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Concerning Cambion's Tale



Hello, everyone. Those of you who already know me probably do so because of my presence in the TS4 forums on this site. If you've been following me for a while, you may also know that I started a project called Cambion's Tale sometime last year, with me posting updates sporadically and almost always with long periods of time passing between each release. You may have also noticed that it's been a while since the last installment of the story. The ones who care are probably wondering what's going on. I'm not one to sugarcoat things, so I'll just say it: I've pulled the plug on that project.


Allow me to explain. I'm not quitting Cambion's Tale because of my mental illness, because I've lost the will to write or make content, or because I'm lazy. Simply put, I absolutely hated the story I was writing. I wasn't even into the real meat of the story, yet I had already written something riddled with plot holes, inconsistent characterization, meandering interjections, and just plain old bad writing. When I say "bad writing," I mean the prose flat out sucks. I've read every single entry for Cambion's Tale that I've written at least three or four times, and I can't believe there was ever a point where any of it seemed passable to me, let alone good enough to share with the world.


And while I'm on the topic of the writing, let me just say that every issue I listed previously could be forgiven if it weren't were one crucial thing: the story bores the absolute fucking shit out of me. A story with demons, sex, and the threat of annihilation on a cosmic scale somehow manages to bore me. That to me is the biggest sign that this project is a failure. A story can be flawed – in fact, it will be flawed because there's always something that the writer didn't catch or think about fully – but if it isn't at least fun to read, then it is worthless as a form of entertainment. 


Part of the difficulty is due to the medium I chose for that story. Instead of using nothing but text like I normally do, I had to balance text with screenshots from TS4. Not only does this make the process more time consuming, it makes the process more difficult than it should be. I needed to download several mods just for one or two specific shots in one installment, and if I couldn't find one already made for what I needed, I had to make it myself using Blender. I hate making poses. Then, I had to deal with all the annoying little things that happen in TS4 that prevented me from taking the shots exactly as I wanted. I won't bother listing all of them because there are too many things to complain about in that regard. After a while, all the image editing and screen capturing just made me hate playing The Sims (yes, I actually play TS4. I don't just make my sims fuck and nothing else) and made the whole process tedious and annoying.


Now, you may be wondering why I'm taking a story like the one I've written that was then posted onto a site like this so seriously. The answer I'm about to give is probably going to sound petty as fuck, but whatever. I care a lot because I can't help it. I've been writing stories in private journals and Word documents since I was a little kid. Maybe I just have an overactive imagination or something, but if I go more than about a week without either writing a story down or telling it to myself or a wall or whatever, I feel genuinely distressed. And if I share a story that I don't think meets my own standard of quality, I feel fake. Whether people disagree with me on the quality of Cambion's Tale or anything else I've written is completely irrelevant to me. Writing is like therapy to me. And sometimes, my therapy doesn't work.


Having said all this, I will continue to post stories on this site, but I will keep them on this blog. They will also be more NSFW in terms of content so that each entry fits in better with the rest of LL. I've been getting into the habit of sharing my serious stories to a critique forum in order to improve my skills, and I will therefore make sure that nothing I post here is too serious. 1) I don't think it's appropriate for this site; and 2) I want to keep my serious stuff separated as far as possible from the shit I post here.


So, for those of who were truly looking forward for the next installment of Cambion's Tale, I'm sorry, but it's never coming. I thank you for the kind words you've sent me and I appreciate you taking interest in my content, but the series is dead to me now. If you'd like, you can join me as I move on to other projects.



TL;DR Cambion's Tale is dead because it sucks and I hate it. 


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