fantasies 💦.
    This modpack will be growing with times and hopefully with some support from you! 
    (While this mod is focused on men and gay men. It can be played as a female.)
    -This modpack was tested on Phone/android. Without errors.
    -I can´t offer support to Linux version. (I know linux users have some errors, but those are related to the frameworks, not the mods.)
    Small note : Official SDV update 1.5 is incoming. It might break all mods. So be sure to "Stop auto-updates" as i dont know how much time it will take for tools to be updated.
    On Steam you can do it by :
    Come to My Discord and twitter for more updates/suppor and news!
    https://discord.gg/buVCvvV https://twitter.com/UndareMods  

    I am doing mods for free since 8+ years. And i plan to keep doing it.
    I started my Patreon a short while ago, and it WILL help me continue modding. (Making and fixing mods)
    Hopefully in the future i can just stay here and just mod all day, with your help of course!    
    (May add some bonuses and minigames in the near future  )

    First..  if you had ANY of my other mods here on Lover´s Lab.. DELETE THEM (Or you will have duplication errors)
    Then Install the Requirements :
    Content Patcher
    Content Patcher Animations
    Producer Framework Mod
    Tmx Map Toolkit
    Json Assets
    Shop Tile Framework
    Event Repeater
    CustomNPCFixes     - Forgot about this one!.  Fixes some npc Weirdness
    Optional :
    Generic Mod Config Menu  -You can modify the config options directly on game. (Bottom left corner Gear icon)
    Afterwards : Download this mod file (Always newest version) and Unpack/Unrar it on
    StardewValley/Mods   folder
    It should look like this :
    MODS :





    When reporting a crash.. follow these instruction and send me the log.
    On the smapi Window :
    Red text is bad..  (You probably didnt installed a requirement, or you havent updated your mods/frameworks)
    Yellow text can be ignored - If you installed this mod correctly, you shouldn´t have any. (It means: missing items/recipes)
    Purple text means = You NEED to update stuff.  AND you MUST before posting an error.
    There are minor reports of mini-lags or mini-freezes because Content Patcher animations.
    ([CPA]HotMaleFurniture uses it. So feel free to remove it if you have so much lag)(Is not essential)
    Possible Mod/Framework Conflicts  :
    Custom Farming Redux - This is obsolette!  You should be using Producer Framework mod instead!
    Custom Furniture -  This frameworks is bugged and causes glitches. My mods dont use it!
    Entoarox Framework  - Known for corrupting save files.  My mods dont use it.
    Multyple Spouses - It is a dll. mod. I have reports of errors and crashes in custom npc schedules.
    Stardew Valley Expanded - I did my best to add compat. Mostly for festivals. (But its probably you will have problems with other mods while having this one.)
    My  "NPC replacers" and other npc mods - This modpack is replacing almost all the Adults on SDV. so Any other replacer/skin for npc will conflict
    Check the Minimods Section above!. not all the mods in this modpack are necesary. So you can always remove some of them.
    NOTE : The support i can give is until SDV 1.5 comes out.




