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  1. Rindou Sayaka Suit CBBE

    Description: [NIND] CBBE Rindou Sayaka Suit v1.0

    Original outfit by Rindou!
    Changes Made:
    +Transparent Suits Added
    +Slutty Zaps (Back,Sides, Cupless, Crotchless)
    +Oily Options
    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Sayaka"
    UUNP 3BBB conversion of Sayaka Suit by BakaFactory.
    7B Bombshell conversion of Sayaka Suit by Melodic. Link to original modpage.
    CBBE 3BA conversion of Sayaka Suit (Skyrim Special Edition only). Link to original modpage.



  2. GGFriendlyWhore

    Author:: Galgat
    Needs SKSE
    Needs SkyUI 5.0+
    Needs Sexlab
    Needs Zaz animation pack
    Needs Dragonborn DLC
    Needs DawnGuard DLC
    Goubo :: with out his scripting Help Most of this little thing would have never got done.
    Will Make the Majority Of everything you Meet in Skyrim Like you, and some simple Prostitution >> Also on page 2 is now and Option to turn Off/On Random Dragons
    I did this for a lot of personal usage reason's.
    The option's in the MCM that are working are Page 1/ second Option, and Page two the prostitution option, click them till it the text box pops up and says Enabled " Might have to cycle through them one time to get them cleared, and right ". ( Important:: Need to repeat this if you reload, or restart the game, toggle through the disabled, enabled again stopping on enabled if you want to be friendly. )
    Addition;; added and Option on page 2 to turn Off/On Random Dragons ( This should have no impact on Quest Dragons, only Random dragons, which I find to be a real aggravation much of the time )
    pretty simple Friendly >>>Enabled you are Friendly with most everyone, and they like you, >>>disabled, some people really hate you.
    Simple Prostitution >>>Enable the prostituion Page 2 of MCM, and you can have some very simple sell your body fun, Clicking on the animals that i have added will set up a Creature rape, from the Creatures that I have added, I have many morte to add, so all creatures are not functional
    1. I have plans to expand this to a full prostitution mod, with hopefully quest's, maybe.
    I guess it could be used as a resource, for disabling the mobs, but it need to be enabled before you enter a bandit camp. once they become aggressive the toggle will probably not help.
    2. I needed a way to use JazPositioner in bandit area's with out having to kill them all. I used it to set up things in the game with zaira Maria, and this also kept me alive at times when the bandits AI went bonkers in maria.
    I also wanted to be able to prostitute to the many different crime elements of skyrim.
    3. It allowed me to enter, and test many Sexlab mods out on the bandits, and this gave me a lot larger Clientele, ( it gave me more Sex objects (NPC) to use, and was cheaper FPS wise than populated cities.) with out having to add a lot of More people or expansion Mods, just so a working girl could have a larger Clientele.
    I actually have a lot of expansion mods, but still this gave me a lot more people to enter act with while running some of the Sexlab prostitution mod's that require a partner, or a paying customer.
    3.1. This is also a major cheat, as it allows you to run around almost anywhere with out fear of being attacked. It is useful for me as a tool to also look around inside many area's, in the game, with out having to kill everything. or turn on, and off the AI in console.
    4. I just wanted to do something in skyrim, and Gourbo was so helpful, I managed to do this. I thought maybe others might have a use for it, mainly just a little toggle that I thought some people might like.
    5. Two ESP, one is Dragonborn DLC dependency Only (GGFriendlyWhore_DB.esp), I wanted some of the creatures from there to be friendly, and I really like that DLC more than the others.
    The other has both Dragonborn DLC, and DawnGuard DLC dependency (GGFriendlyWhore_DB_DG.esp), I needed the dawnguard DLC to stop those darn vampire's thrall from attacking me all the time.
    Only activate one of them, do not activate both you will have problems.
    6. It needs SL and Zaz.
    7. I is pretty basic right now the only option's working in the MCM are Page 1/ second Option, and page 2 Prostitution option, which turns on the prostitution dialogue, If you want the prostitution dialogue off, just Disable it in the MCM, right now it is just kind of a little extra, you might want some times.
    bare with me, I hate Skyrim CK,>>> the separation of the Scripts from the ESP make it suck balls for me, I hate it<< ( Scriptwriters love it, but I do not, I like building large area's to explore, and huge amounts of dialogue, and the Properties assignments just get to be to much of burden for me ) that is why I do mostly only personal, My use only mods for skyrim.
    If you restart, or reload your game you will need to toggle through disabled/ enabled again.
    I know how to fix this, But right now it is such a WIP I really hate to add a bunch of things that might need changing every time I upgrade it a little.
    8. This is a very simple thing, It does just two things right now, and I don't know if anyone would even want it, but I used it a lot for a lot of thing's, and found the non hostile NPC to be handy sometimes, and it is a pretty non bothersome mod to have, and I keep in most every profile now, so I thought maybe others might have a use for it. [ I mean if the MCM options are disabled, it is basically gone, and should effect nothing. ]
    9. I don't think it will conflict with anyone Else's mod [ Heck if some how it did, then just disable it in the MCM, and all will be fine ]. So having it installed, and using it when you want, and turning it off from the MCM when you don't want it should not be a big thing. It does not cast a cloak, or do any constant spell casting, so I don't think you will ever notice it is even there, other than when you use it.
    10. If you don't like it, or want it, I am sorry, just uninstall it, and move on.
    11. Some of the Creatures that i have added don't always do right, as in the Troll's tend to maybe rape you one or two times, then the second or third time you click on them, the dialogue will not follow through, you can change cells, and come back, and they will work again.. I am looking at it.. It is a strange one.
    I have to think about how I want to do the Horse's, as when you highlight them, you get option to steal, or ride, if you own it. So for now my simple dialogue will not work for them, I am looking at that too, and so Horse's are not at this time available in the prostitution dialogue.
    12. There are surly Mob's or Evil things out there that I have missed in my Friendly Whore part of the mod, so you may still get attacked by some creatures.
    I would use Mod organizer or NMM, so I could get rid of it if I did not want it.
    But I suppose you could drop the data folder from zip folder GG_FW into you skyrim folder, let it write it self in, and check it active.
    Clean your save with Save tool, or go to a clean save
    Then Install is now Only One ESP, and it requires Dragonborn DLC & DawnGuard DLC, Only way i could turn off the aggressive stat of some creatures in those DLC.
    Of course Ashal
    Beth for giving us a chance to create our Own fantasy's
    Goubo , he was such a help, just anything I asked, and he was just too good.
    Veladarius Such a nice person, even with the many personal problems he has, he stays focused
    Min Had some very helpful hint's, but most of the time he was way over my head..
    Lots of others I will think of in time.




