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  1. Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016

    Skyrim SexLab (SSL) v1.62
    An adult animation framework  

    ----- Description --------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim SexLab, is intended to serve as a unifying resource for modders to pull animations from to aid them in development of adult themed mods, without having to going through the complex scripting work it takes by themselves. A modder is provided with a wealth of tools and functions they can call that will aid them in creating their own mod.
    As it is intended as a resource mod that other mods can pull from to use for adult animations. This mod does NOTHING by itself, and requires a separate mod to make use of the resources provided.
    ----- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------
    ----- Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) REQUIRES SKSE 1.7.3 OR NEWER
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS) REQUIRES FNIS 5.4.2 OR NEWER
    FNIS Creature Pack version 5.2 or newer is required only if you want creature animation support in SexLab, otherwise it is not required. If you get a warning in game about not having 5.2 installed despite having installed it. You have without exception, installed it incorrectly. You can either ignore the warning and keep using SexLab like normal if everything working anyway, or do the smart thing and figure out what's wrong with your FNIS install so the warning will leave you alone.
    If you dislike SkyUI for some reason, you can also install SkyUI-Away on top of it. It may work fine with older versions if you refuse to upgrade to 5.0 for whatever reason. You do so at your own risk.
    An actor skeleton mod such as XPMSE2 or XPMSE3

    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch OR the individual applicable patches Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire Unofficial Patch
    This is not a hard requirement and can be skipped, it has been known to fix some problems people have had related to SexLab however and there is little to no reason to not be using them anyway. If you choose to not use the Unofficial Patches for whatever reason, expect to be browbeat about not having them when posting your load order in the troubleshooting section.
    ----- Basic Installation Procedure ------------------------------------------

    After properly installing SKSE, SkyUI, and FNIS as listed above, follow these steps.
    Download the latest full framework pack & install it using your mod manager of choice (Mod Organizer highly preferred.) Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (very likely, if you don't you should. See: XPMSE2 or XPMSE3) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. DO NOT ignore any warnings or errors you see in the FNIS window. Activate the SexLab.esm file in your list of active mods. Load or start a new save game in Skyrim and navigate to the Mod Configuration menu titled "SexLab" Check that you meet the requirements on the left pane and then click the Install option in the top right. NOTE: Some of the checks you'll see there are only soft dependencies, or can be a false-negative. If the Install button is clickable for you, just go ahead and continue. [*]Close all menus and stand still until the install finishes, it can take a few minutes.

    ----- Basic Update Procedure -------------------------------------------------
    Download the latest full framework archive, if you are using a version older than 1.60, you will need the full archive, otherwise you will only need the update patch. Extract the updated framework/patch into your Skyrim's data folder, or if using Mod Organizer (like you should be) then merge the files ontop of an existing MO mod install for SexLab Framework. (optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) Disable ALL SexLab related mods except for SexLab.esm and any that are absolutely required or disabling will mean losing progress on in some way. Navigate to your Skyrim's data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe utility. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (if you dont, you should) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. Load your save game and you should see a notification that SexLab is updating and/or installing, it will then go through the update process. If you were using a version of SexLab such as 1.59c or older, you will not get this notification and will instead need to go into the SexLab MCM and click the Install button. [*]Wait 1-2 minutes, until you see a notification that says SexLab has finished updating and/or installing [*]Wait another 30 seconds or so and then perform a quick test animation either via the SexLab MatchMaker mod or by starting one via the animation editor. [*]Assuming the test animation was successful, save your game with the update now fully applied, you should see the appropriate version number listed on the last page of the SexLab MCM. [*](optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) if you followed step 3, you should now reinstall all the SexLab mods you disabled, ensuring you are using the latest version of each. For best results reinstall them one at a time and make sure they are functional with the new version of SexLab before reinstalling the next one.

    ----- Creature Use Instructions -----------------------------------------

    If you want to use creature animations, you will need to follow some extra installation instructions.
    Install the latest FNIS and the latest FNIS Creature Pack if you have not yet, both of which are available on the FNIS Download page Run GenerateFNISforUsers and click the big "Update FNIS Behavior" button. After it finishes patching, you should see 2 lines, "Create Creature Behaviors ..." and BELOW that "Reading SexLabCreature ..." Load your Skyrim save Navigate to the SexLab Mod Configuration menu and go to the first available settings page, "Animation Settings" Check the box for "Allow Creature Animation" so that it is in a toggled on state (the box is filled instead of empty) You will need to install mod that lets you start animations with creatures, as SexLab Framework does not start any animations by itself. SexLab MatchMaker works with creatures, and is the more straight forward of means to start creature animations. For others, look through the download page for SexLab mods with creature support
    ----- Suggestions -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Since SexLab is largely a sex animation mod, you will likely want nude male and female bodies.
    While the mod does come with a nudesuit option to use in place of installing actual nude body mods, that remains an imperfect solution and is provided only for the sake of completeness. It's use is actually strongly discouraged. I would remove the feature entirely if I didn't know a handful of people who throw a fit.
    There are many body mods to choose from, personally I use and suggest UUNP / CBBE Bodyslide and Schlongs of Skyrim Default/Average for males. If for some weird reason you absolutely refuse to use a real body replacer and insist on using the horrible nudesuits option instead, you can enable the option in SexLab's MCM settings and then install the default meshes and textures for it here: SexLab Default NudeSuit
    SexLab is a very script heavy mod, if you come across an issue in-game related directly to SexLab, the very first place you should look is unquestionably the Papyrus debug log, with just the tiniest amount of modding know how you should be able to track down the culprit from just glancing over the log, if you can't decipher it than it should be unquestionably the first thing you are posting in a request for help.
    A BBP enabled skeleton is also useful, as many of the animations include BBP support, though it is optional it is STRONGLY recommended. I'd suggest XPMSE2 or XPMSE3
    There is support for other strapons for females to use, but you will need to download and install them separately and run the "Rebuild Strapon List" option from the menu's Rebuild page if you install or remove any after loading the mod. The supported strapon mods are aeonflux88's strapon, Horker Tusk, Futa Equippable, Cozy & Rebels Equippable TG, & SOS Equipable Schlong
    If you want First Person animations, I highly recommend using the Immersive First Person View mod by h38fh2mf
    Stop using Nexus Mod Manager or no manager at all and start using Mod Organizer.
    In the likely event that you run more than just a handful of different mods, install and run LOOT when installing and updating mods.
    ----- Uninstalling ----------------------------------------------------------------
    To cleanly uninstall the mod, perform the following steps.
    With your current installation, go into MCM and select the "Rebuild & Clean" page. Click on the row that says "Clean System" You will be prompted to close all your current menus, do so. After closing your menus and being told the system clean is complete, save your game. Perform the uninstall procedure for any 3rd party SexLab mods you have installed. Quit the game. Disable SexLab.esm and any SexLab mods you have enabled in your load order
    ----- Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------

    More detailed changelog at http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/commits/master
    User Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Increased install limit of animations to 500 (up from 375) Added option to entirely remove any use of scaling applied to actors anywhere in the sexlab. May cause or fix some graphical glitches for some people or prevent the occasional scaling related CTD. [*]Holding Shift+End while outside of a sexlab animation will now forcibly end all active sexlab animations being done by NPCs.
    Functionally the same as opening the SexLab MCM and clicking the debug option to stop all scenes, but with the bonus of not having to navigate through the MCM to do it. [*]Added an enable toggle to the animation editor in the MCM
    The animation editor in the MCM will default to showing the currently playing animation for player Makes it easier to disable an animation you don't like without having to find what it's name is and hunt it down in the MCM. [*]Added a count of how many character animations, creature animations, voices, and expressions sexlab has registered so far.
    In the MCM debug/rebuild page. Lets you see how close you are to approaching the limit of 500. [*]Added Dragonborn and Dawnguard beds to sexlabs list of automatically detected beds when starting an animation. [*]When setting the player or NPC's voice setting in the MCM, any currently playing animations involving them will automatically update to use their newly set voice.
    Makes it much easier to test/sample various voices and find one you like. [*]The name of the animation being played is now only sent to your notifications if you have debug mode enabled. It is otherwise only shown in your console. [*]Creatures and Characters can no longer have the other's voice applies to them. Werewolves can only use the werewolf voice type if they are currently a werewolf. [*]SexLab no longer checks for a creature pack install, since they are no longer separate downloads. [*]Various other major and minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Mod Creator Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Added a method of registering animations via JSON files (similar to SLAL) See /SKSE/Plugins/SexLab/Animations for details A tool to generate the JSON files based of an animator's hkx files was originally planned, unsure if I'll get to it now or not though. [*]Added functions for adding custom bed forms to sexlabs bed list, including defining custom offsets to use for aligning to that bed and/or defining whether or not it's a bedroll, double, or single bed.
    Intended for beds in name, but could easily be used for helping define animation alignment for furniture other than beds as well. [*]Added modevent "SexLabActorGenderChange(form actorform, int gender)" that gets sent whenever an actor has their gender/futa-ness overridden or override/futa-ness removed. [*]Added some requested config property accessors to the main API script related to creatures. [*]Fixed some bugs related to making an actor silent during a scene.

