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  1. Multiboob Race Pack

    What's this?
    Playable 4-breasted and 6-breasted races.
    What do I need to install first?
    * Dawnguard
    * RaceCompatibility For Skyrim and Danwguard - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24168
    * Racemenu - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624
    * XPMSE Skeleton and its requisites - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000
    * Armor Appearance - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89751
    What are the known bugs? 
    * You'll appear with only 2 breasts for a split second after loading a save.
    * Some clothes sets will appears as the default fur armor due to the work in progress nature of this mod.
    * Some DLC armor sets... see above.
    Contains assets used with permission from the following:
    * Ousnius & Caliente - CBBE and bodyslide - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666
    * NiseTanaka - The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383
    * ChronoTrigger77 - Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259
    * Xs2reality - Sporty Sexy Normal Map - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13377
    * HHaleyy - Fair skin Complexion - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602
    * Felisky - Armor Appearance Changer - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89751



  2. Sexlab Approach Redux by BakaFactory LE / SE

    Sexlab Approach Redux

    The mod is still under developing and the latest version will be updated on my Patreon.
    And this is still beta version but fully functional and won't cause any CTD issues.
    Feel free to use them but be aware that it's still on initial stage.
    Description :
    As far as I can tell, role-playing a fairly attractive player is broadly often taken for granted. Because what is in it for that when you play the ugliest or, if not the ugliest at least, very common, familiar face that you have run into once a day in reality, for which you don't want to play with the character. dah! So I have been thinking for a long time and wondering why the heck npcs around you do not try to talk to you. You're the one who always starts to talk to them. It's highly unfair! And they don't care much about you. None a bit! What a disaster! You're isolated in the vast majority who lost their own sexual identities, preferences even if you're the most beautiful female protagonist in your sense. They are blind or something? So here's your solution to make things more reasonable.
    Now when certain conditions are met, npcs will chase after you and ask something. Some of them are after solidifying a friendship or some of them are just after your sexy body and want to have sex with you. Sometimes these chasings get messy and the relationship can be broken at some point. And they will hate you, or they will even attempt to rape you.
    Now what are you gonna do? Accept their offers without hesitation, which will make you vulnerable and then it makes you let them enjoy your body regardless of your will? Or will you decline every each one of them and act like an asshole? An aggressive, stubborn girl would do that. But they will hate you at the end and they are highly likely to try to rape you. It could be way more complicated when you are pretty.
    Now this is the question. How are you going to cope with them wisely?
    Basic Features
    - It is a female-oriented mod. Not for male protagonist for now..
    - A random npc will approach to you and want to talk to you. They may want to talk about daily life events or they may ask you to have some sex with them depending on various variables in the situation such as brightness, appearance, an outfit, relationship, morality, etc,.
    - You can control and manage some of those variables through MCM. You can set your beauty, or the size of boobs, butts. These variables rely on your own subjective view so it's not gonna be changed even if you change your body morphs on showracemenu. You think your PC's boobs are huge then set the boobs slider to the maximum 100.
    - After done talking, the npc will remember you. Some of thme may have a positive view of you and others may hate you based on the view of how you react towards them.
    - Various lines depending on the conditions
    Future Ideas
    - I will fix every each bug that you guys report
    - Concise but diverse types of line for immersion
    - Adding Guards' story lines
    - More diverse dialogues like giving PC a persent as a symbol of his affection, love letters, or obssession with PC's traits, any elements that can frighten you or please you.
    - Adding elements that petentially trigger NTR, NTL story lines
    - Adding factional elements for each city
    - Other storylines not for asking sex but for aiming at PC's power or authority
    - Improving ways to fight back or talk into npcs.
    - House visiting mechanism
    - Prostitutes
    - Adding F x F interaction dialogues
    - NPC x NPC mechanism(Not sure about this one.)
    - Fill up stastics menu which is currently empty
    - Sexlab Framework 1.62V LE
    - Sexlab Aroused Redux BakaFactory version - Just added additional keywords which can define what kind of outfit you wear. Nothing different.
    SLAX or
    Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version
    - Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h) LE Version
    - SLAL Aggressive motions LE
    - FNIS LE
    - Sexlab Framework 1.63V or above SE
    - Sexlab Aroused 28b Modified Version by Bakafactory SE Version - Just added additional keywords which can define what kind of outfit you wear. Nothing different.
    Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE BakaFactory Edited Version
    - Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h) SE Version
    - SLAL Aggressive motions SE
    - FNIS SE
    - SLHH Expansion(Highly Recommended)]
    - Additional NPC mods(Dummy npcs will work I guess like Populated series)
    Related Mods or Expansion
    Caden's Sexlab Approach Redux for HIM
    How to Update   Just overwrite the patch file and then done with it. Just in case, please reset the quest.  
    Patreon Post
    I check the comments on Patreon more often than here. If you want to share your thoughts and ideas, leave comments or messages. 
    For Korean Users
    여기로 가주세요~
    한글패치는 여기서 받지 마시구요.
    제 페트리온 게시글에서 받아주시면 되요!
    질문사항이나 건의사항 등등은 여기다가 올리셔도 되지만, 여기다가 올리면 영어로 적어야 하니 제 페트리온 게시글에다가 댓글 달아주시면 좋겠죠?



  3. The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race SOS Plugin (Oldrim/SE)

    This is the Schlongs of Skyrim installer for The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race, which includes plugins for SOS and SOS Light. In the downloads section you will find both Oldrim and SE versions of the installer.
    Neither the SOS plugin nor the SOS Light plugin will function without SOS or SOS Light. 
    Schlong texture (and the body texture it is meant to be attached to) was created by ZwabberdieBo, and edited for use with the Timelost Dwemer Mod with the original author's permission.
    I simply recolored ZwabberdieBo's Veteran Skin schlong texture so that it'd match the recolored Veteran Skin body textures that are being used by the Timelost Dwemer Mod.

    Schlongs of Skyrim or Schlongs of Skyrim SE
    The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race or The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race SSE

    If you are using the Oldrim version of The Timelost Dwemer, download and install the Oldrim version. 
    If you are using the Special Edition version of The Timelost Dwemer, download and install the Special Edition version of this SOS Plugin.
    Install with Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager. I won't help you install it if you are installing it manually or with Vortex.
    Choose the SOS Plugin if you are using SOS, or choose the SOS Light Plugin if you are using SOS Light.
    Use LOOT to sort your load order.

    My male deep elves have holes in their crotches!
    If you have the Deep Elf SOS Plugin installed, and your Deep Elf males still have holes in their crotches, you may need to manually-apply their schlongs. Make sure to apply the Deep Elf schlong.
    Does this plugin give genitals to either of the Deep Elf Followers?
    No, because they do not belong to the main mod's Deep Elf Race.
    You can still open the SOS MCM and manually apply Deep Elf SOS Genitals to them if you want. 

    VectorPlexus and Smurf for Schlongs of Skyrim, and their ‘How to make an SOS Plugin guide’
    ZwabberdieBo for the Veteran Skin male body texture, and his Veteran Skin Smurf and VectorPlexusSchlong Retextures



  4. C5Kev's Ageha Abyss Armor UUNP

    Hello Folks!   Shortly after Angelica's dungeon ordeal, she became accustomed to people seeing her, well, naked and was beginning to enjoying it. It thrilled her and she felt a little naughty. However people started looking at her as a ragamuffin or even a harlot. That she didn't like and needed to find something else to wear. But she couldn't find a job. She had no skills per se and due to the war, Skyrim's Inns couldn't afford to hire more people, she wasn't built for manual labor, but she was very pretty and men had always been attracted to her. However the thought of having to become a prostitute sickened her. So she'd try "scrounging" again - perhaps she could hit the jackpot finding something valuable within a dungeon or ruin.  She felt far more confident from being harmed now that she found the strange Draugr outfit.

    Looking around the area of Mzulft, she traveled south and accidently snuck up on a witch picking herbs. The witch turned and fired off a frostbite spell, which caused Angelica's flame cloak to ignite. The witch paniced and jumped into the lake by Stoney Creek. Surfacing, she stated that she meant no harm, but was simply startled - a knee-jerk reaction. Angelica's cloak went out. The witch came up out of the water laughing, "Hey there beautiful, I'm Sarafine...Sara. What in the world are you wearing sweetie, you poor thing!  C'mon hun, my cabin is just east of here and you look like you could use something to eat."  Angelica dropped her guard and smiled at Sara's kindness.

    At the cabin, Sara told Angie (she called her Angie) to grab a bucket and the two carted water from the lake and dumped it into a large wooden wash tub. Sara lit a small fire under the tub and told Angie to get in after it had warmed. "Here, I've made some fruit wine" and they began drinking. Angie disrobed, got in the tub and Sara, who had also made some soap, washed Angie along with her hair as they talked. Angie closed her eyes, "This feels sooo good...I've never had a warm bath!" After which, Sara rubbed Angie down with Lavender water and then went into the cabin. Sara smiled and asked, "Feel better?" "Absolutely heavenly".

    The two sat chatting, enjoying one another's company as they were about the same age and Angelica did find Sarafine attractive. Angie then delighted in some apple cabbage stew and fruit wine while Sara stood behind her and braided her hair. The two moved onto soft furs placed in front of the fireplace and continued drinking. A lot of drinking. Half way into a fifth bottle of wine and now quite drunk, it began with some light kissing and fondling of one another, which moved onto other areas and eventually led to tribbing heavily, all the while being warmed by the fire. They dropped from exhaustion in a sweat. Shortly thereafter, Sara sprang up, hugged Angelica tightly, kissed her and said, "By the Gods, I love you! I've never been with a woman before, but that was simply wonderful!" Angelica smiled bushing and both feel asleep embraced.