    A texture I made for the game back in the days, there are many shared textures on Nexusmods but not on LoversLab.
    So let at least 1 skeleton texture mod be available in here.
    2K compressed textures for vanilla skeleton NPC, closer to a classical (J)RPG looks.
    Extract from Archive and drop it to DATA folder in Skyrim main folder.
    Meshes folder contains default skeleton nif and a  hi-poly skeleton nif as a variant [ rename it if you want to use it].
    Remove skeleton mesh & texture folder in Data\texture (meshes) \actor\skeleton folders
    To modders and users who care.



  4. TALES OF series - Lens Hunter outfit

    RZ workshop Anime & Manga series mod
    This is a Cloth outfit mod from a popular franchise " Tales Of Destiny I "
    A remake of the mod TerraMane by Hentai.
    As a fan of TOD I thought this mod needs a bit more love.So I remade it for my game and its time to share.
    Model inspired by originals and cosplay designs.Hope you enjoy this also
    Beautiful ToD theme song "Yume de aru youni " by Deen
    "NOTE -----------------------------------------------------
    there is a ReadMe text in archive for information For UNP bodies  ----------------------------------------------------------------
    (Loose files installation)
    Drop from this archive  Meshes\Textures\Plugin  to your Skyrim DATA folder
    Bodyslide files go to BS folder -  create your preset, as in my folder there are custom presets.
    Archive has 2 normal map variations for choosing - ( notes in ReadMe) 
    Use ItemMenu if you don't want to craft the outfits.
    Signature thief outfit of Rutee Katrea Signature Swordian   NSFW version for Echi \ boing~boing \HentaiLab dirty deeds SE version PERMISSIONS 
    Share links to original uploaded sites please, to credit the Authors.
    Permission free for conversion XNA,etc.
    To support 
    Toss a coin to the modder
    MUTSUMI INOMATA   (いのまたむつみ) for Design
    Namco Tales Studio
    bad-ass Cosplayers for inspiration
    oblivion mod TerraMane by Hentai
    Dimon99 for the UNP body
    Calyps for the UNPB body
    Allegorithmic for Substance series (peasant edition)
    3DSMAX NIf plugin Creators



  5. RohZima's Aetherial Animations

    Let's cut to the chase. You need to try this mod.

    I haven't made any public offerings for a while so I thought I would start 2020 off with this mod and see where it goes...
    It's just a poser mod so you just use it like any other, such as Halos or whatever.
    This file contains a JSON file so it is ready to use with PoserHotkeys which I recommend.
    I test these animations out with my Patrons first so there are more animations coming for this mod.
    I have more machines and props that I am building, so the mod should grow quite a bit.
    All the animations and 3D assets where created by me from scratch for this mod.
    I don't give permission for them to be uploaded anywhere or used in any type of commercial product.
    You can of course make videos and pics and upload that, obviously...



  6. [Rindou] Sayaka Suit UUNP

    Preserving this for future generations... LOL
    This is a latex bodysuit of Kamori Sayaka (Kamimori Sayaka) from Shin Matai Toshi visual novel.
    She's a character created by absolutely awesome artist Rindou (my favourite artist, to be honest).
    It's pretty much the same as original download, all I did was made some tweaks to esp file and replaced HDT High Heels dependancy with NetImmerse Override (which is also included in RaceMenu). UUNP conversion was made by RoboLumps.
    UUNP 3BBB conversion of Sayaka Suit by BakaFactory.
    7B Bombshell conversion of Sayaka Suit by Melodic. Link to original modpage.
    CBBE 3BA conversion of Sayaka Suit (Skyrim Special Edition only). Link to original modpage.
    Rindou Links:
    Official Website
    Radical Dream



  7. SexLab Cumpires (cum drinking vampires)

    Makes vampires feed on cum instead of blood.
    It works by replacing the "Feed" option on seduced targets with a "Bite" option, which no longer resets vampire stages and now is only useful for turning people for the Dawnguard vampire questline. Instead now vampire stages reset whenever the player participates as oral part in a sex animation tagged as Blowjob. You now also get dialogue line to "Suck" on seduced male NPCs, which starts an appropriate sex animation to feed you. Additionally you can suck on a male NPC you married whenever your vampirism progressed past stage one.
    Stage Four Vampirism
    Once your vampirism progressed to stage four some people will notice your thirst for cum and might take advantage of it by mouthraping you. This is initiated by them yelling the word 'Vampire!' at you, because it's the best voiceline I could find for it and I don't like quiet dialogue.
    The 'White' Phial
    The White Phial can now also be filled with cum to sate your thirst. Too not make it too easy this version of the phial doesn't recharge infinitely, but instead only has four charges before you have to refill it. Refilling can be done at Quintus Navale or any male NPC you married.
    Compatibility with other Vampirism Overhauls
    This mod changes the VampireFeed perk, as probably most other overhauls will do. The only changes done to the perk are renaming "Feed" to "Bite" and removing the vampirism stage reset. If you use any other overhaul put it in loadorder after my mod. This will undo said changes to the VampireFeed perk, but everything else will work as usual. It is now up to you to not feed on NPCs, but to suck on them.
    lostpause4 for the idea
    donttouchmethere for giving it the name



  8. COW Girl - bikini LE

    Sorry for my english.... 
    Little story:
    One my old friend ask me to create for him new specialized armor set  for MilkMod and  with futa characters support. So i made this concept. 
    Why cow girl? Because of Milk mod    He ask me for this style. 
    About armor
                                                                                                                            (please dont tuch futa armorparts!)
                                                                                                                                             COW GIRL Bikini SE
    1. All meshes and textures made from scratch. For Boots model i used Pony Boots from DD as reference.
    2. WARNING! This is hi poly armor (in Skyrim sense ) with 4k textures.
    3. Base body -  CBBE.
    2. BodySlide support - YES
    3. Futa characters support for  WORKING ON IT
    4. All set parts have proper G.O. and inventory models
    5. Can be crafted at Smithing Forge (you will need perk Advanced Armors), tempered and enchanted.
    6. Armor parameters equal to Scaled armor.
    7. Build in High heels support
    Current set parts:
    1. Circlet - [slot 42]
    2. Collar - [slot 45]
    3. Gauntlets - [slot 34, 34]
    4. Regular Top or Portable milking dewice [slot 32, 34, 38]
    5. Regular Thongs  - [slot 52]  or Futa Thongs  (4 variants) [slot 61]
    6. Leg straps - [slot 53]
    7. Boots -  [slot 37, 38]
    8. Alternative milker device:
       Milker base - slot 32
       Milk bottle - slot 60
       Soul gems power core - slot 59
    Ihope you like it
    If  you will have any troubles with meshes clippings - just give me screenshots.
    Next plans:
    1. More details and set parts variations. Other colors and latex variant.
    2. Portable milking device (with some animated parts i hope)
    3. May be some scripted functionality and qests.
    4. Milk bottle as clutter and potion
    5. Some animated parts for milking device.
    By Vortex.
    WARNING: Mod was split into two parts due to its large size: main part with esp and meshes and additional with textures. Sorry. 250 mb limit.
    If you have SOS installed dont forget to mark all set parts with slot 32 (Tops and Milker) as Revealing armor in SOS mod MCM.
    SOS_Revealing keyword will be added later.
    - Skyrim LE.
    - SOS.
    Original 3ds max files of this armor set will be posted on my Patreon page.
    And i will be very greatfull for any support on Patreon. 
    Than you all for your interest to this mod!
    A few words about the permissions for this mod.
    ANY modmaker from the LoversLab can use the resources of this mod at his own discretion. If, of course, someone needs them XD
    Just credit me. Thats all.
    With my best regards to god of bikini - Nisetanaka



  9. Dragonscale Bikini

    Oh look. It's here too on da LL. I must mean serious business if I'm also posting it here. Serious biznuss indeed yo.

