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Together for four (three) years




I’m too excited and I can’t sleep. Couple of minutes ago I was sitting in my Prince’s lap holding Mikey, the result of our love in my arms. I’m overwhelmed with love for him and his father. Today is four calendar years since my Prince and I met. He and I always disagree about counting days, months and years. We met on August, 23rd 2016. So, for me it passed four (calendar) years, but for him it passed only three years. We also disagree about first date. For me it was the night we met, kissed and said we’ll see each other tomorrow. But, for him our first date was the day we “officially” met for the date. LOL. He likes precision and accuracy.



My Prince organized “replay” of our first date while my Ivy and Zdenka will take care for Mikey. Of course, Silvano will watch my back when I will wait for my Prince in downtown at the fountain. We will dress the same as we were dressed on our first date. We’ll go to the café where I met him first time thanks to my Ivy and Nick. I asked him if we can have sex in that café although we didn’t have it the first time we met. He agreed because of me. Then we’ll go to the restaurant he took me first time and sit at the same table. I’m telling you guys: we are in love even more than we were at the beginning. If you have time and you are interested in how it happened, you may read it in this two spoilers.


How I met my Prince:


Some time after I broke with the last boyfriend, Ivy and I had a coffee in one nice café. We were enjoying the time together and then she said:
- Hey, Eva, you got to hear this............Nick introduced me with his best friend yesterday. Wanted to tell you earlier, but couldn't.
Me: Oh yea?..... Is he handsome?
Ivy: Yes, he is. He's blond, tall like you, sporty type, very nice. Nick and I thought you guys might like each other.
Me (smiling): I'm interested..... go on.
Ivy: Well, he's name is Prince and he is very humorous, smart, cultural, kind of old school guy........
(short silence)
Me: But?
Ivy: But...... ammmmmm......he's kind of weird.....
Me: ??? - what do you mean; weird?
Ivy: He didn't stopped looking at my legs..... He was staring at them, squirmed, and he often went somewhere, the bathroom, I guess... He couldn't looked at my eyes at all and when he spoke, he couldn't form the whole sentence without taking the breaks.
Me: I don't blame him for staring at your legs. You have perfect legs. (cuddling Ivy's leg)
Ivy (laughing): Now, stop you horny little slut........... (seriously) - but listen, after we left I talked to Nick and asked him about his friend saying that he seems to be OK, but he behaved very strange. He said that he doesn't know why he was like that but that is a very good guy in essence, thou bit perverted.
Me (excitedly): Perverted?!?! My type of the guy. I already like him....... What perversions he likes?
Ivy: Group sex  and other hard core stuff ..... but Nick can tell you much more.
Me: Woooooow, I just need someone like him. Must meet him.
Ivy: Hahahahahah ...... you'll never change........ Anyway, we think you should meet .... I will talk to Nick and he can arrange that we all meet somewhere......
Me: I'm intrigued..... Just hope he won't be like..... ummmmm.. you know who.....
Ivy (kissing me): Don't worry honey, if he is Nick's best friend, I truly doubt he is like any of them......... He might be little bit crazy like Nick, but you know that Nick wouldn't hang out with bastards and idiots as your ex's.
Me: OK, talk to Nick and let me know when and where we shall meet.
We stayed few more minutes and then went home.

Few days later, Ivy called:
- Hi **babe! (** in that time Ivy called me mostly babe and less Princess. It' was Nick's influence because he called her „babe“)
Me: Hi Ivy!
Ivy: Listen, we shall meet tomorrow night. Nick and I will pick you up little bit before 19.00. Be ready. We'll meet with him at "Pomery".
Me: Ok, thanks Ivy...... I'll be ready.
Ivy: Put some sexy stuff on you, although you don't need it ..... you're gorgeous.
Me: Thank you, sweetie..... You are too.
Ivy: I hope you didn't forgot his name....... His name is Prince.
Me: Prince?! No, I didn't, because a like his name..... see you tomorrow night gorgeous.... kisses
Ivy: You to babe..... kisses


The next day I came home after my work. I showered and dressed very sexy. While I was waiting for them to pick me up, I was thinking about Prince: "Is he really good as Ivy said? Should I really need to take a risk and try one more relationship? I'm tired of weirdoes and morons.........Well, if that wouldn't work, if he is handsome as she said he is, maybe we can have some fun."
Nick and Ivy picked me up and we went to the "Pomery" cafe. We ordered a drinks and we were talking while waiting for him.