    The next morning, "Here. This was given to me a year or so ago, but I can't quite squeeze into it. You're a bit thinner than I, so maybe you can put it to good use" and handed Angie a shiny, dark purple outfit. "You're already beautiful, so you'll be quite seductive in this and it's good armor. At least it's better than what you've been wearing!" "WOW!", said Angelica. "Are you sure you want me to have this?  It's so pretty and the feathers and...   ...uhhh, what is this made of?"  "Umm, I think it's made from human skin. But don't let that bother you, you'll look fantastic!  I also have a spell I want to teach you that's not well known. It's called the Beam of Frost - It's powerful and will help protect you. I know you have to leave, but you must come back to me."  Angelica tried on the outfit and it was indeed snug, her breasts over-flowed the bra and she loved it. "I can't began to thank you for all your kindness Sara." "You just come back to me Honey." They hugged and Angie kissed Sara, then very slowly, lightly biting on her lower lip as she squeezed one of Sara's nipples...and walked out. Still tingling from the kiss, Sara sat staring at the door and smiled. For the first time, she was in love...
    You will need the Dwarven perk to create and temper the armor, which can be crafted at a forge with steel and leather. But for cheaters such as myself, I just use the  AddItemMenu  mod to get the armor right away.  The "HS" version file requires the  Heels Sound  mod by ApoKrytia for the "clicky" shoes. Be sure to have that already installed.  If you prefer not to use Heels Sound, select the "NoHS"  file.


    Simply install my mod using your favorite mod manager. Once doing so, start up BodySlide and select "C5Kev's Ageha Abyss Armor UUNP HS (or NoHS)" from the "Group Filter" drop-down. Check the "Build Morphs" box and click "Batch Build" to build your armor.  That's about it.
      Any problems or issues, just let me know...  

      CREDITS:   Armor: Major parts from the "Ageha Armor Collection" by Bunik, also from "Tera Succubus" by Harry2135 and "Mini Bikini" by Goma  
      Please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.  



  5. The Nordic Bombshell - CBBE HDT Body and Cosio Edition

    To be honest, I actually play SSE. But on my detour to Skyrim LE, I rediscovered the greatness of HDT body physics and wanted to test how the TNB body works with it. So I copied the original as best I could with the Bodyslide LE and ... here it is.

    In addition, photo sessions in GomaPero Land are just too much fun. This great mod allows each series of photos to be given a different theme or time ... I couldn't resist. Thanks also to Monique, who jumped out of my head especially for this presentation. 
    The TNB Excessive Body is now available for lovers of special opulence (see the last screenshots).
    Credits goes on:
    Ousnius and Caliente - CBBE
    Ousnius and Caliente - Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    HydrogensaysHDT - HDT Physics Extansions
    GomaPeroPero - GomaPero Land (Screenshots)
    GomaPeroPero - GomaPero Poses (Screenshots)
    GomaPeroPero - Mini Bikini (Screenshots)
    Have a good time



  6. DS Karla's Set HDT by DKnight13

    DS Karla's Set is added to Skyrim. Karla's set comes with her Coat, Pointed Hat, Trousers, Gloves, Torn Coat (Females only), and Torn Trousers (Females only). Karla's set can be crated at any forge under the leather category, no smithing perk required and can be tempered at any work bench. All Armor pieces have UUNP bodyslides and also comes with HDT physics on the hat and chest pieces. UUNP SMP Bodyslide for the torn coat. No weapons.  
    Add-Item Menu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905
    HDT Physics Extension: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
    XMPSE Maximum Skeletons Extended: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/
    HDT SMP Setup: 
    Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
    Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
    Bodyslide and Outfitstudio by Ousnius and Caliente: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015
    HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000
    All-in-one HDT Animated Pussy by @HeroedeLeyenda: Google it  
    HDT Skirt Bones and xml file by @Graviczapa Dark Souls armor sets and Witch Set: https://graviczapa.blogspot.com/2018/07/dark-souls-graviczapa-dark-souls.html 
    HDT bones and xml file by @Team TAL's Dark Souls/Blood Borne assets: https://www.patreon.com/takealook   
    Special Thanks:
    Special big thanks goes to @Freckledpeach (Witchy) for taking these incredible and amazing photos! 
    Witchy's Twitter account: https://twitter.com/WineWytch 



  7. [NINI] Bless 0022 HDT PE/SMP

    [NINI] Bless 0022 is back ported to Skyrim from Bless Online. The outfit comes with the full Bless 0022 Outfit, a modular version with a corset, and 2 options for the skirt to be either HDT-PE, or HDT-SMP. Use "Add-Item Menu" to get outfit or console command help "0022". The outfit comes with UUNP bodyslides for all outfit pieces. 

    Add-Item Menu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905
    HDT Physics Extension: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
    XMPSE Maximum Skeletons Extended: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/
    HDT SMP Setup: 
    SE Version: 
    Neowiz Bless Studio
    NINIrim - Outfit Rendition to Skyrim
    Sunjeong - SE SMP 
    WTF - UUNP Bodyslides



  8. [NINI] Fire Keeper Horny Back-port HDT PE/SMP

    [NINI] Fire Keeper Horny Set back-ported to Skyrim. The outfit includes NINI's original back-ported Fire Keeper set with Damage variants and now includes a Bikini/Horny variation. The Horny variation comes with Fire Keeper Breast Covers, Panties, Bracelets, Anklets, and Transparent Cloak. All armor piecescan be crafted and tempered at any forge. The outfit also comes with UUNP Bodyslide files with HDT PE/SMP variants.      
    Add-Item Menu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905
    HDT Physics Extension: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
    XMPSE Maximum Skeletons Extended: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/
    Bodyslide and Outfitstudio by Ousnius and Caliente: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015
    Fore's New Idle by Fore: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811
    HDT SMP Setup: 
    Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
    Bodyslide and Outfitstudio by Ousnius and Caliente: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015
    Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
    HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
    NINI's original Fire Keeper back-port: https://www.patreon.com/ninirim
    Horny Fire Keeper set originally done by Dangel_Deviliono: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/569