    Available for your modding pleasure and for the first time in LOOONG time is a brand new bikini armor: The Dragonscale Bikini Armor set. Conceived completely by yours truly with the vain hope of grabbing NiseTanaka's (the OG creator of the bikini armors) attention so that I can at last reconnect with someone who I consider my buddy. That and maybe get a few bottomless tributes in the process as well, I mean why not?

    The bikini set sports over 30 new pieces of gear with Bodyslide files also available in CBBE AND UUNP flavors, again all made by yours truly!
    I also made it a thing for SSE so check it out here.

    //////////IN GAME ACQUISITION\\\\\\\\\\

    The book for armor can be found at Bonestrewn Crest, lying right next to a treasure chest, which itself is next to the word wall.

    Once the book is in your possession, you'll need the "Dragonsmithing" perk to actually forge the armors.

    //////////Mod Download Contents\\\\\\\\\\
    Dragonscale Bikini Armor = Core mod files with 7bo as the base body shape.
    Dragonscale Bikini CBBE HDT BS2 = Premade CBBE meshes with added Bodyslide files.
    Dragonscale Bikini UUNP HDT BS2 = UUNP based Bodyslide files and goddam so many sliders!


    A legit copy of the base game

    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended

    HDT Physics

    //////////KNOWN ISSUES/CONFLICTS\\\\\\\\\\

    Like the bikinis mods of old, this WILL conflict with mods like "Devious Devices" or "Dual Sheath Redux".

    For any SOS users, please enable the "Revealing Option" in the SOS MCM menu.

    //////////Qu and Ah\\\\\\\\\\

    //////////CREDITS & GRADITUDES\\\\\\\\\\


    In the spirit of Nise-kun own outlook on mod permissions, you are free to use the assets of this mod however you like. Just be a pal credit me with a link back to the original mod page please.

    The ONLY thing you are not allowed to do is paywall the assets of this mod if you wish to use these files for your own mods.
    If you like what I've done here, why not post a screenie of your char in the outfits I've provided? It'll mean more to me than some silly like button.



  10. YPS Crafting Recipes - Making Makeup in Skyrim

    If you're like me a female dragonborn on the go,  you know how hard it is to stay lookin good in the land of Skyrim.
    That is why when @emily1673 released Immersive hair growth and styling I was like...  🙀💃
    But when I got to the local makeup merchant and saw the prices, I was... 😭
    You see, my dragonborn is poor and looking good can be expensive in Skyrim. 
    This mod provides crafting recipes for a few of the makeup items in YPS Immersive fashion (You will still need to buy some of the more exotic things). But it will allow you to look decent on a budget. 
    To start making makeup you will need the book "Making Makeup in Skyrim"* which can be crafted at a tanning rack with 1 ink and 1 roll of paper. Once you have that in your inventory you will see recipes at your local cooking pot for making Lipstick, Eyeshadow, and Nail Polish. There are some sub components that need to be made first on a few of those (namely lipstick, and remover pads) but most items will be pretty straight forward and made from things you can find around Skyrim fairly easily. 
    *It's not really a book it is really just a misc item. I didn't make it as a book and didn't notice I had done that till it was a condition on a bunch of constructible objects. Sure I "could" fix that, but why?
    This mod should work on both LE and SE with no conversion needed. 
    Skyrim and Dawnguard - Coming up with recipes for colorful makeup took more than base generic Skyrim can handle.
    Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - needed for immersive ingredients
    YPS Immersive Hair Growth and Styling - duh! 😄
    @emily1673 - For making YPS in the first place! 😍
    kryptopyr -  For Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul 😎
    @Ashal - For LoversLab 🤗



  11. Armistice Feathered Outfit CBBE

    Description: [NIND] CBBE Armistice Feathered Outfit v2.0
    Original outfit by Armistice!
    Changes Made:
    +Oily Options
    -Packaged into retextures

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Feathered"



  12. PJ - Darker Skin for Dark Elfs & RedGuards

    -The mod is now Stable! Feel Free to download now!-
    This is a simple mod that makes Both The Dark Elf and Redguard use a Darker texture, since the ones i use and others before tend to be a bit pale, it does fit nice for the Other races but, for the redguards they always end being kinda pale and as far as i know Dark elfs are suppoused to be Dark...? right? is like making a race and calling it Pale ones and they're Dark green... It just doesn't make sense you know...?
    Just grab the Data folder from the .rar file and drop it in your Skyrim directory, or use your mod manager.
    If it asks you to replace something it means that is going to replace the FaceData from the Vanilla Dark elfs and Redguards,
    if you have mods that change NPC's from both races it might restore them to Vanilla, check NEWS to see what i have to say about NPC from mods or mods that edit NPC's Looks.
    The mod is Now Stable, after hours of Fixing and Testing, i encounter no further issues,
    The mod is currently compatible with Vanilla NPC's, im currently working on the other DLC's,
    I won't be doing Npc from other mods, but in the next update i will add a tutorial to show ya how to make
    Redguards and Dark Elfs from mods compatible with my mod, even mods that replace/edit NPC's faces..
    -For the love of god read this Cause you're gonna have to do more than just installing the .ESP-
    Read carefully, this mod is not done by itself, you need to do something too, if there was only one Female Texture i would upload the textures with this mod, but this is about you using a darker version of the texture of your choice, so you're going to make the textures, which is pretty simple.
    1- You'll need GIMP or Software that can open and manipulate .dds files-
    2- Go to "Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\female" and open the Diffuse textures of the female that you use (Face, Hands, And Body)-
    3- Change the brightness to whatever you like, don't go to far or they will become a black void! If you use GIMP I recommend to going to "Colors > Hue-Saturation" And set the "Lightness" to -80 But since not all textures are the same "Brightness" you should test it and set it how you want it!-
    4- After you're done, Export the texture and name them it like this: "Dark_femalebody_1.dds" , "Dark_femalehands_1.dds" and "Dark_femalehead.dds", without the quotes of course, and save them in the same File path you took the original Textures from-
    5- Play the game and check if the textures are to your liking!-
    If you encounter any issues during the making of the textures let me know and i'll see if i can help.
    Of course, This (As far as i know) is compatible with any body, Vanilla, UUNP, CBBE, etc!
    and i won't share any textures here, but if you made one for a specific body texture and want to share it in the comments, feel free to do so, but please, if you do i beg you to leave a link to the original Body texture with your new Darker version of the texture.
    If you find any issues let me know!



