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Toward the New year eve



Before we went to work in Wednesday, Boss, his wife my mom and dad came for morning coffee with us as they promised. Fran and Zdenka didn’t come because they were at villa. We had great time together. Zdenka called and she asked if we are gathered. She said she miss to be with us and that she and Fran will join us in Friday morning since they are packing things to move to her house tomorrow. My dad and mom went to villa to help them, boss took his wife home and we went to work.



We brought the cookies and cakes from the Christmas party and we treated our teams and colleagues. When Boss came to the Hotel he held short meeting with my Prince, Ivy, Fran and me. He started with new car bought on leasing for Tina and Steve. He said that from now on it belongs to Fran and me for official use. Fran will drive me to the work and home after the work when my luvs couldn’t and he will use it when going to business meetings with Guy 3 who will be his body guard. Since my luvs have “unpredictable” working hours which means they may not always go to the Hotel first and they may not be always able to drive me home, my Fran is in charge for driving me to the work and back home after the work. I thanked him, but I protested (just like my Prince being unaware I’m doing it. Now you see how much influence he has on my Ivy and me. LOL.) saying that we need no car because both of us have private cars and Fran can either drive me in his or in mine car. Boss rejected my protest saying that he will not let us spending our fuel and cars for official purposes. He gave the car keys, permit for use and fuel card to Fran and apologized for inability to be in the office as much he wants (he can be only 2-3 hours daily) because of his wife but he has full trust in us that we will do our best for the Hotel. My Fran was very happy that he will be my steward and he promised he’ll take a good care for me in his and my luvs’ absence. My Prince made us all laugh hard when he commented it teasing my Fran:

- You stole my coat first, bribed my baby with 1300 Euros, spelled my mother in law and moved into her house and now you are stealing my wife. What else you plan to steal from me, sneaky rat?

When my Fran smiled and said: “Only a kiss, if you must know”, we all blasted in laughter. My Prince hugged him and kissed him on the cheek thanking him for taking care for me. He respect and love Fran, but they have to tease each other. Then my luvs kissed me and the baby, hugged boss and went after their duties. I started to teach my Fran the fundamentals of the hotel managing. Before going home Boss giggled positively commented financial report for Christmas:

- We are in the plus again. Income is 3 times higher then expenses. What would I do without my son?! He runs this Hotel better then me.

I was very proud at my Prince.



After the work in Wednesday we went straight to my mom and dad’s house to have a small Christmas feast with Antonio, the Guys and my bodyguard. They were sooo cute. Each of them had hands full of flowers, various gifts for our parents and Ivy and me, plus they brought various domestic groceries: big smoked ham, big role of sheep cheese, domestic wine, olives, olives oil and other things. After exchanging hugs and kisses, Antonio teased me saying:

- Are you all right, Skinny?

Me: I’m. Why do you ask?

Antonio: Hmmm …. You don’t look all right to me.

Everyone looked at him confused. My mom became worried. He continued:

- As far as I know about pregnancy and pregnant women is that they all getting bigger and wider, but you getting skinnier and thinner. Are you sure you got pregnant “correctly”, according to the “manual”?

Everyone blasted in laughter and he hugged me gently kissing me on the cheek. He said he was only joking. I explained that I eat a lot, but I mostly throw up after eating. My baby takes what it needs and throws out the rest. We had a great time together and again, my Prince was the main subject of Guys’ teasing. He laughed together with them. They ate a lot and they ate good. I mean, they are all big guys and loves to eat. They complimented my mom’s dishes all the time. Before they left, they all hugged and kissed my mom, Ivy and me on the cheek thanking us for wonderful time and Antonio put the envelope into my pocket giving  “sharp” look to my Prince and saying to him:

- Not a word, Prince! This is not for you, not for Skinny or Gorgeous. It is for your baby from us and it’s from the heart.

When they left I opened the envelope and I was shocked. Our baby received a 1000 Euros. We were all happy. My Prince has no problem when we or/and our baby receive gifts. Only when he is gifted. Let me make it more clear: my Prince doesn’t like to receive any MATERIAL or MONEY gift, but none material gifts like song, poem or virtual gifts like mod, follower made special for him or a story that involves him. Same goes with thanks and praises. One “Thank you” and one compliment from one person is enough for him. The reason he stopped reading my diaries is that he thinks I’m praising him too much and too often. That bothers him. He doesn’t see himself that much worth of praising and honoring. But I like to I speak about him because I enormously love him.