  10. [SDV] Manly Prostitution 1_4 Updated

    Manly Prostitution        Updated 1.4     (Compatible with SDV1.4) Text in yellow are changes
    (famer character on male action)
    After 8pm you can go to your favorite Male npc house and offer your body in exchange for a reward.
    At least 4 options will be avalible per npc :
    Give Oral
    Have Anal
    Have Oral
    Give Anal
    Changed the question format.  now you can see all the 4 answers right away!
    You can do this once each night, forever.
    Some Npcs will have dialogues when you talk to them after the event has ended. 
    NPC for service :   (9)
    UndareDeviousCore (and requirements)     --   You need to download the new version. And DELETE [Advanced Location Loader if you had it]
    Milk for Milk
    If you want Lewis, get this hot version of Lewis  ----  Updated for 1.4
    Optional /Recommended
    Muscle Body      Updated with new format   (for females too)
    CockDick        Updated
     (By default i am using custom versions, because vanila ones doesnt look appealing) 
    If you Want Willy to be avalible for service use Willy
    And/Or Clint 
    (with my modified version of Clint)        Updated it for 1.4
    (Or this shirtless variant of Clint)     Dont know if the author updated
    Activate the Mod ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    After you install The requirements and This mod :
    -Launch the game once  (This will generate a Config file in your [CP]UndaresProstitution folder)
    -Close the game
    -Go to your [CP]UndaresProstitution folder,  and open the Confing file  (You need a text editor,  i use Notepad+)
    Now the values are "true" or "false"     NEW!!!!!!
    Example :
      "UndareYoungAlex": "true",
      "UndareYoungSam": "false",
      "UndareYoungShane": "true",
      "UndareYoungSebastian": "true",
    In this example,,, all these npcs will be avalible but Sam.
    The default value for all npcs is "false" ,this means the mod will do nothing until you modify at least one value.
    Note: The Introduction Event is by Default True.
    Trigger Events ++++++++++++++++
    Undare Devious Core mod allows you to enter Male Npc houses after 8pm to 2am
    When you do that, the even will start
    Rewards ++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Each npc can give you 2 things.  
    1-a cum sample 
    2-A valuable material.  Example : (alex=ruby, Sam=Topaz, Sebastian=Amethyst etc..)
    Now having sex with an Npc will increase his ❤️ level by 50 points (250 = full heart)
    The estimate value in reward items (if you serve 8 npcs in one night) is about 2000 gold pieces a day. 
    Remember to have at least 2 empty spaces in your inventory for the rewards (Stacking rewards items are added as normal)
    Otherwise the extra items will be discarded.
    Note :
    I put a lot of work on this,, naturally i may be missing something...
    So maybe bugs, typos.. 
    Also, did some compatibility with StardewValleyExpanded.   There should be less or no errors at all.
    I tested this 1.4 build for 2 whole seasons. It worked perfectly.
    Did a test with sounds added for every suck/fuck motion, and they didnt work well.  The sounds in SDV are not the best for this project (tested around 50+) And somehow  the sound Desync.  So no sounds for now.



  11. [SDV] Merman Rock

    Merman Rock
    Ancient folk from the sea are coming close to the old Meman statue. What do they want?
    It replaces the rock, west form Willy´s home with the Merman Statue.
    And add mermen now and then around it, each time you enter the Beach.
    -Unpack inside your SDV/Mods folder
    You need
    This mod is going to be integrated with all my mods in a future upload.
    Giving it more reactivity with adult related stuff
    Join my discord for more updates! :



  12. [SDV] Milk for Milk

    Milk for Milk 
     "A Kinky Milk replacer for SDV"
    Install :
    Stardew Valley 1.3+
    Latests  Smapi
    Content Patcher
    Unpack this file inside your Stardew/Mods folder
    This will replace the sprites AND descriptions of the items 
    "Milk" and "Big Milk"
    "Cum" and "Big Load"
    The functionality stays the same, you can ship them/gift them  or drink them  
    Custom sprites:
    You can also go into your 
    Stardew Valley\Mods\[CP]UndareMilkforMilk\assets
    and modify the images as you like.



  13. [SDV] Sexy Lewis [CP]

    Install :
    Stardew Valley 1.3+
    Latests  Smapi
    Content Patcher  [CP]
    Unpack this file inside your Stardew/Mods folder
    This mod will change the portrait of Major Lewis and his character sheet to a Sexy one.
    ALSO.  It has some kinky extra portraits. (Used for my other mods)
    He will be in my other mods exclusively with this appearance.. So consider that  
    NSFW   Screenshot



  14. [SDV] Undare Devious Core 1_4 Updated

    Undare Devious Core       Update to 1_4 Be sure to read the Yellow text for changes.!!!!
    (Male on male oriented content)
    This is a collection of Scripts, sprites, animations,Graphic editor files,new Npcs and game tweaks  i need for running OTHER mods.
    Modders note   :   My mods will use the ids  From 5,900,000 to 7,000,000    (other mods with those ids will conflict with mine)
    Notable changes you will encounter when installing this mod :
    -Most Male habited NPC houses will stay open up to 2am  (their doors had a limit of 8:00 pm)
    -The NeoFrat Valley Npcs are added to the game (4 of them) (without content,  i´ll add more for them later)
    -FratValley Blue department is added behind Sam House. With 3 new rooms. moved their house a few tiles north
    -Very south to Marnie ranch and close to the sewers there is the entrance for the "Prismatic Hub", (you dont need to go there,, i store my "NPC Helpers" there)
    -2 new Npcs as "NpcHelpers" (for my modding needs)
    -The portraits, animations and characters dont overwrite any vanilla content in game.
    Installation +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Hard Requirements and their own requirements in their pages:
    For version 1.4+     Update them all.  but [ALL]


