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  2. Hey @Scrab firstly a thousand apologies for being tardy with the cuffs, I will admit exporting .obj to convert to .nif was harder than I thought, also I haven't had time to properly texture the U.V. map yet so I just used base metal\leather texture also the attach ring is maybe a bit small, what you think? I have been following your thread, @Tagliatele makes some interesting ideas about jealousy and also mini quest adventures together. I also saw your post about DD's you are right to assume that lupine uses dd's in DFC however she (I think lupine is a she?) does not use the locking script, you are not required to lock the device on simply to wear it. There is a constant check from the DF that you are complying to the deal thus making the DD locking script redundant in fact I believe she has run into issues regarding the DD scripts being unreliable in what they try to do. In the case of JF if you go with DD locking, what's to stop the player using a key (spawned or otherwise) to unlock the device if you have no check from the JF that the item is still equipped? If you are running a scan to check the item is equipped then the locking script becomes redundant. I agree that there are lots of nice toys in the DD library as well as the anims and SL filter, however If you limit this mod to simply applying X item from DD then I think you will end up becoming another DFC clone. If you were to follow the check worn path you could flow more easily from benign requests to more hardcore stuff using the same scripts for example the Jf might ask the P.C. to wear a simple bracelet "I think this would look pretty on you." If the P.C. removes the bracelet the JF would be aware and the response could also depend on stress level of the JF, at low stress "oh that's a shame you dont want to wear the bracelet i gave you" and loss a bit of affection or at high stress "so you think your to good for the present I gave you, fine I'll take it back" remove item and take bigger hit to affection. Your shut up event could also use this formula, the JF equips the gag on the P.C. but does not lock it so if the player removes the gag without permission from the JF the response could again be stress linked low = "I didn't say your time was up yet" reequip and lose a bit of affection high = "you cant understand a simple instruction then fine" force drink Skooma\lactoid\alcohol\SLS cum and equip more severe gag (still not locked) "take that off again before I tell you and you'll be even more sorry than now" I think leaving the choice to the player whether or not they comply with what the JF is asking would add to the role playing idea of having a follower slowly taking control of the P.C. I wonder if more immersion could be added also this way, let's say you decide to use the cuffs in this mod well perhaps instead of just appearing magically in the inventory of the JF the JF would ask the P.C. to travel with them to a specific shop to get fitted up for special cuffs. Much in the same way as YPS does piercing, you have to travel to a specific shop to get your piercing done and then wait before the first is healed before using larger ones ( there is tons of stuff in YPS that you could tie into like makeup, bathing, heels and the piercings.) Anyway sorry if this is a bit long and also these are just my thoughts please dont think Im saying in anyway "you should do this, your ideas are stupid" Maybee just something else to think about. metal_d.dds metal_n.dds leather.dds cuff.nif
  3. Nope, but I want the character, not just the body. I already have the body with Body Slide, I mean the UNPBO body. I want the character. Thanks anyway.
  4. how do u make ur sim maturbate on the couch?
  5. I'm starting to be kinda done with the lack of actual customizability with cbbe - figured bhunp might be a better option. Any info on how do I get the bodymorphs working with bhunp or do they work out of the box? I want to figure this and a few other things out before I erase my cbbe stuff.
  6. Just want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has put this together. Saves a hell of a lot of time and you guys are awesome for taking time to put this guide together. Cheers.
  7. I must be slow because I followed your exact instructions and it did not work for me. When I get to add animations part and add the animations and click confirm it never adds any of the animations I've selected. It just keeps sending me back and forth until I get sick of trying to add animations to the playlist and exit the whole thing.
  8. I got the OTP on the mobile. After I submit the OTP nothing happens. If i resubmit it says the OTP is expired. Which browser did you use? Am using FireFox.
  9. I'm not seeing anything in particular that would check if a Sim is playable or not, but it might be one of these quirks with SimFilters that I'm not 100% sure about and would need to investigate further. As for an employee showing up without an employee title - something prevented that Sim from starting their "job situation", which could be caused by another mod or there's a possibility it's something in the game. If you can, try sending that employee home and they should come back soon after. The only time assigning tasks is not possible is when a Sim is dancing. Otherwise it would be when a Sim isn't an employee that's currently working, which comes back to the thing I explained above. As for hiring household Sims, the game actually prevents you from hiring anybody that is currently present within the loaded zone. If you want to hire someone from your household, make sure to first send them home.
  10. seems ok to me, but i'm not a fan of Adata's stuff. also don't bother with water cooling, air (with lots of heat pipes) cools better in many cases, hell i'm still using the stock cooler that came with my 3700 (but i also have 5 case fans).
