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welcome to the screenshot dump where i post all the pictures that didn't make it and throw in a bit of never before seen information (since i don't want to talk much in the entries).


@Swiftstep requested that i go underground for some pictures

turns out, unsurprisingly the underground areas did not have such great lighting and didn't work very well with enb


(i do like the above pictures though, the armor textures look great)ScreenShot71.png.58580024de0ea4528bda0ccaf7885525.pngScreenShot72.png.3a5c9718a90116256456701739cbe14b.png

i also had to raise bloom by a lot to get the lights to really light up, but it still doesnt look good. 

so, since it wasnt working well i tried to go black and white, which is something i'd like to do in a better setting eventually


alas, thats all i have to say about these pictures. i'll definitely end up using the black and white filter eventually, and blue skin will return (strawberry looks so much better than ll my characters i'm gonna have to make some revisions to pretty much all of them)





for the previous entry i wanted to change strawberrys hair a bit to reflect the environment


i didnt really like this one but i had already taken the picture lol

we ended up settling for this one of course


i was thinking a ponytail since she had long hair normally, but the short hair was a nice change and i think it looks good. i'll go with whatever the replies says was better. 


and right before i finished the water had a weird glitch


i had to reload to fix it, and this was the final picture



heres some things i thought were cool from the entry im working on now:



also, this is kind of relevant but i won't be able to do a christmas in july entry

there are no santa outfits ported to sse yet lol



of course, since you took the time to read this your feedback is 150% more important than all other feedback :) thanks for reading

truly yours



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Cave pics are well done - I like the lights.

I like strawberry more with her first hair style.

The pose looks just perfect on black-green lady. 3rd picture is an interesting concept.

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I dunno what you're talk'n bout Willis..

These are great, and the blue skin, phenomenal ?

And with your choice of background, she actually kinda pops!

I love it ?

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22 hours ago, Jayomms said:

Have you tried turning down the Depth of Field a little?

i turn it on or off and adjust it for every picture

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1 hour ago, daedal said:

i turn it on or off and adjust it for every picture

hmm... well the water looks great. :wink::thumbsup:



The Black reach pics are good as well. :wink::thumbsup:

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Agree with Eva: blue skin girl is hot as hell. Nice work :)

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