    FIXED: Animation starting a few feet floating in the air. FIXED: Actors "jittering" during animation FIXED: Player being stuck while trying to move the scene FIXED: Free camera being disabled when changing animations during the 1st stage NEW: Export/Import settings now also includes your customizations in the Strip Editor.
    NEW: Toggle to enable actors walking to the location of the scene instead of instantly teleport NEW: Support for creature voices + some default creature voices for the basic creature types NEW: The cum texture from animation can now double up on a single location. If a character already has the vaginal cum texture applied, the 2nd time it's applied it'll apply a messier more cum filled version NEW: A toggle option to set whether or not newly encountered NPC's will have their sex stats seeded or initialized as empty NEW: Can now set your targeted actor's forced gender from the SexLab MCM as well NEW: When swapping between actors to adjust the location for in an animation, the newly selected one will glow briefly to indicate which you now have selected NEW: Option to fully disable the use bed prompt / disable only when player is victim / always ask NEW: Frostfall 3.0 support, exposure will automatically pause during animation so you don't freeze to death. NEW: Added support for NiOverride High Heels under the same toggle that previously handled only HDT High Heels. ALTERED: AP animations are now disabled by default ALTERED: Creature animations are no longer a separate pack, because I'm tired of dealing with people who can't figure it out API: Further documentation and guides added to SexLabFramework.psc for modders API: Lots of new API additions for modders, most of which were requested by various modders at some point. Sorry if I forgot the one you requested - remind me again FIXED: Aggressive scenes wrongly getting non-aggressive animations or not being tagged as aggressive internally FIXED: Poor default positioning for various animations when played on a bed FIXED: Lip Sync has been heavily altered and is now more compatible with expressions FIXED: Various other bugs users have reported that I can't fully remember right now FIXED: Orgasm triggering instantly when scene starts and separate orgasms are enabled FIXED: Various issues related to async animations not starting properly, with some actors not playing their animation while others do FIXED: Lots of other stuff
    v1.60.2 hotfix 2:
    Added back in a copy of MfgConsoleFunc and reverted expression functions to use them instead of SKSE's native functions. Added a message in the MCM strip options to inform you what item you currently have equipped in a slot when you hover it Added a message in the MCM strip editor to inform you what slot masks an item uses when you hover over it. Raised the number of possible animations in a single scene from 100 to 125 Fixed an issue with character scale not being reset properly at the start of and during animation. Fixed an issue with weapons getting re-equipped in the wrong hand after animation. Fixed an issue with orgasm effects not triggering properly under certain conditions. Fixed an issue that caused items flagged in the strip editor as always/never strip to not be treated property during stripping. Fixed an issue with PapyrusUtil 3.0 that sometimes caused CTD during save load Fixed a bug with aggressive animation selection (thanks to user Random of Amber) Expanded the install fatal error to be more clear and provide some suggestions. Some misc performance improvements throughout the MCM and animation startup.
    v1.60.1 hotfix 1:
    Set actor storage preloading to no longer hold up the install process, and only occur once Added a check for if sexlab's files/quest have been overridden and prevent attempts to install with an error message Added a new schlong adjusting hotkey. Defaults to the 'C' key.
    The SKSE requirement has been bumped up to 1.7.3 beta (or newer if available by the time you're reading this) is now required. The FNIS requirement has been bumped up to 5.5 or newer On new or old installs, you must now manually start SexLab's install process from the SexLab MCM install page. If you wish to use creature animations, the creature animations are now in a separate archive and is no longer included by default. If you for some crazy reason insist on using the nudesuit's option, the meshes and textures for it have also been removed from the default archive. You can find a link to these meshes and textures in the main post, or by clicking here Animation, creature animation, voices, and expressions are all now capable of registering up to 350 unique items each - can be easily expanding in the future if we ever bump up against the limit again. 14+ new animations by various authors such as Leito, 4uDIK, 3jiou, Mitos, & Arrok. These are animations previous in the NSAP pack, more to be carried over to the default pack in future updates. New item strip editor in MCM. Select items you or a target actor have in their inventory that should always or never be stripped at the start of a scene, regardless of other strip settings. Creature animation scan now have specific genders defined for their creature roles. By default all genders are considered the same gender, this can be toggled via the new creature gender option in the MCM. The player and NPCs can now optionally have separate, multiple, orgasms as their enjoyment stat builds up over the course of an animation. This is an optional effect enabled in addition to the traditional orgasm effect on the last stage of animation that has been in previous versions. A new animation setting option in the MCM to forcibly filter out non gay or lesbian animations in a scene when appropriate. So for example, 2 females in a scene will generally not play a regular animation with strapon if other animations are available to them. Can toggle the players override gender directly from the SexLab animation settings MCM page, so players can easily set them selves as transgender, with "female" player characters being treated as "male" in the eyes of SexLab, or vice versa. You can now toggle the default behavior of the adjustment hotkeys between adjusting all stages (default) or only the currently stage being played. Whichever you set it to will flip the modifier ctrl modifier hotkey to perform the opposite when held in combination. When targeting an actor and viewing their stats in the SexLab Diary/Journal, you can press the reset stats button once to complete zero all their skills, and then when pressed a second time while all stats are still zero in order to re-seed their starting stats. A new "limited strip" option (disabled by default) that will cause the actors in a scene to default to using the foreplay/limited strip options you have set, if ALL animations in the scene being played consist of only oral and foreplay animations. HDT Hight Heel effects detected and disabled after character strip to remove the height offset. Automatically enabled if you have HDT HighHeels installed, but can be turned off in the MCM if you prefer actors to keep their height offset during SexLab animation. Pressing the Realign actors hotkey is now more forceful, making all actors completely reset their animation, re-calculate their positions, and start the current stage's timer over from the start. Holding down the rotate scene hotkey will now continually rotate the actors until let go, just as the other adjustment hotkeys have done for a few versions now. Much improved (in my experience) syncing between separate actor animations. Many, many bug fixes and performance improvements than I could possibly remember or even attempt to name. TONS of things not listed here intended for modders to do new things with, will be more clear once the updated API documentation is released.  

    ----- Modder's Guide -------------------------------------------------------------
    A modders guide to using the API can be partially found in scripts/sources/SexLabFramework.psc as well as here: http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/wikis/home
    WARNING: The API docs are currently fairly outdated in some spots for v1.60. It should be fine in most spots, but if you have any questions feel free to private message me or ask somewhere else and I'll answer soon as I'm able. Updating them is my top priority right now.
    If you are a mod developer looking to develop a mod using SexLab, feel free to contact me via private message and I will do everything I can to help you along and if possible upgrade the framework to fit your needs.
    ----- Future Plans ----------------------------------------------------------------
    See dedicated development thread
    ----- Credits -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Scripting & Project Owner:
    SKSE Plugin:
    kapaer - Mfg Console
    Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
    Arrok - BBP Animations
    JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
    Athstai - Dark Investigations
    3jiou - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38317-3js-animations/
    Mitos - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/42217-mitos-animation-shop/
    Leito86 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39465-animations-by-leito-12915-new-animations/
    4uDIK - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38934-аnimations-for-sexlab/
    FalloutBoy2 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39160-animation-complete/
    Lovers with PK
    Calyp - Strapon
    oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
    4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
    Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
    Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
    aravis7 - French
    CGi - German
    mswind - Chinese
    anonymous - Japanese
    fedim - Russian
    sh1ny - Russian
    holtof55 - Russian
    Huili - Russian
    RockMic - Italian
    NOTE: If you have an updated translation file or would like to translate or update one of the existing translations; send it to me or let me know if you have any questions about how.
    ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must ask my permission before distributing this base framework on any site other than LoversLab.com
    The animations themselves belong to the individual modders who made them, I am using them solely by their permission and/or stated open use policy. If you wish to repurpose them else where it is there permission you need and not mine.
    Unless you are contributing to the Git repository development branch, you are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
    If you wish to translate the framework into another language, go right ahead, no need to ask. If you need it, I will provide you with as much support as I can to assist you with the translation process. Afterwards if you want to send me the translated file and I will package it with the releases, or you are free to release the translation file, and the translation file alone, however you wish.
    ----- Contacting Me --------------------------------------------------------------
    I will provide direct support to people via email and private message ONLY if you are a modder using the framework in your mod. People seeking support for using the mod contacting me this way will be, without hesitation, completely ignored. If you need support for the framework, use the thread or support section, I will answer such questions there and only there.



  2. Paradise Halls Enhanced (pahe) repacked with the customary addons

    This mod is for oldrim classic skyrim, see here for sse version:
    this is both an expansion on and bug fix for paradise halls 7.3 by layam with his full endorsement, original mod (paradise halls version 7.4 included):
    based on the work of blabla from paradise halls sexlab extension - original thread here:

    7.5.1 includes the required paradise halls files needed to run(do not mix with another paradise halls!!!)
    clean save no longer required to upgrade old saves (aside from "friendly bandits bug")
    slave camps and addons are now separate - choose those from the download page
    7.0 new users will not need to restart to fix those dialog issues - only need clean start from 7 to 7.1.1 to fix the friendly bandits bugs
    7.1.1 upgrading to 7.1.2 should be instant for dialog, but behavioral changes might require a reboot from the mcm (or unknown if requires new game for behavior changes)
    SexLab V1.61+ and its requirements: SKSE (V1.7.3) SkyUI Zaz animation pack V6.11(version 7 will also work and version 8 should work) basic install pack only has the above mod requirements and the requirements of those mods and fnis must be run after install the lakeview manor cell requires hearthfires tdf patch requires tdf prostitution mod alt start addon requires arthmoor's alt start devious devices addon removed(further info below) Pahe_Dwarven_Devious_suits requires Devious Devices expansion4.3 or DD5 Run FNIS after installation! ALL requirements for the above mods must also be installed full install requires all above requirements and the included Pahe_Dwarven_Devious_suits requires Devious Devices expansion 4.3 creature framework conflict appears to be removed from 7.x versions
    Mods based on Paradise Halls
    Paradise halls has been built to be a platform for other modders to build their own content for.

    Be careful : some mods developped as add-ons for previous versions of PAH won't be compatible with last version or future versions. To make them compatible ask the modder of the add-on, no answer will be done here on the subject, if a mod is based on an .esm (Skyrim, DLCs or another mod) and is not upgraded when the base .esm change, it's a dead mod.
    Currently Compatible with version7.4.1:
    home sweet home
    aygas(and you get a slave)
    these mods should be compatible, but don't seem to do anything paradise halls related anymore...and seem to be abandoned(so not likely
    to be fixed anytime soon):

    Paradise Halls - Slavers Hideout Add-On by Emotika: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/33462
    Paradise Halls - Family Feud by OmegaIsraelTerri: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/32865

    These mods are not yet compatible with version 0.7. Using them will result in extreme weirdness (not the good sort).
    Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31907
    Dres Trade by RET45: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30297

    These mods are obsolete, won't be updated and should not be used in current or future releases:
    Paradise Halls Extender - Slave Capture Spells and Poisons by Mutifex: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31307
    Immersive sex slaves - Animatied Prostitution patch for Paradise Halls by Mutifex: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31160

    chinese translation seems a bit old, but recent french translation is available
    What you can do now:
    * Enslave people
    * Train them as slaves
    * Train them to be respectful
    * Train them to fight for you
     fuck your slaves as punishment or for your own pleasure adequately fucked slaves can also be turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod sufficiently submissive slaves may also be into turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod * Slaves can be given equipment to wear
    * Slaves can be leashed up to stop them running off (which they'll try to)
    also advanced leash options available in mcm to allow the slave to continue following the player for training similar to the old leash, the slaves can now also be restrained ropes are not inescapable, but the iron cuffs can be made at the forge for a much sturdier restraint restrained slaves also receive pose training * Slaves have a separate backpack for carrying stuff you don't want them to wear
    * All slave dialogue Most slave dialogues re-use existing dialogue, so no matter the voice type of the person enslaved, you will hear them talk
    unique follower voices and dlc content can be silent as well as the added sex dialogues, recommend fuz-ro-doh many newer voice types added to the list of voices for the slave so its not always even toned * You have a whip (it even leaves whip-marks)
    Sell slaves to Master Jerrek in the Fellglow Slave Camp
    camp differences info of the update versus the original version from layam:
    alternate start is also compatible here, in fact i recommend it to allow your mods to start cleaner devious devices patch functions have been integrated into the scripts adding more collar variants as leash collars and when chosen with advanced leash collar option from mcm this mean its easier to manage multiple slaves 128 slaves instead of 15 Easier enslavement (see changelog "Initial Release") MCM Simple jail expansion for HF Falkreath enslave cancel button for canceling the enslavement process before its started(useful if dialog was attempted, especially useful for eff users) teleport debug to teleport a lost or stuck slave to the player from anywhere on the map via the mcm release dialogs added as well as additional release option from mcm  
    What you can't do
    * Enslave anything which isn't a playable race
    some creature exclusions are now available and further will be added at my discretion * Enslave any 'important' npcs.
    well no, actually you can, But i wouldn't advise it if you plan to complete the quest that npc is associated with...it just might fail to complete the quest random additional note, some quest npc's tend to have disappearing acts removing them from the game at certain quest stages that may effect your slave if you choose to enslave that npc * Enslave any 'scripted' npcs.
    easiest or most common example for this is scripted follower addon mods, but sometimes even the follower framework used is enough to interfere enslaving scripted npc's often leads to breaking something and i can't guarantee what will happen afterwords  
    escape rules and prevention:
    first if they're above submission setting, wearables won't matter next if they're below the setting, but wearing a leash collar, submision won't matter devious collar will also behave as leash collars and dwarven devious suits will also act as devious collars "with benefits" and most devious devices that prevent running will also prevent a slave from running and thus also prevent them from escape if they're below the setting with a basic collar, but wearing zbf shackles, additional rules apply for escape chances based on the shackle type if it activates the tied state or if the update gametime event activates the tied state  
    using the dialog "I'm going to make sure you stay here." will use the zbf cuffs or shackles from inventory to activate the "tied state" ropes are the easiest to escape from and either color iron cuffs are the hardest with everything else in between iron cuffs are either impossible to escape from or nearly so, haven't had an escape from those since they were added to the system ropes are given freely using the dialog options, but have an escape chance high enough you can reach about 100 yards or so on average before the slave is running or standing there ready to run leather cuffs craftable at the tanning rack. iron cuffs craftable at the forge  
    Go to Whiterun, check in Farengar's study. You'll find he's taken on an 'interesting' hobby.