    PyTK           -        Its giving an error for everyone..   Harmless for now.
    Warning :
    AdvancedLocationLoader   NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  "Delete" it if you already have it.
    UI Info Suite
    The contents "INSIDE" "UndareDeviousCore1_4" Rar/zip go inside  "Mods" folder in your SDV directory
    overwriting as needed.
    MODS ++++++++++++++++
    Manly Prostitution    -Whore your way to success!  Updated for 1.4 - New!
    Special Note ++++++++
    Working great with 1.4  tested it for 2 whole seasons.
    Warning! ++++++++++++++++++
    Advanced Location Loader is no longer Supported.   Delete it if you already had it.
    I Did adjustments so it doesnt conflict with StardewValleyExpanded.  Moved new locations a bit, moved an Npc, etc.
    I Worked really hard to plan, sprite, animate and code this series of mods. So
    Please dont repost or reuse them.   (you can use personal edits for your own use)
    And be kind to give a like or a comment..  (no need tho)
    Hope you all enjoy as i did...



  15. [SDV][CP] Buffed Willy

    Install :
    Stardew Valley 1.3+
    Latests  Smapi
    Content Patcher
    Unpack this file inside your Stardew/Mods folder
    This mod will change the portrait of willy and his character sheet to a more buffed one.
    ALSO.  It has some 2 kinky extra portraits. (not used yet/but accesible in event codes)
    Not just because i love him, but i will include him in the next big mod.
    (along with my modified version of Clint) 
    (Or this shirtless variant of Clint) 
    This mods will be an "Optional" requirement (if you want them in the action)



  16. [SDV]Daddy Linus Replacer

    Daddy Linus Replacer!

    About :
    Simple as that! Linus got a fancy haircut, and a change of clothes, (So he is more in touch with nature)
    (It will be a hard requirement for my other mods later on.)
    Requirements : 
    -Content Patcher
    Installation :
    Unpack inside your Mod´s folder   in your SDV directory.
    Note :
    All replacers like this works on phones/Android version of the game.
    The Smapi installation is different i think.
    -Thanks to Samyu for the codework!. (Credited)
    Discord, for more updates :    18+



  17. [SDV]FratValley Machines [CP]

    Frat Valley Machines!    Add-On for UndareDeviousCore´s Frat Valley.
    (UPDATED for Content patcher and SDV 1.4+)
    About :
    The professor is one of the frat Valley new npcs.  He is doing experiments about clones and mind control, but he needs funds to keep doing his projects.
    So he is willing to sell you some convenient "machines" to help you in your farming endeavours! At very accesible prices.
    You can go to his room and find a shop on his desk (right click).
    The new produce varies from delicious juices to a variety of "milk" products.  
    You can make profit of them..  or just drink them to your own health!.
    The prices of items and machines, as well as their benefits are balanced to fit in the game´s economy. No overpowered stuff. So if you want to be a "Man-milk-farmer" or just want to "Decorate" your house.. This mod will do wonders for your playthrough!.
    Machine logic:
    -Some machines require you to input their designated crop.   example: Strawberry dude will need an Strawberry. (So you need to plant strawberry seeds, grow them, harvest them etc.)
    -While the milking machines will produce "Milk" without an imput. You get the benefit once per day.
    Requirements :
    Undare Devious Core and all the requirements for it!.  (As this mod is an Addon for that mod.)
    Content Patcher
    Producer Framework mod:
    TMX map toolkit
    Instructions:  Unrar/Unzip into your StardewValley/Mods folder.
    The folder named "[PFM]FratValleyMachines" contains more mods folders inside.. Its ok,, Smapi now reads Subfolders. 
    It should look like this :
    Warning for phone/mobile users :
    The full mod was tested on phone, it works.
    The only thing missing is the Portrait of the Vendor in the shop.
    This seems to be a desing choice for phones. (so, not a bug).
    Discord :
    -Huge thanks to Samyu84 ! 
    For : Improvements, art, code and new machines!



