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Having a lot of fun



Last several days passed in very funny, cheerful and laughing moments. Since we returned to normal "mode" of work, e.b. and several others got 5 days off but being in "stand by". As for us, we had visitors in our house every day. Although several funny things happened every day, I will mention only few; the funniest to me.

I told our parents what my Prince did for me on my birthday and they all commended him. Although everyone was proud at him, mom Boss was proudest. She couldn't stop kissing and cuddling his cheek. After a while it bothered him but he couldn't tell her to stop because he knew she recently recovered from operation and how much she loves him so he just rolled his eyes and sighed. We all laughed. The weather changed. The temperature dropped some 10-12 degrees and my Prince wasn't tensed and nervous any more. He enjoyed swimming and diving in the sea. My Ivy was with him couple of times but she gave up because she was cold. His learning Italian doesn't not progress. I would dare to say it is worse. Every time he said something in Italian it was grammatically incorrect or he used wrong word. We were dying laughing when he made very wrong sentences. When we encouraged him to study harder, he said:

- I have more important things to do and I would rather change Mikey's diaper hundred times a day than study Italian for one hour.

Anyway, we didn't resent him for he is not into learning languages. It doesn't interest him at all. If he likes something, he is 200% in it, but if he doesn't like something, his interest goes bellow zero.


Second funny thing was in Thursday. I told you before he doesn't likes to watch sport except certain UEFA soccer matches, but he likes to watch athletics. Female competition only. His favorite disciplines are javelin and discus throw, high jump and sprints on 200 and 400 meters. High jumps are his favorite of favorites. My Ivy and I know why. The girls are tall, skinny, muscular legs, tiny ass and beautiful. So, when there was a final competition in Doha, we watched. My Ivy was sitting in his lap while he held his hands on her tummy cuddling their baby. I held Mikey in my lap and I played with him sitting next to them. My Ivy was naughty and she tried to "provoke" him to compliment the high jumpers, but he was silent until light brown skinny girl showed up. She wasn't only attractive, but beautiful too. Seeing her, he got erection. My Ivy felt it and she started to tease him saying:

- Honey, it's to bad you stopped to work as gigolo.

Prince (laughingly): Ivy, don't start!

Ivy: But, honey, we have more and more caramel skin girls and ladies in the Hotel and since you easily have erection and they turns you on, it will be good if you reconsider to start to prostitute again. Extra money will be good for our house budget.

My Prince slapped her ass calling her crazy dirty witch while I blasted in laughter. We continue to tease him until he got enough and hid in our bedroom. I put Mikey in his bed and we "attacked" him. I knocked on the door and I said:

- Mister gigolo. I'm brown skin skinny girl and I'm in the need for sex. My friend here needs it too. We'll pay whatever you want.

My Ivy laughed hard. He opened the door and said:

- You wanna sex??? You will have it, for free!

He let us in and he fucked us hard, rough and good. We had wonderful orgasm but must say, my pussy and ass was sore afterwards. I didn't get used on rough sex like my Ivy, but it was great. My Ivy said to him:

-  You see, honey, you are naturally gifted to be a gigolo. We must tell it to Fran for he can find customers for you.

I blasted in laughter when he said that if she tells anything to Fran she will go on forced abstinence from sex.


We were very surprised when Lidija came is Friday evening and asked my Prince to teach her to cook Ivan's favorite meal. She is more comfortable to cook with him than with our moms. My Prince asked us if we agree to invite her and Ivan i Sunday for lunch. They will make his favorite meal together in Saturday. Of course we agreed. We like Lidija and Ivan very much. Before we went to sleep, my Prince asked my Ivy to sustain from teasing her. My Ivy couldn't promise. So, Lidija came yesterday afternoon with groceries. My Prince and she went to the kitchen while my Ivy and I played with Mikey. I could see on her face how hard she was fighting not to go in the kitchen. When we heard Lidija thanking my Prince for excellent job they did as a team, my Ivy stood up and went to the kitchen. I followed her holding Mikey. She said to Lidija:

- Oh, noooo, my cherry pie, you haven't finished yet.

Lidija looked at her confused saying:

- But we are.

Ivy: The meal is done, but you have to make a closure just as we do after every cooking. You have to have a food sex. I will not let you leave the kitchen until I see him eating banana from your ass.



My Prince and I blasted in very loud laughter while poor Lidija blushed as the reddest tomato you ever seen. She started to call her names, "insult her" and yell at her until she lost her breath. My Prince and I wiped tears from our eyes after long and hard laughing. Ivan came to pick her up after his work. Before they left, my Ivy kissed her loudly on the cheek apologizing for teasing her. When Ivan asked what she did, my Ivy wanted to tell him, but Lidija pressed her palm on her mouth saying:

- Don't you dare, Ivy! Don't you dare or I swear I.... I will kick you in the knee.

(No, she wouldn't because she is not aggressive at all, but she didn't know what else to say). We died laughing while they were entering into their car. I'm looking forward to have a lunch with them today and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun again.

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