    To enslave someone, simply (actually it's not that easy) attack them until they're nearly dead and go down on one knee, then activate them when they're down. You don't need any specific tools, but you'll find them really hard to keep hold of without the slave collars found on Farengar's desk.

    Remember that 'important' NPC's cannot be enslaved. Important NPC's are the NPC's which can't be killed normally. When they reach 0 health they go down on one knee in a bleedout state for a while and then heal up and come back at you.
    hmm, not so sure if that's true or not
    Slave collars and whips can both be created at the forge - Collars under Jewelry and whips under Misc.
    cuffs can also be made to restrain your slaves, iron being the most difficult to escape  
    To sell slaves, go to the Fellglow Slave Camp, near Fellglow Keep. additional options for selling slaves thru these outside mods:
    home sweet home
    aygas(and you get a slave)
    This mod requires SKSE Some users have reported that some SKSE functions do not work when using skyrim 4G. Skyrim 4G isn't needed anymore anyway so might as well simply not use it. paradise_halls.esm AND paradise_halls_SLExtension.esp .....MUST be added to the game at the same time

    Use NMM or unpack into data folder. (mod organizer and vortex seem to work better than nmm)

    Your load order should be as follows:

    ... other Bethesda DLCs
    ... other stuff

    Important for U.F.O Users (not aft users or eff users)(thanks etaineleanor):
    >correct loadorder:

    Other stuff
    finally U.F.O.
    You can't really clean an existing save in the same way you could with previous Best games. Scripts are actually saved in a save game file and so may continue running even if the script file no longer exists. SKSE has a feature to clean up dirty scripts but it needs to be enabled in an ini file. I strongly recommend editing / creating a "skyrim/data/skse/skse.ini" to include this:
    Longer lasting whip-marks
    Some people have asked to have the duration of whip-marks increased. This isn't possible with the CK, however there is am ini tweak you can do. Find and open your skyrim.ini, under [Display] add this line:

    That will increase the lifetime for ALL decals in the game which you may or may not want.
    final trouble shooting methods when all else fails:
    This doesn't really touch any existing forms, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem. I haven't done any compatability testing yet, so I can't really guarantee it's going to play nicely with everything. There's no reason I can see why it would cause problems though.

    * There is one exception to this: Mods which cause NPC's to surrender are likely to conflict with the capture mechanic here.
    * It seems that skyre and possibly other mods which increase weapon damage cause the whip to do more damage than it should, potentially killing captives before they submit.

    For SkyRe users: you should add the following line under <weapon_exclusion_strings> in ReProccer's Stats.xml


    then run the patcher. This way the whip will keep its damage as 1.
    Recommended mods(useful, but not required):
    PAH Home Sweet Home by Musje Prettier Bandits by EinarrTheRed Slave Way Manor 1.0 by drlove33 Eastern Holding Cells 1.0 by drlove33 Slave Den 1.0,1.1 by drlove33 Slave Holding Cells 1.1 by drlove33 The Bondage House 0.5 by Vykroft  

    addition thanks to:
    AVS for the dwarven suits ground objects
    devious dwarven suits patch based on the work of MaikCG for Dwarven Devious Cuirass 1.1a
    Hambam9871 for the miaslair patch
    EinarrTheRed for the felglow slave camp updated npc's and navmeshes
    a1b2c3d4e5f6h7i8 for the female player oral animations fix
    julzor for compiling my script while i'm away from my pc
    Vykroft for fixing the lakeview manor cell addon
    Pfiffy for translation updates
    Xorgroth for more slaves patch2 allowing upto 100 slaves
    WaxenFigure for the solution to naked bandits for non - temporary actors (still issues with temporary actors)
    BlackShades for finding the faction check bugs in condescending dialogs
    ragnam for his help with the behaviors



  3. Demonic Creatures - creature adding mod v1.2 LE & SSE

    WARNING: BETA... READ EVERYTHING before you install!
    *** Modder help: If someone with knowlegde about MCM is willing to help me with creature toggles, plz pm.  I've managed to get the MCM ingame but it doesn't do anything.
    *** Date 05.02.2021: V1.2 Added low resolution Patch texture option for OLDRIM. Main file required.
    *** NEW v1.2 for SSE is available thanks to bcw81 (it includes the missing goblin textures).
    *** ODS file containing overview of creatures available in download section (open with excel)

    What is: A mod that adds over 130 types of friendly/unfriendly monsters and animals in skyrim wild lands and dungeons. Some few creatures are handplaced (more will probably to come), but most of them is distributed through Skyrim leveled lists. All aggressive creatures has adult bits attached. Some friendly ones don't because .......meeeh........
    My modding philosophy: I try to keep all creatures as vanilla as possible when it comes to health, magic and stamina. I'd rather rank up the damage they do than give them more health or armor. I will keep the creatures original sizes as long as possible, but sometimes I have to resize them since my focus and interest in this fantasy world is sexual satisfaction (animation alignment). This however does not mean that each creature will align 100% in every sex animation created. For me this is impossible to achieve.

    Mod HARD requirements. Must be installed with all it's dependencies:

    All Skyrim DLCs (you don't need Heartfire). Due to creature races from all those DLCs.
    More Nasty Critters SLAL edition
    Animated Beast's Cocks (ABC) For users LE (for collision and animated creature schlongs you need the HDT-PE version)

    This mod shouldn't overwrite anything cruical, to avoid even getting the question, check this out:
    - Case 1, you already have mihail mods installed. This mod includes several of mihails mods.You should at least deactivate the mihail creature ESP before you install this mod. Best is if you remove it totally in advance. If you decide to only deactivate the mihail ESPs you must let Demonic Creature overwrite everything it wants in both mihails meshes and texture folders (mihail skeletons included. This mod comes with its own dick textures and mesh modifications. Demonic Creature needs to overwrite mihail mods otherwise it won't work as intended.
    - Case 2, you already have Skaven creatures installed. Plz read and do as Case 1.
    The reason for these two cases is that I did not alter the folder locations from the original mods. Perhaps I should have.

    Installation (after Hard requirements are installed):
    Download text file in download section here on loverslab
    copy link in txt file  and download from mediafire
    extract rar file and copy paste content into your Skyrim data folder (there's no mod manager support )

    If you have a creature mod installed that modifies Skyrim vanilla LCHARs (leveled character lists) you must make a based patch using forexample Wrye Bash (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1840). If you don't do this, the creature mod ESP which locates lowest in your load order will overwrite the ones higher in your load order. Many mods alter these creature  LCHARs (skyrim immersive creatures, Monstermod, rogue-like encounters, probably many more).
    Upgrading from v1.1 to v1.2:
    At least delete these two folders (I have done some renaming and cleaning of files laying around)
    Then copy paste new version over.
    Remember to run "re-register creatures" in Creature Framework MCM

    Uninstallation v1.1:
    Uninstallation of v1.2

    - MCM with creature on/off toggle.
    - continue scripted wilderness encounters based on skyrim vanilla encounters. It's started and working.
    - enhance creatures in dwemer ruins, nordic ruins and falmer caves (feel free to come with suggestions with lore friendly creatures)
    - fix the sanguine mistress head/hair. It has no moving lips for the moment.
    - continue adjusting strengths, speeds, attacks, magic effects on creatures. Thankful for ideas here.
    - not a plan but a wish: Implement books with info about creatures. For example why did the dwemer place dwarven dolls in their ruins? Was it a little treat for the enslaved falmers to prevent riots? Or was she supposed to entertain her dwemer masters?
    - custom sounds for creatures (not sexlab sounds)
    - manually place lvl NPC in tombs, ruins and caves that holds a LCHAR as template to vary spawns.
    KNOWN BUGS v1.2
    - Mihail Grahl refuse to participate in XXX animations. It's due to the notification DEM in the RACE form id inside the demoniccreature.esp. Will be fixed in v1.3. No patch since it's not critical.
    - Ogroid gives CTD when in sex animation. I guess this could be both LE and SE issue. Patch for LE&SE in download section.
    - Oldrim/SE Degonian creature CTD when in XXX animation. Download patch.
    - Oldrim/SE Cydodiilian wolf grey has a bad plugin name in the demoniccreature.json file. This also goes for mihail Grahl. Patch with new json file in the download section.
    - SE users who downloaded v1.2 before 02.february 2021 needs to install patch Demonic Creatures SSE 1.1 TDB Patch. If you download SSE v1.2 after this date patch is included.
    - Oldrim: Missing textures on Goblin Scout and Goblin Warrior. Download patch in download section.
    - Oldrim/SE Skavens seems to fight each other. Will be fixed together with other faction issues in v1.3
    - Oldrim/SE users: Treeduckbill creatures have a minor skeleton error with the jaw.
    - Oldrim/SE mihail goblin belongs to human race, but uses a dick that in some animations will not hit its...uh target at all. Sometimes creature has trouble swapping to aroused mesh during scenes.
    - Oldrim/SE sanguine mistress won't move lips

    Some creatures has bad weightpainting on penis. Meaning you will notice that the pelvis floor on the creature does move entirely together with the penis. On most creatures this is hardly noticeable, but on creatures that has a mesh that differs heavily compared with the vanilla mesh (forexample Ogrim and Troll mesh), you will see this. If anyone is interested in weightpainting, give me a ping.
    Can you remove creature X from the pack?
    I want to remove a certain creature from spawning. Read the spoiler for procedure in Tes5edit:
    Can you add support for Hentai Creatures?
    I don't use it myself so most likely not. Someone will perhaps make a patch
    Can you make a MCM with creature toggle?
    I want to but it was not as easy as I thought. So right now it's on hold.
    Creatures does not iniate in sex animations and I have confirmed themod is properly installed (by spawning them forexample with console command)
    Use re-register all mods in Creature Framework MCM. If that does not work, try a new game to check if it is save related. Also see Creature Framework troubleshooting section on this page: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4130-more-nasty-critters-slal-edition/
    Can you add HDT SMP support?
    No I can't since I don't use HDT SMP. Someone that really wants it needs to make a patch.




  4. Spyro in Skyrim

    Spyro in Skyrim
    replaser skeever - Spyro 
    finally, spyro added.
    although the model is crooked perhaps I will update it later
    normal map - doesn't work for some reason

    You can-download, modify, edit, add to your mods. use it in your mods and even without mentioning me -



  5. Genshin Impact 1.0 CBBE

    Original outfit by tag_tomboy
    Changes Made:
    -Optional Slutty Zaps
    -Oily Body

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Using AIM search for "Genshin"

    Credit to tag_tomboy for the Outfit.



