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  1. Rubber Facility 0.6 [SE / LE]

    About the Mod:
    If you love Rubber, this is the mod for you. For now, it features a new Prison complex, two quests, and a small teaser for what's to come. 
    I have a lot of plans for this mod, and the next update will feature Devious Devices to spice things up a bit. 
    How to Start:
    Ask the citizens of Riverwood if they’ve heard anything interesting lately. 
    Also, you need to be a woman to be allowed to enter the Prison.
    If you want to leave, just ask the guards to be let out. (After the quest)

    Known Issues:
    All guards are clones (I didn't look into making new faces, so all guards look the same for now)
    The boots sometimes are cut at the ankle. I'm not sure what's causing this.
    Skyrim / Skyrim SE (version dependent) HearthFires Dragonborn CBBE (other Body types should "work" as long as they don't have underwear)  [LE CBBE]     [SE CBBE] FNIS or Nemesis [LE FNIS / LE Nemesis]     [SE FNIS / SE Nemesis] Fuz Ro D-oh  [LE]     [SE]  
    Mod conflict: 
    HDT-SMP: is known to break the Dollsuit, so if you want to use it, please consider disabling it while playing my mod. (Will be fixed in the next version)

    @Farmthat : For the Original Mod
    @Tr_veller : For making sure the mod is readable 
    @Kalmah : For the wonderful animation of the Pedestal
    mxwqtkl : Shiny Rubber Catsuits without him, a lot of great Rubber mods wouldn't exist. 
    Oaristys : Modder's Resource Pack 
    Blary : FoodContainer Resource

    I will keep the same permissions as Farmthat in that you can use whatever you want in this mod as long as you give proper credit. 



  2. Shout Like a Virgin

    Shout Like a Virgin v7.02 Updated Dec 11, 2020
    In the future, this mod will use the new Toys Framework. 

    Video: Mod Highlights - Music Credit: "The Dragonborn Comes" by Malukah.
    Dibella, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, and Nocturnal, the Daedric Mistress of the Night, both have a little too much time on their hands. What they also have in common is their love for beautiful virgins. Dibella, keen to promote the erotic arts, encourages the deflowering of virgins. Nocturnal prefers that virgins stay pure since she needs to sacrifice beautiful pure maidens to replenish her powers.
    Thus when they both heard that after centuries, there's a Dragonborn in Skyrim, they could not resist making a bet, Nocturnal vowing to keep the Dragonborn pure, and Dibella vowing to influence lost virginity.
    Nocturnal lurks in the shadows and waits to detect and seduce the Dragonborn when she shouts. It's said that a virgin shout, is the most powerful shout. Meanwhile, Dibella takes a more passive approach to influencing the Dragonborn.

    Will you choose to keep your virginity or lose it? Your choice matters and both states have advantages. Affects how Thu'ums of Love and Strip work, the Anal Skeleton Key Enchantment, your resistances, and more. It can also lead to punishment. Fortunately, with the rebirth, the choice is not permanent For Virgin Training, Nocturnal locks you in unusual devious Virgin Devices Earn the unique Thu'um of Love shout. It focuses the energies of your orgasm to love enemies to death, even dragons. Earn Thu'um of Strip and make your enemies vulnerable by removing their armor. Shouting also leads to random encounters Nocturnal helps you gain trust with Daedrics to aid in your virgin rebirth. Dibella compels you to gain favour with Gods and Goddesses. Both have you in pursuit of the elusive third word for Thu'um of Love Encounters: Word Wall Love / Thu'um of Love loving / Thu'um of Strip stripping / Erotic Arts / Deflowering Lily / Love Collar Post, Table, & Pillory Love / Erotic Asphyxiation / Maiden in Need / Pain is Pleasure / Fondle Thyself / Pleasure Thyself / Nocturnal Teases / Lively Lungs & Delayed Orgasm / Orgasm Exhilaration Dance / Impassioned Waterfalls / Bedeviled Spit Roasts / Call Forth the Ravens / Orgasm Activated Dwemer Device / Standing Stone Love / Dragon Mound Love / Crawling / Spider Webbing / Magic Mushrooms / Pony Girl Cart Duty / Magical Body Piercings Be rebirthed on a spit roast. Be punished on "the machine from the future" or forced into a yoke for losing virginity. Have your skin seared and tattooed by a machine for failing to report in. Have your feet amputated and replaced with deer hooves. Be impassioned by a waterfall and walk on water. Love shrines to earn the Shrine Love Blessing. Dance for Dibella to be Asphyxiated and earn Asphyxiation Blessing. Love enough word walls to earn the Damage Armor Ability. Spank enough thieves to earn the Potion Ability Instead of death, with the help of Nocturnal, you can love yourself back to life