  18. [SDV]HotMale Furniture Updated

    Hot Male Furniture     
    Updated for SDV 1.4+  Content Patcher, With Animations!. (And new items)
    This is a Reskin/Replacer for Vanilla Furniture Items.  As we dont have a working furniture framework right now.
    (Custom Furniture on Nexus, Is Broken!)
    About :
    Your house never looked more alive!
    Hot Posters, Bound dudes, kinky bookshelves, gloryhole minitposters with a cock peeking.....  Oof!.. its getting hot in here!..
    Requirements : 
    -Content Patcher
    -Content Patcher Animations * / **
    *I made it a requirement, but you can Turn off the animations on the config file.
    ** If you use Content Patcher Animations.. you should avoid "Sprite Master". Not compatible.
    ** Conflicts with another Content patcher animation files targeting the furniture. Aka  "Animated Furniture" on nexus.
    Unpack this file Inside your "Stardew Valley\Mods" folder
    Furniture Catalogue Patch :
    You can "Buy" the forniture pieces at "Random" from Robin´s shop or the Traveling merchant.
    Or you can buy the Furniture Catalogue... But :
    That Damm thing cost 200,000 , and you can only have it "After" you have upgraded your house at least 1 time. (At Robin´s)
    In this mod,,  BY DEFAULT, a patch is aplied to make it cost just 500 gold pieces :
    Special Usage :
    Some pieces have 2 more variants..  So, for the Standing Bound Dudes (6)  You can Right Click the furniture piece to change it to another variant.
    This behavior comes from the Vanilla Chair /And Some Large tables :
    Museum Rewards :
    Revenge of the Crops!.
    By completing the museum,, you may get some unique furniture rewards.. Look! :
    Custom Options :
    In the Config file :          (Generated after you launch the game once) (May not be generated for Vortex Users)
    You can Enable/Disable many features just by typing true or false in the fields.
    You only want the paintings?.. Cool! just disable all other Fields but the "ModActive" one.
      "Animations": "true",
      "ModActive": "true",
      "BoundDudesfor_Chairs": "true",
      "BoundDudesfor_Bookshelves": "true",
      "SexAndPenisPostersfor_PaintingsOrFrames": "true",
      "SmallPostersWithBigDicksfor_SmallWallPictures": "true",
      "TrapedFarmersWithCrops_MuseumRewards": "true"
    They should be self explanatory.  
    I´ll leave you with the Furniture Sheet that i worked on, so you can see what tiles were replaced (By a cross)
    And for what groups they belong. :    (Warning 185kb big file.)
    Thanks a lot to :
    @A-Mi go  Many cool ideas (Like the variants and the Museum Reward items), optimization, 
    Samyu48 Testing on Phone, ideas and good vibes to keep working on this! 
    Discord :
    For updates, files, art and help.
    Hope you Enjoy it



  19. [StarSector] Image Replacer Mod

    This mod replaces the 50ish images in StarSector with art and hentai ranging from alluring to lewd. An attempt was made to keep the images as on-topic as possible while adding some sex appeal.



  20. [WIP] Disembowell's FNAF Girl Models for SFM

    MADE BY: Scott Cawthon
    (Ported by me)
    After about 1.5 years (including procrastination + having to start all over again + learning Blender) I have finally ported a model worthy of a beta release. I like the artist Dismebowell ↑ who made the FNAF animatronics into his own style. The models were originally made for Cinema 4d and was later ported to SFM. However, they were decimated into a mess of tris which detracted from the original quality. This, others telling me "why don't you do it yourself?" and after getting my prescribed adderall for the first time, I finally sat down and learned Blender over the last year and a half.
    The starting model is functional but considered VERY beta because I'm doing some experimenting with how parts of the different characters interact with each other. The torso parts on all the characters are all practically identical. My thought; using the qc file to call the torso model for each of them and using a different skin. Every one of them would need different armatures since Chica and Bonnie's models have different parts (number of toes)
    Since this is an adult mod, I'm going to post here as well as SFMLab. I'm posting here for anyone that may have problems with the model (or the other models when they are uploaded). For the moment the current model available is Bonnie because I felt it would be the hardest one to do.