Suddenly, Nick said to me: That's him.
I looked at the entrance and I saw tall, blond guy walking toward us with a big smile on his face. I was thrilled how handsome he was. The first thought that came to my mind was: I'm gonna fuck him like crazy.
When he approached to our table he shook hands with me and said:
- Hi, I'm Prince.
Me: Hi, I'm Eva.
Then he sat next to me. Right after that, he and Nick had their traditional calling each other names and making fun. Then he asked me stuff like: where am I working, how long I know Ivy and Nick, what do I like, what music do I listen and similar. I noticed that he constantly looked at my eyes and face and from time to time my legs. Then we came to the theme about boys and girls. He asked me if I have someone. When I said that I don't, he sighed like he is kind relived although he knew that I don't date anybody at present. Nick already told him. I noticed that he likes me a lot and he constantly was touching my hand. He had very unusual hitting on method. He spoke about some books he likes, games he plays, science and he was telling jokes, but his eyes were telling me that he desperately wanted to kiss me. I was waiting and waiting for him to make a final move, but he never get to it. I realized that he is scared to try it and I encouraged him by taking his hand and said:
- You are very interesting person..... Smart, funny, good looking and decent, and I love your smile..... I know you want to kiss me ..... Why don't you do it?! Nobody is stopping you......
Prince then drew his face closer to mine, closed his eyes, and pressed his lips against mine. Very gently and slowly. His heavy breath was telling me that he is very excited and aroused. When our lips touched and became one, I also started to feel excited. He had very soft but firm lips. Then he gently pushed his tongue into my mouth. We had tongues dancing until he cached my upper lip with his lips and started to suck it gently. I was getting wet and I thought: - woooooooaaaaa.......... my god......... this guy surely knows how to kiss..... I'm barely restraining myself to fuck him right here, right now.
Very shortly our gentle kissing became very passionate until Nick said laughing:
- Woooooaaaaa .........Easy... easy you two hornies! Your hormones are sparking all over the place. Would need a shower when come home.
We all laughed.
The rest of the evening we talked, laughed and having fun. Prince was hugging me, kissing me and cuddling my legs all the time. Some time later, he said that he needs to go. We arranged the time of our next date tomorrow. Then we kissed and he left.


When he's gone, Ivy said to me:
- Soooo..... Eva ...... what do you say? Is he OK?
Me: He's hot!!! .......... I'm thrilled with him and.......... he is such great kisser......
Ivy (laughing): Now you know what you might expect him to do to you with his lips and tongue when you guys will do what we all do.
Nick and I also laughed.
(short silence)
Nick: Are you guys officially a couple now?
Me: Yea, I think so... unless he change his mind in the meantime...
Nick: He won't. I know him for years. He likes you very much and when he likes someone, he doesn't give up easily. I saw him eating you with his eyes. You are the type of the girl that he likes.
Me (smiling): Good. Glad to hear that.
Nick (kissing Ivy): Fucking unbelievable, two bests friends dating another two best friends... isn't it fucking bizarre?!
(short silence)
Me: Nick...... I'd like to ask you something..... but be honest about it... OK?
Nick: Shoot it babe!
Me: What else can you tell me about him? He is your best friend and you know him the best.
Nick started to talk about Prince's family, recent dramas he had and many other interesting things that he does, likes and dislike. Then he said:
- ..... but........I'm warning you... Although he is my best friend........he is very perverted......
Me (smiling): I heard..... Ivy already told me........ But in what sense is he perverted?..... Can you be more specific?
Nick: He's my pal, but the things he likes and do in sex is not normal...... He was involved in group sex, both with girls and boys, he likes porn, but not normal porn...... some weird shit like Anime and cartoon porn......likes some weird sick sex games,...........he's a sex addict, always horny and is extremely crazy for oral and anal sex and I'm not talking about "normal" anal and oral.......... (feeling that he probably was to open, he tried to find the exit) - ........I don't know........ he likes the stuff that normal people don't..... and that's all I would say about this subject.......
Me (thrilled): I already like him. As I said earlier: My type of the guy......
Ivy (smiling): Glad for your babe....
(short silence)
Ivy: Honey, do you think you two could have something serious?
Me: Aammmmmmm.... I don't know ...... For now .........I just want to have some fun and fuck him good.
Ivy and Nick laughed.
We were sitting some more time and then they drove me home.
I took a shower and went to bed. I was thinking about Prince for hours. He really intrigued me. He was completely opposite from all my ex's...... Yea, I liked him..... Rejoicing for I will see him tomorrow and thinking how I will seduce him and fuck him, I fell asleep very content. But, I didn't realized that I felt in love with him already.