Zdenka and my Fran moved in Zdenka’s house yesterday. My mom and dad helped in moving hiring professionals. None of us could help since we were working. We had busy week. Although the amount of the work is the same as before everything runs smoothly so far thanks to my Prince’s detail organization and overseeing. We already sold 80% of the tickets for New Year eve. Of course, our workers who wants to celebrate coming of 2019 have 50% discount thanks to my Prince. He received numerous phone calls and E-mails from our business partners with pleas to join their board. He counseled with Ivy and me. We told him that it is up to him to decide although we think it is a good idea to join them since he can have them all “in sight” and be on guard if someone decide to work behind boss’s back. We analyzed the activities he is doing at the Hotel and we helped him to “eliminate” less important ones and to assign them to someone else. He listened to our advises and he said to Boss that he accepts the new role in their board. Boss was very happy to hear it. The board usually meets once or twice a month but he might be invited on interventions too. Beside being actively involved on the business meetings he will be keeping the discipline and order too, because although they are friends, sometimes their discussion is very heated.



We were in “full number” for morning coffee at our house this morning. My god, I was so happy that I kissed each of them and told them I love them. When they all went to work I called my body guard to drive me to the doctor. B.W. wanted to come with me and she told me that we don’t need a body guard. I explained to her what has happened recently and how I promised my Prince that I will always have my body guard with me when going out of the house and if he hears that I didn’t have him, he will be very upset at me. I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and I was happy to hear that all is fine. She said again that I shouldn’t worry if I don’t gain much weight as “normal” pregnant women. Some of them gain even 30 kg and some less then 15 kg. As far as my baby develops properly and my health isn’t endangered by pregnancy, I have no reason to worry. My B.G. drove B.W. home first and then he drove me home. We called my Prince and reported that all was fine. He didn’t dismiss my B.G. until he sees me by his eyes. So, he is sitting in the living room, enjoying in the juice and watching TV while I’m writing this diary. It was good he was with us because he watched on people who threw firecrackers. None of them threw it at us because he wore the uniform and his gun was visible.



Everything is focused on New year eve in the Hotel. It will be very busy for us. My Fran and I will work till 16.00 on 31st but my luvs will work till 20.00, before the celebration of New year starts in the Hotel. And the last but not least: Our parents will have New year celebration together with Boss and his wife at my mom and dad’s house. I don’t know what would you do for New year eve, but I know what we would do. My Ivy asked my Prince if we can have a group sex for New year. She is in the need. He called our “Fantastic 4” and we gonna have New year celebration at Matija’s house with group sex. I will not participate, but I will enjoy watching them and having sex ONLY with my Prince and Ivy. Fran will come too because he wants to have sex with Peter and Matija who are bisexuals. Well, folks that’s all from me now. Have a nice weekend.


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2 hours ago, Crw said:

I'm glad that everything is fine with you guys ^_^ 

Have a nice weekends you too ^_^

Thank you, you too and our loved Synetica :)

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Well those seem rather peaceful perspectives. Also most of the weight is supposed to be gained in the 3 last months, so don't worry about it.


Not sure if group sex parties are medically recommended though. ?


The reason he stopped reading my diaries is that he thinks I’m praising him too much and too often. That bothers him.

Malicia : « I've heard about people like that : they prefer to be called names on the phone, and even pay for it uh. They're very weird, yes. million_dollar_baby.gif »

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20 hours ago, Tirloque said:


Not sure if group sex parties are medically recommended though. ?


> Group sex ins't for me or my Prince. It's for my Ivy and my Fran. My Prince participate only because of her. I do not! The only sex I have is with her and my Prince. :)



Malicia : « I've heard about people like that : they prefer to be called names on the phone, and even pay for it uh. They're very weird, yes. million_dollar_baby.gif »

> My Prince is not like that. He is weird but on positive way. ?

But, the comment in general is very ??

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