  9. Bikinifier

    This mod is unsupported now.
    Needs a new version of SLAX that has newly added keywords to help describe armor parts. Find it in the downloads section. Do not install Bikinifier without this version otherwise you'll break the links to these new keywords. This version of SLAX is a part of an upcoming update so should be fine to use now and update later when fully released. 
    This mod is very much a WIP. You may be required to clean save or new game between updates but I try my best to avoid this. 
    Can be configured to distributes TAWoBA bikinis to all female Npcs around Skyrim. It's also capable of distributing other custom bikinis (see Nordic Carved Bikini screenshot). Not only that but it can also distribute normal mod outfits. Can be used to create outfit variations - add TAWoBA iron boots and gloves to normal iron armors for example (See screenshots). Or just apply the different vanilla variations of merchant clothes or whatever to an Npc. Or add Remodeled Armors as potential alternatives to vanilla armors etc. You can also set Npcs to change their outfit every so often. Who wears the same thing all day every day? It's already pretty configurable. Sounds good right? What's the catch? The catch is that adding anything except TAWoBA requires you to do the work. I'm hoping maybe to compile a library of Json files for popular armor mods that people upload. 
    There's an inherent conflict with the leveled lists method Skyrim uses to give Npcs outfits. Most of us play as a female protagonist and so we download and install female armor mods. The problem is that leveled lists are not gender aware. This in itself is not a problem but combine it with the fact that very few armor modders create armors for both male and female and you'd have female armors spawning on male Npcs. At best they might appear as some vanilla armor on a male like leather armor etc but they'll still appear in their inventory as 'Bikini' etc. Bikinifier only adds the configured armors to female Npcs. 
    Feature List
    Distribute The Amazing World of Bikini Armors and up to 20 bikini style armors from other mods to Npcs on the fly in game.  Distribute regular mod armors to Npcs on the fly in game.  Create 'Outfit groups' and assign them to Npcs, factions or armors. Outfit groups are made up of 1 or more outfits and determine what an Npc will equip. Outfit groups attached to Npcs take first preference. Outfit groups attached to a faction an Npc is a member of take 2nd preference. And armor outfit groups take last preference. Outfit groups can be applied with precision or in broad strokes in this in this way. Outfit Option - Stockings. Adds a chance to equip stockings from a pool of stockings in addition to their selected outfit.  Distribute mod weapons to Npcs on the fly in game. Weapons will be assigned based on the 'WeapMaterial' keyword of the weapon they already have equipped. Npcs will change outfit/weapon every so often (configurable). Chance to add vanilla enchantments to weapons/armors. Supports all slots, not just body, hands, feet etc. Swaps enchantments from existing enchantments on Npcs weapons/armors.  Import enchantments from any enchantment mod via json to add to weapons/armors. Wintermyst supported out of the box.  Outfit studio to view and configure outfits. It's an in-game interface between you and the json files outfit system.   
    Ready Made Configs:
    Bikini Ascend - https://www.loverslab.com/topic/145011-bikinifier/?do=findComment&comment=3031291
    Sexlab Aroused Extended + the modified esm from the Bikinifier downloads section. 
    PapyrusUtil (latest version. Sexlab does NOT have the newest version) - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/484-papyrusutil/
    UI Extensions or EFF - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57046
    A tesedit patch. Don't know how to make one? See the section "TesEdit Merged Patch" in this post: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507
    Basic Setup
    If all you want is to add TAWoBAs to Npc then you:
    1. Install the mod. 
    2. Start the mod in game and wait. 
    3. Open the Mcm and 'Import armors' and wait for it to finish. 
    4. Create at least one 'Outfit Group'. Go to the groups menu and assign at least one TAWoBA outfits to a group. 
    5. Groups can be assigned to specific armors or 'Armor groups'.
    6. When an Npc is loaded that has an armor you have attached an outfit group to it has a chance (based on your settings) to be swapped out for one of the outfits you assigned to that outfit group. 
    Advanced Setup
    For custom bikinis:
    Have a look at the json files in '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\BikiniArmor\TAWoBA'. 
    You can use one of these as a template. Remove all the existing forms from the formlist section and add your own. Change the 'outfitnames' entry to what name it should appear as in game. Do not alter 'partslist' or change the order of items unless you know what you're doing. 
    'ArmorType' and 'ArmorTier' are currently unused. 
    When you're done, run your json file through a formatting checker like this: https://jsonlint.com/
    It is VERY easy to make a mistake in the Json file so be careful and check it before loading it. 
    Custom bikini jsons go in the 'Custom' subfolder. 
    Go into game and 'Import Armors' again. 
    For custom regular armors:
    Just use the in-game outfit studio to create outfits. Or if you still want to do it manually: 
    Take a look at the example json 'DX Outfits Example Outfit file.json'. This json adds 6 DeserterX outfits to the bikinifier. You can create a list of single, cohesive outfits (all armors from the same outfit) or mashups (mix and match armors that would be suitable to be mixed up). 
    Anything contained in the same 'Outfitx' will stay together. If the same 'OutfitX' contains different boots or body etc components then one will be chosen at random to be applied. One json file can contain as many outfits as you like (within reason) but I'd recommend separating them logically by file. The order of 'Outfitx' must match the order of 'outfitnames'. Eg: if the forms for 'Gwelda Vampire Outfit' is 'outfit2' then 'outfitnames' at index 2 must be named as such otherwise they'll be out of order in game and the wrong name will be associated with the wrong parts. 
    Special files:
    '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Stockings.json' contains a list of 'pool' stockings. You can set the chance for an outfit to receive stockings from the pool in the 'Outfit Explorer' menu. I recommend only adding stockings that end at or near the ankle. The reason being that very often the 'foot' section is designed specifically for a certain boot or shoe and will clip badly. This is especially true for stockings with a foot section designed to fit high heels.  '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Heels.json' this is the heels pool. '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Jewelry.json' this is the heels pool. '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Enchantments\' these are the custom mod enchantment lists. Wintermyst is included by default but you can add any enchantment mod by adding a config json to the subfolders and 'Import Enchantments' in game. '\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Bikinifier\Group Assignments\' Contains the group/outfit/form assignments. Internal use only. Unless you really know what your'e doing.   
    To get the best 'fit' for outfits an armor needs to be described sufficiently to Bikinifier. The new version of SLAX contains some keywords to help Bikinifier better understand an armor part and how they fit together. You can tag your armors with these to help: 
    1. SLA_ArmorPartTop - When an outfit comes in two halves and this is the top portion.
    2. SLA_ArmorPartBottom - When an outfit comes in two halves and this is the bottom portion.
    Bikinifier will pair any random top and bottom parts from the same outfit group to form a cohesive body armor on an Npc. 
    3. SLA_Stockings - This part is a lingerie stockings type part not to be confused with:
    4. SLA_HasLeggings - Anything tagged with this keyword will block the equipping of stockings by Bikinifier. Leggings aren't generally sexy and can be added to any part that would make the addition of stockings look bad. This usually can apply to boots that come all the way up the leg or armors that extend down the legs. 
    5. SLA_HasSleeves - Same as HasLeggings but for arms. As yet it is unused. 
    Weapon keywording of mod added weapons is very important. In particular the 'WeapMaterialType' keyword. Bikinifier uses this keyword to decide what vanilla weapons to swap for which mod added weapons. Weapons will be swapped like-for-like. If a weapon has daedric level damage and stats but has the WeapMaterialIron keyword then it will still be treated as an equivalent of an iron sword. So you can see keywording is important. Material keywords are arranged into 6 levels or tiers of quality roughly based around their smithing perk:
    Tier 0 - Iron, Wood
    Tier 1 - Steel, Silver, Imperial, Draugr
    Tier 2 - Dwarven, Elven, Falmer, DraugrHoned, Nordic
    Tier 3 - Orcish
    Tier 4 - Glass, Ebony, FalmerHoned
    Tier 5 - Daedric, Dragonbone, Stalhrim
    Getting Json Lines
    You've got a ton of armor mods and getting the Json lines is going to be a pain? Yes I understand. I've created a spreadsheet to try to help. You use TesEdit + Automation tools to output the relevant data and then dump it into the spreadsheet to create a filterable list of Json lines. The spreadsheet is a little rough right now but it's better than nothing. 
    Install TesEdit
    Install Automation Tools - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49373/
    Load your mods in TesEdit. Select all the armor records you want to export. Right click on them and 'Apply Script'. Select AT - Quick Display. 
    Tick 'Export as CSV' and press the '+' symbol once to add an extra line.
    Put in the boxes in this order:
    BOD2\First Person Flags
    BOD2\Armor Type
    Note that the lines above ARE case sensitive.
    Hit ok and TesEdit will begin spitting out the info. When it's finished open the folder \TesEdit\Edit Scripts\. Open Exported.csv in notepad++. Copy everything except the first row. Now open the spreadsheet and open 'sheet2' at the bottom. Click on the box A2 and paste the information. If the data all ends up in one column you need to select the column and click 'Data' > 'Text to columns' > Select 'Delimited > Next > Select only 'comma'> next > Click each column in the preview and change it's data type to 'text'. And hit ok. Everything should now be in separate columns. One last thing. Click on F2 and add the name of the mod eg: 'ArmorMod.esp' without the quotes and copy and paste it all the way to the bottom. 
    Finally, go back to 'sheet1' at the bottom and now you should see the sheet is now populated with data. Click 'Data' > 'Filter' and now you can search and filter the name or editor id for what you're looking for. The json line for the json files should be compiled in column C
    Still to be Done
    1. Save/Load settings
    4. Add shields as a possible swap out item. 
    7. Add missing vanilla DLC to armors list. 
    8. Maybe add a menu to create a log to flag items that need to be keyworded etc. 
    Known Issues
    Outfit Explorer does not display bikinis properly. 
    Requiem users! Load Bikinifier before Requiem.esp and rebuild your TesEdit patch and your Requiem patch. You'll HAVE to use a TesEdit patch to propagate both the changes from Requiem and Bikinifier and it's just good modding to use one anyway. 
    Bikinifier applies changes at the race level so it will conflict with any other mod that changes the same races. Load bikinifier before these other mods and create/rebuild your TesEdit patch. Don't know what a TesEdit patch is or how to make one? Read the section 'TesEdit Merged Patch' here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507



  10. C5Kev's Draugr Rags Armor UUNP

    * * *  Added Brown-ish Version  * * *
    Hello Folks!   One knows the day's not going well when the following happens: Unknowingly crossing a border into the Province of Skyrim only to get arrested; almost loosing one's head to the Imperials; you've only got a few Septims to your name; then trying dungeon-running to find anything you could sell, just to get gang-raped and robbed.  But that's exactly what happened to beautiful Angelica. Can't say I blame the bandits. Well, I certainly don't endorse rape, but she is a hottie and had always caught the eye of men ever since she was a young girl.

    After becoming conscience, there she was, naked as a Jay bird in a dark, unknown dungeon and panic started to set in. "By the Gods! What do I do? What do I do? ", she thought. Traumatized, disoriented and difficult to see, she felt her way around and turning a corner, she saw a lit torch that was attached to one of the walls. Finding the torch put her slightly at ease. While trying to find her way out, she noticed a wall section that seemed out of place...a slightly different color and texture than the others. Looking around, she discovered a cob-web covered handle that had been hidden behind a rock column. Pulling the handle, the odd wall moved slightly inward, then upward, exposing a hidden room. Inside was an undisturbed, fancier setting with a single, intricately carved sarcophagus housing what appeared to be a female Draugr. Angelica had seen a few Draugr before, but felt there was something special about this one given its' more opulent chamber. The Draugr wore a now ragged dress and foot wraps that were very old, deteriorated linen which she took to cover herself with. This chamber must have been created a very, very long time ago. Lastly, she'd noticed the Draugr had a simple collar around its neck that featured a tiny skull. Because it was so small, she wasn't sure if it was an actual miniature skull or perhaps just a carving. But strangely, she found it interesting and "cute", thus taking it as well.

    Putting on the foot wraps and tying them around her legs just above the knee, she then tried to slip into the ragged dress and was shocked that it fit her almost perfectly. She thought it odd as she had become quite busty by the age of 14 and always had trouble finding clothes that fit her correctly, so this left her perplexed. But she was now dressed and although feeling totally naked, it was better than nothing!  Finally, she smiled as she looked down at the tiny skull on the Draugr's collar, brought it up and fastened it around her neck. Almost instantly, a massive shock flashed through her entire nervous system, dropping her to the ground and she began to tense up. Her eyes fluttered wildly as they rolled backward and she grabbed her nipples tightly. Intense rhythmic muscular contractions repeatedly thrust her quivering mound of love pudding skyward - again and again and again and again - concluding in a never ending discharge that left her entire body tingling and her mind euphoric. She laid on the ground for what seamed a lifetime as she desperately gasped to catch her breathe. Thoroughly exhausted she thought, "Wheewww!!!  By Ysmir!!!   ...I think I'll hang onto that collar!"

