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just anotha update #16 - progressively progressive progress





updated the concubine body with a cool new thumbnail AND uploaded it to loverslab instead of just nexus.




did the same thing for the super booty body sse, but since i'll just be updating it soon anyway i kept it on nexus for now





additionally, i got a lot done tonight (in order of when i got it done AND when i'll upload it)


tirloques character request *tomorrow since this is todays entry*

a scenery selection *1-3 days later*

the sequel to freckles ultimatum (if you even remember that, if you dont heres a link) but with a different character

the blue skinned "succubus" (she looks pretty happy rather than seductive, and i like that a lot) + her screenshot entry *who knows*

a screenshot dump with pink hair and everything i left out of the other entries, since you can go find the pink hair pictures on the super booty body mod page right now :)



and of course, i feel completely obligated to post a sneak peek to every entry i'll be posting:


*note, this character customization entry is definitely very detailed. will be lots of options*





future notes for future me:

use two characters, we definitely need practice on more than one person. 

fix sexlab

finally make that probably not even great gif everyone wants


i also did a ton of other stuff no one cares about, general progression on every front for me :)





otherwise, life is good. and for everyone reading, remember that it always gets better. and if it doesn't you gotta make it get better :)

have a great day

have a great life

enjoy, comment, follow, upvote and whatever! 

truly yours



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i will now go into hibernation 


i'll return every time a comment is made, as per usual

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