  6. RZ Apron CBBE

    Original outfit by @RohZima
    Changes Made:
    -Optional Slutty Zaps
    -Oily Body
    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Using AIM search for "Apron"

    Credit to RohZima for the Outfit.



  7. Haku Wedding Dress Bikini CBBE

    Description: CBBE Haku Wedding Dress Bikini v 1.0.0

    CBBE Bodyslide conversion for Haku Wedding Dress Bikini:
    Changes Made:
    -Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide
    -Added Zaps


    Install as normal with mod manager or manually


    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "IcyHaku"  

    I am unsure who the original creator is of this mesh, but thank you.



  8. Apropos2 Text DB Update

    I consider this pre-release but ready to use (see "Future Work" below to see what I believe is missing from full release version).
    Oh look, colors!  This must be a professional mod that I will try immediately!
    What is this?
    Apropos 2 is great.  It's a well-designed engine for translating animations into descriptive text on the screen, increasing immersion.  However, the text database is large and (Gooser's words) "labor intensive".  I decided that I wanted to add some text to it, and found that the database needed some love.  So I did that.
    This DB presumes a female Dragonborn with loose morals, with 1st or 2nd person descriptions as default.  It removes the original DB's references to scat and incest.  I speak, read, and write American English, so the output of this project reflects that localization.
    *  W&T: Added Succubus Heart and Skooma Whore consumable compatibility
    *  W&T: Healing potions now affect W&T
    *  Synonym definition updates
    *  Dramatically increased the places that the synonyms are utilized in the database
    *  Added missing Female/Creature and Female/Female content
    *  Added Female/Male and Female/Female foreplay content (set Sexlab -> Animation Settings -> Pre-Sex Foreplay to on)
    *  Fixed typos and grammar 
    *  Added patchups to animation tags that needed it
    *  Other text description additions to the DB
    Why do this?
    Synonyms are a quick, cheap way to add a ton of variation to the text displayed by Apropos 2.
    Known Issues
    *  Some synonyms get capitalized when they're parsed, sometimes in very odd ways.  This is a code issue that will need to be fixed in Apropos2 itself.
    *  Female/Female animations make it hard to predict {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} actor assignments, making 1st and 2nd person narratives come out odd sometimes.
    *  NMM chokes when trying to remove this mod.  You might consider switching to Vortex if you're still using NMM.
    *  MO makes some assumptions about mods that can be tricky, worik wrote a walk-through!
    Future Work
    *  Animation patchups - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Consistency: remove 3rd person strings that discuss internal thought processes - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Consistency: change strings said out loud to start with ({ACTIVE/PRIMARY}) - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Add missing Female/Creature content (Spriggan [OHV], Wisp [V], Horse [G], Skeever [H], HighlandCow [O], Lurker [A], Riekling [H]) - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  Add Dwemer Estrus-specific text and UniqueAnimations assignments - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  GoBack, HugeLoad, and LargeLoad refresh or implementation for all content - 0.7 versions
    *  Perform manual/editorial review of all Male PC content - 0.7 versions
    *  Convert Female/Male content in order to fill out Male/Female - 0.7 versions
    *  Place content into files that are blank templates - 0.7 versions
    *  Replace Female/Female {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} tokens with pronouns
    *  "Rescue" strings utilized for unique animations and generalize them
    *  Develop "Kink Kit" system so content of certain types can be swapped in and out of the DB
    Make sure you have Apropos 2 installed!
    1.  Use your mod manager to install this file
    2.  In the Apropos 2 MCM, go to "Message Preferences" and click "Refresh from Database"
    3.  In the same MCM menu, click "Sexlab Animation Patchups"
    Recommended Mods
    * Skooma Whore: Play the balancing act between body aches and pains and addiction!
    * Sexlab Pheremones: There are now plenty of consumable options for managing W&T.  Some of them include ingestable potions with a risk of contracting pheromones.
    * Apropos DB Filter: Is there something weird you don't like in the DB?  Why remove it manually when you can be lazy AND thorough?
    * Corruption: Overlapping themes, and hey, more text on the screen!  Why not?
    * Apropos2 Rape Descriptions NONCON Overhaul: Don't like "mind break"?  You're not alone! (based on 0.6.14, make sure to download the right version of my DB)
    @gooser: for creating and maintaining the original database, not to mention the whole of Apropos2!
    @Vauria: for reporting broken JSON.  Repeatedly. 
    @GoldMembr: for significant content and patchup submissions



  9. Devious Mimic Clothing LE

    There are rumors around Skyrim: the devious curse, loot was inflicted with, has altered itself. No adventurer will be safe anymore!
    The twisted new effect of this mad magic affects now every single piece of clothing. They may be devious mimics now, transforming itself into restrictive items as soon as an unwary person tries to wear them. Some say, this even may happen while trying to unequip those mimics or even randomly while being worn, giving only false safety anymore to every armored adventurer out there ...
    Link to Special Edition
    What this mod does
    This mod is intended as an extension to the popular mod Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy.
    It tries to randomly transform worn pieces of armor into Devious Devices, giving only safety in nudity.
    New Savegame required!
    As of v2.0 a new savegame is required! I don't know, if a clean save attempt will work, I won't support it, though
    SKSE - current classic build Skyrim LE DawnGuard HearthFires DragonBorn SexLab Framework SexLab Aroused Devious Devices - for the release version 1.0 of DMC you absolutely need DD v5, no backwards compatibility! Assets Integration Expansion  
    DD For Him - included in DD 5.0, if installed it will allow mimics for male characters AS-LAL - if installed, mimics work only after start quest is finished ZAP - checks for ZAP device keyword, should work with all versions (also 8.0/+)  
    Armor can transform into a random Devious Device on three events: when equipping, while trying to unequip or randomly for a worn item. Gold can tranform into golden items or binds your hands if you're unlucky Device choice based on body region Device filter, based on type Various chances for different trigger events Arousal may impact chances Already worn or enchanted armor is recognized MCM to personalize the settings  
    How to help
    When you come across any problems (you probably will), it could help if you can attach a Papyus log to your message. To get one, search for the following lines in your Skyrim.ini
    [Papyrus] bEnableLogging = 1 bEnableTrace = 1 bLoadDebugInformation = 1 If they are set to zero, change them to one. You'll then find the logs in [User]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script
    Attach the file Papyrus.0.log to your report, it maybe can give hints.
    What doesn't work
    Doesn't take any treatment of items (smithing) into account for chances Won't affect followers unless triggered by third party event
    Probably still has bugs I'm unaware of  
    For modders
    I've added an event hook for you to trigger mimics and do stuff based on the outcome. As it's event driven, you won't even need to add my mod as requirement!
    You can find the details in the source code file dmcTriggerEvents.psc together with an example how to set it up.
    @Kimy - for patiently answering the questions of a bloody modding noob
    @Laura 'Lokomootje' - for giving me additional tips how to dive into this rabbit hole called Creation Kit
    @JimmyJimJim - for letting me use his idea as well as the mod Devious Magic as boilerplate
    @davisev5225 - for his mod City Bondage that offered me some more code snippets
    @stas2503 - providing the Russian translations



  10. Infiltration and Assassination

    Psst. You! Yeah, you! The one skulking about! Rumor has it that you want a little more from your assassin quests than "find a person and stab them." Well, I know just the person you should speak with.
    Head to Riften. The Bee and Barb. Find a woman named Silk. She'll be dressed as a tavern wench but don't be fooled - she's killed more people than Alduin himself. Ask this "wench" for a Midnight Dagger and she'll know I sent you.
    Welcome to Infiltration and Assassination
    This is an assassination quest mod. It has nothing at all to do with the Assassin's Guild or questline (don't tell them - I don't need Astrid hassling me right now). 
    Here's how it works:
    You will talk to your handler, whose name (as far you you know) is Silk, and who will be able to find around Skyrim wearing various disguises as she blends in with the rest of the people. She will give you the name of a mark and the general area where they can be found. At that point, it's up to you to find them, discover the best way to go about getting them alone, and kill them. 
    Some of the clients will want the kills to look like an accident. Some will want it to be clear that the mark was murdered. Some will want your mark to die in very specific ways.
    Along the path you will need to talk to people to find clues, such as where your marks usually hang out and what kinds of people they may like to have around (or definitely would not be around). Follow the clues to get close enough to your mark to do the deed.
    How to begin
    Go to the Bee and Barb in Riften and ask Silk for a Midnight Dagger. Then follow the clues.
    There is only one quest right now and the path is very linear (though not spelled out completely - although if you have quest markers on, it might as well be). As this becomes more developed, the quests will become more complex, with different paths to your goal and ways you can screw it up.
    Listen to the clients' requests and be rewarded. Go against their wishes and you may find yourself on the other end of the assassination equation.
    Complete change log



  11. Public Plaything LE & SE

    Public Plaything LE & SE
    My new mod. It let NPCs harass you constantly, with
    talking, force talking, struggle bar, temporary escape, dialog JSON customization and more features.  
    Try it! There's MCM and also a lesser power menu. I made a manual for customization but it's dated. I'll make a new one when I'm healthy.  
    Different behaviors of the aggressor are called Actions. There are 5 actions for now but you can create your own actions.  
    Not all the actions have struggle bar. If you see a struggle bar, you need to reduce the struggle bar to zero to escape or proceed the action.  
    Different action has different escaping logic.  
    Sometimes the aggressor talks to you, sometimes you need to talk to the aggressor  
    The dialog progress is automatic. You don't need to activate the aggressor. (After all, he approaches to you, not the other way around)  
    There's also an Openly Flirt feature, although it's not completed yet.  
    Toggle Translation option tries to solve this problem: When the stalker reaches you from behind, he can either teleport to the center of you, or the mod can translate him slowly toward you. Both method are not perfect. You can toggle it on and off to see which way is better.   Openly Flirt and Stalk are two different assaulting method. Only Stalk method will use the json file for now.  
    SKSE, SexLab Framework, JContainer, UIExtension
    Currently Conflict with SLHH
    Install the file through a mod manager.
    Run FNIS.
    (For LE,) According to the comments, you'd better get JContainer 3.3 and put it at the bottom of your mod order.
    It uses Babo's 4 animations. But all other much more animation files are all made by Huan. Tell me if you think I'm not allowed to include other people's files and I'll delete them. Don't worry, I can make animation too.
    I'm currently not completely healthy. I'll improve the description later.
    Check out my Patreon! I release debugging versions there. With patrons' help I can buy more medicines, pay back my debts, or improve my foods, and therefore, make more and better mods for you.
    You can use my animation files freely as long as you talked to me first.
    However, you can't modify the mod framework itself. But editing JSON file is fine and recommended.