    Quests & Encounters  Quest Details
    Dare to Shout Like a Virgin: Be seduced by Nocturnal, locked in Virgin Devices, complete Virgin Training, gain the trust of Daedrics, get help from Dibella, and be rebirthed as a virgin. Enter a repeating cycle of being punished for failing to report in, or losing your virginity, and being rebirthed again Shouting Triggers Encounters: Encounters include Pleasure Thyself, Pain is Pleasure, and Nocturnal Teases. Randomly occurs if using any shout during your regular adventuring, in and out of combat. During Pain is Pleasure, you may be equipped with the Asphyxiation Collar or endure Suspension Punishment Word Wall Love: Gone are the days when you simply walk up to a word wall to learn a new word. Now to gain that intimate knowledge, you need to "love" the word wall Standing Stone Love: Love a Standing Stone and receive a Standing Stone Potion. Love all Standing Stones in Skyrim and Dibella will grant you the ability to make Standing Stone Potions. Consume the potion and a Standing Stone will rise from the earth to aid in combat (detail under Potions) Tales & Tallows: Exact Conjurer revenge for Nocturnal. Use energies of your orgasm to "Call Forth the Ravens" and activate Nocturnal's statues. Become orgasmic in a way you've never seen or imagined before! (the first pic above for a hint). Includes devices you only obtain through this quest. Play this in regular or Halloween mode. See Pictures Conjurer Contempt: Continued from Tales & Tallows, you receive random locations with more Nocturnal Statues that need activation. Activating statues increases the Frost Resistance Enchant on the Hideous Wrist Restraints. Activate enough to earn the Enchantment for the Anal SoulGem enabling it to charge weapons Maiden Liberation: Dibella recruits your help, and the help of a Dwemer from the past to save Nocturnal's maiden from sacrifice. You'll need your powerful Dragonborn orgasm to activate ancient Dwemer devices Virgin Maiden Retrieval: Virgin maidens sometimes go missing in Skyrim and are tied inside their captor's chest. When you free the maiden and untie her she flees. You use an Asphyxiation Potion to subdue her, then transport her home using the Pony Girl Cart. Retrieve enough maidens to earn the Portal Home Ability Impassioned Waterfalls: Dibella says... I have a passion for the awe and allure of waterfalls, their beauty outshined only by you, Dragonborn. A waterfall beckons your presence with an erotic surprise... Once impassioned you can walk on water! Bedevilled Spit Roasts: A special ingredient is cooking on a bedevilled spit somewhere in these lands and is needed for Thu'um of Love's third word. Becoming Spit Acclimatized increases fire resistance, and the more spits you "visit" the higher it becomes. Alternatively, the Ingredient can be found by loving dragons to death to obtain pristine dragon's blood Shrine Love: Dibella has you in pursuit of Thu'um of Love's 3rd word. Gain favour with Gods and Goddesses by "loving" shrines throughout the land. Each time you love a shrine, you receive the Shrine Love Blessing which focuses your Thu-um of Love. Earning favour with all Nine Divines gives permanent access to the Blessing. See Thu'um of Love below for detail Spank a Thief for Dibella: At random locations, you are asked to recover the stolen Statue of Dibella. Includes spanking thieves into submission. If you spank hard enough they may reveal secrets needed to earn Thu'um of Strip. Dibella teaches you the Love Potion Ability after spanking enough thieves Erotic Asphyxiation: Dance for Dibella to learn Erotic Asphyxiation. "Learn" enough and earn Asphyxiation Blessing which puts you at peace with beasts for a few hours. Make Asphyxiation Potions and asphyxiate anyone. An asphyxiation encounter may also occur if you've been equipped with the Asphyxiation Collar Foot Fetish: Lose your foot in combat. Hercine appears offering to help. Hunt prey and Hercine will transplant Virgin Deer Hooves on you. Dibella's folks will return your real feet and reward you with a foot decoration. Scenes are "amputation themed" Dragon Mound Love: Step upon an ancient dragon burial mound, and a dragon skull will rise up out of the earth, compelling you to love it. Your orgasmic energies allow you to gain knowledge of a word wall location Erotic Arts: Dibella has sent her priestesses to offer you training in the erotic arts which include techniques in 3-somes, 4-somes, and 5-somes, Erotic Dance, and Bodyguard Lessons Deflowering Lily: Order of the Lily members, sworn to the service of the House of Dibella, seek to free you from the tyranny of virginity. They make use of cages and racks! Will reward you with the Dibella Harness Dragon Priest Masks: Collect all 9 masks by finding and eliminating dragon priests. Each mask worn the first time causes a spider web encounter and increases the Virgin Mask Gag damage when it compels the spider web encounter Maiden with Needs: Nocturnal's maiden is undergoing Virgin Training, and is looking for help with her deprived "needs". 5 activities (2 submissive / 2 dom / dance) Ghostly Game: After a Virgin Ghost encounter in Tales & Tallows, they will make additional visits (chance set in MCM) as a duo, asking to play. You have 4 choices... Ghostly Love, "Double Pain, Double Pleasure" in a sub or dom role, and Ghostly Dance Compelled Punishment & Love: If equipped by Nocturnal with the Asphyxiation Collar, folks will be compelled to whip you during your travels, and you may endure Suspension Punishment. Dibella may transform the collar... it becomes the Love Collar causing a Post, Table, or Pillory Love Encounter instead of punishment Pony Girl Cart Duty: Become a Pony Girl and provide cart duty service. Cart duty can be performed during your regular adventures and is used in Virgin Maiden Retrieval Magical Body Piercings: Dibella instructs her Priestesses to give you Body Piercings. You experience an encounter as the piercings are put on. They appear/disappear depending on your arousal level. Being hit may cause a piercing part to be painfully torn off. Priestesses may repair the broken piercing part upon a next meeting. There's a chance you and others can't resist yourselves when all 3 body piercing parts are present and visible from arousal Thu'um of Love
    "Luv" - "Yu" - "ToDef"
    Focus your orgasm to love enemies to death! Even dragons!
    Use the shout's calming and loving effect as defence and offence in combat. Can be used out of combat too. It affects beings, creatures (optional), and even dragons. The 3 words are rewarded at different stages in the story.