Our first date:


I woke up and had breakfast with mom and dad. Then I prepared for the work and dad gave me the lift to my Hotel. I thought that everything will be normal, as usual, but it wasn't. I couldn't stop thinking about him. "Put yourself together Eva!!!" - I was shouting at myself in my mind: "He is probably just one more guy on your list of failures and disappointments” ....... But, when I thought about his smile, decency, intelligence, good manners... something was saying opposite. Having this battle in my heart between emotions and reason, my soul screamed: "What the fuck is happening to me?! I want it to stop!!!"

When we had our first short brake, I talked to my friend and colleague, Fran. I told him everything about last night and how do I feel now. After listening to me carefully, he said:
- Eva, honey ........ I know all about your relationships........ You told me yourself, but I never seen you being so distracted as you are today....... You've been "lost in mind" before, and I'm not speaking about the times when you have been depressed, down or pissed off......This time is very different........... Don't you think you might be falling in love with him?
Me: Nooooooooooo!!! He's very handsome and cute........ But, no!.......I'm not falling in love......... It's nothing serious...... FUCK!!! I want him out of my head!!!
Fran hugged me but didn't say a word.
I returned to my daily duties nervously waiting for my shift to get over. When the working hours was over, I took the bus and went home. Couldn't eat but took a shower and prepared for the date with Prince. Before I left I said to my folks that I will come very late. Although I was happy I will met with him, I was nervous too. I was afraid to let him in my heart..... in my soul.......Not now... Not yet...... It's to early...... What if he hurts me as all the others....... Yea, I decided that I wanted only good time and good fuck......... But, something was telling me that my plan won't work....... that there is something more between us..... ready to be awaken ..... at least from my side.

While I was approaching to our date spot, I spotted him in the distance. He had his head bent as he was thinking on something very serious and he held his hands behind his back. Yea, he was extremely handsome: tall, sporty, wide shoulder with short blond hair...... Yea, that sight took my breath away. When he saw me, he smiled and started to walk toward me. My god....... I started to shake.
Prince: Good evening, Eva........ You are looking very beautiful..........This is for you.......
He gave me small bouquet of young red roses and he gently kissed my lips. I was surprised ......... Believe me or not, but I never got a flowers from my ex's. And he gave it to me on the first date. I took the roses and thanked him. Then he put his arm around my shoulder and asked me:
- How was your day?
Me: ...... good... thank you....... and yours? ( I couldn't tell him how I really felt)
Prince: As usually, nothing special....... thanks for asking............... Where do you want to go?....... Do you have any special desire?
I was shocked because I was usually dragged around not being asked where I want to go or want to do, and this guy asked me????!!!
Me: I have no plans at all...... where do you want to go?
Prince: If it's OK with you, I thought we could go somewhere for the drink and then just walk.... It's beautiful evening.
Me: It's fine.... we can go to some nice pub. We can go wherever you want.


