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Possible setting



possible setting #1; A future where human and machine are virtually indistinguishable and synthetic beings are relied upon heavily for space colonization/exploration. A "New Order" has replaced the governments of the old world. Religion, because of the many wars in the past over different views, is outlawed entirely. This "New Order" espouses the philosophy of materialism and seeks to better mankind through advances in science and industry. Because of the way it was founded, this new system of government maintains a hierarchy were every citizen knows their place and work to contribute to the betterment of all. Government officials are chosen from an elite class known as "Arbiters".


However all do not comply and there are various factions seeking to challenge, and eventually topple the all powerful "New Order". But, the overwhelming majority of citizens are conditioned to accept their place and willingly carry out their service to the day they die. That is until..........


Could someone help me to understand Einstein's general theory of relativity? I'm trying to figure out how time will be measured in the future.


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