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First days on the vacation



Our weekend was peaceful. We felt we’d like to stay at home. Here is one interesting phenomena. Before we met my Prince, Ivy and I lived for parties and we looked every single opportunity to party. Our homes served only for sleeping, changing clothes and taking showers. When we met my Prince, felt in love with him and married him, we both realized that we have life we both wanted but searched on the wrong places and among wrong people. We simply have no desire to party, at least not the way we used to. After listing many fashion online catalogs in Friday and Saturday, we found shoe and dress model we want to buy for our wedding anniversary.



We didn’t have morning coffee with our folks in Saturday morning. Boss and Fran went early to “XXX” city on business trip and Zdenka went to villa. B.W. stayed home sleeping longer. I was very moody. I mostly cried and was in some unexplained need for my Prince. I needed to be held by him, to feel his arms around me and to hear how much he loves me. My hormones wilded and I was completely helpless about it. My wonderful parents, my precious wife Ivy and my extraordinary husband, Prince showed amazing understanding and gentleness. I curled up in my Prince’s lap who constantly cuddled my head, kissed my face collecting my tears with his lips and cuddling our little one telling us how much he loves us. Seeing my need for him, my parents and Ivy didn’t let us do anything. My Ivy went in short grocery shopping with my dad, while my mom did all the work in the house kissing the tops of our heads whenever she passed by us calling us “my angels”. I can’t tell you how much my Prince’s love and attention meant to me. We had lunch together after which I felt nauseous, but in strong need for sex too. When my parents left, we fucked and during the sex I had to vomit. I felt very embarrassed and I thought I will disgust my luvs. They both made me happily cry showing me how wrong I was. They cleaned the mess, changed the linen and my Prince carried me to the bath tub filled with relaxing and aromatic oils and both of them gently bath me cuddling me and kissing me.



Boss and Fran returned late afternoon from business trip. Fran wanted to stay with us over the night. Boss brought flowers and gifts for Ivy and me and said to my Prince that he missed him for “consultations  and hearing his impressions. Guy 3 is professional bodyguard, but he is “anti talent” for business unlike my Prince. Anyway, after light supper and evening sport activities we went to sleep. And again, laying in my Prince’s lap and feeling his warm hand on my tummy and breath on my neck made me incredibly happy and I slept crying.



Sunday was “better” day. We had short morning coffee with our folks after which Boss and his wife went home and our moms cooked while we played cards. My dad and Fran watched TV and three of us spent the time in various activities. I didn’t feel nauseous like yesterday because my baby behaved. LOL. When they left, we had sex and later on I helped my Fran to “sort out” all data from yesterday’s business meeting so he can present it to the e.b. on tomorrow’s meeting since we are going to Trieste in shopping. My Ivy and I were excited about it, unlike my Prince who tried to hide his dissatisfaction for he doesn’t like to buy things for himself. Late afternoon he and my Ivy watched some martial arts movie online and he was very excited for they discovered a new fighting technique. He and Ivy tried it right after the movie. The technique is more defensive than offensive and less blooded. He explained to us how 99% fighters are trying to hit opponent in the head which is very effective if you are fast and strong because you can demobilize your opponent very quickly. The weak side of that technique is that most opponents expect to be punched in the face and they will try to avoid it and you can hurt your fist if you hit the cheekbone. The new technique is about defending and defeating your opponent demobilizing his arms and legs. It requires speed and precision to hit right group of  muscles on the arms and legs. It causes incredible pain and temporal paralysis. We watched their training. As usual, they started it slow until they learned it right. After that my Prince asked her to demonstrate that technique but to control the power of the strikes. They were both amazed how effective it is. She hit him few times in different spots on his arms and legs and he felt the pain and incapability to use them for some amount of time. They decided to practice it more. My Ivy was very aroused after the training that she fucked him in standing position pressing his body and arms above his head against the wall and talking dirty. My Fran made me laugh hard commenting their sex:

- Psychos. Sex should be something beautiful, but they make it disgusting. Cavemen!



This morning, after morning routine and coffee with our folks, we sat in Boss’s car and drove to Trieste. The trip was short, some 45 minutes. My Prince was driving, boss was sitting on the front seat and three of us on the back seats. We all had good time talking. The weather was crappy: rainy, windy and cold and we decided to go straight home after the shopping. Arriving to Trieste we didn’t split in groups. We stayed together. This time our shopping was quicker. We were done before noon because we knew what we want and where to buy it. When we bought four us (two long purple dresses, purple shoes and handbags), B.W. treated us with jewelry (white gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces). We didn’t want to accept it but we had to. She insisted to take it as her gift for our anniversary. When we showed ourselves completely dressed to Boss and my Prince, they were stunned. I looked less attractive because my dress was two sizes bigger because of my pregnancy, but our men were real gentlemen who showered us with compliments. Then we went to a store for men and we found beautiful white suite, purple shirt, white ty and white shoes for my Prince. When he showed himself to us, we were stunned. He looked extremely handsome. I was aroused, but my Ivy was very horny. She excused them and leading my Prince back to cabin she said she has to “fix” something on his outfit. We smiled because we knew they gonna have sex so we occupied saleswomen asking them various questions to keep them away from the cabins. My luvs came out of the cabin some 10 minutes later, red in faces, gasping and with visible bit marks on each other’s necks and lips. My Prince avoided to look B.W. for he felt embarrassed while she smiled and tapped his back. Boss said that Prince’s suite and shoes is his gift to him for wedding anniversary. The only uncomfortable thing for me was often going to toilet. My baby me made me pee all the time although I didn’t consume much fluids.



When we arrived home we unpacked things and had a lunch. When my Fran arrived after the work he wanted to hear how was the shopping and to see what we bought. My Ivy and I dressed in our new outfit and we showed ourselves to him. He was stunned and he addressed many compliments to our beauty. My Prince didn’t want to dress his suite, but we asked him to do it for us. When he showed himself to us, my Fran whistled and said he gonna have wet dreams about him tonight. We died laughing watching my Prince chasing him around threatening he’ll kick his ass. We were horny too and we fucked him under the shower. Then my Fran reported to my Prince and Ivy about e.b. meeting, I wrote this diary.


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