  12. SlaveTats + RaceMenu Overlays | Anuketh Pack #1 - LE / SE

    I decided to try SlaveTats and design some tattoos myself. This mod works for both Legendary Edition (32 bit) and Special Edition (64 bit), but each one has sighly different requirements mentioned below.
    This pack includes the following:
    7 Slave Marks: Bondage, Perfect Slut, Suck Me, Spanked, Dragonwhore, Dragonwhore Alt and Alduin was here. 43 General Tattoos: Bralette, Bralette Alt, Chest Deco, Chest Deco Alt, Pasties 1, Pasties 2, Pubic, Star (Front), Star (Back), Wings, Dawnstar, Falkreath, Markarth, Morthal, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold, Legion, Under Chest Deco 1, Under Chest Deco 2, Under Chest Deco 3, Under Chest Deco 4, Dagger, Garter Belt, Garter (without stockings) and Garter + Stockings with feet option, Face Adornment 1, Face Adornment 2, Face Adornment 3, Face Adornment 4, Face Adornment 5, Ankle Flower, Feet Stars, Tribal Tattoo 1, Tribal Tattoo 2, Tribal Tattoo 3, Tribal Tattoo 4, Tribal Tattoo 5 and Tribal Tattoo 6.  

    SlaveTats is a mod that allows the player to add tattoo layers to characters through SkyUI's MCM (Mod Configuration Menu).
    You can choose between different options: select tattoos for the player character, select tattoos for NPCs, select the color of the tattoos, make the tattoos glow in the dark, choose between matte and glossy tattoos and much more.

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):

    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face/Hands/Foot tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking (you'll only need the Body tab for my mod).
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk
    Hold Capital Symbol Vectors - Polykobus and AlcoholSwabs
    Vortec and Chaimhewast for helping me with the recolor problem
    Testificateguy for converting the tattoos for RaceMenu.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope you like this first pack. Since I've added 50 tattoos, this pack is finished. That means that there won't be future updates (at least at the moment) and if they are, won't be to add new tattoos.
    Liking and giving me your feedback is a great way to show me your support and is highly appreciated!
    I've seen all your comments and I must thank you for the warm welcome this pack has received in the community. Surely I will make more packs in the near future. If you have any request, I will gladly read it.
    I recently made a Ko-Fi page for those people who asked. Again, thank you so much 💖



  13. SlaveTats + RaceMenu Overlays | Anuketh Pack #2 - LE / SE

    This is the second pack I've done. Check the first one here. This mod works for both Legendary Edition (32 bit) and Special Edition (64 bit), but each one has sighly different requirements mentioned below. I made the first pack with a CBBE body base, this time I've used UNP body base. The mod works for both bodies, but I've added CBBE/UNP specific tattoos for a better body matching.
    This pack includes the following:
    50 Tattoos: Runic Tree (Back), Howling (Back), Lotus Bird (Back), World Tree (Front), Tiny Rose (Front), Neck Roses (Front), Crossed Eyes (Face), Teary Eyes (Face), Rune Arch (Face), Moon Rune (Face), Carp Fish (Back), Bear Claw (Face), Leopard Serpent Left (Left Arm), Leopard Serpent Right (Right Arm), Bush Black (Pubic), Bush Recolor (Pubic), Bird With Skull (Back), Oni Mask (Back), Spiral Triangle, Mandala (Front), Roses (Leg), Druid Moons (Face), Clown (Face), Back Cross (Back), Owl (Back), Top Web (Front), Skeleton Hands (Front), Feather (Front), Tribal Right (Right Arm) and Tribal Left (Left Arm), Slut in Training (Back), Free Property (Front), Breed Me (Pubic), Deer Love (Pubic), Spider Web UNP (Breasts), Spider Web CBBE (Breasts), Body Scales (Front), Mouth Dripping (Face), Scales (Face), Scales Alt. (Face), Make Me Gag (Back), Broken Princess (Back), Rough (Leg), Pasties UNP (Breasts), Pasties CBBE (Breasts), Neck Roses CBBE (Front), Jewels (Front), Roses CBBE (Leg), Eyeliner 1 (Face) and Eyeliner 2 (Face).  
    ██ First version
    ██ Second version
    ██ Third version
    ██ Fourth version
    ██ Fifth version (03.02.2021) - This version includes all the previous versions. Just overwrite everything when asked.
    Added new categories for the tattoos: They are divided between Anuketh v2 - General and Anuketh v2 - Slave Marks.  

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.  
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):
    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking.
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk
    Testificateguy for converting the tattoos for RaceMenu.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you have a specific request , send me a PM.



  14. [NIND] CRE DT (Virgin Killer) CBBE

    A new take on the Virgin-Killer sweater by Crential
    Original outfit:
    Changes Made:
    -Oily Body
    -Zaps to make the base version more naughty if desired.
    -(Disabled by default) G String

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "DT"
    Credit to Crential for the Outfit.



  15. Create Your Own Sex Mod (Starter Mod)

    Create Your Own Sex Mod (Starter Mod)
    For those of you that want to learn to make your own mods
    Is built in LE but should work with LE or SE
    EDIT: 2/22/2021 - I want to throw this out there for all modders who would like to add ideas to this , or your own scripts for others to use, I would like this to become a community project, so if any current modders want to add more to this to help beginner modders please feel free to take this add to it and upload it
    What is this?
      This is a mod for beginners to take as there own, change the name to whatever they like and create thier own sex mod.
    I added all the sex script need with Dialogue in a quest called 0MY_Sexhandler (Name can be changed) The 0My_SexHandler Quest already as all the scripts set up and compiled, all you have to do is connect them to your dialogue. I simplified the scripts separately with tags so you can see what each script is for if you choose to look at them The options you have to connect your dialogue too are: PC rapes NPC PC Blows NPC PC Fucks NPC (Doggy, Missionary, Anal, Aggressive) PC Fucks NPC Anal NPC Rapes PC NPC Blows PC NPC Fucks PC (Doggy, Missionary, Anal, Aggressive) NPC fucks PC Anal  

    To add dialogue to sex,  connect dialogue that you have created from another quest
    Blue Uncheck Goodbye box on dialogue you created
    Orange Right click and choose Add a new Topic
    Red Uncheck Current Quest only and choose what sexual act you want from the 0MY_ list show
    Video Tutorial: You will have to go to YouTube to watch it( make sure you change settings to HD
    Also I added a Activator, also already scripted to turn the mod on and off to test your progress:

    This can help you learn how to create these mods, or if you just want to use this as a base to start. feel free to download it, rename it, create your mod and upload it.
    Finally I added a quest called 0MY_DialogueQuest with one line of dialog direct at Hulda and leading to a Blowjob to you can see about conditions, adding Topic links and boxes check.
    Hope this helps you get started on your very own sex mod



  16. [Tobi] MFG Console++ [ModdersResource]

    Its better MFG Console for ppl who makes LEWD Videos in Skyrim
    its not a MOD its a MODDERS RESORUCES... last time when i uploaded DragonLord MR i got so much spam xDD
    Look at videos:
    I made this Script for my "Friend" that is making LEWD Videos in Skyrim
    so his content can be better and more animated ❤️
    If You need help and You make Videos just talk to me on Discord:
    Maybe i will create something i already called "FilmStudio Mod"
     Mod that allows you to manipulate every thing and even use Pose2Pose Animation in Skyrim ( i already made it to work in CK so its just GUI implementation <333 )
    at this moment:
     PushMeTest -> Scripts that allows You to bind MFG Console to Keyboard Keys ( look at tutorial )
     PuthToTalk -> Script that move your Lips to animate "talking" / "Speaking"
    well... its probably waste of time to write about that...
    but You need MFG Console and SKSE... waste of time because probably every1 have it...
    PushMeTest Download Tutorial:
    PushToTalk Download Tutorial:




    Original outfit by Xuniana
    Changes Made:
    -Optional Slutty Zaps
    -Oily Body

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Credit to Xuniana for the Outfit.



  18. Dwarven Modular Automaton + Automated NPCs

    Dwarven Modular Automaton
    A Robotic Body Outfit System

    In the last decades of the Dwarven race, the Dwemer of Skyrim found themselves in a war. The remnants of the conquered Snow Elves revolted against the cruel masters who had blinded and enslaved them centuries before, and the Dwemer were forced to face an implacable enemy deep within the heart of their workings. Seeking a new weapon to beat back this rebellion, a certain clan of Dwarven researchers built upon earlier experiments to find a way to combine the signature achievement of the Dwarves, the Automaton, with the combat talents of the Falmer's natural enemy, the Nords.
    The pinnacle of this effort was the Modular Automaton design, a model of humanoid construct featuring interchangeable body parts to allow for a wider variety of fighting styles than existing automatons were capable of, with the minds of the Dwarves' human test subjects implanted into them to take advantage of their more flexible tactical thinking. Plans were made to seize warriors from the human cities and use them as the basis for whole armies of these brass soldiers, and after using them to sweep the tunnels clean of the wretched Falmer perhaps the Dwarves would have returned them to the surface as conquerors. 
    Fortunately for the Nords of Skyrim the Battle of Red Mountain put an end to every Dwarven scheme. Only a few prototype production lines had been constructed before the Dwemer vanished from Nirn, with only a small number of unfortunate test subjects left behind in the empty laboratories. And perhaps due to the inclinations of the researchers behind the project every one of these test subjects was a woman. The designs for the male warriors were never produced, and only this initial 'Maiden' series was completed before the end. 
    No one knows where these lost projects were hidden. Few even had a hint that they ever existed. But recently, something happened to change that. The last soldiers of the Dwemer are finally seeing the light of day. 
    ...And new ones are being built. 

    Design Features
    The Dwarven Modular Automaton is a body-replacing outfit that can be used to turn players or NPCs into robotic constructs. It uses Skyrim's basic outfit slot system to accomplish this in the most straight-forward way possible. 

    Head Systems
    The subject's head can be implanted onto the Automaton body directly, or further supported by a neck frame (slot 45) and enclosed within a glass dome (slot 31). Alternatively the brain itself can be removed and encased within glass or armored capsules in a replacement head structure (slot 30). It is also possible to copy the subject's mind into one of an array of crystalline matrices (slot 43) and mount that into a purpose-built frame. Faces copied from ten of the original test subjects were produced for the replacement heads, with fifty different expressions in three materials- flesh, cast brass, and stone- for one hundred and fifty available options (slot 44). A 'null' face consisting of just the eyes is also provided, along with two animal-based masks, a pair of featureless faceplates in brass and steel, and a wide array of head coverings.
    Core Systems
    The upper torso (slot 32) functions as the foundation of the construct, containing a Heart crystal that binds the Aetheric Body that provides motive power to the machine, the processing elements for the magi-magnetic joint system that allows the construct to exercise a wider range of motion than it would physically be able to employ, and mana storage tanks to replace the magicka pool of subject's original body. A variety of models were produced in differing armor designs and capacities.
    Pelvis and Limb Types
    The lower torso and hips (slot 49), arms (slot 33), and legs/feet (slot 37) are divided into three main types with two limb sub-types. Alternate versions of the pelvises are provided to allow for a degree of interchangeability between leg types, as well as legless 'unassembled' versions for decorative purposes.
    Type B -  Based on Nisetanaka's Dwarven Bikini Cyborg, this type's pelvis features a skeletal design for more inhuman Automatons. It comes in Model B for use with the Type B legs and Model E for use with Type E-based legs. Both versions of the original Bikini Cyborg design's legs are available, as well as a new 'short' type without the height adjustment. The 'disassembled' option lowers the character's height to the level of the Model B leg caps, allowing for legless locomotion. Several combinations of normal and weapon arms are provided. Type E -  Based of Edhildil's Dwemer Cyborg sets, this type adapts the Dwarven Centurion's pelvis for a bulky, robotic design. The Model A version uses the original design's Centurion-based legs, with assorted feet provided for them. The Model E version is based on the updated design, with skeletal legs connected to a mid-thigh cap. Versions of these legs with the different foot options are available, as well as a 'disassembled' option set to the Model E height.  Type G -  Based on Vicn's Dwarven Gynoids, this type features a pelvis and lower torso elaborately built up into a stylized humanoid shape to pair with the original design's human-like legs on the Model A version. The various original Gynoid feet are available for use with this model, as well as a new high-heeled design built for use with either this or the Type E legs. The model B and E versions of this pelvis also feature more humanized proportions. Additional swappable armor pieces are provided for use with the Type G arms and Model A legs.  Type CR -  Animal-themed limbs based on the Dwemer Dog and elements from the Dwemer Steam Horse models, for use with the Model E pelvises. Come in Beast and Pony versions, and are paired with matching tails (slot 40) and animal-based masks.  Type DD -  Based on MaikCG's Dwarven Devious Cuirass, and arm and leg set for use with the Model E pelvises. Has a matching Core unit taken from the same design.  Type HV -  Based on Gigadeux's Dwarven Heavy Armor, providing a more practical humanoid design. Comes in both the normal and 'ebony' texture variants. The matching helmet has been modified with glowing eyes, and can be used in conjunction with the slot 30 head frames.  Type NULL -  These tokens block off the head, hand, or foot slots, allowing you to have headless or limbless automatons without the original human body parts appearing. Does not block any actions.  
    Weapon Systems
    Invisible 'style' versions of the Dwarven one-handed weapons are provided for use with the Type B and CR weapon arms. A full set of duplicate vanilla Dwarven weapons is also available, these have had their speeds raised to simulate the physical boost provided to an Automaton. 
    Type XXX Body
    Brass-Jointed Dolls

