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just anotha update #19



this entire entry will seem self-loathing and negative, but i guarantee thats not the purpose.

im going to take an extended vacation for who knows how long, i might come back eventually but as of right now i am not interested in screenshots or mod making whatsoever. i've saved my presets and whatnot, but things have gotten so buggy/laggy/corrupted that i'll make a new install whenever i return. i might go back to using oldrim permanently, sse updates have destroyed my game and been a giant hassle for not much gain since oldrim still looks better and has much better support. overall, lately i haven't been getting the results i've wanted, my screenshots aren't actually very good, and generally not special or anything worthwhile. my motivation is below negative and the support lately has been declining. overall, as you can tell things just aren't working out for me and the frequent glitches i run into while trying to do stuff just makes it all the harder, i've had my key bindings, settings and mod configs reset, my presets disappear and lots more. 

since i still plan on making *mediocre* body presets in the future, i'll make sure to keep supporting my request thread and the presets i've already uploaded. of course, since people ask me for a lot of favors, i'll still try to help you out with those, from followers to private presets. just don't expect any entries or new presets from me for awhile.

thank you all for everything, until i return, heres my favorite picture out of everything i've taken. of course, you guys didn't seem to like it as much as i did.


-truly yours,


to return some other day


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NOOOOO ! ç_ç (face with tears). I totally agree with the meme of the previous post.
Dear golden duck, take your time, but remember that we are here waiting for your return, so don't take too long. I can't say I'm sorry about returning to Oldrim, there you can do amazing things and, since you have to have fun doing them, it's better to stay on what you do best and give you more satisfaction.

I wish you to find your inspiration again. For now, thanks for all the fish, I hope to read you soon. ❤️

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