    Please rate and comment honestly, I'll try to help when I can.
    How to install
    Unzip the contents into the usermod folder of SFM (or a matching folder with a "materials" and "models" folder with a "gameinfo.txt")  
    In case you didn't notice, these models are solely made by Disembowell and Disembowell alone, the models are inspired by Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's game series. I do not own the rights of the characters or these models. If there was anything I would get credit for is the time I took time to optimize the models (when they release) for SFM. Disembowell's fan interpretations of the characters are © to him. The characters of Five Nights at Freddy's that these models are inspired by are © & ™ to Scott Cawthon. All rights reserved to them.



  21. *SDV* A Hot New Gus By Durhal Stark

    Hi people!  I had to welcome myself to the page. Well, I see there is a Mod for everything in SDV. (Horse Pam gives me nightmares). Even a male prostitution mod! Well, thats ok, some of the NPC are hot. So, i was tired of seeing a lot of hetero mods, and the poor girls in SDV naked and with bigger tits and all that stuff "sexy". Why we cant have a lot of hot male bodybuilders running around the town for the pleasure of horny girls or gay men? Then I start to buff the male characters (I leave buffing the girls for the people who is into that, not me). I have someof them almost ready, but i decided to start with the forgotten male in SDV, GUS, Why we have a chubby italian when we can have a hot one?
    Here he is. A new, younger and with a hot body bartender.
    Is a CP mod, so you wil need this things:
    You know the procedure, the content goes into "Mods". Enjoy a good  Virtualbeer in the saloon with a better view behind the bar.



  22. *SDV* A Younger and hunky Linus By Durhal Stark

    All that country life and a diet made of fish and vegetables must keep a man younger and fit. The vainilla Linus had a rough life aparently, so I took my time machine and recover the young Linus for the pleasure of Stardew folks.
    Is a CP mod, so you wil need this things:
    You know the procedure, the content (after you extract it from the RAR) goes into "Mods". Try the country life with a handsome Linus.



  23. *SDV* An Old Portrait New Sprites of Willy By Durhal Stark

    I must say, the portrait ISNT my work. It´s Undare´s work. In fact, is the inspiration of all my buffed characters. But i think that the original sprites dont make justice to the quality of the portrait, so, with Undare permission, I am uploading this new muscular sprite for the nice fisher of Stardew.
    Well, since i am not being original with the portrait, i decided to be original with the instructions. I said the same things in every mod i post, is a chorus, then Queen came to my mind and... well you can sing the instructions following the melody from Bohemian Rapsody from "I am just a poor boy..."
    I'm just a poor boy, nobody mods for me.
    He's just a poor boy with a very old PC,
    Spare him his life from this monstrosity.
    This is a CP MOD You already know
    But in case you dont is really easy tho (EASY THO)
    Vainilla noo!, so let´s download the mod (download the mod)
    Vainilla noo!, so let´s download the mod (download the mod) 
     So let´s download the mod (download the mod) 
    Vainilla never more (Never, never, never, never more)
    OH OH OH OH 
    oh mamma mia mamma mia mama mia let´s download
    the ContentPatcher and Smapi  for the mod for thee for thee for thee...
    So you think you can view this and dont make the download
    so you think you can stop me from making more mods
    Oh, baby, can't do this to me, baby,
    Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.

    I ask for Freddy forgiveness, but is my way to honor him.



  24. *SDV* Bigger Elliott By Durhal Stark

    Sometime I heard someone called Elliott "Fabio". For the youngers, Fabio is a long haired bodybuilder who was the cover of a ton of romantic novels. Well, its true that Elliott have his face and he is a writer but... the muscles? Nope, Elliott is a skinny guy in the original game. That´s totally unfair for Elliott, so I try to correct this injustice.
    Is a CP mod, so you wil need this things:
    You know the procedure, the content goes into "Mods". Enjoy the real Fabio/Elliott



  25. *SDV* The Real Alex By Durhal Stark

    What in the hell is the problem with vainilla alex? All day working out to be a skinny guy? There is no protein shakes in Stardew? Aparently not. Well, I fed Alex to have the body that he deserves.
    Repeat with me once again:
    Is a CP mod, so you wil need this things:
    You know the procedure, the content (after you extract it from the RAR) goes into "Mods".
    Just making justice to the NPC who spend so much time working out for nothing.



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