    Thu'um of Strip
    "Strip" "Yu" "Nekid"
    Influence Exhibitionism. Enemies without armor are vulnerable!
    Can be used out of combat too. In addition to causing Exhibitionism, the third word has a chance of causing folks to break into dance. Learn the Damage Armor Ability to strip even more.
    Virgin Devices
    See Pictures & Details. 52 unique devious devices with features including magical wrist binding, DeerFu, animation, melting, HDT chains, and sounds. Bodyslide support for CBBE HDT & UUNP HDT with zaps.
      Losing Virginity

    Tracking, notifications, screams, and visuals. Innocent virgins have a Halo. Naughty non-virgins have flaming horns.
    Can you survive the Spit Machine, Spit Roast, Branding Device, Nocturnal's Statue that comes alive, Punishing Collars, Yoke, Prisoner Chains, and Crawling?

    Anal Skeleton Key
    Once enchanted, unlock things using the equipped anal device, by wiggling your butt! Is rewarded by Nocturnal when you gain trust with enough Daedrics.

    Virgin Potions

    Other Features
    Death Alternative / Lively Lungs / Erotic Dancing / Enchanted Bar Stools... and more.

    Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    How to Begin
    Hint: Nocturnal lurks in the shadows and waits to detect and seduce the Dragonborn when she shouts.
    FAQs, Tips & Tricks, and Trouble Shooting - Here
    Credits, Thanks, & Permissions - Here
    Change Log - Here



  3. Tribal Clothe - CBBE HDT-PE LE (Physics).rar

    Simple conversion of the mod to SSE 
      Original mod  Tribal Clothe CBBE SE BodySlide (Physics)
    Add SKSE files for HDT-PE
    Simply Extrat , Copy/Drop into Skyrim Data Folder . In game use Additemmenu . The collar is not included in the mod
    Into Bodyslide search CBBE[SE] Tribalclothe . 
    Requirements : 
    Skyrim LE + Update 
    Bodyslide + Outfitstudio
    CBBE with HDT-PE ( i use Claim of Skyrim )
    XPMS or XPMSE with HDT Phydics



  4. Tera online nipple piercing

    This is a port of the tera online gate that I modified into a cool looking nipple piercing.



  5. All-In-One HDT SMP 3BBB Skyrim Setup

    All-In-One HDT SMP 3BBB Skyrim Setup


    Download Links
    Skyrim LE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N_VOnjaLUEOZnVyvUsK_8QMWyh5GAly5/view
    Skyrim SE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SEydbBFpsztglCRuW2MswkrcZhY1aSJm/view
    CBBE SMP Ground Collisions

    Skyrim 2020-11-13 01-01-00.mp4  
    UUNP SMP Ground Collisions

    Skyrim 2020-11-16 03-30-43.mp4     
    This mod will install HDT Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP) for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (SLE) and will Install an new SMP 3BBB female body, both UUNP and CBBE, for both the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (SLE) and Special Edition (SSE). This mod comes with all the binaries for Skyrim Legendary Edition for SMP to just work and be compatible with HDT-PE. This mod will also include all the xml files for the SMP to work in both SLE and SSE, all the meshes and textures for both versions of Skyrim with UUNP and CBBE, all the necessary Bodyslide files, the Schlongs of Skyrim compatibility patch, and addons such as creature SOS SMP support, floppy SOS (SLE only), HDT weapon slings (SLE only), and SMP Tongues (both SLE and SSE).
    Physics Support:
    Collision Support:
    Featured Bodies:
    CBBE Maximum SMP
    Skyrim LE:
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
    NetImmerse Override
    Skyrim SE:
    HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics)
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    Schlongs Of Skyrim SE
    Texture Blend:
    Texture blending folders, TextBlendUUNP and TextBlendCBBE, the innards are located in the "CalienteTools" folder in you Skyrim Data folder.
    You need to have Photoshop and all it's necessary plugins for the texture blend:
    Recommended Mods:
    Skyrim LE: (SKSE) Havok Fix
    Skyrim SE: (SKSE64) Havok Fix
    Other alternatives for Skyrim Special Edition if these body mods don't work:
    BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE
    All rights reserved to Bethesda Studios for making the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    hydrogensaysHDT - for creating HDT physics into Skyrim
    Team XPMSE - for the skeletons and animations 
    fore - FNIS
    Ousnius and Caliente - for Bodyslide and Outfitstudio 
    Vector Plexus - for SOS



  6. CRE Gyaku Bunny CBBE


    A set of Christmas themed outfits by Crential, CRE GYAKU BUNNY
    Changes Made:

    -Oily Body
    -Complete repackage as retextures

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Gyaku"

    Happy Holidays and I wish you the best for 2021!



  7. Iva CBBE BodySlide Preset 04

    my personal CBBE Bodyslide Preset 
    I've combined features from various presets and readjusted to my taste... the goal was realism, not sex-appeal... the CBBE Body is perfect enough...

    .xml put into: BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio CBBE\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets

    the body (the .nif files) install/extract to Skyrim DATA folder

    thanks to:
    guk for his CBBE-YT v3.20 (google it)
    ChronoTrigger77 for CT77
    created: 20 Sep 2015 



  8. Vampire Quality of Undeath Tweaks

    This is a vampire makeover I mean overhaul I made because I didn't feel like fiddling with the MCMs in other vampire overhauls.
    I had it for awhile so I figured I'd share. This has a few interesting things to keep me from going nuts. One is that you no longer run like an overweight fat man in sunlight. In fact as long as you stay in stage 1 you won't have any penalties whatsoever. Just keep from going above that or that scary mudcrab will be doing up to 4 times the damage to you. Ouch! The frost resistance has been reversed to fix what I felt to be an issue which is that feeding should make you stronger not starving yourself. Molag Bal is the lord of Domination and feeding on humans seems pretty dominating to me. I added some shock resistance to the mix due to inspirations from Frankenstein. The vampire powers are still linked to starving yourself until I can figure it out. For now call it Bal's way of throwing you a bone. Also you can breathe underwater.
    The vampire lord has also gained a few tweaks. The perks have been rewritten to show more of the nitty gritty data such as spell durations. The max default armor rating has been increased from 300 to 500 as well as a magic resistance of 75 at level 50. You are also immune to sunlight while transformed no matter which stage of vampirism you're at. You're welcome~