    Exiting the dungeon, she began looking for a house or town for assistance. But twenty minutes into her walk, she saw a man emerge from the woods with a sword drawn. She was, for the most part, naked, had no weapon and thought, "Talos Nooo! Not Again!"  But strangely, when the hoodlum got within 25 feet, they both mysteriously burst into flames - the bandit fell to the ground screaming and burned profusely, while she was unharmed and her flames soon went out. Angelica knew a basic flame spell, but hadn't had an opportunity to deployed it - and those flames were much more intense. So what caused this? She could only assume it was somehow related to the ragged dress...or the collar...or perhaps both working in tandem, having been enchanted sometime in the ancient past. She didn't know how or why this magical flame worked and didn't even care. Angelica dropped to her knees and prayed to Talos, believing the Gods must not have abandoned her after all and was engulfed in a confident calm...ready to take on Skyrim.

    The moral of this story is never pull a blade on a naked women. They should be respected and revered. Otherwise, you can and probably will, get burned.
    This outfit can be crafted at a tanning rack with linen wraps, however the armored collar must be created at a forge and can be tempered with steel ingots.  For cheaters such as myself, I just use the   AddItemMenu  mod to get the armor right away.


    Simply install my mod using your favorite mod manager. Once doing so, start up BodySlide and select "C5Kev's Draugr Rags Armor UUNP" from the "Group Filter" drop-down. Check the "Build Morphs" box and click "Batch Build" to build your armor.  That's about it.
      Any problems or issues, just let me know...  

      CREDITS:   Clothes: "Draugr Rags Prison Replacer UNP" by tattooedillusions Collar: parts from "Mini Bikini" by Goma, Bethesda
      Please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.  



  11. Lords anims 10/2020

    Here are my free animations from my pack that are updated monthly when I release new  pack on patreon if you ask why become patron simply it gives me chance to do this full time if there would be enough of you increasing the number of animations I could do per month

    Sexlab Framework
    Sexlab Animation Loader
    More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition
    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users
    Requirements (optional):
    Sexlab UtilityPlus - warning it was reported it breaks some peoples games so dont use it if you font want to it makes the Werewolf + Wolf animation work but right now im not sure if its worth it
    SexLab MatchMaker
    FootIK OFF Spell
    1. Download and copy files from each individual folder you want into skyrim data, or use a mod manager to tick packs you want.
    2. Run FNIS
    3. Register animations in SLALs MCM menu
    Please for all questions and tech support go to my discord server here:
    Big thanks go to:

    Anubiss for teaching me how to make animations and providing rigs
    Billy for providing gifs and some advices
    Baka for making ABC




  12. Milk_Mod-BHUNP_body_slide

    Milk_Mod-BHUNP_body_slide, for Harness with ZAP slider for panty and collar off, Collar for NPCS, Head gear, and Multibreast 3bbb SMP phisics
    Made new textures
    The harness, has the tip of the breasts, pressed inside the suction cup!
    The multibreast slider, on the body slide  APP all the breasts scale together, increase in size, unfortunately in game, neither by the race menu nor by the mod, they scale (increase) together, only the main body's chest increases! I do not know the reason....so I deactivate the Breast scale in milk mod config when I use the multi breast so it doesn't look strange
    Last Pic is an example to this....
    Installation: let it replace everything
    All credits to the Creator of the original Milk mod Economy mod Ed86 - https://www.loverslab.com/profile/388097-ed86/ - 
    I have a Patreon with several free clothing mods, and on the nexus tbm Links: https://www.patreon.com/PredatorRJ - https://www.nexusmods.com/users/68400598?tab=user+files



  13. My Botox Files

    New files are up. Minor changes to a few named NPCs and all bandit,warlocks,witches,forsworn,and who ever else Im forgetting got face complexion improved were it was bad and had dirt removed from faces. New files are still text download, text takes you to MEGA,download from there and install into Mod Manager. Files come with Botox.esp now, users that have my files installed already or has Botox installed needs to overwrite when asked. Separate DL for the Chargen.esps available. Chargen.esp's are for users that want to go into ck to Botox patch other mods. Chargen.esp's should never active when playing in game,only for when your going into ck to regenerate head data with Botox looks. Botox esp should never be active in LO when in game neither. You want Botox's blank esp to be loaded low in low order, and you want mods that are npc replacer mods to be loaded below/after Botox so they can continue to work for you. 

    My Botox Files:
    ***Do not run my files with Botox.esp active,it needs to present,but not active. These files should not be used with CharGen.esp active. NO ESP ACTIVE with these files, some NPCs will not look right with CharGen active,Botox should not be active as well,only present/installed. I only use CharGen.esp's for patching. CharGen file fixes invisible npcs and hair rendering problem, but it conflicts with mods that have npcs with vanilla hair records.These files are for Non-CharGen users. 
    What do we get? I had three objectives with my Botox files, 1. Keep it esp free as mod was originally intended(Great for compatibility) 
                                                                                                    1. Add new/different hairs to Main NPCs(also cleaned dirty faces)
                                                                                                    2. Get rid of weird hair rendering nuisance. 
    These files are to be manually installed, if you do not use MO you should maybe backup your current Botox files or be prepared to reinstall Botox if you don't like my files and want to go back to using Botox w/ CharGen. Non-CharGen users should not be as concerned about backing up files.
    My solution for weird hair glitch is not without compromise.  The NPCs that were at risk of having weird hair glitch is almost entirely comprised of Bandits,Soldiers,Guards,basically any type of NPC you can think of that has generic name(warlock,witch,vigilant) On these NPCs, with this method, I could not patch all npcs with hair,hairline,extra HL. A few of those npcs if inspected real thoroughly you can find very small imperfections with few hairs. I made sure all 6 female guards and soldiers got hair without imperfections on account you might chat with them,opposed to put them down in combat.On my end I have to look hard to find minor imperfections that some hairs have without extra hairline, trade off is great being there are no weird hair glitches. 
    Optional Files Info   
    *Falskaar face data-    AlexanderJVelicky is the owner of Falskaar and presides over it's main files.
                                        This mod is not supported by AlexanderJVelicky in any way, shape or form,
                                        and is an independent mod with it's own responsibilities and faults.
                                        I am only loading up face data and for males some textures for new hairs. I did not touch/edit Falskaar.esm, only regenerated face data
                                        Falskaar is required, I left link just below, all credits for Falskaar go to AlexanderJVelicky 
    Credits: Botox for Skyrim              https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89635/
                 KS Hairdos Renewal         https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311/
                 Beyond Skyrim - Bruma   https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84946/   *only for optional file
                 OBIS                                 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/31264     *only for optional file
                 Falskaar                            https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37994/   *only for optional file
                 HG Hairdos                      
    New Botox is incoming over on Nexus. I except it to be very good mod,Read there will be improvements to the face morphs,specifically more variety. So I'm not going to update 5-6 npcs with shity hair selections on my end. I'm busy doing others stuffs to merit improving a mod that had little support
                                                                                         ****************** Botox Npc Replacer Mod *********************************
    Botox can be simplified by all users and can be used as a small npc replacer mod. Let's say you have all the NPC replacer mods out there, in game 9 out 10 named npcs have an esp in LO referencing those npcs and giving them good looks,thats nice. But what about the other 10% of named npcs that are vanilla ugly? Very simply idea solves this through Botox. Let's say you Download Botox from Nexus,manually.Open the archive on desktop.Go to meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegeom    for this exercise we are going to remove any folder that is not skyrim,hearthfire,dawnguard,dragonborn that is found with the headdata(nif/dds). Once those non vanilla folders are out,copy and paste remaining folders(Skyrim,HF,Dawnguard,Dragonborn) to folder on desktop. Now open skyrim,HF,Dawnguard,dragonborn folders in Botox mod and delete contents.
    Do the same on textures side. Now you have empty Botox,no head data in botox folders. Find the id# for any vanilla npc you want botox replacer(id# = name of nif/dds) And drag head data(nif/dds)from backup folders on desktop back into your botox folders. Get all the toons back into botox that you want and rearchieve and install.You can have a 10-20-50 botox npc replacer mod that is esp free and does not reference the npcs that are covered in it. If you use nexus version your probably only grabbing named npcs which should not give you any problems in game being invisible or with weird hair, that only happens on non placed npcs and most/nearly all of the named npcs are physically placed in game. 



  14. Milk Mod machines Chrome and bronze

    Milk Mod machines Chrome and bronze
    Basically black texture, with reflection mask, then black and chrome parts, a little bronze seemed plausible too, the intention was to give the machines a more industrial look.
    I had to add the nifs of the machines because I changed many settings on them, if not, they would be just the textures.
    Last Pic is whithout ENB, still good reflections!
    Installation: let it replace everything
    All credits to the Creator of the original Milk mod Economy mod Ed86 - https://www.loverslab.com/profile/388097-ed86/ - 
    I have a Patreon with several free clothing mods, and on the nexus tbm Links: https://www.patreon.com/PredatorRJ - https://www.nexusmods.com/users/68400598?tab=user+files



  15. Cum All the way through Mod

    Hi,Hentai domo-yo !
    i modified FunnyBuizness's  ''Cum In Mouth Addon'' located here : 
    In order to create an All The Way Through Cum Mod for ''All the way through / Cum through'' Fans like myself.
    i tried to do this 4 years ago but i hadn't unlocked enough of my brain potential to manage it back then, this content is the result of meditation.
    In order to use this you will have to install the aforementioned ''Cum in mouth addon'' and its perquisites/requirements.
    Install Steps :
    1-Install Cum in mouth addon + its requirements linked in the above post.
    2-choose a variation,i recommend the Ears Eyes Nose Mouth FINAL variation,but its just preference.
    3-replace the existing file with the same name , located in  ''mods\ZazAnimationPackV\Meshes\ZaZ-UltimateDataPack\ZaZ - Animated Equips\ZaZ Fuidity 2.0\02 Equipable Fluids'' for MOD ORGANIZER USERS or  if your not using mod managers  then   ''Data\\Meshes\ZaZ-UltimateDataPack\ZaZ - Animated Equips\ZaZ Fuidity 2.0\02 Equipable Fluids'' , with the file i provided.
    4-load a game and in the MCM/SKYUI menu for SexlabUtilOne set the EquipHelm effect to be activated with ANY sex type.
    -if this mod drops your fps during the effects being played out then use HiAlgoBOOST it saved me some 20fps.
    i will upload some gifs or video demonstrations of this later,just wanted to get it out ASAP for fans of the Genre.

