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Saving private Prince – part 1




Coming to the work in Saturday after excellent time with our folks on the morning coffee didn’t start well for my Prince. It showed again that even best planned projects can go wrong because we have no power and control over certain circumstances and events. Before I tell you what happened I must commend his extreme dedication to his work. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass without consequences. The huge amount of work, private obligations and Ivy’s and mine needs exhausted him and he was no able to wake up this morning to go to work. When our folks came for morning coffee with us one hour later than usual time because of the New year eve, they asked about him and we told them that he collapsed and that he sleeps like he is in comma. They all came to our bedroom, cuddled his face and kissed him on the cheek. Seeing him in deep sleep and very exhausted Boss was little angry and said:

- I will not let this happen again. What’s the purpose of having executive board and teams if all the burden of the work is upon his shoulders?!

He left the note for him on the night table thanking him for all the work he has done and ordering him to take three paid days off. He underlined twice: “I order you to stay home”. That’s the only “language” my Prince understands when it comes to work. Boss had to order him to stay home or he will surely come to work when he wakes up. My Ivy also got paid 3 days off although he invited her to come with him and Fran only for urgent executive board meeting.


So, how it began:

Boss, Hotel lawyer and my Prince went to other hotel for business meeting in Saturday where my Prince and the members of Hotel association e.b. would sign the contract about mutual responsibilities and obligations. Ivy stayed in the Hotel doing her duties. Sometime around 9.00 o’clock she came into my office very worried:

- Princess, you won’t believe whom I saw few minutes ago at the reception! …. Fucking Spanish couple and their friends! They were asking about Prince. I approached them and they were very happy to see me. They told me they are staying at “xxx” hotel and I realized it is mister Valter’s hotel. With the help of “xxx” receptionist I explained them that Prince and I aren’t in the charge for V.I.P. guests anymore and that we do not offer entertaining services anymore. I also told them that he is not in the Hotel at the moment. They said that they have time and they will wait for him in the Hotel bar. Jesus, Princess! This is fucking baaad!!! You should see those three lusty harpies. They can’t wait to put their claws on him. I do not know what to do. I can’t drive them out from the Hotel because they didn’t break any rule.

That news made me very worried for my Prince. I know that if he sees them he’ll surely fail and it might have catastrophic consequences for his emotional and metal condition. The last failure with Mexican girl almost totally broke him. If he only didn’t pledge that he will not have sex outside of our marriage. We don’t mind if he would fuck them, but he is the one who pledged and because he is the man of honor who keeps his word, this failure might destroy him. I said to her after short thinking:

- OK, honey, this is what you gonna do: first tell receptionists and other personnel to give no information about Prince to anyone, especially not to Spanish group. Whoever break this command will be fired. Then go to the bar and tell them that Prince is very busy with organization for Sylvester night and he will not have time for them. I will call him and tell him to not to come to the Hotel as long they are here and that I will let him know when they departure.

My Ivy kissed me and she went. My Fran chuckled. I saw in his eyes he planned to tease him about it. I rebuked him and forbid him to tease my Prince about them telling him that he knows what has happened last time when he sang “The Mexican girl” to him after his failure with her. My Fran apologized to me and he promised he’ll say no word to him. I called my Prince and told him about the Spanish couple and he thanked me saying that he will not come to the Hotel until they have left. He and boss will go to Boss’s house and be with B.W. My Ivy returned with even worse news. She said that they said they came to see Prince and they will not leave until they see him. They even bought the tickets for New year eve. Damn! We have to save him somehow. Three of us tried to find solution.