  9. Artt Present4You CBBE


    Outfit by AreTotti called Present4you!
    Changes Made:
    -Slutty Zaps
    -Oily Body
    -NIoverride Heels
    -Christmas Texture fix

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Present"




  10. nazonootoko's Animations for SLAL

    Long story short, I found these animations during my Nexus browsing. I decided to add them to my Skyrim via SexLab Animation Loader. Therefore, what I posted here is not a complete SLAL package, but the necessary files required for HAnimations and TropicalIsland to work along with SexLab. I don't want to publish nazonootoko's assets without his permission, so you'll have to download his mods from the Nexus by yourself. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
    So what do we have here?
    8 animations total from HAnimations mod:
    - 4 dildo animations, six stages each
    - 2 soulgem dildo animations, three stages each
    - 2 tentacle animations, one with eight and one with five stages
    And yes, all of them are solo masturbation animations for females.
    21 animations total from TropicalIsland mod:
    - 3 missionary animations, six stages each
    - 4 standing animations, three with six and one with seven stages
    - 2 kneeling animations and 1 laying, six stages each
    - 2 doggystyle animations, one with six and one with seven stages
    - 3 cowgirl animations, six stages each
    - 1 masturbation animation for female, four stages
    - 5 furniture animations, six stages each
    It seems like pretty much all of them were designed for straight M+F vaginal intercourse.
    http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/ - SexLab Framework and all it's requirements
    http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ - Sexlab Animation Loader and all it's requirements
    http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80201/? - meshes and textures folders from HAnimations mod
    http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81267/? - meshes and textures folders from TropicalIsland mod
    http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? - HDT Physics Extensions (if you want collisions support)
    http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended-xpmse/ - XPMSE
    http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2476-all-in-one-hdt-animated-pussy/ - AIO HDT Animated Pussy
    http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? - Bodyslide
    http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/163-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-09172014/ - SexLab Match Maker
    Need more help with installation? There is a guide if you're new to installing SLAL packs.
    I highly recommend you to use manual installation. You'll need to download and unpack "meshes" and "textures" folders from HAnimations and TropicalIsland mods into your Skyrim Data folder. You don't have to install the whole archives, only "meshes" and "textures" required, anything else (.esp files, scripts, SKSE plugins, FNIS .txt files and behaviors) aren't needed.
    After you done with the necessary assets, install this SLAL patch, run your FNIS, and activate nazonootokoAnimSLAL.esp with your launcher.
    IMPORTANT! Install only 1.4.0beta version of HAnimations from Miscellaneous section, since 1.3.4 version from Main Files section is obsolete. For more info take a look at pic below:
    If you want the HDT collisions during dildo/soulgem animations, there is a special "HDT Collision Coin" you can create at any smith forge. Just equip it and all will be set. In fact, it works the same as HDT Havok Object, though it has custom .xml file.
    You can also try HDT SexToys by Bazinga. Get it here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4007-hdt-sextoys/
    nazonootoko for his awesome animations
    shadow866 for .json fixing
    anubis for creating AnimObjects
    Bazinga for HDT SexToys mod



  11. Flawn's Vanilla Argonians Redux - December 21 2020

    -Flawn's Vanilla Argonians Redux-
    Like the vanilla ones, but better!
    This Mod overhauls the vanilla Argonian textures, it makes them much cleaner, sharper, and blends the seams. This mod replaces the head, eye, and foot meshes, improving the head's shape and making the eyes glow. It also fixes a few issues that don't think any other vanilla type retexture does, but I don't know for sure.
    This mod comes in 4k, 2k and Uncompressed versions. It currently supports UNP, CBBE, and SOS.
    This mod includes the fix from Female Argonian Tail Patch For HDT vagina Textures, so you should disable that if you have it.
    Standard - Light scale details. Really Smooth - A smooth "human looking" front half. (for females and males) No-Nipple - no more reptile tits. (for females) Full Scales - Heavier scales on the chest (for males) feet
    Human-Like - Uses the regular human foot mesh. Clawed - Uses a new clawed, reptile type foot mesh.  
    Open the link under the download button Download your desired version (4k, 2k, etc) Throw it into you favorite mod manager (I do not recommend manual Installation) Make sure this mod's ESP is enabled and placed below any other ESP that edits Argonian records.  
    To Do List:
    Vanilla Bodies Patch SAM Patch SOS Schlong Patches Muscle Options NPC Replacers and Patches A Chameleon Option (similar to the feminine/masculine texture)  
    Recommended Mods-
    - Natural Eyes by nevenbridge81 - better argonian eye textures, makes them look less bug-eyed
    - Argonians Enhanced by BlackWolf24 - Better teeth and mouth textures, no more gray tongues.
    - Better Claws and Gauntlets by Derok - because long fingernails are not good enough
    -you may not reupload this mod onto any other website.
    -you may use my textures as a base for your own mod, so long as you give credit.
    - Navetsea - CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible - textures used
    - HHaleyy - Fair Skin Complexion - textures used
    - RomeoZero - [Schlongs of Skyrim] Fair Skin for Men overhaul textures - textures used
    - ScrollTrol1c - FAMOUS - Fitness And Muscle Options Utility Suite for UNP and 7B - textures used
    - fadingsignal  - SkySight Skins - Ultra HD 4K and 2K - textures used
    - Phygit - Femfeet - model used
    - Bad Dog -  Yiffy Age of Skyrim - feet models
    - Kartoffels - Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures (SSEUT) - Upscaled vanilla textures used as base
    - BlackWolf24 - Argonians Enhanced - Hair\Horn textures used
    - Bethesda - Home Alone on NES -yes



  12. Cumslut Persephone standalone follower

    This is a standalone follower mod of my female character preset, Persephone.

