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Pretty Practice Pics SE - Feedback Edition



lets face it, SE is an entirely new beast. I can't be expected to tame it in a couple days.

so, i need even more feedback than usual. you may be familiar with my frequent status updates asking for help or my general posting-on, so thanks for those who helped me there.

especially since my time off has definitely effected me, and without my previous tools, its even more difficult. 

but, heres something you can look at AND give feedback on, on a wider scope. its a couple pictures and a time lapse character creation video.


oddly, the video somehow ended up being half a gig *which is more than the non-sped up version*

I definitely did something wrong while editing it, i'll figure out how to fix it before next time.


heres the video, in drive format since it was way too big



and heres my... decent, screenshots. i think the enb looks weird at the moment






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The face at the beginning of the video scared me!
I like rabbits, soft sweet sexy rabbits with pasties. Where is the fluffy cotton tail?
"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

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