    Years ago a mildly infamous researcher of Dwemer automatons vanished following the collapse of his dig site. As it was not uncommon for either digs into Dwarven ruins to collapse or for automaton researchers to fall victim to the subject of their studies, this event largely passed without comment. However, some concerns were raised by the contents of a damaged journal found in the burnt-out remains of his encampment. The final legible lines stated simply:
    "I understand it now. It all makes sense."
    "The Dwarves were perverts."


    Design Features
    The Type XXX Body is a collection of humanoid bodyparts mounted in mechanical fittings that utilize the Modular Automaton outfit system. These can be used to create mechanical Doll or Statue outfits, or mixed with the robotic DMA parts.

    Core & Pelvis Systems
    Replicating the human torso, these parts are offered in a collection of [FW] (Fixed-Weight) and Variable styles. The [FW] models are pre-built to a variety of body shapes from the UUNP family, and will display as-is regardless of the body settings of the character they are equipped to. The Variable models work with BodySlide to replicate the user's body presets, and are compatible with mods that use Bodymorphs to change body shapes. All parts are nude by default, but can be equipped with removable 'modesty plates' or bikini sets using slots 48 and 52 matched to each part. A selection of pelvises designed to work with the Type B and E legs from the robotic DMA sets are also included, while the Variable pelvises and some of the UNP sets include versions with the full Type G legs. Two '/A' model torsos are available, incorporating a breastplate for some slight additional protection.
    Limb Systems
    Bare and high-heeled feet are offered in both Fixed-Weight and Variable versions. The Variable type's primary feature is a Bodyslide-capable cuff at the point where the foot and body models join, allowing these to be used with regular human bodies. Variable versions of the arms are not offered due to some limitations in the way the mechanical shoulders work, so these are only available in High and Low weight versions based on the UNP preset. A variable version of the hand by itself was possible, and this is also offered for use on regular human bodies.
    These bodyparts are available in four materials: D (Doll, regular flesh), S (Statue/Stone in a bright white marble), M (Metal, polished Dwarven brass), and R (Rubberized, a slightly shiny black coating). The D models will reflect the skin tone settings of the characters they are applied to, while the rest will replace them with their own surfaces. D and R models feature full Beast Race support, but S and M versions do not at this time. D, R, and S versions are available for all Core and Pelvis models, but the M material is restricted to the Variable set and the pelvises equipped with Type B or E leg adaptors, as well as a selection of chest units intended to be used with them. D and R models feature full body physics, while M and S have had their 'bounce' bones removed to reflect the more solid materials they are made with. Modesty plating matched to each bounce type are provided, but the bikini sets are restricted to the D and R models.
    Head Systems
    To better interact with the humanoid neck shape, new bases for the DMA head equipment had to be designed. These are included as the 'Doll Type' Heads and Neck Frame. Unlike the previous set these can not be used on their own with regular human bodies as they do not cover the gap left at the base of the neck when removing the original head. To rectify this the Doll Collar is also included; this is a copy of the neck cap from the Type XXX Cores with BodySlide capability and head weighting added, set to use slot 45. This allows it to be used as a collar on any humanoid character, as well as a base for the Doll Type heads or as a full head remover when used with the existing NULL head token. Using the character's existing head on the Type XXX bodies is also possible, as the built-in neck caps fully cover the seam. If further separation is desired the Doll Type Neck Frame can be used, or a slightly modified copy of the Dwarven Bikini Collar III is available for a more streamlined look. 

    Some additional parts developed during the process of building the Type XXX Bodies:
    Horror heads, a selection of replacement heads built with the Skull clutter model. The skull has been reshaped to fit into most headgear. Offered in Brass, Rubber, Stone, and the original bone textures. Also includes a pair of robotic eyes that can be placed into the empty sockets. Can be used in conjunction with the PK faceplates, but not the Subject faces. Model MC Cores, robotic chests with humanoid breasts mounted on them. Offered as a Variable type and a fixed-weight 'expanded' shape both with and without a 'milking' apparatus, in material types D and R. Phalluses, a collection of snap-on tools for various sorts of hard work. Set to slot 51, and can be used with both the Type XXX and the robotic pelvises. Pedestals, non-humanoid pelvis units for characters that don't need to get around very much. Intended for use with other mods that can force a fixed pose onto a character. Wigs, a large assortment of hairdos sourced from the Apachii, KS, and Holiday hair set mods. Also come in stone and brass versions.  
    Full Ground Model Support

    All body parts can be dropped into the game world.
    Automated NPCs
    The Experiment Is Still Running


    Rumor speaks of strange happenings south of Old Hroldan, of Dwemer constructs with the faces of women being seen roaming the back-country at the foot of the mountains. What their purpose is or where they came from no one can say, but a witness swears that he recognized one of them...
    Design Features
    The Automated are a large group of characters that have been rebuilt with Modular Automaton parts by a mysterious Dwarven machine. Trapped for centuries within the halls of their Facility, they have only recently regained access to the outside world.

    Functionally, the Automated are normal NPCs that have been physically rebuilt for the DMA system. Their head meshes have been modified to produce a 'mask' effect, and their default 'nude' bodies have been replaced with versions of the Doll Type head frames set to slot 59, maintaining their robotic forms even if stripped of their DMA bodyparts. A subset of the group is set up as a new Automated-specific race with null head and mouth meshes, which allows them to use the head-replacing slot 30 head frames and mask parts without coming into conflict with those meshes, as is sometimes the case when using them with Vanilla races. 
    Dozens of Automated have been produced by the Machine over the centuries. Many of them are willing to explore the outside world with you as your followers, and have a variety of skill sets to use in battle. Others have gone rogue and can be found in various places outside of the Facility, where they may object to your presence should you intrude upon them. Between these two groups are a number of neutral citizens who don't really care about you either way. One thing all Automated share, however, is a programmed-in hatred of the Falmer. 

    The Facility
    The Automated call these ancient Dwarven chambers home, and have done their best to maintain them. They may serve as a convenient base for your adventures, with a teleportation system that allows you to instantly return to them from anywhere. Physical access is more treacherous, with the only routes being a one-way drop in or a long struggle through a nearby Falmer-infested cave. The drop is probably easier. This entrance isn't marked, but if you look around the top of the cliff behind the Dibella shrine you're sure to find it.

    Character Parts
    Several variant body parts with the intent for use with specific Automated characters have been grouped as 'DMN' parts. These include but are not limited to burned, muscular, patchwork, and icy skin variants of specific parts, weighted but not Variable versions of the D2 and MC torsos built to the UNPB body type with matching chest coverings, and a set of modified 'clothed' bodies. Also included is the XV series of faces, built from Vanilla meshes, consisting of many faces also used for the Automated along with a selection of notable Vanilla NPCs. 

    This mod does not have a quest. There is an implied storyline, largely spelled out in a series of journals that can be found in the Researcher's bookcase, but no actual quest elements or objectives exist. The Automated serve mainly as a showcase for the DMA system and a source of followers. No expansion upon that is planned at this time. 

    *Experimental* Automated Player Option
    An optional file is available to download which will replace the default female head mesh and face textures with ones modified to display the mask effect, which will then apply that effect to the player. Used in conjunction with an appropriate head frame and DMA body parts, this will give a female player character the same appearance as an Automated. Non-Automated NPCs with properly generated FaceGen meshes will not display these changes, but ones lacking a FaceGen, who can be identified by the 'grey face' bug they will also be displaying, will have their heads rendered as a face floating in mid-air over their body. This initial experiment consists of the Vanilla head mesh paired with a modified copy of the Fair Skin face texture, but other variants may be considered if there is demand for them. 

    Installation and Use
    Due to the increasing scale of the mod eclipsing LL's upload limits, the full download has been consolidated to one file and moved off-site. Download the text file and use the link within it to access the full file on Mega. Install as normal from there.
    Pre-generated versions of the Variable models built with my personal moderately customized UNPB-based preset are included to avoid the 'invisible body' issue. Please remember to run these parts in BodySlide to conform them to your own preset. They can be found in the 'DMA - BodySlide Parts UUNP' group.

    Some texture paths are reused from Dwarven Cyborg Collection and SeXtreme Loading Screens, so you may be prompted to overwrite some files if those mods are installed. A change was made to the statue texture, please allow this to overwrite to get the brighter white marble color. Otherwise the textures are unchanged.
    XPMSE is required as some parts of its extended bone set are utilized. Racemenu is required for the NiOverride height system. 
    Examples of (probably) all of the items added by this mod can be found in respawning containers within the Facility. In-game crafting is not provided, for various reasons. Can be searched for in the console under 'DMA', but the number of results absolutely will exceed the console's backscroll. Use of AddItemMenu is advised. 
    For the SE version, the appropriate versions of those mods will be required instead: XPMSSE, Racemenu SE, AddItemMenu SE 
    To change an existing character into an Automaton, a Core Unit must first be equipped to replace their original body. From there the pelvis and limbs can be added. Floating hands and feet will be visible until parts using those slots are equipped. Parts are not intended for use without a Core equipped, and will look messy if used so. Head elements, however, can be used independently from the body system if desired, although the masks are intended to be used only with the replacement head units and will look even more messy without them. 
    'NoStrip' keywords are applied to all primary body parts, while 'AlwaysStrip' is applied to the modesty plating and bikini sets for proper functioning during scenes. The 'SoS Revealing' keyword is applied to all torsos to allow for proper use of the slot 52 parts.