    You can find her at the bannered mare in whiterun, or you can type in the console help persephone 4 to find her character ID # and then type player.placeatme (NPC number) 1

    She is vanilla-voiced, has a healer mage AI set, and she is romanceable and marryable,
    Also, she loves sex, sex, sex, and more sex! My god! She simply cannot get enough sex! She has absolutely NO sexual limits! And is EAGERLY willing to do ANYTHING in the bedroom!

    Thanks to taoxue and geralt for making this mod for me!



  13. Ryan Reos High Priestess Outfit with HDT-SMP Physics - CBBE


    Outfit by Ryan Reos called The High Priestess!
    The outfit comes with HDT-SMP support for the hair, pauldrons back cloth, and wings.
    Craftable at any forge (requires elven smithing perk) and temperable.
    And comes in 3 different color variations.
    Changes Made:
    -Skimpy Bikini Bottom and Top 
    -Slutty Zaps
    -Oily Body

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Priestess"

     Ryan Reos for creating these beautiful outfits and weapons. 

    Diabetox for doing the texture work and making them look as good as the model appears.
    Daymarr for all the nice .esp edits like making it craftable, and temperable.



  14. Knockdown Immunity

    Formerly known as: Who Knocks Down the Fucking Dragonborn
    Why is the Dragonborn being shouted down a mountain while not being able to knock down a stinkin redguard?
    So simple story, I got sick of getting knocked down in combat and I couldn't find a mod that stops that from happening so I made one myself. It is a simple .esp that keeps your character from falling when getting Fus Roh Dah'd by draugr or being knocked down period. But you can still knock down others OH YES.
    I added a few keywords to the player character and a few conditions referencing that character. With some trial and error I can finally go toe to toe with the greybeards.
    Is the name too boring? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Also thanks to Bethesda for making a huge ass game that I can dink around in.



  15. Sexworker's life 1.0a49

    Live your life as a sexworker. Talk to npc and hope that they are interested in your body and your proposals. If so they will pay you, but only if they are satisfied with your performance! And sometimes a client runs to a guard and defames you. Become better and convince your customers to become patrons so they invest more septims in your services.
    Play as a man or woman and earn your septims as sexworker. You will be rewarded for all challenges you complete. Make love and not war!

    Sexworker's life on Nexus
    Finde die deutsche Version hier!

    What you need:

    - SexLabFramework (( 162 full ) ( it works for me ))
    - SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - 3.00.004 ( it works for me )
    better some Schlongs-Addons ( because the size is different in differnt addons )
    - SexLabArouesd_V28b ( it works for me )
    - FileAccessInterface for Skyrim
    - NetImmerse Override
    - Parent Masters:Update.esm, HearthFires.esm and Dragonborn.esm
    - Sexworker's life animations ( special animations in hkx format ) on Nexus Sexworker's life animations.

    - Bathing in Skyrim for some dialogs ( who wants to "play" with a unclean dirty person? )
    - Swl will work with Paradise Halls together
    Find PaH here
    ( Start a function that is "looking" for new slaves who are in the list of Pah. The function will add those slaves to Swl too and you are able to interact with them in Swl.  This function will only work if you installed paradise_halls.esm ! )
    - Swl will work with other mods together if you want to put in plugs, to train your sexworker skills.
    ( every Plug with the words Plug and Anal or (Anal) and or Plug and Vaginal or (Vaginal) in it could be a training plug now. It must show up with those words in the mcm - dresscode - active slots! So NOT every plug will be able to start training! )
    - ZaZv80  If you want to rent the "Gloryhole Barrel" from Hulda.

    What you get:
    - The ability to sort any animation in menus and decide which game type best suits which dialog options.
    - The ability to customize any animation in terms of hardness and delay time. Because the hardness will make your life more difficult or easier!
    - A pain-scan-system for aa, av, mf pv, mf pa
    - The option to set a harm-level to the schlongs of skyrim which size is given by their faction-rank of sos.
    - A lube-system, because lube saves your ass. ( You need to pick the stuf from the ground to get blooms and activate the bottle )
    - A plug-training-system, because training saves your a...( Forge your carving knife. )
    - A similar system as sos for men only for the female bush. ( 3 types of bushes so far )
    - You are able to chose if or if not you want to wear a bush.
    - A dresscode-system for the player and for the client ( full control to what you wear during your service )
    - A guard-scan-system, because it can be much more interesting to do something forbidden.
    - A automatic-client-seeking-system, you can wait for your customers, and do nothing except staring at your own butt.
    - A small reward-system for small goals that you achieve during your job.
    - A lot of dialogs between you and your clients.
    - A ranking-system for clients ( from casual to patron ( 1-11 jobs with the same client ) ) A patron will require services from you that are paid higher.
    - A tip-system dependency of skills and arousal of the customer.
    - SWL dialogs *reacting* now on Bathing in Skyrim status if you want.
    - Bed support via dialog option.
    - Black list for npc who should not be part of the auto seeking system. - Be able to trigger sex animations between two npc in your area. - Choose between 1/30 chance, to get sick from sex ( two disease: herpes and or gonorrhoe ) - The STD will grow over time on your body and will show up as a "Tattoo" / Overlay! - You are also able to set your own "Tattoos" on your Body. Open the mcm and go to sexworker's life. / SWL Overlays
    Type in a name ( for example "peace" / peace is a dds file with a little peace tattoo )  after that type in color, glow and body part. Close the mcm and peace will show up on your body as a overlay. Create your own dds files and put them on your body as a tattoo if you want. All dds files need to be in the ( Data/textures/actors/character/SwlOv ) file to be ready to found!
    - A well trained slave who is able to do solo shows while you are working with a client, is able to convince the client to tip more gold for your service!
    - During intercourse, you can now grab your customer's pocket (whoever finds it may keep it and whoever does not notice it is your own fault!)
    - Rent the "Gloryhole Barrel"...Enter it and get something to drink while watching your avatar earning gold. (quick sex without talking) It will only work if you installed ZaZAnimationPack.esm .
    - I Added follower dialogs and if you have installed ZaZAnimationPack.esm there will be masturbation.
    - You are able to send your follower to bed and if your rank of speechcraft is high enough your follower will allow you to sleep in the same
    - Send your slave into the barrel to earn some gold for you. Pee on h/h or put a plug in h/h .