    TESV 2020-09-05 20-11-45-79_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 20-03-03-11_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-49-44-57_x264_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-46-41-88_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-37-50-37_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-35-03-29_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-33-32-46_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-29-44-76_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-27-48-87_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 21-36-43-08_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 21-35-58-94_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 20-15-21-86_x264_001_VP8.webm



  16. Legendary Avatar: Korra outfits_LE

    Author Notes
    This is a first mod I made (for myself) as a fan of Avatar Korra, but fans asked me non-stop to share it with them.
    It took me long to reconvert it from custom files to xpmse unpb variant.
    It might be no lore friendly, but Skyrim northern environments kind of suits it

    A set of 2 outfits awaits you, with a sexy swimsuit bonus FX items like Fire, Water and Earth bend for photo shoots! Contains 4 wigs - season 1\2 + Jinora and Opal hair variants Contains a Chargen face preset file for Racemenu head import. Big background photo wall item [ in misc items tab ] for creation scenery, any 1024x512+ landscape textures can be assigned to it in NIF INSTALLATION
    Manual ~ Drop bsa archive and meshes folder to your Skyrim Data\ If you need to extract BSA archive ~ use BAE tool Uninstall~ delete bsa archive, delete the folder in meshes[textures]\romeozero\Avatar Korra HOW TO GET
    ~ AddItemMenu mod.~ console “help Korra” outfits are creatable or in vendor store
    there will be 2 effects "earthbendFX" and "Photo wall"
    in a "Misc" menu, they are droppable objects, for posing mods and making Screenshots
    XMPSE skeleton
    outfits can use CBBE\UNP textures
    but the swimsuit body mesh is unp\7b 
    Credits :
    variable folks for creativity and inspiration
    Michael Dante DiMartino Bryan Konietzko       Permissions:
    Loverslab exclusive content, do not modify\share to other sites, you must ask the author first,
     also,  hit "I love it baby " (thumb icon) if you love this content.



  17. LewdMarks

    This mod adds marks/tattoos on the lower belly area with womb/heart related shapes, they can be colored in SlaveTats/RaceMenu settings.
    Textures are in two options, normal and with the effect of "glow", created for the UUNP, BHUNP, CBBE, CBBE SE (all 4k).

    Marks/tattoos are taken from various manga and from other similar mods. They were all redrawn in SVG format for quality improvement.
    SVG files are also published, you can use them for any of your own mods.
    SlaveTats: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/619-slavetats/
    RaceMenu (LE): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624
    RaceMenu (SE): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19080
    Quickly with ModOrganizer/Nexus Mod Manager or select and copy the content into you Skyrim\Data folder
    This mod uses scripts to actively change the colors/glow of racemenu overlays based on conditions selected in the MCM. It has integration for SL and arousal can be used.

    RaceMenu Overlays for NPC/Followers:
    Use the "EFF Cosmetic Menu":
    NPC overlays are disabled by default with a warning that you probably shouldn't change it.
    You can find it under bPlayerOnly=1 in nioverride.ini (LE) / skee64.ini (SE) in your SKSE/Plugins folder and change it to bPlayerOnly=0.
    Underwater and transparent clothing:
    Tools: Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, ImageMagick, nvcompress, XnView MP, Mudbox
    Similar mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3546-slavetats_womb-for-unp-variants/



  18. Slaverun Device Comments - Standalone

    TL:DR; Enables sexualized NPC comments about devious devices and slavery.
    Slaverun Reloaded has a wonderful submod that enables NPCs to comment on the existence of devious devices and slavery in the game world. However this submod is dependent on the Sexlab Sexual Fame mod, and many of the comments won't work unless the Slaverun main quest is running. Therefore I decided to convert the Slaverun comments submod into a fully standalone mod so that it can be used on it's own.
    There's also a patch for the original Slaverun Comments mod that will provide all the features of my standalone version while still keeping the SLSF integration, in case you want to keep using the Sexlab Sexual Fame mod. This will require that you still use the original Slaverun Comments mod. With the patch plus SLSF you will still be able to have comments that reflect your characters Sexual Fame, this is lacking in the standalone. Standalone comments about your character reflect only what your character is wearing and if they are female, fame is not a factor.
    Since these comments were written to go alongside Slaverun, these comments are intense, misogynistic, hypersexual, degrading, dehumanizing, objectifying, vulgar, extreme and very over-the-top. They're great! If you are using these kind of mods like Sexlab Survival or slavery mods then this would be a good mod to accompany them.
    The comments take into account the following conditions when selecting dialogue lines-
    If the speaker/player is male/female.
    If the speaker/player is wearing lockable devious devices.
    If the speaker/player is wearing armor/clothes on the torso slot.
    If the speaker is wearing a gag that would prevent dialogue.
    If the speaker is wearing devious belts/plugs.
    If the speaker is a member of the zaz slave/slaver/master factions.
    If the speaker is a follower.

    Experiment with different conditions to see different types of comments being spoken.
    Comments are spoken whenever you open a dialogue window with NPCs, and also when you trigger greeting dialogue by walking close to NPCs. Won't happen 100% of the time, sometimes vanilla dialogue lines will still be spoken.
    The most important distinction is whether your character or NPCs are wearing devious devices, if your PC is then the comments will treat you as a slaveslut and you will see the most degrading and abusive comments. NPCs in devious devices will talk like slavesluts.
    Females are weak-minded and enthralled by their passions! No female has the strength of will to resist the psychological effects of wearing Devious Devices! Wearing devious devices will make female followers and NPCs much more submissive, lustful and slutty. Their inhibitions will drop and they will enjoy any attention, especially from more a dominant player character. Female followers immediately will begin talking like slavesluts if you put them in devious devices. If you want female followers to stay neutral or dominant then make sure they don't wear devious devices. If free followers catch your character in devious devices then they will treat YOU like a slaveslut, although they might be kind/merciful at times. Only followers, other slaves and free females can potentially be kind/merciful, everyone else will treat you like a piece of property! Slaver males will talk to you in an especially degrading way.
    Nudity is registered by whether there is armor/clothes on the torso slot of your character and NPCs. Other armor slots are not considered. NPCs/followers will respond to your nudity or comment on their own. If you are nude and bound expect to be treated like a juicy piece of meat. Other NPCs might admire your nudity, be jealous/envious, insult you, lust for you. If you are clothed and female then expect NPCs to tell you how they'd rather see you nude! Nude and bound followers will be happier than followers who are clothed and bound.
    Slaves, especially from the Hydra Slavegirls mods, now have a LOT to say and are extremely chatty. How they talk to you depends on whether they see you as a slave or not. They won't be deferential to other slaves, but might show kindness or offer words of encouragement. However some have internalized the misogyny of their Owners and will treat females as badly as their owners do. If you are free of devious devices then they will treat you with the respect that is due to a person of superior status. Slaves express lustful feelings very often, it is in their nature after all.
    The comments now won't be spoken by anyone wearing a devious gag. The original Slaverun Comments mod wasn't updated for DD 4.x keywords so NPCs would use the comments even when they were wearing DD gags.
    This mod works better if you have more NPCs wearing Devious Devices. I have made patches to assign Devious Devices to many NPCs from vanilla and mods, the link is in the spoiler below.
    If you are using my other patches for Non-Devious Devices items, then those items will be treated the same as their Devious Devices equivalent. just make sure to download the Non-Devious Devices version of this mod!
    There are three download options available. Use only one of them.
    "SRR Comments Standalone - Devious Devices"
    Use this option if you have the Devious Devices Assets mod installed and if you aren't using any of my other patches.
    "SRR Comments Standalone - Non-Devious Devices"
    This includes all the Devious Devices stuff in the other download, but it has extra stuff. You need to use this one instead if you are using some of my other patches so that the comments can register items from those other patches. Specifically, if you are using my patches from the modpage for "Devious Devices, Luxury Collection & Bikini Armors Patches for Vanilla and Various Mods", found here-
    Then you might be using one of my Luxury Collection or Non-Devious Devices masterlists. If you are using either of these, then you need to install the Non-Devious Devices version of this mod. The reason for this is that this mod needs the masterlists to be installed so it can detect if anyone is wearing the items and then enable comments for them.
    "SRR Comments Patch"
    Use this if want to keep using Sexlab Sexual Fame and the original Slaverun Comments mod. This isn't a standalone, it is a patch for the original Slaverun Comments. It adds the features from my standalone. It includes the new conditions for device comments to make NPCs more talkative. It also updates SRR Comments for the DD 4.x keywords so that NCPs won't use comments if they are wearing DD gags. This is an improvement on the original Slaverun Comments mod and I recommend that you use this at the very least.
    Currently this is only available for Devious Devices, not Non-Devious Devices. I will make a Non-DD verison if anyone requests.
    Recommended Mods-
    Sexlab Survival
    Hydra Slavegirls
    Player/follower slavery mods such as Paradise Halls Enhanced, or Sanguine's Debauchery
    My patches to distribute devious devices to NPCs, link is in the spoiler above.
    Credits to Kenjoka and pcha for their original work. I only converted the comments submod to be fully independent of SLSF and SRR.