    Sure-To-Be-Asked Questions
    SE version?  Yes, with thanks to Holzfrau for the conversion. Only covers the first release version of the mod at present. Updated version TBD.
    What body does it use?  As a complete body replacer, Dwarven Modular Automaton is effectively body-agnostic and can be used with any installed body type. The Type XXX bodies do complicate this a bit, however. While they are built using the UUNP HTD and Special body meshes, their textures have been re-pathed to an isolated location which will allow them to be used independently of the user's installed body texture, side-stepping the main point of conflict between the UUNP and CBBE bodies. The Fixed-Weight models should be usable by anyone right out of the box, but the Variable sets are currently only built using the UUNP sliders which may cause some issues for CBBE users. 
    Can they put some clothes on?  A qualified No. For the Fixed-Weight Type XXX models it's mostly impossible, as the game treats them as outfits themselves and not bodies. The result of this is that any clothing applied to them will be conformed to the character's original body shape, not the shape of the Fixed-Weight part. The Variable models do conform to the character's original body shape, so they are capable of some clothing use. However this is complicated by three things: First, slot 32 must be occupied by a DMA core for the system to work, so normal outfits are unusable. A top that uses an alternate slot such as the cyborg-use Dwarven Bikinis must be used instead. Second, several bones were removed from the upper torsos to avoid clipping and distortion on the mechanical parts, which also results in clothing that expects those bones to still be there to potentially clip through the body in various ways. The removal of the bounce effects from the M and S versions causes and even more extreme version of this problem. Third, The various mechanical parts and gaps added into the body severely limit the number of clothing designs that could be used without having bits of machinery clipping though them or shoulder straps hanging in mid-air. Designs that can account for all that are hard to come by.
    Male versions?  Due to the mods the majority of parts were sourced from being female-only, male-use options are not provided. 

    Known Issues
    There is a known major conflict with an element of Devious Devices that may result in the Pelvises appearing to vanish or fail to equip. This is caused by DD's 'Device Hider' function, a feature that is intended to remove the model of a device from the character to prevent it from clipping through when the character is also wearing 'normal' clothing, which it broadly assigns as anything using slot 32. Unfortunately this function is turned on in DD by default, and given the large number of slots DD uses this tends to play havoc with other multi-slot outfits. The specific conflict with the Pelvises is that they use slot 49, which is also used by DD's chastity belts. My personal recommendation is to turn the Hider off entirely unless it's a feature that you actively use. To do so, go into DD's MCM and open the 'Devices Underneath' tabs, then find any entry that has a slot assigned and change it to 'None'. This seems to turn itself back on when starting a new game, so check it after exiting Helgen or the Live Another Life cell.  An additional conflict with Devious Devices is possible in the case of the Automated-specific head frames. The default version of these used as the 'nude body' of most Automated is set to slot 59, which is also used by DD's arm cuffs. As such anything that force-equips arm cuffs may displace the head frame, leaving the Automated's face floating over their body. Alternate versions of the head frames set to slot 50 are included that can be used if needed. The theory here is that the DMA arms aren't particularly compatible with arm cuffs anyway, while the vaginal piercings on slot 50 might see some use with the Type XXX pelvises, but really DD just uses so many slots that it's impossible not to run into it somewhere.  Updating the mod mid-save can cause a minor but irritating error with the SoS 'revealing' system. A keyword was added to all DMA torsos to mark them as 'revealing' by default in order to insure that they would work with the slot 52 modesty options, but evidently the SoS system only registers the presence of that keyword when an item is first encountered during a game. If it has already seen an item prior to the keyword being added and has it marked as 'concealing', it will continue to treat it as such. The problem with this is that the pre-set outfits on most of the Automated include a slot 52 element, and if SoS thinks that their torso should be 'concealing' it will displace either the slot 52 element or the torso piece. While the former isn't that big of a deal, unfortunately it usually seems to do the latter instead. So if the first time you encounter an Automated they're just head and limbs floating around an empty space, this is probably the cause of it. Bodyslide support is offered with the Variable models, but results are not guaranteed. The mechanical parts involved only offer so much flexibility, and more extreme presets are highly likely to experience issues with scraps of skin mesh clipping through or distortion of the mechanisms. Beast Race support has been added, but it has some limits. Khajiit and Argonian head shapes are difficult to make masks of, so they do not have the full Automated effect at this time. It is recommended to use them with the D2 torsos due to the complications caused by their necks. When using the R bodies, the texture on the character's original tail does not change. The R tails are provided to rectify this. Please also note that the majority of parts use the Feminine series of Beast textures. Feel free to swap them out for your preferred texture sets.  The D models do conform to the character's skin tint settings, but they use an isolated copy of the Fair Skin texture set which may result in the colors not matching well between the D model's skin and the character's original head should it be retained due to differences between how the texture mods parse the tint. In addition to this the flesh versions of the SeXtreme masks do not color match to the character's skin tint at all, as they are built in a completely different way from the Vanilla Skyrim faces. New faces matched to the preset skin tints are planned, release TBD. Skyrim seems to have some limitations on overlays applied to the skin textures that may affect the Type XXX bodies. Tattoo-style overlays appear to only be applied to parts on the main body, hand, and foot slots (32, 33, 37), and as such do not appear on the Type XXX pelvises or upper arms, which use slots 49 and 34 respectively. Bloodspray decals also appear to pool on the upper torso and hands. The Stone pelvises have noticeable texture seams at the hips; this is due to replacing the skin texture with a solid 'block' texture that is not mapped specifically to the skin mesh. Customized skin textures would have to be created to rectify this, which is a bit outside of my skill set.  The Type XXX arms are internally split into two pieces using slots 33 and 34 due to the hand and arm textures being in different files, and Skyrim refusing to apply two different skin textures to different meshes on the same model. As a result of this, the Type XXX arms are not compatible with the Type G forearm armor, which also uses slot 34. Neither can be changed to a different slot, as models not using slots 33 or 34 do not show up in first-person view.  The Type XXX Pelvises include a vagina model, primarily for anatomical correctness. Unfortunately the collisions or some other element needed to maintain the functional animations appear to have been lost at some point in the build process, and I'm afraid I don't know enough about how they work to restore them.  While they are not hard requirements, it is recommended to have all the standard DLC installed as some parts do source their textures from them.  Parts were arranged to minimize clipping and distortion, but all possible poses or animation sets could not be accounted for. Some oddness may occur in more extreme positions.  The Facility is very overstuffed with NPCs and decorations. Weaker systems may have some difficulty with it. Follower pathing in the lower area of Gloomreach is screwy. Something prevents them from entering properly into the lowest part of the second cave and causes them to run off trying to find another route, leaving you behind.  The teleportation spell to return to the Facility has been inconsistent about moving followers. In testing it has not been depositing them at the landing point with the player, as intended. Instead they enter the cell via a physical entrance and run over, or sometimes get lost. I'm unsure why this is happening, as I used the same teleportation script in a different mod years ago and never had any similar problems with it. I intend to try an fix this in the future, but recommend using a follower tracking mod in the meantime just in case. (And in general, they're useful.) Some changes were made to the Dibella shrine south of Old Hroldan. These may conflict with other mods that change this area, particularly any that add a statue to the plinth.  Don't enter the Cistern. It's not done yet. In the least. The Pony mask is malfunctioning in the SE conversion. Cause unknown at this time.  


    Face models sourced from azmodan22's 
    SeXtreme Loading Screens
    Limb elements sourced from
    The Amazing World of Bikini Armour!
    Edhildils Dwemer Cyborg BBP
    Edhildils DMRA Store
    Vicn Creature Pack
    Gynoid credits:
    Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team
    DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
    Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only by Radioragae
    Dwemer Dog Follower
    Dwemer Steam Horse
    Dwarven Devious Cuirass
    Girl's Heavy Armors
    Armor sourced from
    UNP Spice Gear Collection
    Remodeled Armor
    Sexy Vanilla Female Armor
    BD UUNP Dragonborn Armor Replacer
    Peacekeeper Armour
    Type XXX meshes and textures
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    Fair Skin Complexion
    Feminine Beast Races
    Additional elements from
    Clockwork (Clockwork Castle)
    Nova Catsuit
    Dwemer Over Technology Resources
    Ghogiels Brain Remastered
    Static Mesh Improvement Mod
    DG High Heels
    Skyrim Strap Ons
    Sexy Nixy & Sexy Dwemmy
    With special thanks to Holzfrau
    ...And viewers like you



  19. SlaveTats | Anuketh Pack #3 - LE / SE

    More tattoos for you to enjoy. Compatible for both CBBE and UNP / Skyrim Legendary Edition and Skyrim Special Edition.
    This pack includes the following:
    42 Tattoos: Whiskers (Face), Sugar Skull Alt (Face), Sugar Skull (Face), Stitches (Face), Pirate Skull (Leg), Bat Upside Down (UNP), Bat Upside Down (CBBE), Dead Tree (Back), Cross UNP (Bust), Cross CBBE (Bust), Arrows Alt (Back), Arrows (Pubic), Daedra's Hole (Pubic), Troll Lover (Pubic), Tribal Dragon (Back), Tribal Dragon (Front), Tribal (Back), Crowned Heart UNP (Underboob), Crowned Heart CBBE (Underboob), Cupid Bow (Back), Lips (Face), Skull (Face), Owl (Face), Dreamcatcher (Back), Underboob 3 UNP, Underboob 3 CBBE, Underboob 2 UNP, Underboob 2 CBBE, Underboob 1 UNP and Underboob 1 CBBE, Harder Daddy (Back), MILF in Distress (Back), Hermaeus Mora Eye (Face), Molag Bal (Back), Adornment (Back), Siren (Back), Lute (Back), Chest 3 UNP (Front), Chest 3 CBBE (Front), Chest 2 UNP (Front), Chest 2 CBBE (Front), Chest 1 (Front).
    ██ First version (v1.0) | (17.02.2021) Release
    ██ Second version (v1.2) | (19.02.2021) Update
    ██ Third version (v1.3) | (20.02.2021) Update
    ██ Fourth version (v1.4) | (22.02.2021) Update
    Check out my other SlaveTats Packs
    Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #1   |   Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #2

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.  
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):
    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking.
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    More tattoos will be added in future updates (up to 50, like the first and second pack). If you have a specific request, send me a PM.