  13. Artt FGO Trick or Treatment CBBE

    Description: [NIND] CBBE Artt FGO Trick or Treatment v2.0
    Original outfit by @AreTotti!
    Changes Made:
    +Oily Options

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "[Artt]"



  14. Creature Overhaul

    Skyrim Creature Overhaul
    CO More Creatures:
    This mod simply places 280+ vanilla creatures around Skyrim. More specifically, it only adds them in notable places so that you're sure to encounter them on your travels but you won't see them scattered randomly in the most unseen places.
    I've tried to achieve that by sticking to immersion. Big word, I know. What I mean by that is that you're not going to find creatures in place where there usually are none of that type. For example: You won't find a Frost Troll roaming around in the city of Riften. On the other hand, I've made sure that a place like Falkreath has a tendency to tame more wild Wolves than for example Whiterun due to Falkreath being a more forest-y (?) area where a lot of Wolves roam the area. This also means that the citizens of Falkreath for example are more accustomed to seeing and handling these kinds of beasts and are therefor more willing to have them as a sort of pet in their inn or their home. Additionally you won't find many animals - especially not wild beasts - in a place like Solitude. A harsh region like Eastmarch however is likely to have a few more feral furry companions. Hopefully you get the picture here.
    Having said all that, I have included some exceptions to my own immersion rule. A few placed creatures may not really fit somewhere but I can safely say that it's not the end of the world if a few more creatures exist in your world, now is it :)? Creatures like Frostbite Spiders, Chaurus and Werewolves for example don't seem like they can be tame at first glance but you can even find examples of them being passive towards humanoids in vanilla Skyrim: Sinding the werewolf, the Dark Brotherhood which has a tame spider and Chaurus in general obey and cooperate with the Falmer, who are just blind and savage Snow Elves
    Another sort of exception to my immersion rule is the inclusion of creatures near POIs like shrines or standing stones for example. And lastly, you will also find region specific animals inside of almost all Jails. You're not in there for fun - the guards want to see you perform behind those bars or they might just want to intimidate you with their new critters...depends on what kind of mods you've got installed
    Oh, and the creatures are by no means completely harmless. They are passive until provoked. If you think that you can simply attack a tame wolf or a tame troll without repercussion then you're in for an ass whoppin'. They are still animals after all. Oh, and don't worry if they get killed. They'll respawn after some time has passed.
    It places passive critters all around Skyrim. Limited to Inns, Farms, Hunter/Fisherman Camps, POIs, Orc Strongholds, Cities and Jails.
    Types of creatures placed by this mod:
    Atronachs - Flame, Frost and Storm
    Bears - Black, Brown and Snow
    Chaurus - Normal, Hunter and Reaper
    Death Hounds
    Huskies - Normal and Armored
    Ash Hoppers
    Mounted Rieklings
    Dwarven Constructs - Centurion, Sphere and Spider
    Foxes - Normal and Snow
    Frostbite Spiders - Normal and Large
    Horses - Black, Piebald, Bay, Dappled and Palomino
    Sabre Cats - Normal and Snow
    Spriggans - Normal and Earth Mother
    Trolls - Normal and Frost
    Wolves - Black, Red and Ice
    Some creatures may get stuck inside of walls or something if you have mods installed that edit cities.
    Other than that, it should definitely be compatible with anything else. It just places stuff and is 100% vanilla
    You can even recruit some creatures if you have the mod Vokrii installed
    Highly recommended:
    (Download the SE version of SL Aroused Creatures and then overwrite it with the Aroused Creatures SE/LE Tweak from OsmelMC)
    And don't forget to pick any of the amazing SLAL packs for more creature animations
    I got your back. These creatures are just edited duplicates of vanilla records. I did not add any meshes of that sort. It's just an .esp anyway. As a consequence they will use meshes that you've installed. The creatures I've added will NOT have genitals if you don't have MNC installed.
    CO Creature Edit:
    This one simply edits the values of a lot of vanilla creatures. Edited values include PC level multiplier, min/max level, movement speed, Starting Health, Damage, Attack effects, aggression level and aggro distance (but only for Slaughterfish because these fuckers are so annoying).
    This means that almost all enemy creatures are a threat to the player...as they should be. "Elite" enemies, like the snow variants, also have a higher PC level multiplier so that they feel like a real threat instead of just a slightly stronger recolour of an existing enemy type. With this installed, you won't be able to tank most creature attacks. To be more specific, a single wolf can kill you in 2-3 hits when you're not wearing armor and have 100 health points. Brutal creatures with serious killing power like the chaurus variants will easily kill you in 1-2 hits - even with decent defensive stats. This should make you way more cautious of the predators of Skyrim.
    Preparation and in-combat attentiveness are key.
    Highly recommended:
    Any dodge mod. Trust me, you'll need it.
    OBIS to make bandits stronger. Complements my mod as both drastically increase the difficulty.
    Compatibility: IMPORTANT!
    Anything that modifies creature-specific records in the Non-Player Character and Race tab will conflict with my mod (Use TES5Edit to check for possible conflicts). This unfortunately also means that my mod overwrites some of MNC's height and skeletal model edits. The following creatures are affected: Chaurus, Frostbite Spider (all 3) and Chaurus Hunter.
    My reason for this is because I always play with the setting "Even Actors Height" unchecked due to all my races being the same height. I was never satisfied with the misalignments caused by this option so I just created an esp that set every race to the same height while also reverting MNC's changes to the aforementioned creatures. This was way back in 2018 and since then I've never had to fiddle around with the alignments of actors all the time. You can download my SnoiPersonalEdits file which just sets every race to the same height. Fortunately, this change can easily be reverted so please do that yourself if you have problems with my way of doing things.
    Q 'n' A I guess... :
    CO More Creatures
    Q: Why did you make a mod that does exactly what the old Sexlab More Creatures mod does?
    A: I've used Sexlab More creatures before and I find that it adds WAY too much creatures which are also WAY too close to each other. I don't wanna get chased by 10+ horny dogs/horses on my way past Whiterun Stables. I also didn't think cramping a ton of animals inside and outside of cities was neither immersive nor a pleasant way to help initiate creature sex. Cities felt like they were designed as a breeding zoo instead of being a place where actual humans live that may want to keep a certain animal as a pet. I'm exaggerating as you can tell but you hopefully know what I mean. I also craved creature variety which the original mod didn't offer. 
    Q: Will you place chickens, slaughterfish, goats, cows, rabbi-
    A: By order of the Jarl stop right there! I have no intend to place these kinds of animals. Ever.
    Q: Can you add [insert valid animal name] in [insert region name]?
    A: If it fits immersion-wise and I think it would make a good addition then yeah, I will consider your request.
    CO Creature Edit
    Q: Dude, enemy creatures do insane amounts of damage. Even a single wolf can easily fuck me up.
    A: Git gud.
    Q: I don't like how you set the values of creature X. I'd recommend setting them to Y.
    A: Just open TES5Edit and edit them to your liking. It's as easy as it sounds.
    Q: ENB?
    A: Mainly Caffeine ENB but with a bit of Tetrachromatic ENB. To get the cel-shaded effect you need to go into your enbseries.ini, scroll down to [EFFECTS] and set EnablePrepass to true. Like this:
    EnablePrepass=true. Tetrachromatic ENB offers the required ENBEFFECTPREPASS.FX.INI file. Or you can just download my enbseries folder from the download section of this file (SHIFT + BACKSPACE opens the ENB menu ingame jfyi). Just install the requirements as well as the recommended Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB from Caffeine ENB and well just read the description in general.
    Q: What armor/clothing are you wearing in your screenshots?
    A: The Amazing World of Bikini Armor, Bikini Ascend, The Book of UUNP and Vanilla TMB Armors and Clothes.
    Q: Why do your dogs look like red wolves?
    A: I replaced the dog meshes and textures with the ones from the red wolf because the vanilla dog is SO INCREDIBLY HIDEOUS. No retexture is EVER going to fix that.
    Q: Nice Poses. Where'd ya get them from?
    A: GSPoses & SLAL by Gunslicer
    (Special Thanks to MadMansGun for helping me out. Amazing guy!)
    A list of all placed creatures and where you can find them:



  15. PAH Slave Cart

    This mod adds a slave cart and slave pack horses.
    The slave cart can be bought from Pardo at the Restless Hunter. You'll find the cart outside at a little distance from the Hunter. It can carry up to 5 slaves safely (they won't escape while in the cart)
    To get a slave into the cart, tell them "Get in the cart, you" To get them out, click the cart and select the slave to remove To ride the cart, click it and select Mount. You can steer the cart yourself. After mounting, give it 5 seconds or so to stabilize.
    The pack horses can be bought at any stables. They can carry 2 slaves at a time.
    To get a slave on the horse, tell them "Get on that horse" Click the horse to remove the slaves The horse will follow you, but you can hobble it to make it stay, or leave it at a stable (after removing any slaves from it)
    Run FNIS after installing
    This is all very much in beta! It's a combination of stuff from a few private mods and a pre-build of ZAP9. It shouldn't break your game, but store your last good save somewhere.



  16. Harder Devious Regulation

    Civil War "Devious Regulation" Now Requires to Wear a Plug.
    Because Many Female Soldier Break The Chastity Regulation, They Assume Plugged a Dildo can Reduced that Problem, also it's Helpful to Motivate them. From Now on, Female Soldier Must Wear It Without Excuses. More Easily Punishment. See Description Below.  
    Original Devious Regulation Mods by Srende. Replace with Devious Regulation Fix. Fix some bug and add Support for Devious Integration 4.3 Version. Only For 2.10 Version, addtition for CWRS -Civil War Recurring Sieges-. (including Here, No Need Original Version) Anymore. You Don't need an original one. except you want it without Devious Regulation mods.
    Harder Devious Regulation Version 1.11:

    Getting Punish by (Rikke, Tullius, and Galmar) if:
    Not wearing a Regulation Plug. How You Can Remove it? Wearing another Plug. Can Replace it without Remove the Belt? Carry a master key. They Think You Want To Escape! Not Wearing A Vibrating Plug or Collar After First Punishment. (1.08 Version) They Noticed You After You Get a Punishment! Must Wearing a Vibrating Plug After Reach Quaestor or Ice-Veins Rank (Version 1.10 or 2.03 CWRS). Get Promoted also Get an Upgrade for The Plug Too... Quaestor Rank for (Imperial Legion) . Ice-Veins Rank for (StormCloak).  
    Devious Regulation Equipment have good enchantment. Also side effect if not worn correctly (Without Plug or Chastity Belt).
    For Collar: Both Punishment Collar can Shock player if Not Wearing a Regulation Plug or Belt (Damage Stamina and Magicka). Padded Collar Still Allowed You to Carry a Regulation Key. Padded Collar Still Allowed you to Wearing Non-Vibrating Plug. Posture Collar Will Punish You if Carry a Regulation Key. Posture Collar Must Pairing with Vibrating Plug (Normal for Strong Plug). Posture Collar Have a Greater Damage than Padded Collar. Only Posture Collar Can Handle Strong Punishment Plug Effect. For Chastity Belt : Reduced Player Carry Weight if not Pairing With Regulation Plug. Belt can Increase Player Carry Weight. Stronger The Plug will Give a Greater Effect. For Plug: Iron and Primitive plug (Basic Plug) also need wearing a correct belt (Regulation Belt). Regular Punishment Plug Still Allow You Not to Wearing a Collar. Strong Punishment Plug Can Handled Only by Posture Collar. For NPC: Separate Slot with Player (can't be looting). No Effect to Reduced Over Chastity and Plug in Area.  
    Available for Armor and Non-Armor version.
    Belt and Collar have armor bonus. Work with Heavy, Light armor Perk. Also Mage Armor Bonus Perk.
    Harder Devious Regulation Version 2.1
    Base and Thanks To:
    CWRS -Civil War Recurring Sieges- by Edoserax Including Standalone CWRS with costume Armor and Quest Tweak. Sovngarde Steel Armor by lustrianna Support for Remodel Armor AIO for Devious Device. No More Chastity Through Armor. Eisen Platte Armor by KURESE. Support for Remodel Armor AIO for Devious Device.No More Chastity Through Armor. Devious Regulation by Srende.  
    I wanted Civil War quest line get longer than Vanilla Version. (it mean, you must wearing Chastity Belt more Longer). Civil War Overhaul is unsupported anymore, and to many bug.  So I decided to use CWRS.  
    How to Start:
    After taking an oath. Wait in one of fort with Regulation Belt and Plug. Siege quest will restart in 48 hour (CWRS Default Setting). Fort Defenses Quest only can start with Chastity Belt on.  
    Description and Change:
    A little modified CWRS Version to make support with Harder Devious Regulation. Some CWRS and Civil War Quest line is blocked if not wearing a Regulation Chastity Belt.   
    Add Silver Goblet (Each Fraction) and Replace a Gold Version after finish Siege! Quest. Silver Goblet only get after killed Enemy Commander! You can get it in their corpse. Gold Goblet have a higher price.  
    CWRS Quest Change:
    Defeat Enemy Commander now have a Place mark "Defend Front against Enemy Attack" now Visible in main Quest Journal (Fort "Name" Defenses). Siege Quest won't start after you done Imperial/Stormcloak Duty Quest. (Not in your Quest Journal or You Must finish it again). Imperial Duty Quest Only Start after you Start (Fort "Name" Defenses) Quest. Imperial Duty Report is blocked if Player is not wearing a Chastity Belt. (But You Can finish it Without wear a Plug).  
    CWRS Other Change:
    Imperial and Stromcloak Outfit Veteran, Elite or General now rebalance. Veteran Light like Glass and General like Stalhrim Light Stats. Veteran Heavy like Ebony and General like Daedric Heavy Stats. All Armor now can Tempered in Armor Smiting Branches. Stromcloak Veteran Armor for Female Replace with "LustDesign - Sovngarde Steel Armor" CBBE HDT Version". Cloak Slot same with Serana Vampire Royal Outfit. Reduced Number of Army Both Side by Half. Now they only one Squad (4-5 soldier) to Reduced Lag. If Fort already taken or vice versa. Sometimes Soldier number is over-limit. Can 5 Vs 10 Soldier or more.... Make a battle is Unbalance. Commander Level is doubled than a Player. Max is level 255 Soldier level is Followed by Player. Fix Imperial Soldier that always warn player when Shouting. Recruit now set as protected. can't killed except by player.
    Devious Regulation with CWRS:
    After Taking an Oath, you must Done Siege! Or Fort "Name" Defenses Quest. To Earn Silver or Gold Goblet to continue a Main Quest.  All Quest only can Start if Player wearing a Chastity Belt with Plug. 10 Silver or 5 Gold to Continue Korvanjud Quest 30 Silver or 10 Gold to Continue Battle of Whiterun 60 Silver or 20 Gold to Continue Battle of Solitude/Windhelm (Final Quest).  
    Credit and Thanks to:
    CWRS Soldier Stats based by personal fix from Rebirth Monster Fix.
    Original mods Created by MyEvergreenHometown Revenge Of the Enemies 2016.
    The reason: Soldier and Guard now Leveling with Player. To make them survive against Vampire Attack or Dragon (Modded).
    CWRS -Civil War Recurring Sieges- by Edoserax.
    Lust Design - Sovngarde Steel Armor by lustrianna.
    Replacer for Stormcloak Veteran Armor.
    Originally Devious Device Regulation Created by Serende.
    Thanks for all moder who created the best mods for Skyrim.



