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Family like ours



Dad Boss received a pictures of Seka with new tablet and invoice next day as a proof they bought it for her and he showed it to my Prince. Seeing the picture of his sister holding new tablet , he was very emotional. He kissed dad Boss on the cheek and sobbed quietly. When he wanted to give 200 Euros to dad Boss that he sent for Seka's tablet, dad Boss refused to take it telling him to stop feeling obligated to return money and gifts he received from family. He hugged him and kissed him on the cheek saying:

- Seka is a family too, my son. I wish we can do more for her and one day we probably might.

My Prince said he'll call her every Monday after e.b. meeting. I was thinking about that scene and dad Boss's words later, when I held Mikey in my arms feeding him. It is very interesting how all started. Prince's dad never met his mother, rarely saw his father, grew up in orphanage, but he raised his son and daughter to value the importance of family. When his mother left him, his dad and uncle passed away, he had nobody except his sister and many friends. Later on Boss and his wife adopted him as their son. My Ivy and I have parents, but we didn't treat them well and we were very rebellious. The day I fell in love with my Prince things started to change. He never told me or Ivy how to behave and he never lectured us. He just loved us. My Ivy and I had no true friends. Well, I had my Fran and she had Antonio who was in love with her. Our relationship with our parents changed on better. Businesses, money or prosperity stopped to be the top of the priority to all of us. Looking at us now, having large family, children, friends, carriers, love fulfilled life, I'm enormously grateful for the day my Prince walked in my life. I showered Mikey's face with kisses telling him how much he is loved by his dad, moms and grandparents and that he is happy to be born in the family like ours. (* Just because I didn't mention in my diaries for LL, it doesn't mean we are perfect and that we do not quarrel. Sometimes I mention it, sometimes, I don't).



I have to smile seeing my Ivy every day happiness being with my Prince. She is literary all over him all the time and I'm not talking about sex. She enjoys in sitting in his lap whenever she has chance while he cuddles her tummy and kissing her neck. She simply must be in physical contact with him and she is very happy she carries his baby. Just like I was. When I was on the work, they were with Mikey and they sent me pictures from various places or how they play with him, bathing him or exercise with him. He was with her at the gynecologist and they "celebrated" her well going pregnancy having sex in nearby cafe. You can see how happy they are. And my Ivy told me how wicked she was when she noticed girls lusted for him. She was saying dirty and nastily things she will do to him when they return home so they can hear it being able only to imagine what they want, but can't have. Of course, my Prince had no idea what she was doing. He had no idea (and still doesn't) about "which cat has longer claws" game females plays against each other. I'm telling you: whoever harm my Prince will feel my rage. I will use every resource to avenge him, but I'm terrified at the though what she might do to the offender(s). She will badly hurt those who will harm me and any member of our family, but her love for him is unfathomable. She will turn into cruel witch that knows no mercy. My luvs and Fran organizing my birthday party that will be in three and a half weeks. It should be a surprise birthday party. I know it will be extraordinary as always. My Prince gives his best to make me and every member of our family happy.



Lidija and her team were very busy grading high school and graduate students according to reports they received from chiefs of departments. Few students failed and few passed with low grade. Unlike many poor professors that were threatened or beaten by dissatisfied students or their parents, our students knows that any attempt to threaten to attack any member of our stuff will have heavy consequences. Nobody dared to be aggressive to her. We stayed at home today while our parents went to grocery shopping. Mikey is 4 months old today and of course, we celebrated his "birthday" during the lunch. You should see him. He loved our singing, laughing and prattling to him. My dad wanted to give him one or two beer drops again when my mom didn't watch, but, Mikey is older and wiser now. he closed his mouth seeing dad's finger approaching his mouth. We laughed hard. Once he reach one year old age, my Prince said will stop doing it and we'll celebrate his normal birthdays. I hope we will celebrate dozens of them. Zdenka invited us to have family lunch at her place tomorrow. She and Fran will cook. We'll go. Have a wonderful Sunday LL.


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5 hours ago, EvalovesEP said:

> Thanks Jayomms.

Elena is finally starting to roll over on her own and soon enough she'll start to crawl. :sweat_smile: 

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17 hours ago, Jayomms said:

Elena is finally starting to roll over on her own and soon enough she'll start to crawl. :sweat_smile: 

YAY! I wish I can see that. She is soooooooo sweeeeeeet. :D

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