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New family mourning day



My luvs went to work in Friday. My Prince was satisfied with Lidija’s report about welcoming and interviewing the first group of season workers. Guy 3, few members of his team, Lidija and her bodyguard did excellent job. They did according to my Prince’s instructions so none of them will have excuse like “I didn’t know”. He commended their work. When my luvs arrived home the weather changed. We had rainy thundering storm. After the shower my luvs spent the time with me, cuddling my baby and kissing us both. My Prince looked few times through the windows. I knew he longed to go on our beach and swim. I deep kissed him and I said I want him to go and swim. He asked me “Are you sure, honey?” few times and I bit his lower lip saying I’m OK. He joyfully jumped on his feet, kissed me, the baby and Ivy and went to the bedroom to change his pants. My Ivy looked after him and she sighed deeply. I knew she wanted to go with him. I told her she may go too. She asked me the same as my Prince and after I slapped her butt saying: “I’m fine, Elena is with me”, she also kissed me and the baby and run in the bedroom to dress up in bikini. When they finished, they ran to our beach holding hands. Elena helped me to stand on my feet and we watched them running down the hill. They looked soooo perfect; sporty, muscular and tall. I sighed and whispered:

- I sooooooo love my blond barbarians …..

Elena smiled and said:

- They love you too very much just as Mrs Ivy enormously loves mister Prince.

Me: Yes, she does. She loves everything about him and she enjoy doing things with him. Swimming in the cold sea during the storm became her favorite thing too. I love my Prince with all my being, but swimming in the cold sea during the thundering storm isn’t for me ….

We talked about them while we watched them through the window. My heart melted seeing them having fun. They dived into the sea, and after short swimming my Ivy wrapped her body around him holding her arms wrapped around his neck and they smooched passionately. They had sex in the sea too and when they satisfied their “hunger” for “unnatural”, they returned to the house. My Prince carried her in his arms up to the hill as he carries me while she kissed him all the time. They filled the tab with various aromatic oils and my Prince took me into his arms and placed in in the tab. We cuddled and made love. The reason I told you about this is this: Although I am different from my Prince and Ivy in many things and do not enjoy in doing some things they like to do, it doesn’t mean I do not enjoy watching them doing their things together. My heart always fills with gladness and joy seeing my luvs enjoying in things they have in common. Love does not imply we must be compatible in everything or in most of the things or that we have to like same things. The three of us has different habits, desires and so on and so on, but each of us is trying to satisfy the needs and likes of the other ones. So far, beside few things, we are also 100% compatible in sex and we love same things although not in the same order. (P.S. If you kindly ask me, I might tell you which ones ;) )



Saturday started interestingly. Before our coffee time with our folks my Prince was very nostalgic for his uncle and dad and he was quiet. He wasn’t deeply sad, but withdrawn. When our folks arrived my Prince needed a time for himself. He went to our beach and he was sitting on the rock looking at the horizon. We all knew we have to leave him alone. In two years period we lost Uncle and Marko and we talked about them. We all cried. Watching my Prince through the window, crying and seeing my Prince sad and alone, mom Boss came up with excellent idea. She said:

- My poor boy. In short period of time he lost three persons he loved very much and he has to go through mourning period three times every year. I can only imagine how hard it must be for him ….. He is our son, a husband of your daughters and we have to do something to help him ……. We all know he doesn’t go to cemeteries but he has his own way of paying respect to his father, uncle and Marko and his way of mourning ….. I was thinking if we can make it easier for him. Since he was very close to his father and Uncle, Marko loved him and he loved Marko, I suggest to proclaim his father’s death anniversary as “Family Mourning Day” in which we as a family will mourn for his father, Uncle and Marko. On that day, we will go to his father’s, uncle’s and Marko’s tombs and pay respect. We will let him mourn on his way, but it will show him how much we love him and care for him …. What do you think?

We all liked her idea and when my Prince returned to the house, she asked him to sit near her and then she told him what we agreed. My Prince was sooooo touched that he leaned his head on her shoulder and he cried thanking her and us. None of us knew his father. We heard so many stories about him that we had a feeling we knew him personally and therefore we loved him. So, July, 18th will be our family mourning day. When he calmed, we noticed that he started to sweat again and we agreed that we will buy anti sweating injections again dividing expense among the families. So, Zdenka called our house doctor who came in the afternoon and gave him four anti sweating injections. That should last till next May.



While he was in grocery and beverages shopping with mom and dad Boss in the morning, everyone did something around the house. My mom was in charge for bathroom and she brought very intense but nicely smelling toilet shell refresher. When my Prince returned he was very thrilled with the new smell that he thought someone put a new perfume. When he said: “Whoever smells so nice I commend her good taste” we laughed hard and he watched us confused. My dad told him that it’s a new toilet shell refresher but if he likes it so much he can put some on himself. We all laughed and teased my Prince about it. When they all left after cleaning the house, my Prince prepared freshwater fish and spices for tomorrow. He won’t grill it, he will make “fiš paprikaš”, a fish stew from various river fishes (catfish, carp, pickerel and perch). It’s the stew very popular in the district he came from and it’s little bit spicy. To make excellent fish stew you need years of experience, it takes a lot of time, patience and proper temperature (You can google it: Slavonski fish stew). Then we watched new Avengers: Endgame, on line. My loves said that they don’t want to go to cinema without me, so we watched together. The movie was good but we loved Avengers: Infinity war, better.