    What you do not get:

    - Sex-Animations for Sexlab. Google them, get FNIS, install so many as you want. And SWL will show 4x128 on maximum 4 pages.
    Check out my other mod: Archery training targets



  16. Prision overhaul PTBR

    Mod prision overhaul em português brasileiro



  17. [SSLX] Succubus Skill Loss (LE+SE)

    This is a rewrite of the SexLab Skill Loss mod to make more of a game out of SLSO. The mod is very lightweight. I have now added SXP integration so it works with that too.
    It matches a succubus style character (hence the name) but is very flexible if you want to use it for a different sort of game / PC. Importantly, you don't have to use the skill loss/gain features to be able to use the SexLab Sex Skill Loss feature. Also you can completely disable just the gain features or switch them to loss features. I have made this to be as flexible as possible for anyone that wants skill gain or skill loss events added to their game.
    [SE USERS] Perk debt feature does not work on SE. If you lose a level and regain it, you will have an extra perk point above what you would normally have at that level.

    [MODDERS] You can now use this mods skill loss and gain functionality by sending a simple mod event. There is examples of this below under "By SendModEvent [MODDERS]".
    So how this version works is...
    On Sex End 
    - You will GAIN skills on sex end
    Gain Per Partner Orgasm
    - You will GAIN skills on partners orgasm
    NOTE: Works with group and creature scenes.
    Loss Per Orgasm
    - You will lose skills when your character orgasms
    SexLab Sex Skill Loss
    - With this enabled, you will lose SexLab sex skills from rape. This only applies to oral, anal and vaginal types. 
    SLSO Player Succubus Addon
    - You will GAIN skills on drain
    - You will GAIN skills on drain kill
    NOTE: Patch is required for PSA that is in downloads (SLSO_PSA_SSLX Patch)
    SexLab Defeat
    - You will lose skills when defeat triggers post rape scenario.
    Prison Overhaul Patched
    - You will lose skills every X hours in prison (only works with POP but not required)
    Whipping (Punishing Lashes)
    - You will lose skills per whip received. This should act on all whipping from all mods.
    - Scaling whipping skill loss to Punishing Lashes whipping injury level.
    SexLab Survival - Cum Addition
    - You can set to lose X skills every X seconds while cum addicted and ravenous. 
    - You can set to lose X skills every X hours while starving, dehydrated and/or fatigued.
    You can enable/disable any of the above and alter the amount of skills lost per event, as with previous versions.
    By SendModEvent [MODDERS]
    - The mod now listens for a SendModEvent that can be used to trigger skill loss or gain, it also takes a string for notification. It's super easy to use, see spoiler text below if you want to use this.
    Other features:
    With SXP, you can set to lose SXP experience instead of levels. There is a debt that is stored when you go below 0. Experience gains through SXP itself or this mod will be reduced by the debt. No longer gain SexLab sex levels/stats (Vaginal, Anal, Oral) from being raped (non-configurable). You lose experience when you lose skills, and gain experience from skill gain. This is at the correct rate in vanilla but other mods editing experience/stat gain may mess this up. You lose H/M/S when you lose a level. This is chosen randomly, but weighted so your more likely to lose higher stat. If you lose stamina, you lose appropriate carry weight. This feature uses INI settings so if you use something like SkyTweak keep that in mind. You can lose levels and there is a perk debt feature when you regain a level, it will take the perk so you don't have 1 extra.  Skill MCM menu where you can choose what skills you want to disable gain/loss. Skill increments below 1, the loss/gain is applied when you accrue 1 or -1 in a new float. Key set in MCM to report SexLab stats. Key set in MCM you can use to switch between victim/consensual in the current animation. This is for mods that don't tag animations properly, I was considering not adding this feature because it can easily be abused. If you don't have mods that incorrectly tag you as victim in animations etc, I would leave the key unset. Sound effect from skill gain and loss. Option "Always lose from sex" to switch consensual scene gains to losses.  
    Changes/fixes from SexLab Skill Loss not mentioned above:
    I have added a patch for PSQ to the file downloads. This is the same as the PSQxSLSO patch except I have brought over the SLA arousal tied to succubus energy feature from PSQ Tweaks. This patch needs to overwrite PSQ and is not compatible with PSQ Tweaks. To use the arousal bound to energy feature, you need to lock your characters arousal gain in SLA/SLAX.  
    This is what I use, same as above (PSQxSLSOxSLA) but you will no longer drain health and stamina from your sex partners (and no longer kill them even if you turn the setting on in MCM) .If you are using PSQ  just install one of the 3 patches depending on your preference. The PSQxSLSO patch is available on SLSOs page.  
    PSQ Tweaks
    The other option is to use PSQ Tweaks and disable the drain functionality. It won't work with SLSO or any of the patches so you will need SexLab Survival to regain energy. Use alternative energy mode if you do use this as you will not be able to gain Succubus levels in PSQ.  
    SexLab Framework  
    Optional mods:
    Prison Overhaul Patched Defeat SLSO Player Succubus Addon (Requires patch SLSO_PSA_SSLX patch from downloads) SLSO (Essential for best usage)
    I recommend you turn off female orgasm bonus and multi-orgasm to low setting OR set your skill loss from orgasm in SSLX to a low amount. Play around with the settings and get this working how you like. ZaZ Animation Pack (should work with v7+) Slaverun Reloaded Required patch from Punishing Lashes page for whipping scene end losses to work with Slaverun Reloaded. Punishing Lashes iNeed SexLab Survival SXP Whorecrux  
    Recommended mods:
    Special thanks and credit to Huan (Huanrenfeng) for weight calculations and improvements made for [SexLab Skill Loss]. (See Huan's Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/modderHuan). If you like this mod, please consider donating to Huan - it would really help him out.