  11. When ever I go through a door my body has either black shading on my body or more than half my screen turns black. The only fix I've found to this problem is going into slavtats mcm then quiting it so it displays slave tats is done with......... and after that opening the map and closing it again,however the same shading or black screen occurs after I go through another door. So far I've tried disabling enb, lighting mods, HDT-SMP, CBPC but nothing works. I have also tried to clean mysave with resaver but it didn't work. I'd be grateful if anyone can help me out with this,its very annoying. I'm playing on se
  12. Does this mod even check what animations that are active in SL?? I have only single and 3P animations (CCF) ,but still it shows up both 3 and 4 creatures... And then it goes to...well.. the dogs..
  13. The User Config can be used to turn something off or change it. Playful moodlets added by WickedWhims can't kill your Sims.
  14. Are there any preconverted PrisonOverhaulPatched and SLpaysexcrime ? Ive never done converting and im afraid to mess up even with guides. Especially considering how many dependencies POP requires. Or like scripts in SLPSC.
  15. Is this still in development? I love the concept of this and would love to play it!
  16. So i tried a new character without enabling sexlab and all the other mod (like random sex and PSQ)i have with the MCM, managed to play like 50 minutes without a crash, but after going to Riverwood after checking Helgen, got a crash ;'(
  17. フランス語圏の不和のための新しいバナー。 Nouvelle bannière pour notre discord francophone. New banner for French-speaking discord.
  18. Thanks, it worked. I knew that going through that option would fix it, i was just hoping I wouldn't have to uninstall anything because I worry that it'll destabilize things
  19. looks pretty good to me, but I few things you should take in consideration. When you want to decide how much of supply you need, then you need not only to calculate the total of (maximum) WATTS each component needs, but also add least 20-30% on top of that, to be sure you create a stable desktop system. If a supply has to run on max all the time, without having any spare to give, you will run into trouble within 2-3 years after purchase. Second your RAM is ok, but for a gaming desktop I rather advice to take 2x 16Gb, the bigger the game the more RAM it uses, and just like your own short memory, full =full and the damage (Losing RAM memory capacity) begins, again you will run into trouble after a few years, (if you are lucky) but that could also mean within the year.
  20. Hey there, I know it's been a year since any activity really but have you ever looked into the unweighted pixel issue? I'm experiencing it on the fem version specifically. Tried to mess around with it myself but I haven't had any luck.
  21. The two mods share some filenames (less editing in the ini that way) so that's why I didn't put them together but in separate folders. Just a heads up so people don't merge them. Just click my name or go to my thread and download there to escape the clutter of this thread. Transparent panties are usually a real bitch to make. There is in 99% of cases a big hole under panties, and the area around the edges of these holes is heavily edited by TN. So if you replace these areas with nude body, the panties will clip all over the place. And even worse if the girl bends over. I have tried it many times and only got it working a few times. I'm a big fan of transparency myself so I wish I could make it easily for every suit.
  22. You can! What I wrote was what the JFs "ultimate goal" is. That doesnt necessarily need to be your own goal too. You can decide if you just go with anything they do or try to turn things around I explained how domination works in the Alpha3 patchnotes, I recommend reading the "SDP" Part of the patchnotes if youre interested in that. For a quick recap: You can either be dominant or submissive. Both share the same event pool to some extend, meaning even if you are dominant, the follower will try to make you submit and play some stupid games to you. Thats because this isnt a slavery mod, even when submissive you are allowed to have a will of your own.. and your follower does too! .. and they still want to be dominant, thats why you get the same pool. You do however have a few advantages when dominant (or disadvantages when submissive..) Once either of you collects enough SDP (Domination) you will be locked into either a good end (dominating) or a bad end (submissive), which gives you or your follower access to some special & more extreme events and it will be significantly harder to really change your position once there. The latter being beta content, I need to get a decent set of events before I can focus on those two states but the goal will be to work into either of the two directions an Event with a 365 day cooldown, huh? Interesting ================== If the weather stays like that Im prbly going to publish 3.1 later the day
  23. Not quite while script mods and tuning mods where unaffected. Core Mods like Nraas Error Trap, XCAS, Consorts 2x Weight and Fitmess, Awesome mod and a couple of lesser known core mods had to be updated as they are patch level specific. In fact Nraas Untranslated Key will break the launcher if you install the 1.67 version while being on 1.69. Which 2 EP's I know when I had installed Supernatural, Seasons and Island Paradise I had longer load times.
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