  17. Remodel Armor and Underwear AIO For Devious Device NPC Support

    Add Underwear into NPC. "Remodel Armor AIO and Underwear CBBE HDT for Devious Device"
    It's My Personal Modification Mods. Based from Various Modder Around The World. All Thanks To Them. 😄
    Warning: Backup Your Meshes And Texture File Before Using This Mods.
    This File Also Big. So I Upload it Into Google Drive.
    Problem: Try to use Console "ResetInventory" to NPC if you found they naked. They Clothing can Probably Replaced with this mods, or with Newer Version.
    Simple Description:
    Added Random Underwear (Set) to All Female Added Random Boots into All Female In Skyrim (Including DLC). Support Wrymstooh 1.18 And Falskaar 1.2.1. Support For Female Bandit Including Rebirth Monster Fixed Version.  
    Download Meshes And Texture FIle Remodel Armor AIO and Underwear CBBE HDT for Devious Device. Including Update. Download NPC Meshes And Texture File (Google Drive). It's Include here. Or You Can Download It From Original Author Site. List Below. It Will Be 3 ESP File You Will Use: Female AIO.esp --> Female Character Face Remodel Armor AIO + Underwear.esp --> Female Armor And Clothing Devious Device Support Remodeled Armor - Underwear Intergration.esp --> Added Underwear and Random Thigh Boots or Heels Into Skyrim The 3rd Download Section You Can Added Below "Remodeled Armor - Underwear Intergration.esp" File It's Support Some Various Mods. ESP Re-placer Only. You Need Original BSA File, Meshes and Texture. Download it from Original Resources.  
    Other Description:
    Personally Used NPS Female, Bijin Female And MBWS, and TKAA Main Skyrim is use Bijjin Since NPS Female Face Conflict With Bijjin, I Moved Their Face to Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC. All DLC Female Now Is Pretty Face. (Thanks To Bijin, NPS and MBWS). Main Female Character In Dawnguard and Dragonborn Using MBWS Face (Serana and Freya). All Female Children used TKAA (Boy is Untouched). Stromcloak Prisoner Replace it to Female (That's Why You Need Appachi Hair) All Housecarls is Female. It's Used MBWS Female. Most Female are not Wearing Helmet or Hat. (No More Sudden Bald Head Woman in Hood). Add Pretty Legionetess to Match Female Stormcloak Soldier. (Need Appachi Hair)  
    Apachii Sky Hair  by apachii
    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch  by Arthmoor
    Remodel Armor AIO and Underwear CBBE HDT for Devious Device.
    Devious Regulation by By Srende and Fix Version
    Revenge Of the Enemies 1.95 Fix by MyEvergreenHometown Modified By Black714
    Diverse Guards Skyrim by winterlove (Replace ESP Only)
    Immersive Patrols by Scrabbulor (Replace ESP Only)
    Legionettes by Madcat221 (Replace ESP Only)
    Immersive World Encounters by SetteLisette (Replace ESP Only).
    This Is Personally Modified Mods From Another Author In The World. And I Combined Each Other. (See Credit Below). Basically Replace All Female NPC Clothing. Including All Female Face. So I Added My Personal Used Into This Mods. No Script. So It's Safe to Use.  
    Other Note:
    If You Use Another Face Mods. Better Put it Under ESP File. If NPC is Naked or worn Underwear Only. You Should "ResetInventory" Code Via Console. It Will Worked without console If You Start game from Beginning.  
    Credit Support and Thanks:
    The Kids Are Alright by triptherift
    MBWS Female By ria0417
    Women's faces by veter75n
    Bijin Female by rxkx22



  18. DX Necromancer CBBE

    Description: [NIND] CBBE DX Necromancer v 1.0.0
    Original outfit by Deserter X:
    Changes Made:
    -Repack as TextureSets
    -Slooty options in Bodyslide
    -Oily Body

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Necromancer"
    Credit to DeserterX for the Outfit.



  19. Ryeonggi HDT-SMP BHUNP BodySlide

    BHUNP Bodyslide of the Armor Ryeonggi hdt-smp
    Based on BHUNP 1.60 body
    Might be compatible with the latest version. (let me know)
    You will need the original armor to use the bodyslide files
    This bodyslide is for lazy people like me (a newbie). please forgive any mistakes.
    Install using any Mod manager or
    copy paste Bodyslide files (CalienteTools) in data folder
    Use bodyslide to create the outfit
    Credit goes to:
    The Creator of the outfit
    BakaFactory for creating such amazing body