After our morning routine and a coffee with family, we decided to have grill on our balcony since the weather was unstable. But, my Prince couldn’t do his fish stew on the balcony. It requires woods’ fire and kettle if you want to do it properly and on traditional way. Beside that, he didn’t want our house smell on fish. We didn’t know how it will taste because we grew up on sea fish and he is doing completely new thing. Of course, Elena made special lunch for me but I was allowed to taste only small piece of everything they made. Seeing him alone on the beach during the rainy, cold and very windy weather under the big cover, mom Boss wanted to go to him and make him company. She wasn’t the only one. My Ivy wanted to go too. She missed him very much. We all talked mom boss out of idea to go on the beach on such a weather but my Ivy went after checking with me that I’m fine. Females prepared salads and various vegetables and sauces excluding me from everything. Elena made me a company in my luvs’ absence whom I often contact via Viber video chat. I watched them too from time to time through the window and I saw my Ivy helping him, kissing him and hugging him all the time. Dad boss became my dad’s object of teasing just as he was Marko’s. Dad Boss likes to make a jokes too but he is not a teaser or joker as my dad and Marko. I heard moms’ laughter quite often. Just before my Prince was done with fish stew he called my mom and asked her to cook pasta. Then he brought it to the kitchen and he served his meal warning us to pay attention on very tiny and sharp bones. Eating some freshwater fish requires some skills and a lot of patience. We know my Prince respect honesty and he wanted to hear what we think. Nobody wanted to hurt his feelings but they nicely said that although it is tasty, it’s not their kind of meal. Nobody took another portion and a lot of it remained. My Prince wasn’t offended. He knows that everyone has different tastes for food and he accepted the critique. My Ivy saved his cooking. She called Antonio and asked him if he and the Guys would like to have a fish stew. When he heard about it, Antonio came to our house in 15 minutes. They cooked it often when were in civil war. He tasted the fish stew and he was thrilled. He commended my Prince, took all of it and pasta and he and the Guys will have a feast in his agency. My Prince was happy his meal wasn’t wasted. Anyway, I was sitting in his lap and ate the meal Elena prepared for me while my Prince heavily smelled on the smoke and fresh fish. My dad had to tease him saying to use new “perfume” my mom brought it. We had a good time. At the end, everyone helped in cleaning. When they left, my luvs took a long shower. But still, the smell of the fresh fish was on them. My Prince was bit tired for he breathed a lot of smoke and steam from kettle, so he took a nap. My Ivy laid beside him, cuddling him and kissing him until she slept too. I took my tablet and I wrote this diary. One more thing: I will have a baby due within 5 days. It can be tomorrow or any day till Friday. It depends about the “mood” of my baby boy when he wants to get out of me. I’m happy I will give a birth to the baby I love will all my heart, but I’m afraid of the pain too.


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1 hour ago, worik said:

Good luck for the days to come ? :classic_happy:


> THANK YOU, VERY MUCH! Many hugs and kisses :)

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7 hours ago, worik said:

:blush: .. save them for the little one ? :classic_laugh:


> Of course, the little one will be swimming in oceans of love, kisses and care. he has large family who already loves him very much. :)

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I would've though the delivery would come later. Anyway,  if the pain is too much, or if you're afraid if it at the last moment, remember there's the option to go to at your Slovenian hospital (or to a Croatian clinic). And even if not, holding it in your hands, right next to your breast, will make you forget all the pain to get there. :classic_wink:


Malicia : « Have a good baby delivery, Mrs Eva ! ? »

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2 hours ago, Tirloque said:

I would've though the delivery would come later. Anyway,  if the pain is too much, or if you're afraid if it at the last moment, remember there's the option to go to at your Slovenian hospital (or to a Croatian clinic). And even if not, holding it in your hands, right next to your breast, will make you forget all the pain to get there. :classic_wink:


Malicia : « Have a good baby delivery, Mrs Eva ! ? »

> Thank you Trilog. :)

You aren't the only one who thought so. A small chronology:

- my original baby due was on 20th of June

- then the doctor reduced it for 3-4 weeks (end of May)

- baby grew rapidly and he said it would be on May 10th

- Since the baby is big as the baby of nine months in 34-35 week, he told me that everything can trigger my premature baby delivery. Put baby's maturity and my sensitive pregnancy together and you will have premature baby delivery. :)  (Just as I don't feel well at the moment)


I know this sounds unbelievable but as I said earlier, nothing is absolutely sure when it comes to my Prince; even his baby. ;)

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