After a lot of thinking my Fran said that the best way to keep them away from him is to assign one security guard who will watch on them and distract them in the case they see him and want to approach him. Thanks to Bluetooth speakers and earphones they wear, he will also inform my Prince about their location so he can avoid them. We liked his idea and I invited one security guard and without going into details I only told him that I want him to keep Spanish people away from my Prince. He pledged he will do it. So, when Spanish group finally left saying to the receptionists to pass their message to my Prince that they were looking for him and that they will be back later, I called my Prince and told him to come. When he arrived he hugged and kissed my Ivy and me saying that he doesn’t want to have anything with them. They came again, but our man was in contact with my Prince and told him where they are at the moment so that he can avoid them. Nobody at the reception desk and from personnel gave them any information about his location or activity. All went well. When we came home my Prince told us about his meeting with new board and how well it passed. They all have high respect for him although he is the youngest among them. He worked again till very late and we helped him with papyrology.


Sunday was the day for final preparations for Sylvester night and the New year eve. The Spanish group came again but my Prince successfully avoid them thanks to the information he received from our man. But, old saying: “Misfortune never comes alone” happened to us. Namely, some waiters, waitresses and cooks got flu and the Hotel bend guitarist accidentally cut his palm and he couldn’t play for New year eve. So my Prince had to find their replacements. What amazed me at my Prince was that he didn’t panic. Most people does in moments like these. He immediately started to work on finding solution, being worried only about Spanish people. After checking the situation with kitchen and restaurant and receiving feedback that we desperately need missed people, he told Lidija to contact other Hotels our partners to borrow the workers. Lidija tried, any had no success. Then he did the same thing and he managed to borrow the workers we needed except guitarist. Well, nothing is for free and we had to pay certain amount of money to those Hotels and we had to pay to those workers their wages. Since we couldn’t find adequate guitarist for Nenad didn’t know any and all good ones were hired already, he “jumped” in his place. He said to my Ivy, Fran and me that we can go to Matija and she and Fran can enjoy in group sex. He will join us after the program. My Ivy said that although she is in the need, she doesn’t want to participate in group sex without him and that she will cancel it. She will join him in the bend. Well, if we cancel group sex this time they will never answer our call for group sex again since we already canceled it few times. As for my Prince and me, we do not mind having no more sex with them, but my Ivy do for she is more into F/MM sex then us. Fran said that he will not go too if Ivy doesn’t go. So we faced two difficult problems: the Spanish group (again) and our “Fantastic four”. The Spanish group will see him on the stage and they will surely try to approach him. We all sat and talk and my Prince got idea for “Fantastic 4”. He suggested to explain the situation to them and offer celebration of New year eve in the Hotel on our expense as the compensation. We agreed and we hoped they’ll accept it. He called them and YAY! They accept it! So we bought a tickets for them.


As for Spanish group we didn’t have solution until Fran said to ask Boss for help. He knows about Spanish couple from earlier. My Prince told him about his “activities” with them when they were here last two times. So, my Prince called him and boss came to the Hotel. We talked and boss had solution almost instantly. He said that he and his wife will come and have New year celebration in the Hotel. He will call mister Valter and tell him that Spanish group has a privilege to be Hotel’s special guests since they were V.I.P guests two times and as such, they will sit with him at the same table. He and his wife will keep them occupied all the time. We all thanked him very much and hugged him.


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Happy new year, Eva ! I hope all this planning ended well, but even if not, that wouldn't prevent me of wishing the best for you three's 2019. Smiley_jap_HFR.gif


Malicia : « Prince does papyrology ? He likes scrolls ? He's like professor Tolfdir then, no wonder he's falling asleep like a grandparyHvj7vr_o.gif »


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9 hours ago, Tirloque said:

Happy new year, Eva ! I hope all this planning ended well, but even if not, that wouldn't prevent me of wishing the best for you three's 2019. Smiley_jap_HFR.gif


Malicia : « Prince does papyrology ? He likes scrolls ? He's like professor Tolfdir then, no wonder he's falling asleep like a grandparyHvj7vr_o.gif »


Thanks Trilog. :)

My Prince do papirology because he is very organized, but on the meetings with our business partners executive board members he will only come up with some ideas and watch on order and discipline. He will not be involved into internal business affairs that doesn't concern him.

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