    Special thanks and credit to Hilaribad for his LevelUpEventPlugin used for applying perk point reduction (and perk debt functionality) on level up + POP integration + Defeat integration from [Defeat Skill Loss].
    GPL 3.0
    - RMCW for this version (Succubus Skill Loss)
    - Hilaribad for the original Defeat Skill Loss mod Link to mod
    - Huanrenfeng for his version (SexLab Skill Loss) Link to mod
    If you like my mods and tweaks and would like to ask any questions or have suggestions, feel free to chat with me on Discord linked below.



  18. Dragonborn in distress PTBR

    Mod dragonborn in distress em português brasileiro.
    Pode conter erros.



  19. [PLX] Punishing Lashes (LE+SE)

    Ever noticed how when you are whipped, you don't really notice it beyond maybe a minor debuff? Being whipped, realistically, is going to leave more than a mark. This mod is simply to integrate with mods that have whipping scenes and add much stronger reasoning for you to avoid them, while making things a little more immersive.
    PLEASE NOTE: This mod is currently ALPHA and only tested by myself. Though it is stable and I have been diligent to avoid any bugs, I haven't been able to test every possibility. There will be more features added in the coming months.
    How it Works:
    It provides an MCM where you can set to permanently lose any of the following:
    - Health
    - Stamina
    - Magicka

    Where those are lost permanently after being whipped. You can also configure a minimum attribute level so you will never go below a certain amount. The lost attribute is randomly selected but weighted to your highest attribute. The mod provides an MCM option to scale the permanent losses with injury level. If you have less than 1 attribute to lose you will lose 0. If you don't have H/M/S to lose the amount will be added to debt, to be lost from future gains.
      Tracks player injury level which increases from whipping scenes and decreases over time dependent on MCM settings. This injury level is a multiplier for all the effects of the mod and can be used by other mods easily too.
      Temporary H/M/S losses based on injury level.
      You can set in MCM to have damage applied to H/M/S every X seconds. You set the amount you lose at maximum injury level, the amount scales to your injury level so you can have it so you don't lose much at all until you are at a higher injury level. This is done purely with scripting to avoid adding new magic effects. If damage is less than 1, you will not be damaged.
      Applies whipping mark tattoos using SlaveTats according to whipping injury level. These will heal over time as your whipping injury level decreases. The mod also applies scars in there place after recovery, that do not ever get removed by the mod.  
    Mods using whipping injury level:
    Succubus Skill Loss. If you want to lose skill levels on whipping scene end you can use this mod. You don't need to use any of the other features if you don't want, it is very light weight either way. That's all so far.
    [Modders] Let me know if you use PLX_InjuryLevelUpdated mod event in your mod and I will add to the list here.  
    Upcoming Features:
    Tattoo improvements Immersive notifications. Immersive NPC comments. MCM config export/import.  
    You can use this mods injury level in your mod easily without the need of adding as a dependency.
    After a whipping scene and after injury level restoration, this mod sends a mod event called "PLX_InjuryLevelUpdated". 
    It includes a float with the current injury level.
    You can integrate into your script as below:
    RegisterForModEvent("PLX_InjuryLevelUpdated", "OnPLX_InjuryLevelUpdated") Event OnPLX_InjuryLevelUpdated(string eventName, string strArg, float currentInjuryLevel, Form sender) ; currentInjuryLevel is a float between 0 and 1 that represents the current whipping injury level. EndEvent Or you can use this mod event which is sent when whipping ends, containing the number of lashes they received.
    RegisterForModEvent("PLX_Whipped", "OnPLX_Whipped") Event OnPLX_Whipped(string eventName, string strArg, float numberOfTimesWhipped, Form sender)     ; numberOfTimesWhipped is a float of the number of lashes the player just received. EndEvent  
    Please feel free to provide feedback on the design or any issues you find. I am happy to integrate good ideas or changes into the mod. The mod should be compatible with all whipping scenes, if there is a mod that doesn't work - please let me know!
    - Tattoo set by crudo
    - Weight calculations by Huanrenfeng
    - Rest of mod by RMCW
    GPL 3.0
    If you like my mods and tweaks and would like to ask any questions or have suggestions, feel free to chat with me on Discord linked below.



