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  2. Hey guys, i love gigantic tits and enormous breasts. Could you find a preset similar to this? Or make a new preset by referring to this picture? Picture Source Link: https://www.pixiv.net/users/1043212
  3. I tried this mod. Its not that good. There is no breast physics, unlike the standing sprites that have been posted here by those working on Blaze nude
  4. sometimes just exit looksmenu and open it again, but yeah, reloading works allways.
  5. Hi! Love your work! I just downloaded the items but I cannot find them in the game at all. Any help? I tried sorting by custom content in Build/Buy mode.
  6. maybe something failed ... but the giant when he wants to fuck crashes and the horse is empty ... I followed the description all the way ... I think. ...and my brother lost his clothes... it collides with .. Creature_Schlongs_SE__1_0 ?
  7. Never said that ANY sim can enroll. Shouldn't have expected it to be a given. It could be that I AM a teacher. We just tend to take the basics for granted... (Butthurt? Man, I'm trying Setra because you seem to think of it highly! Life's already complicated without entering verbal jousts on the internet...)
  8. Ohmydemonsinhell, what a mess, I needed 20 minutes to do this - CAS screenshot - what about selling stolen and reuploaded stuff of other creators at Patreon? old Asus notebook, just an Intel HD graphic chip, 4 GB RAM, less CC and just a paint.net to increase sharpeness and vignette. No presets in use!
  9. what part of "no advertising" escapes your grasp, exactly.
  10. Broodmother allows for a tentacle monster birth to produce multiple units (iirc 3-7) if recruited, versus only a single unit without (this is completely separate from the multiple pregnancy gamerule).
  11. Solution I have deleted all Files of Sexlab Framwork with Vortex Modmanager and have download it again.
  12. As I said before, Nagisa used two different hashes for the face on DMM. Current mod is for the second version. Steam probably still uses the first one, so it won't work. You can either try to use older Nagisa mod (can be found somewhere in this thread) or wait for Steam version to update the hash. I don't think you can fix it by simply changing the face hash in the ini.
  13. Wrong sub-forum. Try here instead: https://www.loverslab.com/forum/81-request-find-skyrim-non-adult-mods/
  14. The name is kinda irrelevant but you're correct about the code, I didn't make such mods in a long time so I remembered it wrong. That new mod active method with Present is neat.
  15. It likely won't work so simply, because the problem is the skill/relationship gain/loss being applied to something that can't accept those changes. The way around it would be to remove both the relation/prostitution changes entirely, but the event isn't working as intended to begin with, so those changes defeat the purpose of intended subjects of the events. The events are intended solely for hero characters, barring the one random traveling event. So, as I said, it may be something that will need to be fixed with a CE update, and not something that can be done via XML edits.
  16. Yes I can do that, thank you so much for continuing to help me with this. The filepath for the 'binary' MO2 launch of Bodyslide is: C:\Users\[myusername]\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\SkyrimSRJ\webcache\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio\CalienteTools\BodySlide The filepath for 'starts in' is: C:\Users\[myusername]\OneDrive\Documents\Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim The top image is the esp list showing that have DD and its requirements active, the second is my data folder.
  17. You ask for a profile sim of a member?! Can´t beleave this question. Profile sims (our personal avatar sim) never should be shared public. We just give it to true friends for a guest sim. Because true friends would never ever share it.
  18. for some odd reason sebastien is now following me anywhere but he isnt a follower i tried dismissing everyone with the set playerfollowercount thing but he is still following me
  19. Hey so I found a way to change the skin tone of said dong once a while back but can't remember how. Anyone got info on that?
  20. for HKX files : You need to install creation kit from bethesda launcher, it will install Skyrim Special Edition\Tools\HavokBehaviorPostProcess\HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe Then, create a bat with this code in it : @echo off For /R %%G in (*.HKX) do HavokBehaviorPostProcess.exe --platformamd64 "%%G" "%%G" > NUL Move the exe and the bat at the root of the mod folder (not data, because it will do it on each HKX file of ALL mods and will take ages), run the bat and it will convert all hkx files to SSE For nif files, just run the nif optimizer, that will auto find all the nif files and turn them to sse. For esp just open it with creation kit and save it For esm, you need Wrye bash to convert it to esp then do the esp step and reconvert it to ESM And don't forget to run FNIS You don't need to convert textures You don't need to convert scripts as the bytecode definition didn't change from SLE to SSE
  21. Same issue and there is more issues like You are now the slave whore of [...] instead of npc name and also slavezone restraint equip don't work anymore, scene is working but nothing is equipped.
  22. Can a download mirror be provided? Suddenly Megabasterd stopped working and every single proxy trick I try to bypass the Mega limit ends up with the download failing
  23. Hi im looking for a follower mod that looks like wagaya no liliana san . even near or almost is fine with me.hair color is no problem i can change that with other mods.ty
  24. that what you are not playing. Risen series Elex and other GERMAN GAMES
  25. So I got a new comp and had to reinstall everything from scratch. Im having a weird issue where some of my human male to female animations dont have sounds - I dont recall having this problem before. Any ideas? 😕
  26. Here come the news My issue is still the same, loincloth for males and no dong. The thing is, in vortex i do not have plugin for Tempered Skin Male (wich is the SOS full edition) so i think that the issue may come from that. Or maybe my SoS full is not installed properly, it seems that it could be tricky to install. i've made some research of course, but nothing explain the lack of plugin for tempered skin ... If anyone had a clue ...
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