  20. Submissive Lola: The Resubmission LE/SE

    A highly updated version of the original Submissive Lola mod by alexvkj.  The mod was rebooted as The Resubmission by MrEsturk and Hexbolt8.  When MrEsturk became unavailable, I created this page to continue updates & support.  Same mod, with a new page to conveniently get updates.
    What Does It Do?
    The mod lets you turn a follower into a dominant personality in a consensual master-slave relationship (though there are optional non-consensual features, and you can even start by being bought as a slave).  You can optionally have a contract time to fulfill.
    Any playable race follower can become your owner, male or female, though custom followers with their own specialized frameworks might not work.  Male and female player characters are supported.  Some content is exclusively for female player characters, but most is not.  Dialog will change in many instances for male player characters.  You may specify your gender preference, and play a gay or lesbian character if you wish.
    Your progress in the relationship is measured with a submission score.  Initially only basic events are available, but as the score increases more and more events open up.  At the highest score level the events can be inconvenient (if you act like a submissive doormat, you get treated like one), so you might choose to avoid reaching the max score 100.
    Your dominant follower "owner" will call you Lola, regardless of your character's gender (there's a book with lore about that).  There is an automated process (described below) to change that name if you can use TES5Edit.  You can change your owner's title in the MCM if you don't care for Master or Mistress.
    Your owner rules you with a firm hand, but is often playful and teasing.  When you're made to do humiliating things, it's said that it's to help you admit your darkest desires, or to help you learn obedience, and both are for your own good.  You're like a valued pet.  And a sex slave.  Your owner understands the value of fantasy and imagination, and will sometimes suggest things that will never actually be done to you.  Above all, your owner wants your submission and obedience, not your gold.  Gold CAN play a large role in your relationship if you enable those features, or it can have no part of it.
    - The main download SubmissiveLolaResubmission is required.  EsturkBooze is optional (details below).
    - Players should have at least one spanking animation, or the spanking scenes will be generic sex.  I recommend "Rydin Overlap Spanking".  LE version is here.  SE version is here.
    - This mod replaces any other Submissive Lola, including 1.1 on MrEsturk's old mod page.  Do not install two versions.  (Apparently Vortex thinks 1.1 and 2.x are different mods.  They are not.  This is a newer version of 1.1.)  You may update from 1.1 by following the update procedure below.  You cannot update from classic Submissive Lola or the old SE beta.
    - One installation that works with LE or SE out of the box, no conversions needed.
    - MCM with extensive customization options.
    - Compatibility with Devious Devices, though if you're wearing a ZAP device the mod will recognize it.
    - Support for custom collar and gag meshes & textures.  Or just use the collar of your choice from another mod.
    - If you have multiple followers, you can change which one is your owner at any time.
    - Prostitution events that use Radiant Prostitution if you have it (WraithSlayer and Gigolo versions both work), or a basic form is provided by the mod.
    - Gold sharing system.  Highly configurable.  Automatically split gold with your owner.  Pay your owner, or have your owner pay you!
    - Have your owner confiscate your keys, and some or all of your lockpicks.
    - Soft integration with Simple Slavery++.  Have a follower buy you and become your owner -- or buy you again if already your owner.
    - Mod events can cause Devious Followers Continued resistance loss (if installed).
    - Spanking and whipping as punishment, or as reward!
    - When your owner spanks you, a mod event is sent to Spank That Ass (if installed).
    - City-specific events.  Be displayed at the Riften slave market.  Have 3-way sex with a priestess in the Temple of Dibella.  Perform at the Bards College.  Naked.
    - Make embarrassing admissions (some of which might even be true) to strangers, and get punished if you don't say it right.
    - Make deliveries as a pony girl, with your choice of outfit color.
    How Do I Start?
    What is EsturkBooze?
    Updating (from 1.1)
    Changing "Lola"
    For Modders
    alexvkj:  Creator of the original Submissive Lola mod.
    MrEsturk:  Rebooted the mod as The Resubmission, adding the MCM, new events, and the brown leather texture.
    t.ara for Zaz Animation Pack, and Pfiffy for the SE conversion.
    MrEsturk:  Pony girl gear pink and blue colors from SLUTS.
    skyrimfet:  Pony girl amulet texture from Devious Training, used with permission.
    Roggvir:  EFF compatibility scripts for owner's "inventory" versus "container".



  21. M2M Animations for SLAL

    Please read Tweens' Terms of Use (modified) before downloading this archive.
    This mod is a SLAL collection of animations from Tweens' M2M Animations. The animations were made for male/male usage, but can also be utilized by any characters with schlongs, i.e. it is suitable for use in gay, dickgirl, and femdom (strap-on) contexts though positional adjustments through SexLab are necessary for the latter two. Please note there are issues with timing in this SLAL pack not present in the original, hence Tweens' original decision to not utilize the SLAL framework and create a standalone mod. This collection is for individuals who would not be bothered by this problem. If this timing issue is unacceptable, please consider using M2M Animations instead. For previews of the animations, refer to the original mod's page (videos are male on male).
    Animation List:
    Solo Masturbation Duo Masturbation Standing BJ 69 3Way 4Way Duo Masturbation Deux Power Driver Face-down Fuck Aggressive Face-down Deep Kiss Laying BJ Muscle Worship Standing Jerk-Off Standing Jerk-Off Variation 1 Standing Jerk-Off Variation 2 Laying Jerk-Off Laying Jerk-Off Variation 1 Laying Jerk-Off Variation 2 Laying BJ 3Way Laying Pushups 3Way Laying Poke 3Way Standing BJ 3Way Cowboy Missionary Cock Milker Smooch 4 Way BJ Quick Suck-1,2,3 Leg Up Fuck Aggressive Face Fuck Aggressive KO 3Way Foreplay:                 1) Kissing1
                    2) Kissing 2
                    3) Admire
                    4) Butt Check
                    5) Neck Kiss
                    6) Hand Trace
    SexLab - Sex Animation Framework SexLab Animation Loader The above's requirements.  
    Install and enable. Run FNIS for Users. Register and enable the animations in SLAL's MCM.  
    Terms of Use
    Tweens for creating these animations and allowing the creation of this SLAL pack.
    © TweensAnimations
    ------------------------By clicking on the download link, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use Contract-------------



  22. femboy CBBE preset with SoS and Unique Character guide

    Inspired by Ansvyne, who was in turn inspired by this mod.

    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    Fair Skin Complexion, with both Flat options checked, as well as Goosebumps and Subsurface (.sk) Maps.
    High Poly Head
    Silent Player
    Unique Character

    + + +

    Navigate to your Data folder and fire up Bodyslide (it has issues starting from the mod manager). The top dropdown menu should say CBBE, and the bottom should say TransBoy. Hit Batch Build if you want to make all CBBE armors fit this preset, or Build if you want to select specific ones. If there are any conflicts, manually select the non-physics option; my preset does not support physics.

    + + +

    Download this, then this. If you want a transgender femboy, do neither.

    + + +

    Navigate to meshes/actors/character/character assets and copy every .nif that says "female" (except eyes and mouth). These are the files you need to put in meshes/actors/character/unique/female. Do the same for the textures; they will be found in textures/actors/character/female (and need to be put in textures/actors/character/unique/female, in the corresponding folder within). I also highly highly highly suggest using High Poly Head since you won't need to worry about making Expressive Facegen Morphs or the like compatible with Unique Character; High Poly Head will overwrite everything except textures.

    The only catch is vanilla armor. You can use a different CBBE preset for NPCs if you like, but if you do, you can only use mod armor for your character. I personally don't find that particularly heartbreaking.



  23. Devious Followers - Continued

    Devious Followers - Continued
    What Is It?
    Devious Followers is a mod that turns regular Skyrim followers intro tricky hirelings that want to lure you into slavery.
    The follower charges you for their services, and if you cannot pay, you can instead take "deals" that involve bondage and humiliation for the follower's amusement.
    Over time, the deals tend to erode your willpower, so it becomes harder to resist the follower's influence.
    If you can't clear your debts quickly enough, the follower may take payment in kind and enslave you.
    If you are able to pay the follower, they can provide some help escaping from devious devices, play gambling games that might allow you access to extra cash or device keys, and at times they may also initiate bondage games based simply on you wearing certain devices.
    About the Latest Version
    Guide to DFC for new players
    You can find a guide on getting started with DF that should give you an idea of where it can fit in your game, how to configure it, and what sorts of things will happen here:
    Gameplay Mechanics Summary

    Optional Integrations
    Other Recommended Mods

    Known Bugs
    About the Whore Armor
    Information for Old Devious Followers Users
    Notes for Modders
    The documentation for mod-events and storage-util interfaces is here:
    Roadmap for future development
    Future plans and information about what's being worked on now are here:
    Full Changelist
    The full change list is here:



  24. PetCollar

    LE / SE
    An expansion for Devious Devices. Lockable collar for a more "submissive" game play, for you or your follower(s).
    Simple, stable, effective and playable (I hope).
    Consists of 3 main features:
    Armor Restrictions - wearer is restricted from wearing specified apparel, which can be set to: no armor, completely nude, only jewelry, no body armor or clothing. And electrocuted otherwise. Optionally buffs sneaking, casting, and dodging capabilities.
    Fucktoy - wearer is used for sex relief by your follower(s), creature follower, horse, neutral citizens (if they see the pet without teammates) or yourself. Optional fortitude buffs after sex with the Pet (special buffs for horses!). Player can also use the (other) Pet when aroused (automatically or with a prompt).
    Inventory Control - limits your carrying capacity so that all the "unnecessary" stuff and/or excess gold is (kind of) sent to your companions (or saddle bags) right after you loot it. Talk to them sneakily to get access to your stuff (only works for Player as Pet). Optionally buffs you for traveling light. Option to auto-use items on pick-up / buy.
    All features are modular and most options are configurable through MCM menu.
    Please refer to the IMPLEMENTATION section for a more detailed description.
    Equip on yourself or a targeted actor through MCM menu. Add "Pet Ability" to whom you want to add it to through MCM menu. Get from the Pet Stash (can be opened from MCM menu). Obtain by console - item names are: Pet Collar, Keyless Pet Collar. Placed on (and under) the table near the door inside Whiterun's Jorrvaskr:  

    Devious Devices (LE / SE) and all its requirements. More Nasty Critters (LE / SE) are also highly suggested if you're expecting some bestiality. And don't forget to allow Creature Animations in SexLab!  
    Use your favorite mod manager or drop files manually.
    PetCollar reapplies its effects automatically on update and is safe to update on a current game, unless explicitly stated in the patch notes.
    Unlock and unequip the collar before uninstalling.
    (Optionally) Clean your save from all the "petcollar*" scripts with the SaveTool.


    You are free to use any assets of this mod as long as you give me credit. No need to ask my permission, just notify me.



  25. Standard FNIS Poses and Animations List

    First of all, let me just make this clear: this isn't actually a mod, nor does it have any animations in and of itself. 
    What it is, is a text file that has a description of the animations that come pre-packaged with FNIS.
    Let me explain: 
    Every time I start a new game, Skyrim, for reasons of its own, automatically sets the spells FNIS Idle Selection and FNIS Player Idles as my default equipped "items." Naturally, I always forget this has happened until the first time I try to pull out a sword and get this screen:

    The worst part about it is that there is no way to get out of that screen without picking something, so I always pick some random selection and then have to jump out of whatever idle it put me in.
    After some time (measured in years,  considering I'm just now looking into it), I began to wonder what all the animations were. I googled it but couldn't find a list anywhere. The closest thing I found was a post right here by Fore himself pointing to the text file that had the animations.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\FNISSpells\FNIS_Animations.txt
    Which kind of helped but they still weren't very descriptive. Here are a few, as an example. You can see the entire list yourself by following the path above:
    FNISSPc001.hkx    db_astrididle.hkx
    FNISSPc002.hkx    idlewarmarms.hkx
    FNISSPc003.hkx    idlewave.hkx
    FNISSPc004.hkx    npc_applaud4.hkx
    FNISSPc005.hkx    mt_pointfar_02.hkx
    FNISSPc006.hkx    idleblessingkneel_loop.hkx
    FNISSPc007.hkx    special_ceremony1welcome.hkx
    FNISSPc008.hkx    2hw_attackpower.hkx
    FNISSPc009.hkx    special_civilwarcheer.hkx
    So I just plucked the first poor NPC I found, forced him to become a follower, then forced him to stand still and went through all of the idles, poses, and animations that the spell brought up. And that, dear friends, is what this is - slightly better descriptions of the standard FNIS idle spells. 
    There are other posers out there but since these come automatically, you might as well know about them. If they are no used to you, no worries - I place them here for those who might care or, at least, are as curious as I was.



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