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  2. I'm very sorry about that, I hope you can get back to your computer as soon as possible. But I'm very glad that you like this outfit. Thank you very much BTW, I really like your blog Simlish Playboy Magazine Scans, that you have posted here on LL. In my own interest, I hope you'll be back at your pc soon.
  3. When you create a character in Racemenu you can export the head. You will then find two files in your overwrite folder \SkyrimSE\overwrite\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen (assuming you use mod manager) One will be called ...*.nif the other ...*.dds - These two files are needed to make the head of the character, the first being the mesh, the second the texture. For it to work you need to rename them to whatever the ID of the NPC in the corresponding mod is, but you use only the last digits for that. Depending on whether it comes from an ESM/ESP or ESL you use the last 8 or only the last 3 digits: If the NPC has the ID 20FD1234 it comes from an ESP/ESM with the ID 02, hence the ID of the NC is 00FD1234 and you need to name the two files 00FD1234.nif and 00FD1234.dds If the NPC has the ID FE020123 then it comes from an ESL-flagges ESP with the ID FE:020 and the ID if the NPC is 00000123 and you need to rename the two files 00000123.nif and 00000123.dds Also, the files need to go into a specific directory to work. If your mod is called "mymod.esp" then the files need to go into the folders: \meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\mymod.esp\00000123.nif \textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\mymod.esp\00000123.dds Important to know if your mod does not create these NPCs by itself originally, but if it overwrites exiting NPCs from the vanilla game or some other mod, then the folder structure above must not contain your mod's name but the name of the original mod, as you are overwriting those, not creating your own. FInally, in the NPC entry of your mod you need to list all the headparts which you also find in the nif (use NifScope to check that). If this listing is not identical, Skyrim may ignore the entire nif and you will probably get a black face or potato head. I hope this helps.
  4. Did this really happen? -------Yeah it did. One of the biggest hits in electronic gaming 9 years running is a mere shadow of itself. And not because of it's fan base,...or is it? Just like athletic sports, motorsports,or a hobby it has moved into the realm of bigger business,damn what the customer wants. Today you get to pay to play all the off shoots of the Skyrim franchise. Only because you have no choice.What about those of us that want to "out right own what we pay for" and "do with it as we please for our personal use"? We'er screwed. Microsoft aquiring Bethesda is the death knell of those of us that wish to own what we pay for. The 21st century business model is to sell a service...not a product...and you'll never have any control over whatever. If we as a consumer except this, it is our own fault.
  5. @S_S_Majin, Thank you for your reply and confirming what can and can not been done in terms of how far you can mod Onee Chanbara: Origin. What you have been able to achieve with Texture editing is good enough, and your mods for all three playable characters in the game look great. Thank you again for making it.
  6. Go through the guide and double-check all your settings - ini files, Crash Fixes, ENBoost/ENB etc. Try any other tips and wrinkles you find in the guide and see how things look from there. Steam can check the integrity of the Skyrim files. You could post your load order.
  7. It's all good, the more questions/suggestions I get the more complete it'll be when I release. I don't think of some things until they're asked about and I want it to be as robust as possible.
  8. I've played through the entire main-quest chain recently, and I've only noticed two things; one the plugin's fault, the other not so much. The first is that the side-quests required to advance to the next main-quest isn't always tracked correctly. This isn't a huge issue since the side-quests can be knocked out fairly quickly, but I noticed that even at a setting of one (the number is configurable, defaults to five) I sometimes needed to do two or more to get the main-quest chain to advance. Again, minor gripe. The second is that you need to make sure you have animations installed for all the creatures. The base FNIS/MNC packs seem to be missing Skeever animations, so you'll want to add Billyy's packs to cover those animations. If you're missing an animation for a creature that is considered "valid" when an animation is attempted to be played, the error isn't really handled (Sexlab Enchantress has this issue as well.) The end result is that the Skeever main quest gets stuck because it's waiting on an animation with the Skeever to complete, which never happens because it doesn't exist. The API that checks the validity of the creature is really to blame here; it shouldn't be returning "true" for creatures that don't have animations (the console even reports that the creature is valid but has no animations..... so why is it valid?) So, for me, the only real complaint I have is that there isn't more content! Or that there's no real feeling of completion... You reach the end of the main-quest chain and can keep running side-quests, but there's no "capstone" quest where Thaena thanks you for everything you've done and rewards you in some way. It almost feels like the original developer intended to add more content, but didn't.
  9. Can anyone point me what are the additional scenes in 0.96 compared 0.95? I just want to try them out. But I am having trouble finding this info. Thanks!
  10. in past days spam from discord link, now spam from quote luck whats comes next? hehehe... 😅
  11. Wrong. I'm saying you are wrong not that NMM is wonderful.
  12. Dewguru, Is there any further interactions with the Beast/Belle after you spare him and allow him to serve you (and the Beast gets to keep Belle for himself)? because after that point, going to Belle's village and visiting the cobbler results in just a placeholder picture of Belle and the Beast together. I certainly wouldn't mind getting into a *cough* threesome with those two.
  13. I hear ya......But surely Beth is done tinkering with CC?? I hope??
  14. Not sure what your problem was? Very happy with your results!
  15. Thanks for the info! I will try out!
  16. If you're talking about sticks of RAM I'm running on 32 gigs (just in case) I think my current graphics card has 4 gigs of VRAM so I at least have that covered. I will take a look at that guide you linked, but if all else fails I may try a fresh install of the game. If I went with a fresh install would I need to crate a new character on an un-modded Skyrim first or just clean the most recent save? I know that this glitch at the lake seems to have been more of an issue with players after they installed the Hearthfire DLC and I know for a fact that I wasn't having the issues I'm having now with crashes back in 2014 - 2015, at least not like I am now and back then my computer was a LOT shittier spec wise (mostly because I didn't really know what I was doing when I built it). I'm wondering if the error could be from a corrupted script or something, which is why I'm asking about the fresh install option, I wish there was a tool for mods that would "verify the integrity" of mods, but I don't know of anything like that save for maybe Nif Healer.
  17. Mods that put more insects in the game? Yeah. Mods that let you play as one? Not that I've ever seen. Edit; Quick search turned up one insect race that was being worked on years ago. But no mod. Perhaps a more thorough search will dig something up.
  18. How do you change the path to the current one? What editor did you use?
  19. @2cool4u_1 🤣 I assume it must be the infamous mall ninja clan. Eliza is stone cold! Barely visible but they are there. 😄
  20. I add nothing further to this exchange. Please open your hymnals to page 245 while the collection plates are passed.
  21. Thanks, I'm just looking for the head as it's quite specific for the type of character I want to create!
  22. Sounds good, hope it is not too much of a hassle during your development.
  23. It's not the size of the planet - it's the curvatures & Topography... LOL!
  24. Excellent. I was unaware this download of MadMansGun's added back in the SL Framework's creature animations. Now, thanks to you, and also him, I have enough of the original SL Framework animations so that I used your mod "Remove Standard Animations" and put back in just the animations I like, editing out those I don't care for. I'm missing some, of course, because you're not done here, but enough are completed of the ones I like. This freed up so many animation slots for other modders' work. I was maxed out at just over 12,000 animations and couldn't even add animators' updates because FNIS wouldn't allow the additional animations. Thanks, Nymra, for your excellent work. Thanks also to MadMansGun.
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