  20. Relationship Dialogue System (10/24/2020)

    RDS is an extensive dialogue mod that allows for nearly any kind of interaction and has NPCs dynamically react to the player reputation.
    Relationship Dialogue System
    RDS adds the following features to the game:
    The generic dialogue minigame: A dialogue for all NPC that allows for small-talk, flirting, bullying and more. [done] Contextual approaches from NPC to invite the player to drink, shame them as a whore, try a pick-up line or blackmail the payer who has cheated on their spouse and more. [in development] A reputation system that tracks the players sexual partners and how often they are seen naked or have sex in public. NPCs will then change their behavior based on the players purity or whore-status. [done] Form a relationship and even move in together with your partner. Have one sweetheart in every hold, but make sure they never hear from each other. Get love-letters when your partner is traveling. [done]  
    I. Generic Dialouge: The generic dialogue “minigame” can either be started by talking to any NPC using the line “Hello, are you free to chat?” or by NPCs approaching. Then you can choose out of a total of 21 options to manipulate the conversation. The first 16 options can be used to move the dialogue into a specific direction. This should be very intuitive, and the NPC will react in a realistic fashion. When you are friendly or funny you will form a friendship. If you’re flirty you’ll go more into the direction of sex. If you’re mean the NPC will get angry or offended. The main purpose of this dialogue is to give you the ability to roleplay your character as you imagine it. For that, you can set your characters overarching behavior in the MCM. Secondary it serves to trigger sex animations, brawling, friends-with-benefits and relationships.
    The course of the dialogue is achieved by changing the NPCs arousal and affection points. The latter is a value between -100 and 100 used by RDS to measure how much the NPC likes you and they will be more friendly or angry, accordingly. With each dialogue option used these values are adjusted.
    Additionally the NPC will change these values depending on their personalities and traits. After the dialogue ends the NPCs vanilla relationship rank is adjusted according to its new affection value.
    At the beginning of the dialogue you’ll receive a notification about whether the NPC is attracted to you based on their sexuality. After that, every other turn a notification will display how the NPC feels. You can use this to move the dialogue into the direction you want.
    See the spoiler for more details about the generic dialouge.
    II. Reputation: The reputation system consist of a value of 100 points and is counted for each hold separately. The reputation is reduced for the following cases:
    A NPC can see the player naked (doesn’t count for sex partners) A NPC can see the player having sex (doesn’t count for the sex partners) A NPC has no LOS, but is within 3 meters of the player having sex (means it can hear the player) The number of different sex-partners (multiple times with one partner don’t stack) One reduced the reputation doesn’t recover again. But the reputation loss is saved per NPC and therefor the only way to regain reputation is to kill of the witnesses. Additionally, sex witnesses can spot the player cheat on their spouse if the players partner lives in the same hold.
    Based on the reputation and the players cheating-status other events and contextual approaches are triggered.
    III. Contextual Approches: [in development] Next to the generic dialogue RDS features a multitude of contextual approaches. That means NPC approaches with specific intention which are triggered randomly but based on your reputation. The idea is to have the NPC react to your overall behavior and add new feeling of consequence to the world. Some approaches are simple flavor dialogue, while others are longer social interaction or hook-ups.
    See the spoiler for a full list of all contextual approaches.
    IV. Relationships: In RDS is it possible to form a relationship with any unmarried NPC once your affection rises above 60. This will turn the NPC into your partner and give them a special set of dialogue. You can have one partner in each hold and even have them parallel to your vanilla spouse. The vanilla spouses are not affected by RDS dialogues and events. You are also able to invite your partner to live with you in any of your owned vanilla homes. Your partner will then move to their new home and move around the surroundings. Depending on their personality they will litter around and demand you to clean up. Your partner also might invite friends over. Sometimes your partner leaves to go on their own adventures and might send you love-letters to remind you of them. But be careful if you decide to cheat on them. Some will forgive you; some will break up.
    Just use Vortex or Mod Organizer
    Known Issues:
    I've encountered a display bug during dialogues. It can happen that you can't scroll further down through the options, but still have the little arrow at the scroll bar, indicating that there're more options available. To fix this just use the arrow down or S key to have the list display all options.
    If you find any bug, typos or have suggestions for new content, please let me know in the support topic or via PM. For typos best attach a screenshot so I can find the line in question easier.
    RDS is compatable with Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. They sond similiar, but do very diffrent things.
    RDS should be compatable with Special Edition, since it only contains dialogue and scripts. But untested so far.
    Please do not alter or re-upload this mod without my expressed permission.



  21. Huan's Resources Pack LE & SE

    It's a pose animation pack, SLAL pack and armor pack.
    Support me to make more and better animations.
    1 Kneel and cry
    2 SlapMyFace
    3 Farewell
    4 FlyKiss
    5 Curtsy
    6 Curtsy2
    7 ChineseKungfuSalute1
    8 ChineseSalute
    9 MonkGreet1
    10 UltraManMove1
    11 Female Stand Orgasm1
    12 CrouchCryAndWipeTears
    13 Standup And Clean
    How to play the animations:
    "~"->console -> player.sae huan_anims1
    1 is the first animation.
    Well technically it has a sex animation too, but it is not so cool. So you'd better ignore it.
    I might improve this when I'm skillful
    If you want to use it in some other mods, I wish you can tell me about it, so I will be happy.



  22. HG Hairdos

    this is really unexpected but I just want to make it clear about the permission of this hair mod because I got alots of pm about it and I do appreciate that you ask but it is unnecessary and you can do anything you want with them , it really not my place to dictate permission I don't want to parade around sth I didn't make as my own, they are ported, and sorry to all the people I didn't reply to
    I'm also very surprise the amount of love and popularity this mod get, I just read a reddit thread about it a few weeks ago that made me smile and also the many screenshots I saw, so figured I would made one last update with one last hair pack because why not
    about the new hairs, I made a new esp for this cause I actually deleted the old hg hair from my game I got bored of it and never use also most of them looks bad, still some good one tho, there are no hair list this time I'm too lazy, not really as enthusiast as when I first upload it, everything you need to know are in the readme, don't forget to read it 
    if you play fallout 4 some of the hairs are converted to over there as well by gtaman9 and femshepping
    again don't forget to credit KS Hairdos instead if you use this hair on your follower, I use some of the hair textures from there and as a thank you to @Kalilies
    and I certainly wouldn't forget about @TweetingVobla and @Daymarr for their previous screenshots and help for this mod, thank you
    and thank you everyone for your support, this is the final one this time
    old hg hairdos archive https://mega.nz/folder/1x4kUaLY#VyCNB3P-uhYcJ0bVKNjXrQ
    crediting me is kinda pointless since this is just a random throwaway account you won't find me with this username anywhere els, if you do it's someone els 



  23. BushyEquip LE & SE [SOS/Plugin] BodySlide

    Lets you equip a hairy bush onto your character through slot 52. This is achieved either through using the .esp and through console commands or AdditemMenu or through SOS. Both layers in the bush are capable of matching color with the character's hair, but require that you change it every time to match again through RaceMenu.
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?)
    Special Edition link - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/201

