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Update #12 More Newrim Pictures + Oldrim Presets Limited Offer



oldrim pictures below:

playing a paladin



its nice to actually play the game a bit, its showing me some great areas and giving me quite a lot of inspiration.


and for fallout 4, im definitely gonna have something to show soon(er or later)


small message that might appease some of you in there.

hope you like my new backround



i've resolved to take up to 16 more oldrim preset request as a compromise (and then im done forever!) 

when i reach 16 you will all be notified, i'll even close my thread if necessary. and if i dont reach 16, i'll still stop soon so send them while you have a chance now.


if you have a request, go here, comment and include the following information:

multiple pictures that display the body in a way i can replicate it

what you want in detail

ask nicely

supply a preset you've already made if its closed to your vision.

if you dont meet these requirements i will not do it or ignore it.

and after that, im on to newrim. 


after that, some_rabbit may or may not still take request, hes a cool guy and he may or may not still take request.

to be real im only doing it to appease the multiple people who have asked me, and the 9 people who voted yes on the last poll since i love you guys.

get it while its hot

other poll answers will be revealed  when the time comes


truly yours



Recommended Comments

You oldrim landscapes looks awesome! How did you achive such dov? 0.o 
On my pc it's more like sh**ty bricks than rocks :D

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22 minutes ago, Crw said:

So you just replace the oldrim tex with a sse-mod ones? Lol. Smart :D

ohhhh no

im using sse but i could find some oldrim textures for you if you like

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8 hours ago, daedal said:

ohhhh no

im using sse but i could find some oldrim textures for you if you like

Oh thank you, I can handle that ^_^

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