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About my diaries



I should do this earlier but it's never too late. :)

This is claim for new readers of my diaries or "accidental" visitors of my blog I felt i should write.


1.  I write my diaries every day for years. Since the day I joined LL I wrote my diaries together with my Prince or with his approval if I wrote them alone. That was at the beginning. Later on, he let me write however I wanted giving me full freedom. He doesn't even read my diaries. I always write my diaries in Croatian language first and then I “adopt” them for LL. That means I translate them into English and delete things I think I shouldn’t share. I don’t mention certain people, places and events because I don’t see them as important for readers to know. What will I post in my diaries for LL also depends about my current emotional and mental state and mood.


2. Every name of actors in my diaries and places in my diaries is fake in order to preserve actors’ privacy and discretion. Sometimes I do write the real name of the place, but mostly I don't. Due to many hacking attempts and stealing my identity, erasing private files and similar, I decided to stop write about our family members' and friends’ birthdays.


3. Everything written in my diaries is true; people we met, places we went and events that happened. I have no reason to make up things and write about things that didn’t happen. Those who follows my dairies knows that I’m talking openly about us, love triangle. I did exaggerated few times in my diaries especially when I wrote (praised) about my Prince, but, it doesn’t mean I lied. That’s how I felt in that moment and how I saw things.


4. I do not expect you to like my diaries as I do not expect you to comment. But I expect you to be cultural and civilized and if my diaries frustrates you or irritates you, please, just leave the page. You have full right to believe in written content or not to believe. I can’t make you to believe and I don’t want to. I have no desire to prove anything to anyone. Therefore, if you don’t like my diaries, please, Do NOT post offensive content because I will delete them and report offender(s) to moderators. On the other hand, you are more than welcome to say your opinion about written subject, share your advice or ask questions. I will always answer.


5. At the end, big thanks, hug and kiss to people (you know who you are) who followed my diaries, participated in sharing opinions, likes and comments.


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