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Imagining the future



It is damn hard to imagine hundreds of years into the future! I mean, I think about living a couple hundred years ago and trying to imagine present day. Does anyone realize how much changed in that span of time? And there's the gripe I have about most science fiction. The author always projects things from this time into the future without really thinking about it. Like it is almost always assumed that a nuclear exchange happens and the world goes through a dark period and then rebuilds. What will music sound like in 200 years? Will this still be around or that? These are all questions authors either need to ask themselves and touch on in their writing or to just try to avoid as much of it as possible. I think most do the latter, but not just out of laziness. Probably because an author has to consider how the reader will react to things in a futuristic setting and more importantly, whether they will like it or not.


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