  19. MilkySLAL - No more regular updates

    MilkySLAL will no longer receive regular updates and I will no longer be receiving pledges for 
    thanks for supporting MilkySLAL!
    click here for the latest public release!
    Human Animations:
    Cowgirl 1
    Cowgirl Missionary 1
    Doggy 1 
    Missionary Side 1 
    Standing 1 
    Reverse Cowgirl 1 
    Cunnilingus 1 
    Laying 1 
    Cowgirl 2 
    Lesbian 1 
    Doggy 2 
    Missionary 1 
    Lotus 1 
    Standing 2 
    Alchemy Bench 1 
    Wall Behind 1 
    Throne 1 
    Table 1 
    Threesome 1 
    Doggy 3 
    Missionary 2 
    Bench 1 
    Amazon 1 
    Throne 2 
    Futa 1 
    Bench 2 
    Missionary 3 
    Spooning 1 
    Threesome 3 
    Stool 1 
    Bed 1 
    Throne 3 
    Alchemy Bench 2 
    Cowgirl 4 new
    Lotus 2 new
    Bench 2 new
    Chair 2 Threesome new
    SSE Version
    click here
    Install like any other SLAL pack, Don't forget to run fnis!
    Squished Breast Reinstalling/Update your xp32 skeleton Use HDT version Feet Animation looks weird Use the FootIK Spell mod  
    Please PM for inquires 



  20. Sinistrera My Presets

    I am part of the Skyrim mod community  for several years, I always wanted to contribute but as I'm not a Programmer
    my options are limited, so I came to share something that I lose my time in the game... YES
    create characters!!, I’m just addicted to creating Chars in every RPG I play, I spend at least 2 hours creating and recreating
    Anyway, here are some of my creations one more random than the other.
    (English is not my first language sorry if i made a mistake)

    🔷All Pesets
    Kratos - Nord General Kratos - Redguard Kratos Ghost of Sparta - Orc Madness - Nord Shrek the Raper - Nord ("irony") Hentai King - Orc NightShadow - Khajiit Nemesis - Nord 🔷Mod Requirements - mods that I used to create this characters.
    RaceMenu  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624 The Witcher 3 Eyes  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79622  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 Ixum's Tattoos  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73605 Flamebringer Tattoos  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96745 Eyes of Aber  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59192 SAM — Shape Atlas for Men  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/10-sam-%E2%80%94-shape-atlas-for-men/ ⭐More Characters Soon.



  21. Devious Devices, Luxury Collection & Bikini Armors Patches for Vanilla and Various Mods

    Making too many NPCs wear DDs at the same time can cause script overload and result in bugs in your savegame. Read the following post for more information. You can use the Non-Devious Devices Patches instead to reduce your script load.
    Support for these patches has switched to Non-Devious Devices which will not run scripts. This will avoid the script overload problem. You can still download the older DD files from the download section, they are marked as 'Devious Devices Patches' rather than 'Non-Devious Devices Patches'. However, do so at your own risk. Too many DDs on NPCs may break your game.
    Normal Devious Devices will not be supported for future versions of these patches. Only Non-Devious Devices will be supported.
    Non-DD Patches now require universal masterlists to work correctly. Make sure to download the correct Non-DD masterlist files and install them. All masterlists are included in a single downloadable file in the download section, install whichever ones are required by my patches.
    Almost all of the Devious Devices patches have a Non-Devious Devices equivalent available for you to use instead. The only exception is the patch for Captives 1.1, which only affects a small number of follower NPCs.
    If you choose to use the Devious Devices patches, the responsibility is yours alone, because I can't predict or reccomend a safe limit of DD items in your game.
    This is a collection of patches mostly to add Devious Devices, Luxury Lingerie or Bikini Armors to the outfits of female NPCs from both vanilla and mods. I have used the plugin from 'Deviously Patched Hydra Slave Girls' by Gameplayer as a base, so original credit goes to him. Since Captured Dreams is no longer available Gameplayer's mod is obsolete now and I have made many extra patches, so I'm putting this on it's own page rather than posting in his thread.
    These are patches to distribute Devious Devices, lingerie items from the Luxury Collection for CBBE HDT Bodyslide, and the Bikini Armors from Amazing World of Bikini Armor. These patches will assign these items to female NPCs from vanilla and the also mods Hydra Slavegirls, Immersive Wenches, Slaverun, Captives, SD Cages, Simple Slavery Plus and 3DNPC.
    You can choose to use either the Devious Devices patches or the Luxury Lingerie Collection patches for any particular mod. You can't use different patches for the same mod. But you can mix and match different patches for different mods. I recommend using the Devious Devices patches for Hydra Slavegirls and SD Cages, and the Luxury Lingerie Collection patches for Slaverun and Immersive Wenches.
    These patches contain no scripts, only outfits and levelled lists.
    There is also an extra patch to assign the zaz slaver faction to selected vanilla NPCs. This will enhance the experience if you are using the mod Deviously Enslaved Continued.
    There are SSE versions of the Bikini World/Ascend patches available.
    This mod is incompatible with the Nexus mod Wet and Cold if you allow it to modify NPC outfits. Disable that feature if you want to use it with these patches.
    If you want to change the outfit worn by an NPC affected by these patches then I recommend you install Dress Up Lover's to handle it for you. To remove all DDs you can choose [empty outfit] for an NPC.
    Summary of Available Patches
    NOTE: All the Devious Devices patches also have Non-Devious Devices versions available. The Non-Devious Devices are the unscripted versions of Devious Devices, I recommend you use them to avoid script overloads.
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for Slaverun
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for Immersive Wenches
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for Hydra Slavegirls
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for SD Cages
    Devious Devices patch for Captives
    Devious Devices patch for vanilla female NPCs
    Zaz slaver faction patch for selected vanilla NPCs
    Zaz slaver faction patch for selected vanilla NPCs, modular version
    Bikini Armors for Vanilla NPCs (both LE and SE versions)
    Bikini Ascend Armors for Vanilla NPCs (both LE and SE versions)
    Merged patch for Bijin + Bikini Armors
    Bikini Armors for Deadly Wenches
    Bikinis and Devious Devices patch to add items to female NPCs from 3DNPC
    Simple Slavery Plus - Devious Devices Patch
    The available outfits sets in the Devious Devices patches are-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Chastity Bra and Belt (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours, also gold, steel and silver)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    Ponygirl (black ebonite only)
    Hobble Dress (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Pet Suit (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Breast Yoke (iron only)
    Chain Harness (iron only)
    Prisoner Cuffs (iron only)
    Rope Full Body Restraint (plain/red/black/white colours)
    Also slaves will be assigned boots, gags, gloves, collars, cuffs, plugs, piercings etc wherever appropriate.
    I have implemented as many item variants as possible for ebonite/leather/metal materials and red/white/black/gold/silver colours.
    The Luxury Lingerie Collection patches have the following sets of clothes-
    Amore Lace (2, black/white)
    Apathie:Illusions (5 mixed colours)
    Bodystockings (5, mostly black)
    Carlotta Bodystockings (16, mixed black or white)
    Hypnotic Lingerie (9, mixed black or white)
    Impacts:Lies Lingerie (5, mostly black)
    Laced Up Dresses/Gloves (7, mixed black or white)
    Leather Corset, Gloves, Stockings (17, mostly black)
    Leather Harness (2, black or white)
    I've haven't included all possible sets due to bodyslide and armor slots issues creating bugs during playtesting. I've only included the sets that were bug-free in my game.
    NPCs will receive gloves, stockings and footwear from Luxury Lingerie Collection where appropriate. I've tried to match colours within sets of outfits I have excluded items with colours that are difficult to colour-match with other items. I have also excluded colours that are too bright and gaudy. NPCs will also have a chance of receiving collars, cuffs, boots and gloves from Devious Devices.
    Note that with Luxury Lingerie Collection patches you won't get the more extreme outfits that are in the Devious Devices patches, such as ponygirls, hobble dresses, chastity, ropes, pet suits, yokes etc.
    The patches for Amazing World of Bikini Armor will distribute the following sets of armors to replace armors for vanilla females-
    Nord Plate
    The patches for Bikini Ascend will distribute the above bikini armors plus the following sets of armors-
    Thamor Robes
    Simple Slavery Plus - Devious Devices Patch
    This patch distributes devious devices to the slaves and makes cosmetic improvements to all NPCs. There are many non-cosmetic changes to improve the NPCs and make the SD+ owners more competent in combat and better-balanced as followers/companions/owners.
    There are two versions of this patch. Use only one. Both change all the faces of the SS+ NPCs. The one without 'Beauty' in the name makes all male and female NPCs use the faces from other vanilla NPCs, mostly warlocks and bandits. The one with 'Beauty' in the name differs in that it also makes all females use heads from the mod Immersive Wenches. The Beauty version is the prettier version.
    3DNPC Patch for Devious Devices and Bikinis
    Distributes both devious devices and bikini armors to female NPCs from 3DNPC. This conflicts with any beauty mods you may be suing for 3DNPC. Load this patch before any 3DNPC, and resolve conlicts with a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch.
    Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers
    This patch is only useful if you are using the mod Deviously Enslaved Continued. When an NPC is a member of the Zaz slaver faction it will be eligible for a higher risk of enslaving the player during DEC events. This patch will make the following NPCs join the Zaz Slaver faction-
    Bandits, alik'r, thalmor, warlocks, vampires, orc hunters, forsworn
    Orc chiefs and male orc followers
    Powerful/rich/noble females or males
    Male shopkeepers or tavernkeepers
    Senior guild members
    Court wizards, stewards
    Males who are creepy/sleazy to women (Mikael, Calixto, Talsgaar, Aerin, Sven, Faendal, Jzargo)
    Hireling followers
    Dominant female followers (Mjoll, Uthgerd, Aela, Frea, Serana, Annekke)
    The patches are based on USLEEP and includes its fixes. This will be conflicting with any other mod that edits vanilla NPCs, including your favourite beauty mods. So in order to ensure compatibility, load any version of this patches early in your load order before any other mods that edit vanilla NPCs. Use a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch to fix compatibility issues.
    This will also conflict with my patches for Bikini Armors for NPCs. You should load this patch BEFORE the bikini armor patches, then use merged/bashed/handmade patch to resolve the conflict.
    Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers- Modular
    This the same as the above patch, except that it only adds the slaver faction to selected groups of NPCs. You can use this to pick and choose who you do and do not want to be slavers.
    A note about the Enemies Only modular patch-
    Hostile NPCs cannot make a DEC approach to the PC for enslavement, unless they are calmed. This is only worth using if you use a combat defeat mod that calms enemies after you are defeated, such as Sexlab Defeat or Naked Dungeons. Otherwise you will never get a DEC approach to be enslaved by enemies, they will stay hostile and thus cannot make a DEC approach for enslavement. If you don't use Sexlab Defeat, Naked Dungeons or another mod with similar defeat functionality, then don't use this patch. The reason for using this patch is if you want no enslavement risks from neutral/friendly NPCs, but if you DO want an enslavement risk from enemies after you suffer a combat defeat.