He led me to one nice pub where he used to go when had a time. As we entered, he asked me:
- Where do you want to sit? Please, pick the table.
Me (talking to myself in my mind: Oh, my god!!!! Will he stop with this shit?! Every time he does something like that, I felt disarmed, vulnerable and weak. I saw one nice place and before we sit, he was holding my chair and when I sat, he gently pushed the chair near the table and then he set across me. I was speechless..... Wooooooow..... He is a genuine piece of work....... a gentlemen...... He is hitting in my weakest spot - good manners. While we were waiting for waiter to come, he gently took my hands into his hands and kissing them he said:
- You look so fabulous...... I'm stunned......
Me: ......... oh.......... oh....... thank you.
When waiter came and asked us what we want to drink, Prince pointed by hand at me and said:
- Ladies first!
I thought I would blast in cry. He treated me like a human being, not like some peace of meat he's gonna fuck later. I wasn't a sex object to him, but someone who deserve to be treated nicely and with care. We ordered drinks and spend some time in getting to know each other. After some time I needed to go to the rest room. And again, he stood first and was holding my chair. When I walked to the rest room, he escorted me to the door and waited outside until I came out.
Me (talking to myself in my mind): Where did you learn this shit?! I can't believe that 20+ old guy is so full of good manners and is showing me respect and honor..... Helloooo?!?!? Are you from this planet at all?!?!......FUCK!!! He spelled me.
When we returned to our table he did it again: holding my chair and then he sat at his place. He constantly looked at my face and gave me various compliments.
I felt like a virgin on her first date. Lost, nervous and confused. He conquered me.....
We spent some more time talking and then he said:
- Do you want to stay some more, or you want us to go?
I said I wanted us to go. He called the waiter and paid our drinks. And again: standing up first, and holding my chair .

We walked slowly and hugged. Mostly in silence. Then he said:
- I'm living very close. If you want, we can go to my place.... If it is OK with you?
Me: : OK..... we can go to your place.

When we came to his home, all was in dark and he, holding me by my hand led to his room. He didn't want to disturb his uncle. When we entered into his room, he turned the light and we set on his bed. He asked me if I want something for drink or if I'm been hungry. When I replied that I'm OK, he gently placed his hand on my neck and gave me long deep kiss. I became very aroused. He was such a great kisser. He kissed me the way like he knows how to turn me on.
Me: I want you. Fuck me, now.
Prince: I want you too.
I leaned on him and made him lay on his back with the pressure of my body. I suddenly felt so horny and lustful. When I started to unbutton his pants trying to rich for his cock, he stopped me by gently grabbing my hand. I was like: WTF?!?! He gently took me for my head and making out with me, he made me lay on my back. He started to kiss my neck and slowly undressing me he played with my breasts taking them into his mouth and sucking my nipples. Then he was going down kissing my belly and taking my panties down. I started to breath heavier. When I felt his breath, lips and tongue on my pussy, I thought I'm gonna explode. I grabbed him for his head and press it on my pussy. He was eating me, licking, sucking me so good that I almost came. But I didn't want to cum. Not yet. Not Until I feel his cock deep inside me. I strip his pants down and took his hot cock in my mouth. He tasted soooooo good. I was sucking him, licking him and kissing his cock like something most precious in the world. He started to breath heavier.
Me: Fuck me....... Pleaseeeee...... I need your cock......
He laid on the top of me and while we were kissing he put his cock in me. Slowly and carefully listening the language of my body. Feeling him penetrating me deeper and deeper I felt incredible pleasure. I was very wet and my womb burned...... He had long and thick cock. The right size for me. The one I just needed.
I grabbed him for his ass and with every penetration I pushed him into me. He was kissing my face, neck, breasts and lightly biting my lips. His hands were all over my body. My good... he had so hot hands...... Then he speed up and I started to moan deeper and louder. I felt that he is close to have orgasm but he waited for me to cum first. ( again: something new in my sex life. Most of the time I was left after my ex's came). He followed the rhythm of my body and adjusted the speed penetration and intensity. Then I came biting him for his shoulder to silence the screams that came out of the incredible pleasure. Before he had orgasm, he asked me:
- where do you want me to cum? If you don't want me to cum in your pussy, I can cum on your belly.
Me: You can cum in me if you want. I have spiral.... but.... I want you to cum in my mouth....... I want to taste your sperm.
Prince started to fuck me changing the tempo. Slow-fast tempo made me feel horny again. When he was about to cum, he stood on his knees and I sat taking his hot and wet cock into my mouth. He was spraying his cum all over my mouth and I was drinking that divine nectar. When he finished, he lightly lifted up my chin and gave me deep kiss. I was like: "Oh, wooooow...... new thing too." The second round came almost immediately. This time I was ridding him. I came first again, and then he came. He filled my pussy with his hot cum. I was surprised when he cleaned me eating his cum that was leaking out of me. When he did it, we spontaneously started to cum kiss until we ate it all.

