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  2. So I really want to try this mod. But after downloading via NMM Skyrim SE will not load up. I went through all my mods 1 by 1 and it was the one keeping the game from loading. Any ideas? Really want to try this out.
  3. can someone upload me a save file where mc is hungry... or atleast tell me how do i get hungry for the olaf scene
  4. Well the fact that at least that error was returned means that at least the parser works correctly, but the export code doesn't like whe the numbers of vertex buffers is different to the numbers of layout, or the number of vertex buffers different to the number of index buffers, as it (incorrectly) assumes that they are all indexed the same, which is the case of most g1m. You may try your luck in other g1m, it may work.
  5. I wont be making that a dependency. Those unique animal girls mods try to do weird things and have yet to be something beneficial rather than tedious to make work properly.
  6. check, check and check. maybe Loot is messing my load order? Or i have installed it wrong...should matchmaker have a .esp? (because it doesnt appear in my load order)
  7. So I guess 4.4.3 or 4.5 will be the 1.2 compatible? I guess it doesn't really officially matter, only hero mode is broke and don't use hero mode since there isn't yet a "convince" mode to help convince that colony pawn with 12+ construction to build complicated shit... or is there? I don't know, haven't messed with hero mode in like 9 months... but having a RMB option to convice peeps to do shit would be nice. Don't tell me to learn C++ and do it myself, I already hate just straight C!
  8. Hi guys, it's my first time building a custom desktop. For gaming & MS word/excel/etc I play and mod Skyrim & Fallout 4 on my potato laptop. But never been able to play at 1080p or 60fps I've decided to get a desktop for Cyberpunk 2077 and others games. Just wondering if the specs of the hardware is good enough. I want to be able to play on Ultra (with mods in future) with decent FPS, without killing my desktop. Here's the specs: Mobo - GIGABYTE B450 GAMING X CPU - AMD RYZEN 7 3700X | 4.4 GHZ | 8 Cores 16 Threads Graphics Card - GIGABYTE RTX 2070 SUPER Windforce OC 8GB RAM - 16GB Adata SPECTRIX D50 3600 Mhz (8x2) Cooling - 360mm closed looped water cooling + BEQUIET Pure Wings 140mm chassis fans x2 PSU - 650W FSP/EVGA 80+ Bronze Certified PSU Sorry in advance if I don't understand any tech lingo. I'm a noob at this. Greatly appreciate any help/advice.
  9. Great mod and it even works on SE, thx ! I played female and male DB since I started played skyrim in march and playing a male DB that can dominate their female follower really get me more going than the reverse (even though I can see the appeal) so this mod is perfect for me. But I would not say no if you add more torture furniture to play with my naughty slave follower
  10. Also not sure if anyone has asked this before yet; what is the different between being a therianthrope wolf_kin, a were-wolf, or a were-kin? Is there a difference?
  11. I never quit the game normaly bacause it always crash, i can send a antoher dump, even a sexlab debug log if you want. I also have a shit load of log from different script: i will try a new character in the afternoon to see if it come from my save because as far as id remember i didn't get those crashes in this save early game. SexLabDebug.0.log 2020-08-13_20.40.00.dmp 2020-08-13_17.38.17.dmp
  12. no i dont , i use default race @@ damn what am i missing????
  13. Myth. And they eventually collapsed. Worldwide backlash against leftist shit is already in full swing and we didnt even approach Gulag levels yet. We will be fine.
  14. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a Kevin nude mod which includes animations on his face. I think they uploaded it before but the link got taken down. I would really appreciate it if any one has it please ^.^
  15. I mean, I'd rather have a good game now and a really great game five years from now than no game for the next five years and a really great game then. Even with no DLC, this looks to be a worthwhile game.
  16. Which mods are you using for the race and for the helmet?
  17. So how long until update comes out? 🤔
  18. No it wasnt. It was a junkie dying from overdose and heart defect. That knee just sped things up.
  19. looking to have a player that is almost constantly being enslaved... touring the commonwealth with her new master... any ideas on some mods to help me achieve this?
  20. DD / DCL by itself no. When you have a lot of mods and the skse mods are updated to take advantage of the skse updates, yes. Anything that helps with memory will help the overall stability in my opinion. skse64 changelog: 2.0.19 - fixed trampoline to be actually hooked up - fixed incorrect scaling mode for custom menus 2.0.18 - made PapyrusArgs.h not rely on MSVC extensions (thanks to matzibeater) - added trampoline interface for plugins to request a memory block for hooks within SKSE's 64kb * 2 block - please use this space wisely, do not request more space than you need! - skse.log will print how much space a plugin requested - added GetPluginInfo to SKSEInterface to query other plugin's info by name - co-saves with the same name will now be deleted before written - fixed serialization bug when resolving handles - added Location.GetParent Info on what is trampoline: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/articles/2016 https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/gbbhrh/lets_talk_about_dat_trampoline_thing/
  21. So how long until update comes out for Lewdbound and Fuchsia the Floran Slut Returns? 🤔
  22. @karlpaws Glad you got it working. Although I got no idea what cause the problem. In CK and Papyrus true is not always true.
  23. I tried it once and didn't used it again, last time i used it was like 3 years ago, i do see message about the ENB but it's the basic ones.
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