    Adds slaver faction only to-
    Creepy Males
    Dominant Female Followers (Mjoll, Uthgerd, Aela, Frea, Serana, Annekke)
    Enemies Only
    Guild Members
    Non-Guild Mages
    Traders and Innkeepers
    Captives Devious Devices Patch
    This is for the mod Captives version 1.1 by Heroine of the Night. It will assign Devious Devices to the rescuable NPCs from that mod. They will receive a full bondage set when they are prisoners. After you rescue them and release them in a tavern they will receive a new bondage set that will not restrict their eyes, mouth, arms or genitals.
    Devious Devices for Vanilla NPCs
    163 vanilla female NPCs will now wear bondage as their everyday outfit. I have chosen low and middle ranking females for this who wear the following- farm clothes, barkeep clothes, blacksmith clothes. High ranking females, such as jarls, nobles and powerful women are exempt. Also exempt are sanctioned magic users such as court mages and members of the College. Criminals are not affected, they don't obey laws governing their dress code. This is designed as a companion to the Bikini Armors for NPCs, they don't touch the same NPCs.
    The patches are based on USLEEP and includes its fixes. This will be conflicting with any other mod that edits vanilla female NPCs, including your favourite beauty mods. So in order to ensure compatibility, load any version of this patches early in your load order before any other mods that edit vanilla NPCs. Use a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch to fix compatibility issues.
    Approrpriate females will only from among the following outfits-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    Note that I haven't yet made a Luxury Lingerie Collection version of this patch, but I will consider making one if requested.
    Sanguine's Debauchery Cages
    This has 2 versions of the patches. One assigns only Devious Devices, the other assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. Use only 1 version, not both.
    Since the slave NPCs must use bound poses as part of the mod features, I have not equipped them with restraints for their hands, eyes, mouth or genitals.
    Bikini Armors for NPCs
    Requires the mod The Amazing World of Bikini Armor.
    There is also an optional upgraded version of the patch to also include Bikini Ascend. The Ascend version also includes the patch for Amazing World of Bikini Armor so you can use the Bikini Ascend version alone. You DO NOT need to use both. There is also a variant to assign bikini armors to Immersive Wenches.
    Bikini Ascend has some compatibility issues with Devious Devices. You will have to open the DD MCM page and either disable the device hider or change the slots. Otherwise the bikini top/bottom and some other armor pieces won't all be able to equip all at the same time.
    There are 4 versions of the patches. All patches are standalone and do not require each other. The basic version of the patches will assign bikini armors to vanilla females who use armor. The Immersive Wenches patch does this too but also assigns bikini armors to some NPCs from Immersive Wenches. The patches are based on USLEEP and includes its fixes. They will all be conflicting with any other mod that edits vanilla female NPCs, including your favourite beauty mods. So in order to ensure compatibility, load any version of these patches early in your load order before any other mods that edit followers or bandits. Use a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch to fix compatibility issues.
    Remember to load this early in your load order and also to patch this! You WILL need to do this!
    The Immersive Wenches versions will have to be loaded AFTER any other Immersive Wenches patches to avoid compatibility issues.
    These patches will also be appropriate if you are using the bikini armor feature from Sexlab Survival.
    This will also conflict with my patch for Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers. You should load any bikini patches AFTER the Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers patch, then use merged/bashed/handmade patch to resolve the conflict.
    List of patch plugins-
    For both Bikini Ascend and Amazing World of Bikini Armor
    Bikini Ascend Armors for NPCs.esp
    For both Bikini Ascend and Amazing World of Bikini Armor and also Immersive Wenches
    Bikini Ascend Armors for NPCs - Plus Immersive Wenches Bodyguards.esp
    Only for Amazing World of Bikini Armor
    Bikini Armors for NPCs.esp
    Only for Amazing World of Bikini Armor and also Immersive Wenches
    Bikini Armors for NPCs - Plus Immersive Wenches Bodyguards.esp
    Bikinis for Bijin AIO by King-Crimson
    This is a replacer plugin for Bijin All-in-One found here- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40038?tab=files&file_id=1000239351&nmm=1
    This plugin will enable compatibility between Bijin AIO and the Bikini Armor patches. it will ensure all Bijin NPCs keep their appearance and also wear bikini armors.
    Hydra Slavegirls 8.27 by hydragorgon
    This has 4 versions of the patches. Two assigns only Devious Devices, the other two assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. The 2 patches with the word 'Beauty' in them will make hydra slavegirls use the facial appearances from the mod Immersive Wenches, so will require that file as a master. Use only 1 version at a time.
    As in Gameplayer's original mod, the patches will assign items to slave NPCs from the mod Hydra Slavegirls. They will receive the full range of outfits, and some of them will also have their hands, legs, mouth and/or eyes bound.
    In the both patches, many will have chastity and/or bondage items that limit their possible sex/movement animations and limit their ability to speak/fight.
    This will allow the travelling slaver NPCs in Hydra Slavegirls to become followers. I have also tweaked them to make them more usable as followers and given them random names using the TES name generator. This should allow them to become compatible with player slavery mods like Devious Followers. All NPCs are Protected and have unique names. The original Hydra Slavegirls mod is unlevelled, so these followers will start with high levels. They are often accompanied by their own slaves, some of which are capable of defending their Owner.
    Here is the list of plugins and their function-
    1). Adds Devious Devices to hydra slavegirls
    "Hydra Slavegirls Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    2). Adds Devious Devices and Luxury Lingerie Collection items to hydra slavegirls
    "Hydra Slavegirls Patch for Devious Devices & Luxury Lingerie Collection.esp"
    3). Adds Devious Devices to hydra slavegirls plus makes them use the visual appearances of wenches from the mod Immersive Wenches
    "Hydra Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    4). Adds Devious Devices and Luxury Lingerie Collection items to hydra slavegirls plus makes them use the visual appearances of wenches from the mod Immersive Wenches
    "Hydra Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Devious Devices & Luxury Lingerie Collection.esp"
    Slaverun Reloaded 3.0 Beta 1
    This has 2 versions of the patches. One assigns only Devious Devices, the other assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. Use only 1 version, not both.
    When the Enforcer from Slaverun runs, it strips all female NPCs naked when in town and leaves them with only boots/gloves but unfortunately it doesn't add Devious Devices. With this patch installed, rather than leaving them naked, instead the Slaverun Enforcer will put women into a full set of Devious Devices. If you want to put as many women in Skyrim as possible into Devious Devices, then this is the best option that I know of. This is MUCH better than just leaving them naked. The patch only changes 4 outfit sets from default Slaverun, and makes them use custom levelled lists to add the Devious Devices.
    To use it you need to go into the Slaverun Reloaded MCM. On the page for 'Slavery Settings' and under 'NPC Enslavement Options' you need to check the option for 'Free NPC Outfits'. The option for 'Free Women Outifts' should be set to any option except 'Naked' or 'Random'.
    In the Luxury Lingerie Collection, NPCs will receive the full range of outfits. In the Devious Devices patch, they will only receive from among the following outfits-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    NPCs affected by this patch will not have their hands or feet bound, and will not have their genitals blocked by chastity items during sex animations. They also won't wear gags and blindfolds. This is because these NPCs are supposed to still be able to do 'normal' things that NPCs can do, like speak and fight. Or whatever counts as normal for a Slaverun game, I guess. Slaverun Enforcer also needs free women to be able to participate in sex animations without restrictions.
    There is also a bug in the current version of Slaverun, it is incompatible with versions of Devious Devices after 4.1. You should also use the following patch to avoid compatibility issues with the latest versions of Devious Devices.
    Immersive Wenches 1.6.0
    This has 2 versions of the patches. One assigns only Devious Devices. the other assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. Use only 1 version, not both.
    These patches will assign items to all NPCs from the mod Immersive Wenches.
    In the Luxury Lingerie Collection, NPCs will receive the full range of outfits. In the Devious Devices patch, they will only receive from among the following outfits-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    NPCs affected by this patch will not have their hands or feet bound, and will not have their genitals blocked by chastity items during sex animations. Note that this may be unbalancing since many wenches travel on the roads and will not be as effective in combat since they will not have their original armour. They also won't wear gags and blindfolds. This is because these NPCs are supposed to still be able to work as wenches in inns and bars, and some of them will travel on the roads and need to be able to defend themselves.
    Luxury Lingerie Patches-
    I should specify that the 1.7fix version of luxury collection has all it's items count as armor. But if you check the last few pages of the mod thread over there you can find custom patches to turn all the items into clothing if that's what you would prefer. All are compatible with my patches. There's actually 3 versions of the luxury collection plugin available. There's the 1.7fix original found on the main mod download page. The other two patches are found here to turn all items into clothes rather than armors (and other things)-
    This mod is incompatible with the Nexus mod Wet and Cold if you allow it to modify NPC outfits.  Disable that feature if you want to use it with these patches.
    The problem is that Wet and Cold uses scripts to make outfit changes and when this happens to NPCS wearing randomized DDs this causes the number of active scripts to spiral out of control. It results in massive save bloat, lags the game and causes NPCs to wear multiple different DD outfits at the same time.
    I strongly recommend just completely deactivating Wet and Cold if you are using my DD patches.
    If you use Radiant Prostitution, NPCs can only start whoring scenes if they wear clothes with the JobWhore keyword. This keyword is only added to the tavern clothes by RP. I think you can use the RP MCM to add the keyword to any clothes but you'd have to do it for several items referenced by this mod. Alternatively, if anyone cares about keeping whoring scenes in RP, I could make another patch to add the keyword to Devious Devices.
    Some items take a while for the NPC to assume the correct animation. This affects everything that binds the hands and feet. Pet suits are especially badly effected.
    When NPCs reset their inventories (like after a cell reset) then sometimes not all worn items are removed from them. This can result in NPCs wearing mismatched items.
    Luxury Lingerie Collection seems to have buggy bodyslide files, so some outfits might not work properly for you. This is not a problem with the patches, but if you post in the mod thread I will try to help you.
    Here's a list of the latest files for you to use, so you don't forget lol.
    It's lists the download folder and the plugin inside that you should use.
    Captives 1.1 Devious Devices Patch 24_05_2020.7z
    "Captives Devious Devices Patch.esp"
    Devious Devices Patches for SD Cages 11_09_2020.7z
    "SD Cages Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    Devious Devices Patches for Hydra Slavegirls 05_10_2020.7z
    "Hydra Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    Devious Devices Patches for SimpleSlaveryPlus 11_09_2020.7z
    "SimpleSlaveryPlus - Devious Devices Beauty Patch.esp"
    Credit to Dreamweaver for Non-Devious Devices 1.1 which I converted into the Non-Devious Devices masterlist.
    Credit to hydragorgon for the original slavegirls mod.
    Credit to Gameplay for the original Devious Devices Hydra Slavegirls patch.
    Credit to Cleave, Grey Cloud and donttouchmethere for the screenshots.
    Credit to 4nk8r for the SSE versions of the patches.
    Bikinis for Bijin AIO by King-Crimson