Then we both laid next to each other. He was cuddling my face and kissing my eyes and forehead. He said:
- that was fantastic. Thank you. You are so beautiful and perfect.
I didn't say a word but was looking at him thinking: I didn't fuck him...... he didn't fuck me...... we just made love........ My god, what did he do to me?! The whole evening was perfect.......... He is very different from all my ex's....... he respected me........ he cared for me.... he treated me as someone special....... I hugged him and gave him long deep kiss..... I started to feel exactly as I was trying to avoid; he touched my heart, he reached into my soul and now I knew, I felt in love with him. It started yesterday night and this evening just approved the thing I was fighting against the whole day - he captured my soul and my heart.

We laid some time and then we dressed up. After washing our faces, he escorted me to the bus station, and when the bus arrived, he went home.
All the way to my home, and after, when I arrived and went to my room, I was thinking about him. I was spelled bound and thrilled with him. I had to call Ivy. I had to tell her what happened to me.
Me (cheerfully): Hi Ivy.
Ivy: Hi to you too...... How was your date?
Me: That's why I'm calling you to say..... Babe....... It was PERFECT!!!!........Aaaannnddd: I'm in love!!!
Ivy: Wait?!!! WHAT????
Me: I'm in love with Prince!!!
Ivy: Calm down sis....... I can't believe what I'm hearing...... Are you sure?
Me (excitedly): Definitely!!!
Ivy: Tell me what happened.
I described to her in detail every moment and everything he did to me.
Ivy (thrilled): WOOOOOW!!!! Babe... I'm so happy for you.... Yea, Nick told me that he is a gentlemen. Unbelievable for young man, but that's what he is.
Me: You think he didn't fake it..... he didn't pretended?
Ivy: I trust Nick. If he say he's like that, then he really is.
Me: I'm even more happy now.
(short silence)
Ivy: Does he feel the same for you?
Me: I don't know..... but if he doesn't, he will......
Ivy: Hahahahaha...... you sweet little witch.
(short silence)
Me: Ivy..... I know....... I fell...... he is the one for me....... I will not let him go.
Ivy: I'm with you babe..... just be careful..... I don't want you to see you broken hearted again.
Me. He won't break my heart..... I know it........ he is sooooo different then others...... and he'll be mine...... Yes, I know it........ He is perfect!!
Ivy: As you say sweetie..... Good night... call you tomorrow. Kisses.
Me: Good night Ivy, kisses.
I was laying on my bed awaken most of the night thinking about Prince. My heart was filled with joy, gladness, happiness...... I was 100% sure he is the one for me. My heart never failed me. I only need to listen to it this time. Prince was the first person I fell in love truly, sincerely deeply, fully and just within 24 hours.


> After all this years, we changed a lot. Some things remained the same, but bad habits and bad lifestyle is past now. We are family oriented love triangle who is crazy about each other more and more every day. 



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