  20. Latex Saint Nun CBBE

    Original outfit by 0Ravena0
    Changes Made:
    -Oily Body
    -See-Thru Suit
    -Slutty Zaps

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Saint"




  21. Masochist Tweaks

    Mod tweaks to make escaping DD by cheating impossible and to generally make your game more hellish.
    Tifa Lockheart had to be locked in some pretty severe devices, as seen in the images above, due to her recent activities stealing over 100k Septims. She is a "GAPING ANAL SLUT" and doesn't do well without a strong hand to keep her in line. Her thieving hands have been taking many keys from around Skyrim and so she kept slipping out of her devices. I have put a stop to this with these mod tweaks. If your also a horse fucking slave whore, you will probably enjoy these.
    These require the original mod (linked below) and only work with the version listed.
    Devious Devices (DD - Masochist Tweaks)
    - Cooldown modifier set to Experimenting and MCM option removed.
    - Keybreak modifier set to Born Slave and MCM option removed.
    - Difficulty modifier set to Born Slave and MCM option removed.
    - Lock jamming checks removed (always on) and MCM option removed.
    - Key break checks removed (always on) and MCM option removed.
    - Debug option to remove devices removed.

    For mod version: V4.3a OR V5.0, just download the correct one for your version

    Mod and credits etc see: Devious Devices

      Player Exhibitionist - Masochist Tweaks
    - Removed the option to turn off console restrictions.
    - Extended list of banned commands (see images).
    - Removed autosave on open console.

    2 versions included in downloads. See screenshots of banned commands for the difference. The smaller list is v1.

    For mod version: 1.61

    Original mod and credits etc see: Player Exhibitionist

      Slaverun Reloaded - Masochist Tweaks
    - Removed the cheats page from MCM

    For mod version: 3.0 Beta1 03 June 2018

    Original mod and credits etc see: Slaverun Reloaded

      Devious Followers - Masochist Tweaks
    - Removed the options for removing DD devices from MCM.
    - There are 2 versions in downloads. v2 also disables the reset option.

    For mod version: 2.12.2

    Original mod and credits etc see: Devious Followers - Continued

      TAWoBA Armor Break - Masochist Tweaks
    - Added MCM lock to bottom of menu.

    For mod version: 3.0

    Original mod and credits etc see: The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - Armor Break

      BakaFactory Bikini Quest - Masochist Tweaks
    - Added MCM lock to bottom of menu.

    For mod version: Should work with all versions up to 2.7 at least

    Original mod and credits etc see: Bikini Armor Quest  
    Just overwrite (merge with) the existing mod you have installed, or allow it to overwrite in MO2 etc.
    I'd recommend just overwriting so you can't as easily switch it off out of game, and so that you remove it when you update to a new version of any of the mods. I'll update the tweaks if necessary when mods are updated but there will likely be a delay.
    I will likely have to add more mods to this list to keep Tifa compliant, check back for updates if your interested. There are other mods with menus that can remove DD items etc that I will probably look at when necessary.
    SSE compatability? IDK if the original mod scripts work then these tweaks will. Try it and let me know so I can update the description.
    If you like my mods and tweaks and would like to ask any questions or have suggestions, feel free to chat with me on Discord linked below.




    ver 2.0 cum




  23. Osare One Piece UUNP SMP HDT+

    UUNP SMP HDT+ Bodyslide Conversion of the Osare One Piece outfit by anano!
    HDT+ Cloth mesh and xml by SunJeong!

    Currently in beta because I dunno if the occasional flickering oppai physics is a personal setup problem of mine or not(probably is)... Let me know what you think in the support page comments! I also dunno how to backport SMP to PE stuff so yeaaah... just one of those things I haven't figured out for the life of me. Probably gonna take some elbow grease to figure out if you haven't worked that stuff yet, and its gonna be with its pros and cons, but I'm rooting for you!
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    HDT-SMP (and probably SMP+PE Path... I personally use the 0802 version from uhh... somewhere, but hopefully the nexus available 0730 works too)
    Original Osare OnePiece - UNP and UNPB outfit
    Check out this vicious plug of my Patreon page to support my work!
    Follow me on Twitter!



  24. Submissive Lola - an Extension

    This extension to an existing mod seeks to expand upon Submissive Lola: the Resubmission by MrEsturk & Hexbolt8. Whilst I appreciate how little the parent mod interferes with standard gameplay, I personally prefer heavier bondage elements during my experience as a slave to my follower. I therefore included a few events and quests of my own, mainly to incorporate some of the animations I have cooked up over the years. The goal of this mod is to stay within the spirit of the original work and to remain as lightweight as possible, all the while avoiding any modification of the parent mod.
    The animations and items used in this mod were designed chiefly for female players. Although I don't actively check for the player's sex during any of my quests, several of the devices will look rather odd when used with males. Furthermore, some paired animations were also made with female owners in mind and might therefore appear, although less severely so, somewhat effeminate.
    As a spoiler, to keep things fun for the more adventurous sorts:
    Hard dependencies:
    Submissive Lola: the Resubmission, and all of its dependencies.
    >>> Make sure you use this link or to at least use the newly updated version hosted by Hexbolt8, as the original version by MrEsturk is no longer being updated.
    Soft dependencies:
    > Not required per se, but necessary to apply the brand after Marked property.
    Installation Notes:
    As per usual, dropping the relevant folders and plugins into your Skyrim\Data folder. As this mod includes new animations, remember to update your FNIS.
    MrEsturk & Hexbolt8 for their wonderful work on reviving Submissive Lola.
    alexvkj, for the initial edition that started it all



  25. Arsenic Egyptian Fashion CBBE

    Color variants and original outfit by @asenasen:
    Changes Made:
    -Oily Body
    -Pharaoh Bodyslides
    -Retexture packaging

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Egypt"
    Credit to Arsenic for the Outfit.



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