  22. [BFA] BeeingFemale Addon for RSChildren

    This is a continuation of milzschnitte's RSChildren-addon, which adds RSChildren features to all the child-NPCs born via BeeingFemale.
    It adds support for all Child-races from RSChildren, being:
    - Breton
    - (Breton-)vampire
    - Imperial
    - Redguard
    - Nord
    and additionally since version 0.41:
    - Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves
    - Khajiit
    - Argonians
    - Orcs
    - more races
    - no neck seams
    - more variety in armor and clothing
    - custom faces
    - support for orcs, khajiit, argonians and elf races
    - works with "Armor and Clothing for Kids": -> http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56670
    Bugs / Known issues:
    - neck seams possible on male actors with some armors (restriction of vanilla mesh, see also -> http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56670)
    (technical) changes compared to the first version by milzschnitte:
    - BeeingFemale is needed for this mod to function:
    --> use v0.41 for BeeingFemale v2.7.2 and earlier
    --> use v0.42+ for BeeingFemale v2.8+ with the new AddonManager
    - from v0.41 on: "XPMSE Skeleton for RSChildren" -> http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62830
    It is needed for the argonian and khajiit children, because the original ranaline skeleton included in RSChildren doesn't have a tail-bone. Not having the tail-bone will result in tails sticking out 90°. I recommend the version with the "default head size" / smaller heads.
    - milzschnitte (for BeeingFemale and the original RS-AddOn)
    - Ranaline (for RSChildren)



  23. MF_RadiantProstitutionITA.rar

    Traduzione Italiana della mod Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo 4.1
    La traduzione comprende tutti i testi, le quest e i messaggi di campo
    Richiede obbligatorio
    Sexlab Framework 1.62V LE
    - Sexlab Aroused Redux BakaFactory version -
    Sono state aggiunte solo parole chiave aggiuntive che possono definire il tipo di abbigliamento che indossi. Niente di diverso.
    SLAX or
    Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version
    - Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h) LE Version
    - SLAL Aggressive motions LE
    - FNIS LE
    La traduzione funziona sia su una partita nuova che già avviata
    Copiare e incollare il file ESP nella directory Skyrim\Data
    (eseguire backup del file originale)
    Italian translation of the Radiant Prostitution / Gigolo mod 4.1
    The translation includes all texts, quests and field messages
    Requires mandatory
    Sexlab Framework 1.62V LE
    - Sexlab Aroused Redux BakaFactory version - 
    Only additional keywords have been added that can define the type of clothing you wear. Nothing different.
    SLAX or
    Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version
    - Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h) LE Version
    - SLAL Aggressive motions LE
    - FNIS LE
    The translation works on both a new and an already started game
    Copy and paste the ESP file into the Skyrim \ Data directory
    (backup original file)



  24. (CBBE, 3BBB, BHUNP AND UUNP COMPATIBLE) PAHE Compat Patch for Bodygen/Racemenu morphs

    Hey everyone. Recently the dear caretaker of pahe implemented a patch that """fixes""" the issue of pahe targets losing their NiOverride/racemenu morphs when enslaved. Couple things about that.
    1: That's my code, line for line. You can check my old submission from 2018 for proof; I originally asked CliftonJD to put it in pahe, but they refused due to it only being compatible with UUNP at the time. It feels a bit odd that I was not credited in the patch notes, given that it's my code. But whatever, I would let that go if not for the fact that...
    2: No attempt has been made to modify it for modern body standards, and it is entirely incompatible with CBBE morphs; both script files uploaded with that patch are only acting on UUNP morphs, despite what Clifton says about it working for CBBE and UUNP. It also does not include up-to-date BHUNP morphs, so the reality is this script really only works for UUNP. Which, to reiterate again, is because it's my code that I wrote in 2018 when I was still using UUNP. So either CliftonJD is so stupid that he thinks copypasting the same file twice and renaming one of them to "cbbemorphs" instead of "uunpmorphs" magically makes it compatible with that body, or he's deliberately lying to his audience about a feature that does not exist. Neither of these things inspire confidence, if true.
    So, today I decided to just make a universal file. This should work with CBBE, CBBE 3BBB, BHUNP, and UUNP. To use it, replace your old RPnodes.pex file in your pahe install.
    I do not use 3BBB, UUNP, or BHUNP anymore, so please let me know if you run into issues with those bodies! Everything should work but if it doesn't please tell me and I'll do my best to fix it.
    As one final note, CliftonJD does not have my permission to integrate this into the main pahe release. If that happens this will be taken down from the site.
    EDIT: pahe has now been updated to fix a problem with this patch that I forgot to include (oops!). I noticed it about an hour after submission and was working on a modified pahcore.pex (with some other fixes included) but that has been done for me with the latest update.
    As such, pahe lives on 7.4.1c beta or newer is MANDATORY for this mod to work. Full functionality is not guaranteed otherwise.



  25. SexLab PheromonesITA.rar

    Traduzione Italiana della mod SexLab Pheromones 1.3.3 November 30, 2018
    La traduzione comprende i testi dei libri, nome degli oggetti, e il tipo di Feromoni dai quali si è infettati
    Richiesta obbligatoria:
    Dawnguard DLC,
    HearthFires DLC,
    Dragonborn DLC,
    SexLab Aroused,
    Billyy SLAL Creature Packs 1 & 2,
    Leito SLAL Creature Pack,
    SexLab Aroused
    La traduzione funziona sia con partita nuova che già avviata
    Copiare e incollare il file ESP nella directory Skyrim\Data
    (eseguire backup del file originale)

    Italian translation of the SexLab Pheromones mod 1.3.3 November 30, 2018
    The translation includes the texts of the books, the name of the objects, and the type of pheromones with which one is infected
    Mandatory request:
    Dawnguard DLC, 
    HearthFires DLC,
    Dragonborn DLC, 
    SexLab Aroused, 
    Billyy SLAL Creature Packs 1 & 2, 
    Leito SLAL Creature Pack, 
    SexLab Aroused
    SexLab Pheromones 1.3.3

    The translation works with both a new and an already started game
    Copy and paste the ESP file into the Skyrim \ Data directory
    (backup original file)



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