    Place contents of archive into Data folder, overwriting when prompted. Using BodySlide, build the pubic hair mesh file and place into \meshes\actors\character\character assets\SOS\Pubic Hair for Females\ for the SOS version.  Before building the mesh in BodySlide, be sure to either zero the sliders or adjust them.
    If you do not use SOS, in the Optional folder there is the plugin (.esp) version of the mod. Make sure to copy meshes from BodySlide into  \meshes\actors\character\Bushy for .esp version.
    *Plugin is not compatible with the Special Edition version*
    SOS Addon - Pubic for Females is required for the SOS and Special Edition versions to function (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2373-sos-addon-pubic-hair-for-females/), check mod page for its requirements.
    Pubic hair meshes are capable of changing colour to match your hair colour but the flat mesh does this differently than the 3D hair mesh. This can create conflicting layers for some hair colour more than others, so build the meshes without the flat mesh enabled to make colour more consistent.
    Pubic Hairstyle Overlays for RaceMenu UNP CBBE - Use this to add hair underneath the mesh and reduce the appearance of clipping.
    Pubes Forever SSE - Special Edition equivalent of the above mod.
    I would suggest using a CBBE or UUNP body as the mesh matches them most closely and adjusting your chosen body mesh further using RaceMenuMorphs. The SOS version is more capable than the plugin, especially through use of "Make armor revealing".
    Credits & Thanks
    4uDIK for their Real Body's bush + textures and the 3d pubic hair mesh
    Raistlin1 for creating SOS Addon - Pubic Hair for Females and making this quickly possible
    jclyde6108 for help with fixing the bush colour change problem
    Leito for their body replacer's labia mesh -Used in an older version
    b3lisario, VectorPlexus, Smurf & team for SOS (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/498-sos-schlongs-of-skyrim/)
    Caliente, ousnius and team for Bodyslide, Texture Blender, and Unified UNP



  24. LabiaVariants LE [DEPRECATED]

    I will be no longer supporting this LE version as I have not used Skyrim Legendary Edition in 2 years. My focus has been the Special Edition version here. Anyone willing to continue playing with this idea, you can but you must credit me for labia edits plus slider data, and especially those listed in the credits.
    A labia addon or pussy for CBBE and UUNP body meshes through BodySlide, with HDT physics capability. BodySlide is required to generate the meshes and offers some customization through labia sliders. The labia have two variants: one that is closed and another variant that is open (spread open). Installing only one variant will work properly as long as its done as described below.
    The open mesh needs to be added through the console or AddItemMenu to NPCs and added to the player and equipped.  Be sure to check the BodySlide preview before building. If you intend to use the RaceMenu morphs provided by BodySlide, check that there is a femalebody.tri file present with the .nif files.
    Labia can be used without the plugin by installing into \character assets\ as femalebody_0 & femalebody_1. Closed variant needs the plugin to be added as an equipable item by default.
    Install BodySlide files into your BodySlide folder. Use the included preset or your own CBBE preset to build the body. Place the .esp with the meshes and textures into your Data folder. Use texture files in "Labia Texture" folder with TexBlend or GIMP/Photoshop to add the labia texture to your CBBE textures (Color, Normal, Specular). 
    BodySlide will generate two folders "characters assets" and "Labia" under \meshes\actors\character\. The folder "character assets" will contain .nif files from LabiaCBBEOpen and "Labia" will contain files from LabiaCBBEClosed. Copy these into your installation.

    Install BodySlide files into your BodySlide folder. Use the included preset or your own UUNP preset to build the body. Place the .esp with the meshes and textures into your Data folder. Use the UUNP textures included with BodySlide in "TexBlend UUNP" to add the vagina textures to your UNP texture or use the files in "UnpVagina" to do the same in GIMP/Photoshop.
    BodySlide will generate two folders "characters assets" and "Labia" under \meshes\actors\character\. The folder "character assets" will contain .nif files from LabiaClosedHDT and "Labia" will contain files from LabiaOpenHDT. Without the .esp, you can install the .nif files from LabiaOpenHDT into \meshes\actors\character\character assets.
    Optional files in Labia Shapes install into the respective BodySlide folders. "LeitoLabia (Z0mBieP00Nani)" ovewrite .nif files in \meshes\actors\character\character assets\ and the non-HDT "LabiaOpenVariant" overwrites files in \meshes\actors\character\Labia\
    -BodySlide and Outfit Studio along with UNP textures and "UnpVagina"
    -CBBE version needs CBBE textures and the custom labia texture in "Labia Texture" folder
    -UUNP version needs UNP textures and "UnpVagina" labia textures
    -Hands HDT collision of labia needs UUNP Special Hands included in BodySlide or a CBBE equivalent to work.
    -CLAMS OF SKYRIM version requirements here
    -Needs HDT Physics Extensions to function properly (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/?)
    Leito for his body replacer's labia mesh
    scivirus for CLAMS OF SKYRIM
    Caliente, ousnius & team for BodySlide, Texture Blender
    BringtheNoise for Unified UNP



  25. Char Presets.rar Jessica Oneil - RedGuard

    Char Presets.rar Jessica Oneil - RedGuard
    This is a CBBE body with some features to make the body perfect.
    Inside the package there are 3 files for this character.
    Just unzip and follow the same procedure for folders.
    If you already have a file that needs to be replaced by mine just backup your files if you don't like it and want to return to the previous process.
    The name of this Character is Jessica Oneil cloned by the vision of the erotic game [VN] - [Ren'py] Jessica O'neil's Hard News.
    You can add this "Character" by 2 methods.
    1- Start a new game, and choose character - woman and go to customize and press F9 to load the file you installed.
    2- If you don't want to start a new game, then open the cheat console, and type without quotes "showracemenu" this will take you to your character's initial creation screen.
    I would have liked to have taken better pictures in a clearer environment.
    But the body was perfect with no signs of anomalies (defective).
    Links to the Requirements follow the addresses at the end of this.
    Any questions leave your comment.
    Este é um corpo CBBE com algumas caracteristicas para deixar o corpo perfeito.
    Dentro do pacote existe 3 arquivos para este character.
    Basta descompactar e seguir o procedimento igual das pastas.
    Caso você ja tenha algum arquivo que precisa ser substituido pelo meu apenas faça Backup dos seus caso você não goste e queira retornar para o processo anterior.
    O nome deste Character é Jessica Oneil clonado pela visão do jogo erotico [VN] - [Ren'py] Jessica O'neil's Hard News.
    Você pode adicionar este "Character" por 2 metodos.
    1- Iniciar um novo jogo, e escolher character - mulher e ir em personalizar e apertar F9 para carregar o arquivo que você instalou.
    2- Caso nõ queira começr um novo jogo, então abra o console de trapaça, e digite sem aspas "showracemenu" isto o levara para  tela inicial de criação do seu personagem.
    Gostaria de ter tirado umas fotos melhores em um ambiente mais claro.
    Mas o corpo ficou perfeito sem sinal de anomalias (defeituoso).
    Links para os Requerimentos segue os endereços no fim deste.
    Qualquer duvida deixe seu comentario.
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000         XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996         HDT Physics Extensions
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70975         ImoMegane - Glasses
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79586          2k Lip Tints - All Races - Better Coverage
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3589             Natural Eyes
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13722           The Eyes Of Beauty
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5737              Caliente's Texture Blender/Not so much needed but it makes the body much more real
    https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12318                        SG Hair Pack 268



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